Apparently Elisabeth wrote the greatest blog of all-time, read: I’m not trying to be that diesel. It’s about girls doing awesome stuff, so girls like it (and admittedly so did I). They like it so much that the staff at WordPress chose it to be featured in their “freshly pressed” section. This means a bazillion people who wouldn’t know a thruster from a ball point pen will be introduced to EA’s writing.

Drew Anderson – 315# X 2 Cleans + 1 Jerk from blocks (yes, it was supposed to be a push jerk):

WOD 130214:

Rest day.

12 thoughts on “130214

  1. Ok …. I’ve been seeing this CF reebok shit all day. Call me a dumbass but WTF is going on here? In regular talk. Not fancy sarcastic hyperbole please.

  2. Looking to transfer my spot for the Atlanta, GA camp April 19-21, sadly a work commitment has taken priority that weekend. Cost is 299.00, if interested please let me know, thanks! FABlaylock@gmail.com

  3. I’m not overly sold on the idea of “specialized” Crossfit gear. The shoes I use to run in will not be the shoes I do Oly lifting in … ever. Especially when it’s as overpriced as it is.

  4. something strange is defit up…hq stopped with the demo wods and someone who calls themselves coach offered for lack of a better word “dooshy” response in the comments who goes by “coach”…

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