Obviously, with the release of 13.1, things have gotten pretty interesting. We are currently in New York, for the camp at CrossFit LIC, with Daniel Tyminski, Elisabeth Akinwale, and Matt Hathcock on staff. They will be doing 13.1 with the camp tomorrow morning, and we will have video of their heat for the post tomorrow night. I will also be shooting a strategy video for tomorrow night’s post, and will have plenty of analysis after seeing the campers and our staff perform the WOD.

By the way… I forgot how much fun this is.

Read this: Outlaw Training Camp – A Review by Kyle Lighthiser

Kevin Simons – 250# “Geriatric Complex”:

WOD 130307:

Rest day.

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  1. I have a question, i assume straps wouldn’t be allowed in 13.1 but i cannot find anything that officially says so.

    • i forget the section name but it specifically states that you may use non-tacky gloves, athletic tape, etc. It may be for comfort, and may not confer an advantage.

      straps would fall under the category of conferring advantage, therefore, no good.

  2. Did any one else notice that during the Live WOD, the on-screen display said “Snatches @ 205”, but they kept saying “Snatches @ 210”?
    If you watched the Live WOD, they had 165# on the bar, then added the 15# back (making 195#), and then a small plate to each side. Were these 7.5# plates? I don’t think so. Pretty sure they were snatching 205# at the end (‘cept Dan of course, ha).

  3. Really looking forward to your strategy vid Rudy. Did a run through last night at 9pm and got a couple at 165, so hoping I can get to the 210 set with your tips

  4. Aaron, Straps aren’t allowed its used to say it in the rule book, you could use anything that assisted the athlete or gave them an advantage. They since replaced it with: Athletes must comply with CrossFit’s uniform requirements and only official
    competition apparel or apparel or items expressly pre-approved by CrossFit Inc.
    shall be permitted.

  5. I’m gonna try changing out my barbell weight, following a set of 30 Snatches and before a set of Burpees.

    • I’m gonna try changing out my barbell weight, following 30 Snatches and before starting the next rep amount of Burpees. *Thought I’d smooth that out, a bit.*

      • I think you’d be better off jumping right into the burpees and changing the plates before the next set of snatches, as the completion time of your last full set of burpees is used as a tie breaker, i.e. you want your burpee time to be shorter to help your leader board standings.

  6. Hey coach, and other Outlaws, due to military obligations I have to do 13.1 this evening, so not much time for strategy. Anyone got any pointers so far or tips that may help out? Oly shoes or regular? (All I got are some Rogue Oly’s or some shitty New balance running shoes). Anything is much appreciated and also, I will try to post tonight before heading out, what it was like (breaking point, what was harder, where I got gassed, etc.) to try and help anyone else out with what I can. Thanks guys!

    • Burpees in olys are no bueno bro, if you have good snatch balance running shoes or nanos are the way to go, and that 135 set of snatches you def gotta get sets of 10 or else it’ll kill alot of time

    • Coach said on Facebook that he recommended Oly’s over anything else all day since the WOD is about the Snatches, the burpees are “rest”.

    • Panchik did 135 in sets of three (for th most part, but no more than three reps at a time). Based on his score doing sets of 10 seems excessive. His 165’s were all singles. Being an elite competitor I will be doing one set of 30 at 165 to save time.

        • LGA, if I come back to Manchester any thru the open when are you guys doing it at Boro?

          • Most of us will be doing them on Friday nights. The rest on Saturday morning. Let us know if you want to stop in and knock it out.

          • Thats cool LGA I’m doin 13.1 at mayhem since I’m in cookeville but i want to try at least come do one with some other outlaws in boro but ill call Evan or message u if i can if i can make it down there one week. sucks i gotta go to ft Campbell or id wait til tomorrow and watch the strategy vid from Coach

      • lulz, I messed around with it this morining. I’m thinking sets of two at 135 with very short breaks, enough time to shake out breath and regrip. I also had some good luck with dropping 165 after single reps but following the bar to the ground. I think all my 165’s will have to be squat for the most part….

    • The burpees in Rogue Oly’s would not be overly combersome so i wouldn’t worry about that much but do a few prior and just go with what feels right. I’m not sure of your ability off hand but neither Dan or Scott (not that they had the answer) were doing sets of 10 on the 135# bar and they were quite fatigued. 10’s wouldn’t be adviseable as it would be very expensive…the break you’d likely take after each set of 10 will be more than anticipated and curbed drastically with lesser sets. Once you get to the 165# it turns into a grind fest and you just need to get back under the bar ASAP w/o any misses. Good Luck!

      • The guys from Barbell Shrugged suggested going to singles as soon as it gets heavy, even at the 135# mark. That’s my plan for now since my max at this moment is 180#.

        • I am gonna do singles from 135 on. If you can keep up the pace that way it seems to be a great plan. Especially if you’re small like myself

          • Pretty small I’m 5’7.5″ lulz and 165# my max is 210# but i don’t think i have to worry about getting there… jus gonna try to grind thru the 165’s and see where i end up.

      • sounds good, I messed around and did burpees + reps at 165 in reg. shoes and rogue olys… was way more stable with oly shoes and it didn’t mess with my burpees, so I’m gonna go with olys… and yes I’m gonna start with doubles at 135 and move to singles before I redline, if I do. Thanks for all the help guys.

  7. Maybe you guys saw the same thing I did. It looked like Dan gassed out his posterior just a little too much on the first 70 Burpees. I plan on doing 20 regular burpees and then 10 step ups to calm me down, finish off with 10 regular before hitting the 75lb bar.

    Then attacking the 30 burpees with another 20/10 split to freshen up my breath before hitting triples or doubles at 135.

    Pacing splits
    2:10 first 40
    3:40 after 75lb snatch
    5:50 after 30 burps
    9:20 after Isabel
    11:30 and then grind the hell outta 165 in singles.

    it’s a plan. i’ll be looking for cooperation from my body on this one.

  8. I’ve been up all night rock hard in the panties trying to pull out a strategy for this one.

    I think I am going to get as many reps as possible 17 minutes.

  9. Need opinions please… I did 13.1 today. Got 169.

    I am thinking of redoing. Only because I split up the 75 more than I think I should have. I can do sets of 10 and I did 10, and 5’s after that.

    What do you think? Redo?

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