>This is the first of the new “morning” posts (it’s actually past noon, but it’s a rest day, so Deacon and I went to Target). I’m incredibly excited about this new setup because not only will it allow people in “parts unknown” to be on the same page as the ‘Mericans, it’ll allow me to explore a whole new world of things like: sleeping, eating dinner, astronomy, and catching up on my favorite television show, Project Runway. It does however mean that my morning routine of watching Sportscenter 3 to 4 times, back to back, will be interrupted. I’ll miss Lindsay Czarniak.

>Some of you may be unaware that there’s a full-scale war going on. It’s not over freedom, religion, oil, or any other trivial controversy, it’s a battle over something REALLY important: the Snatch. Zach Brodis became the original behemoth king of the Outlaws, when he first Snatched 300# almost 6 months ago. Paul Estrada wrested the crown away from Zach when he became the first Outlaw to hit three wheels (315#) a few weeks ago. Brodis matched Estrada not long after, and the war escalated to full-scale, Braveheart-level, chopping off limbs and boiling vats of oil.

Today Estrada struck back. After a little work on his signature over pull/Snatch broad jump, he’s back on the attack with this…

Paul Estrada – 317# Snatch:

>Side note: screw Paul Estrada and the huge horse he rode in on. He pre-emptively beat me on the next “Beat the Coach” when after finding out I missed a 270# Squat Jerk (really thought no one else could do this one—except maybe Kendrick Farris—with twice the weight), he did this…

Paul Estrada – 315# Squat Jerk:

WOD 130314:

Rest Day.

20 thoughts on “130314

  1. Heh, hate to say it… but Zach may have beaten him to the punch… his games profile says he has a 319# snatch… no video proof that I’ve seen… but I wouldn’t doubt it.

  2. that´s a no rep, there is no way that lifting with that music counts hehehehe

  3. How the hell do his shoulders not dislocate on that squat jerk!? Ridiculous. I used to say I wanted “man strength,” but I think what I really want is “Estrada Strength”.

  4. Brodis may have 2lbs from the floor on me. I have 325 from the hang… let’s call it a tie for now. Until I get 325 from the floor in a week or two 😉

    • In all honesty, Paul. Chad Melton actually has the biggest Outlaw Snatch, pound for pound. You guys should be chasing him. You’ll need 346# to beat him.

  5. BBG:
    1. Hi-Hang Power Snatch – 175
    2. Hi-Hang (Squat) Clean – 225; missed the PJ, on the 3rd set.

    21:04 Rx+; added a training apparatus, to my conditioning.

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