A treatise regarding The Outlaw Way training camps.

History and Approach

In November of 2011 I was discussing some movement issues with one of the off-site athletes I had been working with, Jeremy Murdock. He said that a large group of athletes from his gym, CrossFit Murfreesboro, had begun following the site and that a group from another local gym, CrossFit Rutherford, had begun following TOW and many of them were having issues regarding “doing things right”. The discussion led to me saying it would be a lot easier if I could get eyes on them, and we decided to try to figure out a way to do a clinic or “camp” so I could see the athletes in person. I posted something about the camp at CrossFit Rutherford, and we got quite a few responses from other gyms asking to host similar events. The first few camps were completely free of charge, then—realizing we’d need to cover travel expenses—we began to charge a fairly nominal fee for attendance. To imagine that the conversation I had with Jeremy—not much more than a year ago—would turn in to what it has today, is truly incomprehensible.

The pre-2012 Games camps were much more free-form and almost completely attended by athletes who were following the site. When I began to announce the post-2012 Games camps I quickly realized that we would need far more staffing, a legitimate schedule, and to develop a curriculum. With the help of our staff, based on what we thought were the most salient points for the success of the athlete/attendee, we developed the curriculum that we currently use for our camps. We put together a program of movement instruction largely based upon breaking down Weightlifting and Gymnastics to their most instructive and holistic essences, and used the “everything is everything” theme to tie all movement together. I wrote specific lectures regarding both our seasonal approach (with BP’s help and awesome power point), and the basics of the limited-conjugate method. We added a squat specific section as one of our building blocks for everything, and came up with a basic template of Weightlifting specific, Gymnastics specific, and general competition style workouts to use as a gauge to base discussions on movement issues, strategy and almost any other topic that would come up. I, and our staff, wanted to give the athletes/attendees as much bang for their money/time as possible, and I could not be more proud of the template we have put together.

The smaller, less-intensive pre-2012 Games camps gave me the opportunity to run everything as a one-man-show. When registrations started to pour in for the post-2012 Games camps I knew we’d need far more staffing, and we are blessed to have multiple in-house subject matter experts. Spencer, BP, Elisabeth, Michael Winchester, and many of our other athletes, have coaching resumes that are unparalleled. I also realized how important it was to have our Games athletes around at the camps to answer questions and simply be there for people to watch. There is nothing, in my opinion, that a coach can say that is as powerful as watching world-class athletes in action. I also realized that it was important for me to not be the only voice. I can and do coach the Weightlifting and Gymnastics portions of the camps (largely depending on staff), but when one of our “experts” is on the coaching floor I will always defer to them and try to add only when I pick up on issues I may have seen as an extra set of eyes. This system has worked very well, and the only issues we’ve had involve scheduling and the fact that most of our staff is not as free to travel as I am. We have again been blessed with the ability to use many of our other Games athletes to fill our roster of coaches when our regular staff could not travel. Daniel Tyminski has been a god-send as an addition to our staff (a very loud addition), Brandon Swan, Chad MacKay (the mayor of Australia), Colm O’Reilly (not a Games athlete, but a proper elite exercise nerd), Matt Hathcock, Kevin Simons, and many others have dedicated their time and energy to staffing our camps, and have all brought their multiple areas of expertise to athletes/attendees worldwide.


The purpose of our camps is fairly simple: we attempt to give each and every athlete/attendee an introduction to methodology and movement principles that have given our athletes the most success in their sport. I realized with the sheer size and volume of attendees that we’d have, that it was important to get principles across more than try to “fix” every athlete. We believe strongly if we can convey the salient points that I mentioned earlier, and can have athletes/attendees leave with a set of cues relating to overall purposeful movement and position adjustments, that the athlete will be able to develop a kinesthetic lexicon which will carryover to success in their sport and athletic endeavors. The nature and scope of the program we put together for these camps is something that we are constantly working on and constantly refining. I realize the difficulty in putting forward such a large endeavor, and we are constantly trying to assess where we can get more out of each three-day seminar.

The size and scope of our camps was one of the great debates amongst our staff and myself. I had a goal and dream to take what we do to as many people as possible, and make it as accessible as possible. I had many suggestions to charge more and do much smaller camps, but I personally felt that it was a better idea to do a more broad and introductory series, and then start to pair down our efforts into a more intimate setting. For me the deciding factor was the absolutely unbridled and overwhelming response we got once we started to post our camp dates. In my opinion it was a clear indication of the amount of athletes who were hungry to improve, and somehow utilize and implement the principles which had brought many of our athletes success. Probably the biggest issue with this response was that we had absolutely no infrastructure to handle the onslaught of registrations or the customer service issues that they brought on (I will address this later in the treatise). Nonetheless, the interest was there, so it became our task to try to bring an understanding of our set-forth purpose to everyone who wanted to spend three days with us.

Issues, Concerns, and Ways We Can Improve

I’m simply going to address this by listing some of the things we’ve gotten feedback about, and humbly trying to answer each of them with measures we have/are taking to improve each one.


Issues: This is obviously something that has been predicated by the unfortunate scenario which occurred during last week’s camp in Novato. If my knowledge of irony is anywhere near correct (not likely), the fact that a “doomsday” scenario happened at the only camp we’ve ever done with less than three full staff members, has got to be ironic. When the schedule was planned and we finalized every camp, I decided that we’d need three coaches to man every one. In an ideal world we’d have as many staff members as possible for every camp, but as I said earlier, everyone has day jobs and gyms to attend to, and I knew that with the way we’d set up the program for the camps, that three full coaches would be a good fit to provide the necessary elements of instruction. The problem we ran into in Novato, was simply that no one else was available. This is absolutely my fault for not making sure the camp was adequately staffed before booking it, and I will absolutely take the blame for it. As you all may well know, in this scenario, when things went bad, they went really bad. Two coaches, one unable to speak, and one in the hospital with heart monitors on, provided for my personal doomsday.

Solutions: We have already locked in and confirmed our staffing for the remaining roster of camps. We will have three-plus full coaches at each, and will hopefully never be hit by anything like a freak outbreak of ebola again. In the future we will have a traveling staff which will remain together for all camps (or whatever they become), and will simply not book dates which we have any issues staffing. Again, I take full blame for the failure in Novato, and realize that the bottom line is not about how sick I was, but is about the ability to give those attendees the camp they deserve.

>Customer Service.

Issues: As I stated earlier, we were completely lacking the infrastructure to handle the sheer volume of registrations, changes, emails, and overall customer service issues that came with us turning from a blog to a business overnight. We’ve been through a myriad of troubles with work emails, finding lists, and simply handling the questions which arise on a daily basis. Our troubles, however, should not ever be anyones concern but our own, and I will never use them as an excuse. We have simply failed to communicate as promptly as possible, and have let organization slide at times, when those things should be our number one priority.

Solutions: We have recently hired a full-time organizer to handled the day-to-day details of the camps (her name is Madeline in case you were wondering). This job has been passed around (and frankly no one really wanted it), and now has a dedicated person to handle all organizational tasks. The Info@TheOutlawWay.com account is the best way to contact “The Organizer”, Madeline. She will be handling all changes, questions, and rosters regarding camps. She will also be the one sending out any announcements or changes to the current rosters of attendees. Again, I apologize for our deficiencies in this area, but we will never allow things to fall through the cracks again, and if we do it will be Mady’s fault (kidding, I promise).

>Personal Experience.

Issues: This is obviously an ongoing learning experience for everyone involved. It is basically a completely brand-new venture, and we will continue to take appropriate measures to develop everything we do. One of the hardest things to pin down and assess is the personal experience of each and every athlete. Even though these camps are more focused on conveying principles and specific movement points, we realize that many attendees are there to have the focus of, and interact with coaches and world-class athletes. This is something we’ve recently discussed as a staff, and have decided that in some instances we have not done a good enough job of making ourselves available to each and every person. This is completely unacceptable, and is something that I am not personally happy with.

Solutions: We have, as a staff, adopted a “coaching at its finest” principle, which can be summarized by the fact that we will make every effort possible to interact with as many people as possible on a personal level. I realize this is a no-brainer, and I feel that we have mostly done a good job of this up until this point, but now we are fully committed—in word and deed—to make every attendees experience the best it can possibly be from a personal experience standpoint. And yes, I am personally fully committing to this principle as well.

WOD 130219:


1) 5X3 Low Hang Clean (1″ off floor) + 1 Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: The Jerk comes after all 3 Cleans.

2a) 3X3 Push Press – absolute heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


1) HBBS (based off 130129): 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 3X2 @ 90% – rest 1-2 minutes.


For time:

50 Burpees
20 Front Squats @ 70%
50 Burpees

Notes: Fronts Squats must be taken from the floor.

99 thoughts on “130219

  1. Well said Rudy. I appreciate your commitment.
    Anyone in Charleston SC doing Outlaw Way? I just got kicked out of Eco for dropping weights even though it was discussed and approved 40 days ago.

  2. Just skim read that because I have hosted your Training Camp and haven’t got a single gripe. I even had you stay at my house and again, no gripes. Shit happens mate.

    A 2.5 day camp for $350 or whatever it was. Fcking awesome. I know the 50 peop,e that attended ours loved it.

    All the cocks having a bitch and a whinge can go shovel sand up their arse! Virtual shovelling of course 😉


    • Spot on. Went to the Providence Camp and left completely satisfied with the experience, and I know several others who agree. The only suggestion I would make to future attendees is don’t be a wallflower. If you actively pursue interaction with the coaches, you will get it (based on my experience).

  3. BBG:
    1) 135-155-165-175-185
    2A) 225-225-225
    2B) 205-215-225

    1A) 1 Minute, 1 Minute, 1:07 Freestanding
    1B) Done

    Conditioning: 7:45
    Felt Solid.

  4. Looking to transfer my spot for the Atlanta training camp held April 19-21. I had a work commitment come up that is leaving me unable to attend sadly. $299.00 for the weekend.

    Please contact me at FABlaylock@gmail.com if interested. Thanks!

    • 1) 125lbs
      2a) 115
      2b) 115
      3) % based off 240

      Cond: 10:38 (not Rx. Performed at 125lbs. Rx would’ve been at 145. Legs were toasted today)

  5. 1) 135,145,155,165,175 (failed on jerk)
    2a) 145,155,165
    2b) 155,165,175

    1) off 265#

    First 50 burpees went way too fast
    Used 155# for FS


  6. 1.) 195#
    2a.) 195#
    2b.) 165#

    Strength – Completed

    8:43 @ 185# (My Front Squat is miles away from my squat clean. 70% would have been 241#…. wouldn’t be able to get up after burps.)

  7. 1.). 225 – failed last 2 jerks

    2a.). 205
    2b.). 205

    1.) supposed to be off 355. Didn’t
    even come close.


    215 front squats- 12:54

    Rough. Ass. Day.

  8. Thank you for the treatise. I greatly appreciate any time you detail the method behind your madness.

    1) 185,205, 215,215,215 (failed jerk on set 2 and 3)
    2a) 185,205,205
    2b) 225,225,225

    1) off 365# (no fails)

    UB burpees first rd. but slow
    FS = 185 (broke into 3,4,13)
    Burpees in sets of 10 2nd rd. and too slow

    Shoulders are toast…

    MFS = 2/6/3

  9. BBG:
    1) 90Kg
    2a) 85-85-87.5Kg
    2b) 90-92.5-92.5Kg




    Proper Elite Exercise Nerd

  10. BBG
    1) 265
    2a) 225
    2b) 225

    off 425, probably the toughest backsquat day in a while. failed 1 rep on the set of 90%

    Used 245

    • Hey Zack cool to see you following this stuff. Just started. I’ve been on OPT Will program for about 6 months. Looks like I got someone to chase on here.
      -Daniel Ware-

  11. Strength: completed each set based on 275# 1 RM

    fr sq @ 150 (had to break up into 3 + 6 + 6 + 5)

  12. BBG
    1) 135, 155, 165, 170, 175
    2a) 165×3
    2b) 135, 145, 150
    HBBS210, 225, 240, 255, 270
    24:57 RX. First wod back from being sick. FS just ate me up. Glad to be back.

  13. bbg- 185,205,225,245,255(failed 3rd clean) rested a second and then nailed a clean and jerk

    back squats off 365- failed last 2 sets at 90%. My last rep i was so forward i had to dump weight over my head. I was impressed with myself for being able to pull that off.

    cond- at 215#
    9:03- front squats were bad. Can’t seem to keep my upper back from bending. burpees were kept at about 20 per min pace. The last 50 felt like i was in quicksand.

  14. HBBS done

    5×3 175-185-195-205-205

    tried 215 for the last set, failed 2nd clean, went back down.

    a) 165-170-170
    b) 140 across

    Cond 9:36 @ 175#
    sets were 8-6-6

  15. Totals all in Kg

    1) 100 110 110f jerk 110 f3rdclean 105

    2a) 90 95 100
    2b) 90 95 100

    3) based off 150. done.

    • Cond: 10:24 @ 215lbs (305-1rm)
      Burpees need to get faster. Squats 7-5-5-3

      Lifted at average broz today for Bb work.
      Two thing:
      1. Broz told me the low hang stuff is stupid and I need to squat way more.
      2. Elekio knurling is the equivalent to razors on the shins.


  16. cleans and jerks 175-190
    push press 185-190, failed last rep of last set.
    pendlay row 220

    squats based of 385
    felt really good

    225 on the front squats. took it from the rack as 225 is currently my max clean. so each time i took it from the rack(4), i did an additional front squat

  17. 1 225 power cleans
    2a) 245

    Hbbs off 405 failed second set of 90%

    Cond 9:55 at 235lb burpees unbroken squats were 10-5-5

  18. 1.) 5×3 @ 135
    2.)3×3@ 125
    b.s 1.) 185,200,210,225,240

    11:32 @ 150

    I attended your seattle camp and have zero complaints. Stuff happens, you are human. Keep up the amazing coaching! Thank you again! Hope you are feeling better!

  19. BBG

    1) Clean & Jerk : 7 x 1 x 85kg
    2a) 3X3 Push Press – absolute heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


    2b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.



    1) HBBS (based off 130129): 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 3X2 @ 90% – rest 1-2 minutes.

    Done based off 130kg.


    For time:

    50 Burpees
    20 Front Squats @ 70%
    50 Burpees

    12’37 (82kg)

  20. BBG-
    1) 190/200/205/210/210
    2a) 175/185/190
    2b) 3×225#

    Based off 355#.
    Failed #2 on 2nd set of 90%

    11:59 @ 225#
    I dont know if I was used to wearing my oly lifting shoes for all the lifting before conditioning, but the first clean in the cond, I went backwards with my nanos on and bar rolled right over me.. took a few to refocus. with that being said… I suck ass at that many burpees.

    • Have the same problem with my ROM in nano’s during heavy wods, meanwhile Froning is snatching 300# in them. FML

      • +1 lol that video of him hitting that and the 370 C&J is unbelievable… the way he just walks up to the bar and goes right away is crazy!

  21. BBG:
    1) started at 85, 105, 115, 125, and 130#
    2a) worked up to 130#
    2b) 120#

    1) did light weight because of a strained lumbar.. Finished all sets working up to 155#

    10:28 with 105#

  22. A) 5×3 hang snatch (1″) + jerk
    B1) 3×3 push press 225/245/255
    B2)3×5 pendlay row 255 all

    C) back squat off of 480

    F me

    13:34 fs off of 390 so 275. Was aeful

  23. Early 2 mile run at z3 pace

    245×3 255×1 265x 1.1.x

    Just rows @ 235

    Hbbs off of 385

    9:37 @235

    20 min airdyne flush @ z1


  24. A) 5×3 hang snatch (1″) + jerk
    205/215/225/235/255 (missed jerk)
    B1) 3×3 push press 215/225/235
    B2)3×5 pendlay row 235 all

    C) back squat off of 500 = Fuck


    9:59 w/ 255# Sets of FS were 6/6/4/4 burpees unbroken

  25. 1) 185×2, 205×2, 225 (failed on 3rd clean)

    2a) 170,185,185
    2b) 225×3 (really focused on form)

    3) 1×5@245, 1×5@260, 1×3@275, 1×3@295 3×2@315 (failed 2nd rep on first 2 sets & failed 3rd set no reps)

    Cond: 10:38 rx @200


  26. BBG:
    1.) 205, 205, 205, 215, 225(x2fx1+J)
    2a.)185, 195, 205(x2fx1)
    2b.)170, 170, 170

    1.) 215×5, 230×5, 245×3, 260×3, 275x2x2x2

    11:50 @ 190#

  27. BBG

    I’ve been trying to go as heavy as possible on the BBG and be as true to the rest as possible. Today was pretty ambitious with quite a few misses. Rested a little longer than 60 seconds on the one make.

    1) 275 (missed jerk), 275 (missed jerk), 275 (missed 3rd clean), 275 (make!), 275 (2 cleans + 1 jerk)
    2a) 225, 235, 245 (2)
    2b) 285 x 3


    1) Off 395 – 275, 295, 315, 335, 355.


    12:12 @ 250#. Sets were 5, 5, 6, 4. This was the first conditioning in a week where I felt like I wasn’t breathing through a straw. Had a little sinus/respiratory thing lately.

  28. BBGym:
    1) 165, 2×175, 185(failed jerk), 195(no jerk)

    2a) 165, 2×170
    2b) 165, 2×175

    1) Off of 300

    Off of 255


  29. 1) 5X3 Low Hang Clean (1″ off floor) + 1 Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    Didn’t realize it was 5 X
    2a) 3X3 Push Press – absolute heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    2b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
    3 x 190
    1) HBBS (based off 130129): 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 3X2 @ 90% – rest 1-2 minutes.
    For time:
    50 Burpees
    20 Front Squats @ 70%
    50 Burpees
    11:43 @ 135#

  30. BBG 205/225/245/265/275 all UB except last set, missed jerk
    PP 225
    Pendlay 305

    Strength of off 450#

    12:31 @ 275# (death)

  31. 1. 225lbs
    2a. 225lbs
    2b. 155 (first time, not sure. Ended up too light)

    Based of 315

    10:18 at 185

    First day following Outlaw…holy shit was that awesome!!

    Thanks a ton for the ass whooping!

  32. 1) 185, 205, 225, 225, 245 no misses
    2a) 185, 205, 225
    2b) 185, 205, 225

    Strength % 365 no misses

    Conditioning RX’ed @ 225 FS 12:12

  33. 1) 205×2/225/235/245 (missed 3rd clean)

    2a) 225 (very ambitous for me, almost missed last set)
    2b) 195 across (wanted heavier than last week, wasn’t happening.

    3) HBBS off of 375

    10:24 @235


    new problem: the INOV8’s I have professionally altered for my leg length discrepancy are officially getting wrecked by the heavy deadlifts. My heel is sinking into the material, and they were made to withstand the weight. damnit!! this pair of shoes has only made it from September.

    • stand on a plate. Rip propped up a guy’s heel on a 5lbs plate at a seminar I was at. he was squatting, but it lined him up properly. guy didn’t even know he had a problem.

  34. 1) 225-225-225-235-245 all power clean, push jerk

    2a) 225 for 3-2-4 push press
    2b) 245 for 3×5 rows

    STR) 295-320-340-365-385-385 felt heavy

    No cond.

  35. 1) 225, 235, 255, 265, 275
    2) 155, 185, 205
    3) 275 across

    hbbs: 290, 320, 335, 355

    conditioning: 270lb..10:40

  36. Weightlifting
    1) 165, 175, 185, 185, 185
    2a) 205x3x3
    2b) 185x3x5

    Off 345. no misses

    16:13 @ 205 (1RM 290)


  37. Low hang cleans : 185
    Push press: 185,195,205
    Back squat: off 320
    Conditioning: 9:38, 185# FS.
    Wanted to do 4 sets of 5 on FS. Yea that didn’t work out too well.

  38. BBG:

    1. Low Hang Power Clean w/A pause @ knees – 185, 190, 190, 195, 200; focused so much on technique (Second Pull), I forgot to do the Jerks! 🙁
    2a. 205; coming back around
    2b. 225


    Circuit trained Hack Squats 3×6 @ 340 with Back Squats; had to throw the towel in, after the 1st set of 90% Back Squats @ 425. Stick a fork in me, I was done…legs were blasted!


    11:11 @ 225…30lbs less than 70%; legs were toast. 2 x Hang Power Clean and 10 Front Squats/HPC.

  39. Cleans + jerk 155
    Push press 145-150(2)-150
    Pendlay rows 125-135-135

    Skipped squats

    Conditioning at 145
    (First 50 burpees in 3min, squats 8-6-6)

  40. BBG
    1- 100,105,110,115 then 115 but failed jerk
    2a- 90,92.5,95kg
    2b- 3x105kg

    Based of 180kg
    missed on second rep on sets 2 and 3

    8.52 @110kg

  41. bbg
    1-90 105 115 120f-jerk 120 125kg f-jerk

    BS of 400#

    conditioning 10:24 @245

    more squats!…….

  42. BBG.
    1. 205, 215, 225, 235, 240 f 3rd clean
    2a. Pendlay row 235
    2b. Push Press 210 f 3rd rep 1st set otherwise good.
    BAss on 400. Failed last two sets.
    10:51 210

  43. BBG
    1) 70, 80, 85. 92.5 x 1, 95 x 1 (From floor, new 1 RM)
    2a) 70, 72.5, 80 x 1 (New 1RM)
    2b) 65 kg (Strict as fuck)

    Done (Based off 140 kg)

    13:32 Rx (82.5 kg FS, based off 117.5 kg)

    Best training session in memory, thanks Rudy for TOW

  44. 1) 90, 95, 100, 105, 111kg
    2a) 95kg across
    2b) 90kg across
    3) Based off 165kg, got all

    Conditioning Based off 142.5kg and did 100kg

    Burpees in 2.53, fucked around putting a belt on and chalking up til 3.30
    4×5 Front Squats, wow legs were toast.
    looked up at 6.40 and dropping into first burpee of second 50. Good one, tough.

  45. 20 min interval row to start.

    1. 185/205/225/225/225
    2. 175/195/205
    2 225*3
    Tweaked something in my rib cage. At this point, when I move and it doesn’t matter what I am doing it feels like some behemoth is squeezing me. My rib cage tightens up and makes it hard to breath. It happen immediately following the last set of cleans, which I must say I held on for dear life to do it UB.

    50 burpees
    20 air squats

    Didn’t time since I was struggling to breath.

  46. bbg
    1) 115, 125, 135, 140, 145

    strength- off 230
    failed second reps of last two 90% sets

    11:12 @ 135#

  47. I felt ALL lifting were heavy today!!

    1) 135#, 145#, 155#x3


    HBBS: 165#,180#,190#,200#,215#
    8:25 (140# front sq – 8,7,5)

    I felt pain on my left shoulder from yesterday. I think my body needs rest….

  48. BBG

    HBBS -Done off 360 (guessing max is closer to 380 maybe cause today was challenging but manageable)

    Ran out of time for cond, really wanted to FS so immed after back squats I did 20 at 205 (65%) and broke twice. (of the floor of course). Can’t believe you guys did it after 50 burpees. Props to you and keep going strong, can’t wait to cheer ya on at regionals/games!

  49. BB
    1. 190,195,205,215,210
    a.) 220
    b.) 250
    strength off of 375
    cond. 11:40 (based the weight off of 70% my FS, which is 95lbs heavier than my clean.. Had allot of trouble with the cleans…was glad to get to the freakin burpees!)

  50. BBG

    1) 5X3 Low Hang Clean (1″ off floor) + 1 Jerk – 103, 113, 118, 118, 118

    2a) 3X3 Push Press – 120.
    2b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – 118


    1) HBBS (based off 240): 1X5 @ 165, 1X5 @ 175, 1X3 @ 190, 1X3 @ 200, 3X2 @ 210


    For time:

    50 Burpees
    20 Front Squats @ 143
    50 Burpees


  51. BBG
    5X3 Low Hang Clean + 1 Jerk: 185, 205, 210, 215, 225

    didn’t get PP or Rows in –pressed for time

    HBBS – off 350

    Conditioning: 9:30 (215#)

  52. 1) Nothing overhead still so just 5×3 low hang cleans
    90kg / 100 / 105 / 110 / 110

    2a) Subbed 3×6 light DB shoulder press @ 30lb
    2b)Pendlay Rows: 105kg across

    Back Squats based on 160kg – Successfully completed

    Conditioning based on 140kg (70% = 100kg) – 8:14

  53. BBG

    1) 5X3 Low Hang Clean (1″ off floor) + 1 Jerk – 145, 155, 165, 175 (failed on two), 175 (failed on 1, jerk was ugly)

    2a) 3X3 Push Press – 125, 135, 125
    2b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – 155, 175, 185


    1) HBBS (based off 130129):
    1X5 @ 185
    1X5 @ 200
    1X3 @ 210
    1X3 @ 225
    3X2 @ 240


    15:00, FS @160

  54. Today was my “make up” day!

    Cleans @ 153lbs because my jerks really need work.
    HBBS based off of 255lbs, did 1×2 and 2×1 for the 90% reps
    Condtioning: 8:03 @153lbs (10, 6, 4 on the cleans)

  55. BBG
    1) 110-110-110-110-115kg
    2a) 102.5kg
    2b) 97.5kg

    % off 160kg
    Made all lifts comfortably

    11:10 @100kg

  56. BBG:
    1) low hang clean + jerk: 105/115/115/115/115 painful-my arms were shot, should have waited to do another day.

    2a) push press: 105 all sets
    2b) 125

    Strength: HBBS ( based off 200)

    Conditioning: 10:37
    Front squats 120 (based off 170)

  57. BBG
    1) 5X3 Low Hang Clean (1″ off floor) + 1 Jerk – 195/195/205/215/225
    2a) 3X3 Push Press – 195
    2b) 3X5 Pendlay Rows – 205
    1) HBBS (based off 130129): 255/275/295/310/330
    Conditioning: 10:07RX @ 230lbs
    Broke FSquat into 4 sets of 5

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