I guess I didn’t really even know this was possible. Looks like the Powerlifters might stop laughing at us someday (at least our women).

Lauren Brooks – 350# Back Squat:

On Monday the hard dates and more specific info will be up for the Regionals Prep Camps. I’ll give you a quick answer in advance… Yes, we will refund you if you don’t make Regionals.

WOD 130216:

BB Gymnastics

5 attempts to establish a 1RM of the barbell complex:

1 Clean
3 Front Squats
1 Jerk
3 Back Squats
1 Behind the Neck Jerk

Notes: All reps must be completed unbroken. The bar may only rest in the front or back rack position. After completing the first Jerk, the bar should be lowered to the back rack to continue. The bar may be dropped from overhead after the final BtN Jerk. Rest as needed.


3 rounds for time of:

9 Muscle-Ups
7 Snatches (full squat) 185/120#

Notes: If max Snatch is below 215/140# then use 85%.

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  1. I’m looking to purchase a pair of oly shoes and was wondering what folks take on the reebok CF shoe. I like the idea of the versatility but know that designing to be all things can provide a product that’s not good at anything.

  2. 235lb
    Trained at globo and thought I may fail front jerk at 245 after I finished the front squats. Weak sauce, I know

    *made up conditioning from 130205
    (1:00 ME swings at 32kg, 1:30 burpee box jump 34′, 2:00 row, 3 rounds with :30 rest between each movement)
    30 26 25 swings
    18 16 16 bbj
    593 568 571 calories


  3. Barbel complex
    135#,145#, 160#,165#,170#

    17:23 Rx (120#)
    I have elbow(right side) pain from last regionals, so I did MU one at a time. I felt great for snatches!!!

  4. 2/8/2

    235 *i think i could’ve eeked out 245


    Lost track of time. It was somewhere in the 17-19 minute range.
    Muscle ups? no no no, today they were Muscle vaults, I barely had to dip at all. these went very well. 9/4+4+1/5+4
    Squat Snatch LMFAO- my legs were so gassed I could barely snatch 75% properly so I went to 67% @135#

  5. 155-175-185-205-225(f)

    On the bright side, cleaned 225 for the first time in a while. Failed 2nd front squat.

    Cond 14:50 @ 135#

    Did the first 9 MUs unbroken and paid for it, eked out singles the rest of the way.

  6. BBG 225


    Did local box’s conditioning workout

    20 minutes to complete

    25 Wall Balls 20#
    50 Push ups
    25 Wall Balls
    50 sit ups
    25 Wall Balls
    50 lunges (each leg)
    25 Wall Balls

    With remaining time AMRAP of burpees.
    Score is total reps + burpees

    301 (51 burpees)

  7. 185, 195, 215, 220, 225(F), 225(F), 225(F), 225(got it!!!!!!!!!!!) * every failure was on the BTN Jerk. Couldn’t get it in the right position…it just felt odd.

    Conditioning: 16:18 Rx’d

    Also 1RM Squat Clean Thruster (245lbs) and some MIdline.3×10’s GHD sit/GHD Ext (45lbs)

    I really liked the BB COMPLEX

  8. BBC @ 255lbs

    I had to share a set of rings with another guy so we modified it to minimize the wait time on the rings without sacrificing metcon.

    3 RFT:
    6 HSPU
    3 Muscle Ups
    7 Full Snatches @185

  9. BBG
    1. 185, 205, 225, 245, 255 first jerk was ugly but got it up.
    15:24 missed 4 snatches on final round.


  10. 1) 225 245 255f 2nd jerk 255f 1st jerk 247.5 failed 2nd jerk. Only had one 2.5 on.

    Cond: 12:50
    Only one failed snatch and two failed MU.


  11. 255 on complex- maybe could have gotten 265 but i hate dropping shit on my back. First time i tried 255 it slid down my back and almost caught my arm.

    cond- 11:29- not hard metabolically. I just had to recover enough between reps to make sure i would nail the snatches. I was on course to get sub 10 and i tried speeding up the last round and i missed 3 in a row. muscle ups were easy.

  12. 275 on complex. Jumped from 225 to 275 and hit it but took some effort. Jumped to 295 from there just for fun and made it through the three front squats then almost passed. out.


    10:17 Rx’d.

    Paced the first round too much. Found my rhythm on the second and third with the snatches.

  13. BBG:

    225 (my target 1RM); left shoulder is coming around.


    Only did the Snatch portion…21 Mid-Hang Squat Snatch @ 185 that wasn’t timed. Monumental, for me! Pretty happy to get all 21 reps in, along with some good misses (nailed the first seven reps, though). Great confidence booster! Thanks, Rudy!! 😉

  14. First time posting been following the site for about 3 months now:

    I’m 20 years old, 5’9″ and weigh 165 lbs.


    250# (hit the 1st jerk on 255 but the bar slid down when racking to the back)


    Didn’t do, left elbow swollen like a tennis ball.

  15. 1) 135, 145, 155, 160

    Rx muscle ups
    @135 (85%) first round and had to drop to 115 for rounds 2 & 3

  16. 1) 225-245-265-275(Failed, but barely)-280(F again, barely)

    This reminded me of losing my virginity. Sweaty, awkward, a lot of fumbling around, cursing under my breath and it almost lasted just as long as my first time!


    My snatch max was 215 as of a couple weeks ago. I had about a bakers dozen worth of fails.

    • Interesting….
      Because the conditioning reminded me of my first time too- I didn’t finish.

      1. 105-125-135-145(f)-145(f) (failed on BTN jerk barely, which ticked me off since the 135 was crazy easy in comparison)

      Conditioning: DNF… I think my shoulder died.

  17. BB complex:

    3 Rds:
    5 bar MU
    5 squat snatch 135#
    5 minutes

    My back was toast from the deads on Friday

  18. bb complex 195

    conditioning-didnt bother timing, just wanted to be able to finish it
    snatch at 150. dont even want to talk about the muscle ups. they sucked

  19. Barbell complex:
    83, 103, 123, 143, 153 (failed clean)

    Sub bar MU, and 113 snatch.

    Finished 2 rounds in about 13 minutes, and hands were too shot to finish.

  20. Complex – 90kg / 100 / 105 / 110 / 115


    Conditioning (shoulder was still feeling shitty in OH position, scaled down to 80kg and realized after finishing that I probably shouldn’t have started….) Also had 30m in between the rings and bar.


  21. 1) 60, 80, 90, 100, 110kg. Probably should of hit a set @ 115kg to round things out.
    2) 18.54
    Missed 8 Snatches with 6 being in round 1, around 4 minutes lost there at the rate I was lifting them.
    All MU UB, hahahaha fuck yeah – gotta take your positives out of things. Oh also I finished as written, would’ve laughed at you a year ago if someone asked me to do that.

    • Also this was fun as shit, both pieces. Had a smile on my face mid-movement a few times quietly enjoying the challenge.

  22. 1) 215, 225f (lost it lowering it to behind neck, was afraid of that), 245 decided to clean 5 fronts and jerk and shut it down. Didn’t want to chance it.

    Cond: took my time, gym was packed.
    My PR is a 225 snatch, considering the first time I snatched a BB was 9/28/12 (yes less than 5 months ago) I knew this would be difficult w/o a ton of miss’s. had some miss’s (out front) but overall happy w it. It really reinforced how tech these are and in a circuit you REALLY need to focus.

    MFS 3/3/3

  23. BB Gymnastics
    5 attempts to establish a 1RM of the barbell complex:165/185/195/215/235
    21:07 Not RX
    MU: 5+4/3+3+3/3+1+1+2+1+1
    First 2 reps at 185lb, then dropped to 165lb

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