Kevin Simons – Saturday BB Complex @ 315#:

This is something I posted earlier today for the camp attendees in Novato. I am re-posting it here to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to see it…

I would like to quickly take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for something that I believe was both incredibly unfortunate, and was one of the most scary times of my life.

As has been quickly spread on the Internet, I was unable to attend the third day of our training camp in Novato, California. This was a circumstance that was so unexpected, that we had no fall back plan in order, and quite honestly I was so shocked by it that I could not even fathom a resolution at the time it was happening.

On the flight across to Seattle I picked up some sort of a nasty upper respiratory virus (later found out it was strep), during the Seattle camp I kept it in check with Advil and cough meds and was feeling better by the time we traveled to San Francisco. Once in San Francisco I noticed I was having some chest pains and difficulty breathing. I thought I would just take it easy and the remnants of the virus would clear. By early Tuesday afternoon I began to have chest pains and started to down Advil again to control them. By Tuesday night they were severe and I began to worry if I’d developed pneumonia or something else. I took a large enough dose to get through the night, but woke at 4am Wednesday morning almost unable to breath. I made the decision to drive myself to the hospital hoping if I got in early enough I could get some meds or a shot and would be able to make it back in by the start of camp.

To try to quickly summarize; once I got to the hospital I was quickly admitted and immediately put on heart monitoring machines, had blood drawn and was scheduled for a battery of tests. After 3-4 hours of tests (including a cat scan which scared the hell out of me) the cardiologist met with me and explained that the strep I had thought I was over had moved through my lungs and had begun to attack my heart. He explained that I had a condition called pericarditis, that the sack surrounding my heart was inflamed, and that there was some damage to my heart. I told him I needed to leave and he said he would not discharge me for at least 48 hours.

I have never been sick like this in any way, and it was quite honestly the scariest moment of my life.

TJ of TJ’s gym was absolutely a hero through this whole ordeal. He and his staff did a impromptu clinic for the attendees and thank you is not enough for the work they put in to try to salvage the camp.

To the campers, I pray that you can accept my most humble and sincere apology for my lack of attendance. I could not have ever imagined anything like this happening and we will be setting up safe guards for future camps to insure that it doesn’t. We are going to do everything we can to make this situation right. We are already making plans for a free camp to make up for this one and will do whatever is necessary to accommodate everyone. Please understand, this is one of the saddest moments of my life, and I am beyond grateful for the support many of you have shown us. We are here simply to serve you all, in any way we can, and to hopefully make your experience as an athlete as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you all again for your support.

WOD 130218:

1) 5X3 Low Hang Snatch (1″ off floor) – heaviest possible, rest 60 – 90 sec.
  1. Notes: These should be performed UB if possible, but it is not required.

  2. 2a)  3X3 Snatch First Pulls + Hang Snatch Pulls – heavy, rest 60 sec.
  1. Pause for 3 counts at the top of the first pull. Then, from the hang position (end of the first pull), perform a snatch pull.

2b) 3X3 Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS – heavy, rest 60 sec.

1a) 3X20 UB GHD Situps (as fast as possible) – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3XME “Nose & Toes” Handstand Holds – rest 60 sec.
  1. Notes: This is a chest-facing-wall handstand performed with ONLY the nose and toes of the athlete in contact with the wall. A common fault with this movement is placing the hands too far from the wall. Make sure they are no further than 5″ from the wall.

For time:
60 Double-Unders
3 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
6 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
15 T2B
9 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
15 T2B
6 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
3 Power Cleans @ 185/120#
60 Double-Unders


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  1. Wow Rudy! Is Elizabeth ok?

    I was at that camp in Novato and when you and Elizabeth came in coughing and hacking Tuesday morning I remember really thinking nothing of it. But it obviously was quite something. Good thing you weren’t too stubborn to drive yourself to the hospital to seek medical attention. Some men would’ve. Good on you mate.

    Get well man and stay well…we really need your finely honed geekdom and numbers nerdisms to help some folks run wild through Regional and on to the Games.

    Thanks for what you and your crew do.

    Best Regards,
    Todd Morgan

  2. Champ, rest up and don’t take yourself so damned seriously. Watch reruns of the three stooges or something to take your mind off things. Take care and take your time,

  3. Conditioning: 11:32 Rx

    Power Cleans weren’t very efficient…dropped each one.

    Straighted Wall Balls and T2B…tripped up on last set of dubs.

    • Haha it’s not exactly called that, that’s just what I referred to it as. Thanks though man!

  4. Yes, you could have resisted! I am in education and resisted saying anything about your lack of capital letters.

  5. 1.) 135,155,165,165,175 (all UB)
    2a.) 185# (light, cause thumb busted open on BBG)
    2b.) 155#

    Skill/Midline Complete

    Conditioning – 11:05 Rx’d

  6. Get well soon Rudy, you do so much for the sport of crossfit and all your followers here, please make sure you take time for you and recover. Speaking on behalf of everyone we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and absolute devotion to this sport and your athletes.

  7. Get well! =)

    1) 70kg, 80kg, 80kg, 80kg, 80kg – all sets UB.

    2a) 110 kg, 115kg, 115kg

    2b) 70kg, 80kg, 100kg

    Skill/Midline: complete

    Cond: 08:26 RX’D

  8. Bbg –

    1) 205

    2a) 205
    2b) 225

    Skill –

    1a) done
    1b) :35-:40 secs ( positions easy to hold, shoulders start shaking lol)

    Cnd –

    7:57 really bad at dubs apparently. 4x errors second set

  9. Bbg
    1) 60kg
    2a) 90
    2b) 60kg, should have gone heavier


    Cond: 16:17, Du’s sucked and WB was slow

  10. Puts things into perspective huh. Love on that little man bro, he’s what matters. wish you a speedy recovery.

  11. You’ve been crazy busy for us. Please. please take care of yourself. We all appreciate your hard work.

    1) 115#, 125#,125#(3rd-F), 125#, 130# – All UB

    2a) 155#.165#x2
    2b) 115#,125#,135#

    1a)&1b) done

    with 20# wall ball (I have only 20#)

    I couldn’t use target (snow in my back yard), so just threw it to the sky and caught.
    DU & clean : inside my garage
    Wall ball & T2B : outside(back yard)

  12. 1) 135-140-145-150-155

    a) 185
    b) 155-155-165

    GHD 3×20 UB, handstand holds around 45s each

    Cond 12:05 at 165#

    Planned on doing the cleans in triples. I also planned on being the first hispanic Bo Jackson so you can imagine how this went.

    Rest up Rudy. But if things go south dibs on your bike.

  13. 1)205 missed last snatch
    2a 205
    2b 225

    A done
    B lazy

    Cond 7:55 dubs were messing with me both rounds… Wierd

  14. Low hang snatch 135,145,155,155,155 UB
    Snatch pull 175,195,195
    Snatch PP skipped
    Midline – completed
    Metcon- 10:19 RX. If I didn’t blow donkey balls on DU I’d be a much cooler excerciser. Good one today. Stay hard Rudy!

  15. BBG
    1) 155, 165, 175, 185 (missed 2nd), 200 (missed first)
    *really feeling the benefits of this in conjunction with the top pull deadlifts. Good stuff, Rudy. And get well!

    2a) 225
    2b) 165, 185, 205

    2) stopped at 40s

    *45# thruster for wall ball


  16. here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery. *raises glass.

    1) 155×4 then 165 (f, UB) i clipped my shin at 165 and left it out front for the second pull

    2a) 185
    2b) 185

    Skill/ Midline
    1a) done
    1b) 66/62/62

    10:15 Rx *messed up and did the first set of T2B after the wall ball, leaving myself with 15 straight power cleans. that slowed me up a bit.

    all in all, i’m still a bit beat from last week.

  17. snatches 145-155

    pulls 205
    push press+OHS 145-155

    conditioning 14:18

    will get this done this evening along with some additional grip work

  18. BBG
    1. 165, 165, 165, 176, 176
    2a. 205, 205, 205
    2b. 205, 216, 216
    12:24 DU sucked today.


  19. BBG
    1) Snatch work @65kg for a weightligting comp this week-end.

    2a) 3X3 Snatch First Pulls + Hang Snatch Pulls – heavy, rest 60 sec.

    Done @80kg

    2b) 3X3 Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS – heavy, rest 60 sec.

    Done @70kg

    1a) 3X20 UB GHD Situps (as fast as possible) – rest 60 sec.
    1b) 3XME “Nose & Toes” Handstand Holds – rest 60 sec.


    For time:
    60 Double-Unders
    3 Power Cleans @70kg
    30 Wall Balls 20/14#
    6 Power Cleans @70kg
    15 T2B
    9 Power Cleans @70kg
    15 T2B
    6 Power Cleans @70kg
    30 Wall Balls 20/14#
    3 Power Cleans @70kg
    60 Double-Unders


  20. Strength
    205 across missed second to last set 3rd snatch

    B) 225

    Midline done



  21. BBG
    1) up to 175. Missed second of 185
    Pulls @225
    Pp and ohs @195-205
    Skill and midline
    Done but ghd subbed strict t2b. Forgot we had t2b in the wod…
    8:40. Wall balls were outside which slowed me down a bit. Or I’m just a pussy

  22. BBG:
    1.) 170, 170(f on 3rd), 170, 170 (f on 3rd), 170 ~ UB
    2a.) 205, 215, 215
    2b.) 195(x1fx2), 195, 195(x2fx1)


    10:59 Rx

  23. light on BBG. Right shoulder is tweaked from Saturday’s 21 snatches @185.

    Conditioning: 7:21 Rx’d. All unbroken except 9 PC – 5,4 and last set of WB 15-15.

  24. Be safe coach, stay healthy!

    Thanks for everything you’ve done all this time and all you continue to do. We’ve got your back.

    All hail Rudytron

  25. bbg: 95/105/115/125/135

    2a) 165
    2b) 135

    did cf outlaw 155# pc, 30 du 12:50
    first set of du unbroken

    get well

  26. Weightlifting
    1) 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
    2a) 135x3x3
    2b) 135x3x3

    Skilly Midline
    1a) check check check
    1b) :40, :47, :45



  27. Weightlifting
    1) 95-105-105-105-105
    2a) 115x3x3
    2b) 65x3x3- i hurt my neck:(

    Skilly Midline
    1a) check check check
    1b) 2:00-2:00-2:00


  28. BBG: 1) 85# done light.. Dealing with a lumbar strain.
    2a) done at 125#
    2b) done at 85#

    1) completed
    1b) 1:29, 1:30, 1:00

    17:10.. Done at 125# for cleans.. Stuck on double unders of course and apparently took my sweet ass time.

  29. BBGym:
    1) 2×135, 140, 145, 150

    2a) 170, 2×175
    2b) 2×175(2), 2×160

    1a) Done
    1b) 3xME ring dip: 16, 14, 12

    *PC’s @165

    -still recovering from a weekend of skiing/boozing

  30. BBG

    1) 205(UB), 225(UB), 225(UB), 225(2+1), 245(1)

    2a) 275
    2b) 225


    1a) Done
    1b) :60, :40, :30


    9:28. There were some good times today.

  31. BBG
    1- 85kg then had 2 goes at 90kg missed on 3rd snatch very close though.

    2a- 110kg for all
    2b- 80,90,90kg

    1a- done
    1b- 39,19,29


    • Missed first set of 6 cleans but in the set of 9 I done 12.. Unsure how this happened?? Lol

  32. BBG
    1) 95/115/135/155 broken/155 UB
    2a) 225
    2b) 135

    Conditioning – 45lb thruster for wall ball

  33. 5×2 hang snatch 1″off ground
    185/185/195/195/205 all ub with no misses

    3×3 snatch 1st pull + snatch pull
    235 all
    3×3 snatch pp+ohs
    205/225/235 (f on ohs)

    Midline/core -later

    conditioning: 8:09

  34. 1) 185 195 205 205 225f one rep.
    Pretty stoked I got 225 for at least one rep.

    2a) 255
    2b) 225

    Midline: done.

    No cond.


  35. BBG

    Pulls 125-146-165
    PP + OHS 135-145-155(missed 3rd OHS)

    GHD Check
    Nose & Toes – 1:13- 1:07- 1:04

    Conditioning- 8:58

  36. Get well, Coach!


    1. Low Hang Snatch w/Pronate grip: 140UB, 145UB, 150UB, 150UB, 160
    2a. 225
    2b. 160


    1a. Done
    1b. 53s, 62s, 76s



  37. snatch- 135,155,175,185,205

    cond- 7:14

    did all singles on power cleans. Broke my second set of wall balls and embarrassing 4 fucking times. Then my last set of dubs just weren’t connecting for whatever reason. Maybe I grew and need a longer rope. Still don’t feel great on my conditioning. Just dreading these workouts and feel destroyed after.

  38. mu progression work- done

    1) 95, 100(f 3rd rep behind), 100, 105(f 3rd rep behind), 105
    2a) 145, 150, 150
    2b) skipped due to shoulder

    1a) done
    1b) skipped- shoulder

    subbed 35# goblet squats for wallball and 24″ box jumps for t2b

  39. BBG
    1) worked up successfully to 205#, missed 2nd snatch @ 215
    2a) 235, 245, 255
    2b) 205, 215, 225


  40. BBG
    2. 155*1/185/205
    2. 135/155/155

    1. Check
    1. 4/5/6

    15 min airdyne in the am and 15 min in the evening

  41. Sorry for the rookie question, but if the wod says snatch or clean is it assumed to be squat snatch/clean or just anyway you can get it up?

  42. I’ve been watching for a few weeks now! And I’ve looked though the outlaw doctrine and FAQ. Decided today was a great day to commit to a new program! So this was my first outlaw workout and it was great!!!! Looking forward to the benefits this program is sure to bring. Thanks for posting this for all to enjoy!!

    1) 95, 125, 135, 155, 165 all sets UB (last max 185)
    2a) 225
    2b) 185

    Midline – complete, HSH around 30-40sec.

    Conditioning – 10:30 RX (Power Cleans done with a FatBar/Axle bar because all the regular bars were in use by unusually large late night class)

  43. Hey, get better soon Rudy

    1) 175-185-185-185-185. total dogshit today. All power.

    2a) 225 for 3×3 pause pulls
    2b) 205-225-225 for 3×3 push press + ohs

    3a) Just 2×20 GHD
    3b) 20, 25 sec. These were odd. not sure how to bail so I didn’t push it

    Cond) 16min. Broken all over. Pleased to actually get a Monday wod in.

  44. 1) 5X3 Low Hang Snatch (1″ off floor) 155, 165, 175, 185, 205 (UB)

    2a) 3X3 Snatch First Pulls + Hang Snatch Pulls @ 215
    2b) 3X3 Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS @ 185

    1a) 3X20 UB GHD Situps (as fast as possible) – done
    1b) 3XME “Nose & Toes” Handstand Holds – 60 sec, 50 sec, 70 sec

    Conditioning – 9:29

  45. mu progression

    1) 75, 85, 90, 95, 100
    2a) 115, 125, 130
    2b) 105, 115, 115

    1a) done
    1b) about 30sec each

    ruined my collarbone fo sho …. 115#
    17:38 miserable minutes gotta work on my heavy PC

  46. bbg
    1 85 90 93 96×2 100kgx2
    2a 110 110 110kg
    2b 205 205 225



  47. Did a bunch of lifting and strength stuff…..


    Beefed it up,
    40 wall balls instead of 30
    5/10/15/10/5 power cleans @185 instead of 3,6,9,6,3

    45 Power cleans vs. 27 was pretty rough


  48. 1) 70, 72.5, 75, 77.5, 80kg (training partners said I definitely have a bit more in the tank (maybe 85kg), but after doing all of Saturdays Snatching yesterday it was hard to get up for it)

    2a) 110kg, these felt good especially above the knee
    2b) 85, 90, 95 Heaviest I have push pressed btn, felt like I have 100kg in me too. Feeling strong(er) Rudy!

    Midline – later

    UB, singles, UB, singles, UB, singles, 10/5, singles, UB, singles, 25/15/8/12

    Hands raw from muscle ups yesterday and opted for quick singles. Definitely should have hit 3’s for the sets of 3’s and 6’s and singles through the 9 to save grip for second set of TTB. Felt pretty good just lost time (compared to others) from hitting quick singles by the look of it.

  49. BBG:
    1) 135-155-165-175-185
    2A) 225-225-225
    2B) 205-215-225

    1A) 1 Minute, 1 Minute, 1:07 Freestanding
    1B) Done

    Conditioning: 7:45
    Felt Solid.

  50. BBG
    1) 50, 60f, 55, 60f, 60f
    2a) 75 kg
    2b) 60 kg

    1a) Done
    1b) About 20 secs each

    14:02 Rx

  51. BB
    1) 165, 165, 165, 165, 175 (really felt I should have been able to do 185+ across but I started w a few miss’s and wanted to keep em clean)
    2a) 275 lighter than last week w really good tech
    2b) 175, 175, 185 (easy but playing it safe)

    1a) easy UB & fast
    1b) 1:01, 1:01, 1:30 (surprisingly easy)

    13:40 (sub WB for 45lb thruster)
    I can tell I have been slackin on the cond, cleans easy but everything else sucked. Broke thrusters twice, couldn’t hold onto bar for t2b. Fell off twice each round. Gonna be smart about the bb/strength and focus on the dam cond for the next month.

    M/F/S 2/2/2

  52. No snatches for me, shoulder is out. 🙁

    Subbed 5×5 UB Power Clean @ 100kg

    2a) 100kg / 110 / 120
    2b) subbed light DB shoulder press for recovery

    3a) GHD’s done
    3b) 35sec / 32 / 35

    Conditioning 9:27 Rx’d

  53. 1) •155,165,165,165 (missed),175#
    2a) •225,245,265#
    1a) done
    1b) •35,25,25 sec
    *took too long because I had to go up and down the stairs twice to do the wall balls. The box I workout of has 2 floors. You can’t drop weights on the 1st floor where the ceiling is high enough for WB’s. so had to go up and down.

  54. BBG
    1) 80-82.5-85-87.5-90kg all UB
    2a) 120kg
    2b) 80kg

    1a) done
    1b) 30-30-25


  55. BBG
    1) 5X3 Low Hang Snatch – 115, 125, 125, 125, 135
    2a) 3X3 Snatch First Pulls + Hang Snatch Pulls – 135, 155, 155
    2b) 3X3 Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS – 95, 105, 115

    1a) 3X20 UB GHD Situps (as fast as possible) – Done
    1b) 3XME “Nose & Toes” Handstand Holds –Done



  56. BBG:
    1) low hang snatch: 75/80/85/90/90
    2a) snatch pulls and hang snatch pull: 115
    2b) snatch push press & OHS: 95/100/105

    1a) Completed GHD
    1b) 53/45/40 seconds

    Conditioning: 14:18 @ 110lbs

  57. BBG
    1) 5X3 Low Hang Snatch (1″ off floor) – 145/145/155/155/165
    2. 2a) 3X3 Snatch First Pulls + Hang Snatch Pulls – 235
    2b) 3X3 Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS – 145/165/185
    1a) 3X20 UB GHD Situps (as fast as possible) – Done
    1b) 3XME “Nose & Toes” Handstand Holds – 52/45/45
    Conditioning: 10:11 RX

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