Somehow we got our entire camp template in, PLUS an Open WOD that took us at least four hours to analyze, practice, setup, and perform. We couldn’t have done it without the spectacular group of athletes we had at CrossFit LIC. After finishing up with the kids at LIC, we headed right across town to CrossFit Virtuosity, for a little get-to-know-you bro session. I’m about as tired as possible, but I couldn’t be more grateful for my job right now. Session #2 of 13.1 commences tomorrow morning in Brooklyn. SO – MUCH – FUN.


WOD 130309:


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Front Squat.


*With a running clock…

3 rounds for time of:

50 Double-Unders
25 Wall-Balls
10/7 Muscle-Ups

>If you finish this effort in less than 12 minutes, rest until the clock reaches 12 minutes.

2 minutes ME Rope Climbs 15′

>Rest 1 minute.

2 minutes ME Row for Calories

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  1. 10/7 Muscle up?

    Checked faq’s and checked google – results were not very good.

  2. Video stopped at 16:10 on the clock. Good thing I have Sunday to redo this

  3. Only time to get to the BBG today.
    205, 5 cleans, 0 jerks. this is 100% my 1RM for C&J, so I’m a bit off today.

  4. c+j- 170. cleaned 180, failed the jerk
    front squat- 205. pr but not sure how much
    no cond today :/

  5. Bbg:
    c+j: 300lb
    FS: 385. (Went for 405lb, got light headed on walk out and missed coming out of bottom, will get that on film for you Rudy)

    8 rope climbs at 12.5 feet
    45 calories

    8 rope climbs at 12.5 feet
    45 calories

  6. BBG:
    160# (previous PR)
    175# (5# PR)
    Did a few muscle up attempts every round then C2B
    4 rope climbs
    28 cal

  7. BBG:
    1.) 225, 240, 250, 270*PR
    1.) 230, 245, 255, 275*PR

    Misread: 565m

  8. clean + jerk 220 PR
    front squat 320 PR
    as tough as yesterday was, it felt really good to hit a couple 5# PR’s

    not even sure what time i got. it was modified quite a bit with single unders with a crappy rope and 45lb thrusters. but i got all the muscle ups on a bar. did not fail a single muscle up today.

    ME strict chinups 21
    ME row 43calories

  9. CJ – 295 (30# under PR)
    FS – 335 (20# under PR)


    11:48 Rx’d
    4 RCs
    40 Cal


  10. 1) 245, 10#PR
    255, big 20# PR but failed jerk

    I really got start getting some of this on video

    FS 260, 15#PR

    Cond 14:40

    3 Rope climbs


  11. BBGym:
    1) 200, 215(f)

    1) 250, 265(f,f,f), 260(f)

    6 rope climbs
    (forgot to rest)
    44cal AirDyne

    -thinking of repeating 13.1 tomorrow, see how I feel.

    • 13.1 re-do: 150 reps/15:16 tie break compared to my even more pathetic 126 on friday.

  12. bbg: 175 10 off from pr attempted 190 3 times made squat clean the first time, power cleaned the next 2 missed the jerk. tired of having my power clean be stronger than my squat clean

    front squat 195 failed 205 twice in the bottom 5 off of PR

    no conditioning

  13. Clean and jerk:
    Hit 275# clean PR missed jerk
    squats: 335 pounds 30 pounds of my PR

    no conditioning today as I did the open this morning at a CrossFit facility.

  14. BBG
    Didn’t do the rope climbs or row. I’ve got to redo 13.1 tomorrow.

  15. Great day! Recovered well from Saturday’s 13.1.

    Front Squat: 410 Pounds. 5 pound PR. Could not be happier.
    3 Rounds: 10:50
    9 Rope Climbs
    45 Calories

    Rest about an hour
    Snatch, Clean and jerk percentages. Snatch Shrug as well.

  16. 1) took it easy, only up to 265, then quick doubles w 255 and 235
    2) 305, missed 320 twice, first was close, second coudnt even get to parallel so I sat with it in the hole for 30 sec to torture myself. Pissed, PR is 315

    Around 11 min, calf locked up after 30 UB DU’s so I subbed sit ups for the remainder just to keep moving.

    No rope, 12 strict towel pull ups

    58 cals

    MFS 2/2/3

  17. BBG
    Barely missed 240, would have been a #5 PR
    270. #10 PR
    No rope and no rower at home.

  18. C + J = 175 (PR), Front Squat 215 (PR)

    Conditioning: Finished at 11:11, modified the muscle ups to one transition plus 7 dips on low rings. Still not strong enough to get out of the dip during a workout after my arms are fatigued…..
    Rope Climbs: 5
    ME CAL: 45

    • Super,
      I’m glad you are following The Way and posting. You should probably let everyone know that you are like 8 feet tall…

      Miss you!

  19. C&J: 153.. Thought I was making progress, then today I sucked again.

    FS: 203, about 10 lbs off PR… I’m hoping I’m just drained from 13.1, but I dunno.

    (Sub MU from knees for MU’s)
    5 Rope climbs
    36 Cals on Rower

  20. C&J= 150
    Front squat= 185
    Conditioning= 18:23 RX
    subbed rope climb for GI pull ups= 17

  21. Did 13.1 this morning so this wasn’t exactly as written.

    1) Did Squat Clean & Jerk 70kg (OTM for 10 minutes)
    2) 2×5 Front Squat with 5sec pause every rep @ 70kg

    Conditioning – flatlined after 1 round in 2.32, felt 13.1 sap me here
    33 cals
    As I said I was done at round 1, round 2 tops just ground the rest out for cardio and practice.

  22. I recently had Jon North at my gym, and we learned his technique for Oly lifts “hit and catch” vice the traditional shrug. Has anyone out there tried both techniques and which is preferred? I am coming off of a one month injury, so I dont want to spend to much time experimenting. Thanks ahead of time.

  23. BBG:
    Did some percentage work on C&J, Snatch, and Snatch Shrug.

    Front Squat- 225lb (+15lb PR)
    *I’d love to see where my back squat is now, current PR is 230.

    2+67 then time ran out. Struggled then just started doing C2B.
    3 Rope Climbs + 2 near pukes
    29 Calories

    I’ve got an upper respiratory something or other going on right now that immediately sapped any energy out of my muscles after 1 round. Hoping this clears up by 13.2. But hell, got my first strict Muscle Up today. Not a bad day.

  24. BBG
    265# – 15# PR – felt easy too, prob should have tried 275#

    Strength – tomorrow

    6 RCs
    40 cals

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