Today I’d like to take a poll.

It will be a completely non-scientific, generally meaningless, relatively pointless poll, based upon what you, the voters, simply think is the most bad-ass feat of the day.

Here’s the setup… Today I received videos from two different Outlaw athletes that made me have to stop in my tracks, and re-confirm that the corresponding numbers were accurate. The athletes confirmed their exploits, and this left me with a conundrum: I simply couldn’t decide which one was more difficult.

Since I couldn’t come to a personal consensus, I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide this one. Who gets the Outlaw “grande cajones” award today?

Here’s your choices…

This is a perfect example of Daniel Tyminski being Daniel Tyminski. He told me he was bored today, so he wanted to see how many times he could Power Snatch 225#. He just so happened to turn the video camera on, and voilà; magic happens. Side note: if you believe the 1RM calculator (which I don’t), this would give him a 270# POWER Snatch.

Daniel Tyminski – 7 Touch-and-Go Power Snatches @ 225#:

As far as I know, Phillip Kniep’s 340# High-Hang Clean + Jerk, was the biggest lift we had by 25#. That’s including all the big boys, who all seemed to stall out at the 315# mark. What’s most impressive about this lift IMO, is the Jerk. Phil spends over 10 seconds with the bar in the rack position, with 340# sitting on his chest, then somehow has enough reactive force left in his hips to make the Jerk look very “Ilya-esque”.

WOD 130223:


1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


Front Squats: 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 3X2 @ 90% – rest 1-2 minutes.


For time:

9 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
9 K2E
Row 500m
18 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
18 K2E
Row 500m
9 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
9 K2E

Notes: KB Thrusters are performed with a KB in each hand. K2E (knees-to-elbows) MUST finish with the knees making full contact with the elbows. Anything less is a no-rep.

88 thoughts on “130223

    • Only reason I don’t like Dan’s is cuz he pauses at his hips between each rep and then makes a deliberate bounce off the floor (outstanding effort none the less). Correct me if I’m wrong but video of khalipa and hendel doing 225 shows them being fluid with the bar, even tho spencer does squat snatches.
      No pause and no deliberate bounce (just a tap lol), it would be one of the best outlaw lifts ever.

  1. Tyminski’s powering snatching 225 x 7 is more impressive. I’d have given it to Phil if he had push jerked it…and I’m bitter that he’s in the NC with me at regionals.

  2. On a different note, does anyone else have torn up hands from KB snatches, C2B pull-ups and bar muscle ups? K2E are gonna SUCK.

  3. Tyminski – always love a good Snatch. Today I said “I don’t have a problem getting it up, I just have a problem with the Jerk.” Lulz

  4. That’s a tough one… I see why there is a poll. I was going to say Phil because that is fuckin huge but I love to pooh pooh on 1rm calculators also, so Dan by a hair..

  5. Both mighty impressive. Its a clear choice in my eyes though. The snatches. It’s more “crossfitty” … New word. Suck it up.

  6. Dan’s snatches were badass. Seeing that a few weeks ago he was only full snatching 102 kilos for 3 in Sydney. Phil’s C&K was still monster though… damn!

  7. My third day of following TOW and my hands are sweating and my stomach is churning as I write down the workout….this stuff ain’t for sissies! Geez!

  8. High-hang for sure! although Daniel’s touch an go power snatches are pretty damn impressive, its a 340# FREAKING HIGH-HANG!! some guys cant even clean and jerk 340# from the ground. thats some SERIOUS hip power and speed!

  9. These wods and program’s are bad ass , but for me the volume is to high , how would you scale it for a intermediate ?

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    • Yes the volume is high but its manageable for an intermediate if you really want it. You have to be dedicated to rest/recovery/mobility EVERY day! Nutrition, sleep, stretching, ice baths, salt baths, foam rollers, lacrosse balls…. EVERY day. Everyone told me I was overtraining and at times I thought I was. I would think, dam there is no way I will be able to train tomorrow but after some rehab and a good night sleep I did it. I continually get stronger and stay injury free but its a huge commitment. In the beginning i would maybe increase some of the rest or skip/mod conditioning on days when my body was wrecked, you still need to be smart. You either commit to follow outlaw or settle for less and get less results… Your choice

    • I’m old, so sometimes the volume gets too much for me to recover adequately from. I find it’s the wods that take the most out of me, so if I’m feeling beat, that’s where I cut back. I’ll still try to get the main movements in. Like if I skip a wod that included pull ups, I’ll at least try to get in a couple sets (not for time). I always get the weightlifting in though. It’s the core of the program and easier to recover from.

      I vote for the clean and jerk, because it was from the high hang, not the floor.

  10. if any of you beasts in the NE (or greater NYC area) want to start off the Open at the top of the leaderboard with Rudy yelling at you in Brooklyn I can’t make it that weekend (3/8-3/10) and have a spot I’ll part with for a discount. email me at bryan@crossfitnittany.com

  11. The 340 high hang is bad ass and I was in awe watching the vid cause he made it look easy. But for our “sport” it’s a easy decision, to string together 7 ub snatches with 225 is really impressive. For a lot of crossfitters a 225 snatch is a huge lift. For Olympic weight lifters a 340 c&j is still big but not as impressive. Now a double or triple with anything close to 340 would walk away with my vote…

  12. Both are pretty impressive but I would lean towards the clean and jerk.
    The reason is because Daniel is using straps.
    Straps make touch and go or high hang for that matter way easier. The guy from the Crossfit seminar staff did 8 touch and go with no straps. That’s really tough on your grip.
    Now that extra time in the rack position is very ruff especially when he adjust his hands by bouncing the weight.
    Just my opinion but both are pretty sick!

  13. My vote goes to the C&J.

    1. Snatch – 95kg
    2. C&J – 125kg (clean 130)

    FS: done of 150kg



  14. Equally impressive feats. But I must say the C&J takes the “badass of the day” by just a hair in my opinion.

  15. 7:12- meh.

    lost one of the KB’s overhead by accident during the set of 18. Should have been unbroken other than that. I think i paced the rows too much. Still all around 2 mins per row =( and I haven’t done knees to elbows since before reebok made crappy weightlifting shoes.

    lifting + extra shit later today.

    • 225 snatch- attmepted 245 and it just wasn’t high enough.
      275 clean and jerk- missed 290 clean x2. My wrist is bothering me but i was pulling it really high. next time I’m hitting this for sure.

      front squats off 305

      11.4- 140 reps. Hit this at like 80% effort until the last couple mins still a 20 rep PR from last year when i tried it. Just tired from the week.

  16. BBG:
    1. 120 (PR from last week)
    2. 160 (5# PR for the jerk)

    1. Off of 175 no misses

    10:58 rx
    Stared at the kb way too much instead of just picking them up. 🙁

  17. Snatch 225 10# pr
    Clean & jerk 265 10#pr clean 275

    FS off 295

    Conditioning 7:44 couldn’t lock out last kb thruster on set of 18 so had to put it down on 17

  18. Super fast session
    Snatch 100kg missed 105, 105, 106, 106 102.5
    Clean and jerk 135kg with press out missed 140 twice
    Only time for 5 squats @ 70% of 160kg

  19. BBG
    Snatch 195. I want 200 already.
    C&j up to 245. Missed 255 and 265
    Fs off 315 all done
    Unbroken. First time this week I felt satisfied with cond. effort
    Wanted more attempts with snatch but have meet to schedule classes for college soon

  20. Snatch – 250 PR
    Clean and Jerk – 295 (jumped from 295 to 320 to attempt PR and was not happening)
    Front Squat done off of 390

    Conditioning: the gym’s wod

    two things
    1) thanks to outlaw I have PR’d in the snatch once a month for the past 3 months and went up on C&J 15 pounds in the last 3 months

    2) all i want to do is the oly lifting now

  21. 1) 45kg – 100lbs pb
    2) 72.5kg – 160lbs pb


    Really not very strong at all, Need alot of strength work for the legs and posterior chain. Looking forward to sharing future pbs with you guys

  22. Snatch – 205
    C&J – 255
    FS – Off 300

    Conditioning – 95 BB thrusters (don’t have two KB)

  23. Front Squats:
    1X5 @ 70%, 150
    1X5 @ 75%, 165
    1X3 @ 80%, 175
    1X3 @ 85%, 185
    3X2 @ 90%, 195

    8:04 w/ 2 min double unders as sub for rowing

  24. bbg
    clean and jerk- 175 (5# PR)
    clean only- 180# (10# PR)

    front squats- done off 195
    135, 145, 155, 165, 175

    cond- 10:24 with a weird mod for k2e

  25. “Grand Cajone’s” Award:
    Hi-Hang Clean + Jerk

    1) 150
    2) 200
    -both below my last set of hang versions this week, I need to un-fuck my technique.

    1) Off 255

    *95# bb thrusters/50cal AirDyne


  26. 29/m/5’11″/190
    1) 185 (struggle was tough today, tried 205 and missed but it felt good, so I went for PR at 225, so close but missed 5 times)
    2) 245 (couldn’t even clean 265)

    220-235-250-270-285(off 315)

    11:16 (18KB Thrusters broken way too much)

  27. Here’s a video of my Snatch PR today. Been following Outlaw since March 2012. A year ago my 1RM Snatch was 155#… Today I hit 210# and missed 220# twice just barely. Sorry I have no idea how to post video due to being computer illiterate, so I just posted the link.

    Second video is a 275# Clean, failed the Jerk, but still a 10# PR on Clean. Just before this lift I hit a 260# Clean & Jerk which is a 5# PR on the C&J. A year ago my 1RM was 205#…. I’ve come a long way, thank you rudy! Also criticisms are welcome, I’m looking to improve in any way I can, wish I had taken a side view of the video… Let me know what you guys think. I wanna get to 225# Snatch and 300# Clean & Jerk by the end of the open.

    • Great lifts, but you arm bend in both lifts pretty significantly. Spencer posted about this awhile ago and it takes away a lot of the leverage that you have. Try not to allow arm bend until full extension of the hips and shrug. Also on the snatch you jump slightly forward which is mostly likely from allowing the bar to get away from your body (obviously i dont know for sure because its a front angle). Keep it in close though

      • Yea i have a MAJOR issue with arm bend, ill read Spencers article. I’ve tried to keep them straight but when i get heavy it all goes out the window.. as far as the jump forward i felt myself swing the bar out away from me (moreso than usual) i think that was also a product of me attempting a weight id never tried before and my technique suffered from it. thanks for the tips man ill keep drilling technique and try to watch those two things specifically for awhile n see where it takes me.

  28. weightlifting
    1) 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185(f), 185(f), 185(f)
    2) 135, 150, 165, 180, 195, 210, 225, 250

    snatch – match PR
    c&j – 15# PR (thought i was loading the bar up with 240 for a 5# PR, but this was a happy accident after i checked the weight)

    front squat off 290
    1×5@205, 1×5@215, 1×3@230, 1×3@245, 3×2@260
    no misses



  29. snatch 95kg

    clean and jerk 120kg

    Front squat based of 155kg all felt really strong. Hope to test max soon

    7.16 rows were pretty slow really other then that felt alright…

  30. Snatch – 255, put 270 behind me twice, then missed 280 once. Pr is 275
    C&J – 295. This was a mess. PR is 325


    Off 355


    7:41. Good one.

  31. Snatch: 145, 5 pound PR
    C+J: 165, crappy lockout, not a PR, and my Jerk sucks. Been stuck at 170 for 6 months because of the jerk.

    Front Squats off of 210, no misses. Went up on the doubles.

    Conditioning: 9:11 rx’d.

  32. 7 tng reps! Way harder last one was shit and I’m sure there’s alot of bounce in there. But still awesome I might be able to do that with a clean lol.

  33. snatch 180 5#PR, ugly but i got it
    clean and jerk 215 10#PR
    front squats(315)

    and my vote goes to the snatch. id like to be able to do that someday

  34. NOT EVEN CLOSE – Power snatches win. High hang clean and jerk isn’t that much different than a full c & j, for some its easier if you have trouble getting in good position off the floor. Its a big 1RM, but that’s what it is,just a strong 1RM thats 30lbs less than Froning. 7 power snatches takes more guts and the dig to hang on to the bar = not even close, the snatches.

  35. 1a 115#
    1b 155#
    Tweaked shoulder and first time attempting these.

    2) off 210

    Cond. sore shoulder so did Annie

  36. 1) 205# (5# off of PR)
    2) 245# (10# off PR)
    Based off of 280# (back not fully recovered)
    7:05 (all unbroken)

  37. Snatch – 185 then jumped to 205, missed 3 times.
    C&J – 245 then jumped to 280, missed 3 times. was under it, couldn’t maintain back

    CND- 8:12 … first time working with 2 kettlebells

  38. 1) 135#,140#,145#,150#(F)x5 – I couldn’t lock out.
    2) 145#, 155#, 165#, 175#(F), 175#, 180#, 185(J-F)x2

    Front sq : off 200# ( no miss)

    used 35#DB for KB
    K2E – back yard
    Thruster&Row – inside garage (2 doors between back yard and garage)

  39. BBG:
    1. 133 (Match PR, got 138 overhead twice, lost it forward both times)
    2. 153 happy with this today, this is good for me.

    Strength: Front Squats


  40. Had a rough weekend, didn’t expect much today…

    1) skipped, was warming up and not feeling it….
    2) 255,265,275(-5lb pr), jumped to 285 caught a little out front and reset front rack but couldn’t stand it up. Tried again and ended up on my ass. Called it done (no jerks)

    Front sq : off 315
    First set at 285 I ended up lowering it right down to the pins and bailed, then 285×2,285×1

    Skipped, body was hurting…

    MFS 6/7/5 pissed off horse shit day… Can’t wait till the next WOD!

  41. 1) 104kg (2kg PR)
    2) 127.5kg (cleaned 132.5 twice but just missed jerk on both)

    3) 100, 107.5, 115, 122.5, 130kg (off 142.5 with a little rounding up)

    4) 8.43
    9/9, slow setup and 1.53 first row, 11/7 & 9/9, slower 2nd row 1.58, 9/9
    Both rows too slow as were the interchanges to rower.

  42. I have to go with Kniep’s lift. I’ve seen video of Spencer Hendel doing something similar to what BoomSauce did in his video, here. There just aren’t many crossfitters out there would could C&J 345# from the high-hang.

  43. 1) 95kg
    Fuck sake!! felt like shit today… FUCK!

    Based off of 142.5kg
    Failed 2nd rep 2nd to last set, Failed last set. FUCK!


  44. 1) 125#
    2) 170#

    based off of 165- it was super easy… I should probably PR soon


  45. BBG
    Resting a shoulder injury
    Front Squats: 235/250/265/280/300
    Conditioning: 9:22 RX

    9 K2E

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