>A few weeks ago I promised to find a way to get the daily work to those folks who are currently residing on the other side of the globe, on the actual day it’s supposed to be performed. Obviously this is important due to the start of the season, and the need for coordination of the Open schedule. I have gone back and forth about the best way to do this, and have only come up with one really feasible option.


Beginning tomorrow I will be posting the next day’s work in the morning EST (no, I won’t be specific—just be content with morning). This will mean that for those who are on or close to the same time zone as me, the work for the next day will be posted the morning before. For example: Thursday morning, instead of Thursday night, I will post the work for Friday. For those who are across the international date line—for instance, if you’re in Papau New Guinea—the work will be posted the night before. This will mean that no matter where in the world you are, like Papau New Guinea, everyone will be able to follow along on the same template.

Let me make one thing abundantly clear… This DOES NOT mean that anything has changed about the order, scheduling or performance of the work. It also means that someone is going to come up with the bright idea of doing the next day’s work a day early. Please don’t do this. If you do this we’ll be forced to make you watch video of the 2009 Games Snatch event on repeat.

Luckily, tomorrow is a rest day, so the 8,000,000 questions should be answered by the time we get to any real work.

>Coach Winchester on “Redos”.

>Chad Melton – 280# Snatch:

WOD 130313:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5×3 Hi-Hang Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60-90 sec. DEMO VIDEO

2) 5×3 Hi-Hang Cleans + 1 Push Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60-90 sec. DEMO VIDEO

*Notes: Three Hi-Hang Cleans should be performed, then one Push Jerk after the final Clean.


For time:

Run 800m
40 KBS 24/16kg
Run 800m
40 KBS 24/16kg
Run 800m

*Notes: Pacing on this effort should be focused on using negative splits. The run times should purposefully be slowest to fastest, and the final 800m should be a max effort. Suggestions on pacing would be (based off of 800m PR): 80-85%, 90-95%, 95-100%. Due to purposeful pacing the KBS should be able to be performed UB, and fast.

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  1. So does this mean the McRib is not back?

    I need to start posting in here again. Feels like it’s been so long

  2. Thanks coach man. My village in Papua New Guinea will be so happy I’m not bitching about being behind a day and delayed for Outlaw Way programming every day. I’m so happy I’m going to do an extra faith leap (you may know this as a land bungee) this week http://youtu.be/Xhe2_rDi_30

  3. Thanks Coach,
    I’m in East Timor which is practically next door to Papua New Guinea, so this will make things much easier with planning, sadly won’t make the work any easier!

  4. Hello, i am new here, and i like the program a lot 🙂 But, Does the amount of sets only coundt for Working sets ? … Or it is just built up weights including warm up ? .. Thank you.

  5. Makes not difference to me, I do the work from the day before anyway cos i take my rest days on monday and friday. In before mass amounts of confusion from everyone

  6. BBG
    All over the place today… chalked it up as a loss

    14:58 – Felt pretty good even though it was ~30 deg outside

  7. 1)105#, 115#,120#, 125#,130#
    2)140#, 150#,160#(3rd-F)x2, 155# – Still pain my foot, but getting better.
    Cond- 17:22
    Row 800m
    40 KBS 53# (I have 53# & 70#)
    Row 800m
    40 KBS 53#
    Row 800m
    I’m so glad to do this work out after my foot hurt. I hope get back regular schedule sooner.

  8. 1) 135-145-155-165-175 plus a single from the hang at 185
    was wicked fast today, got 175 on video and camera fell off the mount from the vibrations of dropping the bar, video not saved. so bummed.

    2) 195-205-205-215-225(jerk fail)

    Cond 12:45 Rx

  9. I’m following outlaw since two month and its awesome and helps me alot…really nice programming.

    1 ) 60kg
    2) 80kg


  10. BBG:
    1.) 160, 160, 165(fon3rd), 165, 170
    2.) 190, 195, 200, 205(fon3rd), 205



  11. Jesus. Nothing in the tank today. Pretty whooped for some reason.

    1) 205-220 — average 215
    2) 265-295 — average 276

    Conditioning tonight.

    Mfs 374

  12. 120-120-120-125-125(2)
    5 sets at 155

    800- 3:41
    KBs- 1:27
    800- 3:39
    KBs- 1:32
    800- 3:32

  13. Still nursing my back so no Squat Snatch

    Power Snatch – 4 x 2 @ 205, 2 x 1 @ 225
    Hang Clean (3) + 1 Push Jerk @ 225 x 4
    Full Clean & Jerk – 275 x 2, 295 x 1

    Front Squats from yesterday @ 275


    13:41 Rx’d. Not sure on the splits but I think the runs were pretty close.

  14. BBGym:
    1) 145×4, 150×1
    2) 185×4, 195×1 (no jerks)



  15. Snatch:
    Work up to 165#…missed final rep @ 165#
    No misses
    Worked up to 205#*3

  16. BBg
    1 90 90 90 95 100f 101kgx1
    2. 105 105 110 110 110kg

    Conditioning 14:12rx runs felt slowwwwww

  17. BBG:
    1. Hi-Hang Power Snatch – 175
    2. Hi-Hang (Squat) Clean – 225; missed the PJ, on the 3rd set.

    21:04 Rx+; added a training apparatus, to my conditioning.

  18. M/37/210
    Snatch 175
    Clean/jerk 235

    Condition 12:53. Kept pace controlled. Wanted a sub 13.

  19. 3 position cleans
    Snatch deadlift

    Kb swings unbroken
    Runs deviated from the goal.
    Splits were: 3:20, 3:30, 3:19

    3 minute AMRAP (test)
    5 shoulder to overhead
    10 deadlift
    15 box jumps

    Got three rounds and 2 box jumps. Pace was manageable. Rest came from deliberate and focused walks between box and bar. Hoping to hit and clear 10 rounds for this one.

  20. Forgot to post yesterday.

    Snatch – 165×3/175/185(fail on 2nd rep)/185 (slight press on 3rd rep)
    C&J – 205/215/225/235/245

    13:10 runs are actually 860m
    3:17/3:12/2:50 KBs were unbroken, apparently slow

  21. Snatch:
    135,135,145,155(failed 3rd rep),165(failed 2+3 rep) was toast from yesterday…
    165,185,185,195,205 no misses. This felt way heavier than it should have.
    14:59 unbroken KBS. Runs were 3:40, 3:35,3:28

  22. 1)115,135,135,135,145
    Had to sub row 800 due to ankle injury (mri next week to see if healing) & kb snatches were w/ 20 kg (mistake) but were power snatches due to my pusillanimities.
    1st wod back after a long break. I love the programming & wish I’d known about this sooner. Thanks for the work y’all do.

  23. BBG- hotel gym no bar 🙁

    14:49 with a dam 50lb DB (heaviest they had) that sucked w a DB.

  24. Gerald Sasser March 13, 2013 at 10:57 AM · · Reply →
    Bbg –

    1) 195-200

    2) 225

    Cnd –


  25. Just did snatches
    7×2 at 113 to 123. Learned I need to get through my hips faster, and that felt alot better… maybe that will help my clean too,


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