Today, after using my minimal brain power to deduce that my TOW email hasn’t worked for weeks, I opened my inbox to a bevy of PR videos that made me happier than a fungus in Spencer’s knee sleeves (7 year-old Rehbands = elite funk). I’ll try not to use all of them today because I know you guys get bored after watching about nine Snatch PRs.

This is 2013 Games competitor Phillip Kniep, who, along with his training partner Collin Popp, have apparently been following the site since just after the ’12 Games (who knew?). This is a monster save, and I believe one of the biggest Snatches we’ve ever had off blocks.

Phillip Kniep – 270# Snatch from blocks:

I’ll let Willie Moore explain this next one…

Here is a video of one of my athletes Ben Bishop snatching #275. Ben began
CrossFit about 5 months ago, and had never done a snatch before. He was a
Div 1 hammer thrower and missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials this year
by a 2 week cutoff date. Ben has been following The Outlaw Way the past 3
months along side myself. Ben typically does all lifts raw, no straps, no
belt, just all man. Ben competed this past weekend along side Kevin Ogar,
who we have a very good relationship with. Ben is still learning, but he
will snatch over #300 this year and is a year away from making a big splash
in the competitive scene. Thanks Rudy for the great programming!

Last but not least is long time Outlaw, Josh Auer, with a big PR on his high-hang Snatch. This is not the heaviest lift ever (can’t believe I’m saying that for a 230# Snatch), but it is one of the prettiest damn lifts I’ve seen.

WOD 130221:

Rest day.

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  2. Need to transfer my spot for the April 19-21 camp in Atlanta, GA. A work commitment that weekend is keeping me away, $299.00. If interested please respond here or email me at FABlaylock@gmail.com

  3. Coach, do you happen to have any of your athletes dealing with knee tendonitis? If so, how do y’all deal with it considering the massive amounts of lifting you do. I know your not an orthopedic doc but it’s worth a shot to ask..

  4. Been following TWO as much as I can at the gym I go to. Willie and Ben are ex-teammates of mine and great athletes. Its awesome seeing them on here. Great job Ben.

  5. Phillip Kniep is a Beast of a Man! He came down to the Fittest Games in Austin, Texas and absolutely wrecked shop on the competition — 1st Place. This guys is an absolute pleasure to watch and he is one hell of a solid guy as well. Good stuff Phillip! Looking forward to seeing you at the 2013 Games.

  6. Just stared following TOW,love the programming .
    One question are the rest days scheduled on the same day each week?
    I like to know what days I’m training each week so I can schedule my clients and training
    Thanks & keep up the good work,

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