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  1. Great day 2 at Austin camp. I got to witness the wonder kid spencer Arnold wod today his total went down about 10 kg I’m sure of it. Tons of great and useful info. Looking forward to day 3

  2. ran 6miles this morning so I subbed the 800m run for a 1000m row… not sure which one sucks more… great WOD!

  3. Curious: For you guys gunning for regionals, or even the games. Have you made any nutrition changes over the last month, or will you going into the open?

    • It’s my 1 year cf anniversary and I have to say I’ve gotten so much better since outlaw. Wish I would have been doing this from day one. Thanks Rudy.

  4. 1a) 190#
    1b) 120#

    19:19 ( 1 min faster than last time – 4/17/12)

    • Check out boomfit.com. The owner comes to our box for Saturday Outlaw sometimes, I guess he’s in Houston on the weekends. He said he started doing Outlaw at his box also.

  5. Im new to TOW, but im lovin it so far.
    1a)5×3 w/ 315
    1b)5×3 w/ 275

    cond: 12:20, I cant do MUs so I did them from my knees, & my runs avg 3:10

  6. Strength
    1a) off 495
    1b) off 300

    11:20, 30 MU was 4:18, over a minute PR

  7. deadlifts based off 365
    bench based of 270

    skipped the running cuz im trying to let a blister heal
    but i did 30 bar muscle ups in 17minutes. may not sound like much but before today the most MU’s i had done in a day was 9. I feel like I finally got the hang of when to pull and when to thrust my hips.

    next step is doing them consecutively

  8. Strength

    1a) 112kg
    1b) 77kg


    Did Outlaw CrossFit conditioning with C2B : 22:00, sucks on C2B..

  9. PAST ( test for PJ)
    50M underwater swim cannot break surface.
    500M swim 9:35
    1.5 mile run 9:42
    Max strict pull-ups in 2 min( if you come off the bar your done.) 20
    Max sit-ups non anchored 58
    Max push-ups chest to deck anything other that plank your done. 56
    Strength tonight!

  10. DL: Off 535
    Bench: Off 345


    (Wondering if anyone else has this problem or an answer for me. I jack my back up every time I deadlift semi-heavy no matter how good I keep the form. I can do any other lift and it feels fine but as soon as I DL it goes out. I can suck it up in a wod but something’s up just haven’t been able to figure it out. Any thoughts at all?)

    • Maybe have a PT check you out. It sounds like you might be short in the Psoas &/or Illiacus. They connect your lower back to the inside of your pelvis.

  11. 1) off 460
    2) off 275


    **I am hoping that I stalled out because of all the MUs I did in warmup, 15ish.
    I completed 25 through 4 minutes and it took me 4:19 to get the last 5. I literally just crashed.

    Wicked pissed

  12. Strength work done just walking from one to the other without waiting 60 seconds
    Scaled pulls back to 140kg instead of 164
    Ring press ups with 20kg vest on instead of bench

    Splits 3:39/11:21/15:14

  13. Deads @315
    Bench @195
    I hate snow. But my muscle ups feeling great lately

  14. Strength
    1a)•Based off of 375#
    1b)•Based off of 300#
    •15:15 (instead of 800m runs I did 920m)

  15. 1) 140kg
    2) 80kg banded again, slightly heavier bands, speed still good

    Conditioning (in the rain)
    3.39 run, 36 seconds to towel off and re-chalk
    MUs in 4.57 (PR) locked out 30 at 9.12 (1 miss at 27, pissed would of been 30 seconds quicker – went 12 then 3’s apart from miss)
    4.10 final run

  16. Started the day with some quick power snatch and power clean work.

    1) 225 Power Snatch with not feet movement
    2) 295 Power Clean (20# PR, ugly as hell but the pull felt great)


    1) Done at 315
    2) Done at 225


    14:16 Rx’d

  17. Strength
    1a) 120 kg (Based off 170)
    1b) 65 kg (Based of 90)

    15:35 Rx

  18. Deads off of 550
    Bench off of 275

    Conditioning: 12:50

    Felt good about this time…then saw some 11’s, 10’s and a sub 9!??

    Shit yea! Keep rocking everyone!

  19. Strength
    1a) 290#
    1b) 180#

    1st 800: 2:48
    2nd 800 3:16
    MUs felt slow


  20. Strength
    1a) done off 500
    1b) done off 275

    Hope these were supposed to feel easy cause they did. does everybody else get bloody shins from the DL?

    Strict MU progression & technique work plus other cond.

    MFS 1/3/2

  21. Strength
    1a) based off of 265#
    1b) based off of 135#

    WoD: 15:33 – Did 10 MU instead of 30. Need to keep working on stringing them together during a workout.

  22. Strength
    1a) Top Pull Deadlifts: 5X3 @ 70% – 355
    1b) 5X3 Bench Press @ 70% – 165

    Conditioning – 17:37, sub with 1000m row, too cold to run. Could not get a hold of my MU today, feeling beat up.

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