It’s time to take things back a year or so, and have a little old-school Outlaw Way style fun…

We’re bringing back the “Beat the Coach” challenges. I’m sure no one but LGA and Kevin Simons remember these, because I think they won them all.

Here’s how it works: once every couple weeks we’ll post a video of one of the Outlaw coaching staff doing some part of the day’s workout. If you can beat their score/time/load, and can get the first video in to prove it, then we’ll send you some free Outlaw gear (jock straps just came in). There will be rules to some of these—like my “old man handicap” for today’s—so make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Beat the Coach 2.1-

Low-Hang Snatch (3 count pause) + Vertical Hi-Hang Snatch:

Here’s the rules:

-I get an “age handicap” on this one. That means you young boys have to add one pound for every year I have on you. I got 205#, and I’m 40, if you’re 25 you’ll have to get 221# to beat me (yes, 220# would be a tie). For the ladies we’re going to go with a typical 70% scale, so your base number to beat is 140# (rounded down a little). However, the age rule still applies, so a 25yo female would need 156 to win.

-There must be a CLEAR 3-count-pause at the bottom of the Low-Hang, and the shoulders must remain behind the bar for the Vertical Hi-Hang to count.

-The Low Hang and Vertical Hi-Hang must be performed unbroken. Obviously the bar may not touch the ground at any time between the lifts.

-If you are wondering “does it have to be a ‘Squat Snatch'”, go wash your mouth out with soap.

-Straps MAY be used. Sorry, D-Rob, Coach Pendlay said it was ok.

-The FIRST video submitted that meets the criteria above will be the winner. Also, we’ll send something to whoever gets the biggest overall number on the complex (ladies will be 70% scale to compete). I’m going to call the biggest overall number prize the “Estrada Championship” for future reference.

-(I guess this isn’t really a rule, but…) This will probably be the easiest BTC to win. Trust me. When Akinwale and Tyminski do one of these… MUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (that’s how you spell an evil laugh, right?)

Speaking of the world’s best snatching competitive exerciser Call me crazy, but I remember when this was a pretty big Back Squat.

Three things: 1) Yes, he did a variation on Monday’s programmed Snatch work. Shhhh… 2) This is basically part of a complex, and it’s 325#. THREE TWENTY FIVE. 3) Before anyone comments on this; Paul jumps forward because of a massive over-pull that is a by-product of him throwing his head back at the finish of the 2nd pull, and a little too much horizontal hip extension. Usually this would mean inconsistency and major bar tracking issues. However, Paul has a “Klokov-esque” 3rd pull (and flexibility), great patience with his sequencing, and the speed of a world-class lifter. When we fix his over-pull (which we’re starting to work on), I believe Paul will Snatch pretty much whatever he wants.

Paul Estrada – 325# Pause Snatch Pull + Hi-Hang Snatch:

Outlaw CrossFit coach, Adam Garcia, writes about the 100 pounds he’s put on his Snatch in the last year, and why Outlaw CF is the worst gym ever: 100 Man-Ass Pounds and One Full Year at the Worst Gym Ever.

WOD 130306:

BB Gymnastics

1) 7×1 Low-Hang Snatch (3 count pause) + Vertical Hi-Hang Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60-90 sec. DEMO VIDEO

2) 7×1 Low-Hang Clean (3 count pause) + Vertical Hi-Hang Clean + Push Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60-90 sec.

Notes: On both the Low-Hang Snatch and Clean the barbell should be deadlifted to the hang, then lowered to 1-2″ off the floor. Once the barbell is in the Low-Hang position, a 3 count static pause is required. After the Low-Hang Snatch or Clean is performed, without returning the barbell to the floor, the Hi-Hang Snatch or Clean should be performed with little or no forward inclination of the torso. Try to remain as vertical as possible.


1 minute ME Muscle-Ups

*Rest 1 minute.

3 rounds for time of:

5 Wall Walks
75 Double-Unders
5 Push Jerks 185/125#

*Rest 1 minute.

1 minute ME Muscle-Ups

48 thoughts on “130306

  1. Age handicap is BS. I’m only 14! How am I supposed to do this complex with 232#?

  2. Conditioning:

    MU’s: 3 (lots of fails…working on it)

    3 rounds: 11:33 (Total running clock, includes MU/Rest)

    MU’s: 4 (better, no fails, but too much rest)

  3. BBG

    Snatch – weight ranged from 135-155. This was really hard.

    Clean/Jerk – ranged from 225 – 245. Missed two jerks at 245


    MU’s: 3 (shared set of rings)

    3 rounds: 8:08 Rx (excluding first 2 minutes for MUs and rest)

    MU’s: 0. Shoulders were fried.

  4. Conditioning:

    MU’s – 10

    3 Rounds – 13:35 (Total running clock – includes MU’s and rest)

    MU’s – 8

  5. Conditioning:

    1 min ME Mu’s: 18 (Unbroaken)

    3 Rounds: 6:49 Rx’d (excluding first 2 minutes for MU’s and rest)

    1 min ME Mu’s: 13 (10+3 – Shoulders was smoked!!)

  6. So – for us real ‘Masters,’ assume we can subtract 1 lb (from your 205#) for every year OLDER we are than you – correct?
    48 yom: 197# lift required to win jock strap…?

  7. Bbg –

    1) 185 ( did 225 once after to make sure i could beat you) no straps

    2) 235

    Cnd –


  8. bbg
    1)185,195×2,205×2,215f, 215
    12:41 total running clock time (with 2min max mu and 2 min rest)

    12:13 total running clock time (with 2 min max mu and 2 min rest)

  9. BBG:
    1.) 175, 180, 185, 190x(f on vert)xfx1, 195x(f on vert)
    2.) 200, 205, 215x(f on vert), 215, 225, 225, 235

    15 bar MU
    12:07*not including first 2 min
    8 bar MU

  10. did tuesday’s barbell work today, today’s conditioning only

    8 MUs

    18:41 Rx

    7 MUs

    tried hard for UB Jerks but wasn’t happening. I know this should be like an 8 minute effort but making it through at 185 was a first.

  11. 1. 135
    2. 155
    Cond – used outlaw CrossFit version
    12 muscle ups
    9 muscle ups

  12. 1) 220-250 PR (fuck yeah!) –average 235
    2) 275-315 — average 306

    Conditioning tonight.

  13. BBG
    1) 185. I was happy to get that.
    2) 225-235.

  14. Snatch:
    135/135/145/155/155/165/175 missed
    Clean and jerk:

    MU: 15

  15. BBGym:
    1) 145×5, 150×2
    2) 175×3, 185×2, 190(no jerk), 195(no jerk)
    -I literally have the exact same technical problems as Paul, I guess there is hope to lift big weight after all…or I could get coached, meh.



  16. Snatch: 115, 115, 125, 125, 125, 130, 135 (miss high hang)

    Clean and PJ: 125, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155 (Miss Jerk), 155 (miss Jerk)

    Mu: 0, 10 dips

    Conditioning: 11:40 not all wall walks were Rx’d. missed chest a few times.

    4 dips

  17. I am interested in purchasing an Outlaw onesie. I have a daughter on the way and want her to “rock that shit.” Any idea when more will be in stock? Preciate it

  18. Snatch 115, 120, 120, 125f, 125, 130f, 130
    Clean + Jerk 165f, 165f, 155, 155f, 135, 135, 135 (dafuq, clean the past two days has been off)

  19. BBG:

    1. 145 – 4/7; Low-Hang Snatch w/Three sec pause.
    2. 1×1 @ 185, 6×1 @ 205 5/6…didn’t get my chin behind the bar fast enough, on one of the push jerks…took one for the team! 🙂 Low-Hang Clean + Push Jerk


    5/16:34/4; DU’s didn’t click very well, today.

  20. BBG

    Had to keep it light today as my upper back and hip is lit up.

    1) Power Snatch 7×1 @ 205
    2) Clean complex as prescribed @ 225


    8:28 Rx’d

  21. Rudy! Thank the gods you make us do so many snatches! 13.1 is going to be epic.

  22. BTC 2.1
    Prob not the heaviest or the first posted, but here it is.
    I’m 29, did 220

    • 2) up to 260
      265 failed hihang ( pinned)

      Last year I sucked at every challenge. Guess I’m getting better.

  23. BBG:
    Snatch- Did 2 High hang(back still jacked from low position)- 80-95kg
    Clean-( Did 2 high hang and no jerk)95,100,105,110,120,125,130kg

    MU- 13

    Shoulders smoked(I hate wall walks)

  24. 1. 85/90 kg for all 7
    2. got sucked in to watching 13.1

    13 pr

  25. BBG
    1a) 70-70-72.5-75-75-77.5F-77.5kg
    1b) didn’t do, the WOD got released after I finished the snatches.. 20minutes of phone watching fucked that.

    Rest 1 min
    Rest 1 min

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