Great first night with the boys and girls at King CrossFit. The only problem is that we’re in Seattle, and I only had one cup of coffee today. Can someone rectify this situation? (That was a shameless plug for someone to bring coffee in the morning. Please…)

Roselle Fryberg – 160# Snatch:

WOD 130209:

BB Gymnastics

1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


EMOM for 7 minutes:

2 Pause Front Squats @ 75%

Notes: 3 count pause in the hole, then bounce and explode up.



Row 1k
50 Thrusters @ 45#
30 Pull-ups

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  1. Does anyone have or know anyone who is selling camp ticket(s) for April 3-5 murfreesboro tn?!

  2. Aww no nerdgasim today. Thoroughly looking forward to part 2 of loading re weightlifting for competitive exercisers!

  3. 1) 80 kg Snatch (PR is 85), 5 attempts failed @85kg
    2) 105 kg CJ, 110 kg attempt failed on jerk
    Strength done based off 135 kg FS (@100kg)
    Cond. 7:57 (PR was 7:49 in october, fuck!)

  4. Snatch PB of 110kg
    Up to 80kg
    Coached a class
    Snatch off a deficit with a pause at the floor
    Up to 80kg
    Up to 95kg
    Missed 100 from floor and hang

    Clean and jerk. Felt like shit. PB of 137.5kg
    Up to 120kg



  5. BBG

    1) 70kg, (PR is 75kg)
    2) 90kg, (PR is 100kg)


    88kg – 85kg – 85kg – 85kg – 85kg – 85kg – 88kg


    Did it with bike (2k) : 7:53

    Bad lifting day, felt like a shit.

  6. Snatch: 180lb (5lb pr)

    C&J: 225 (15 off PR)

    Front Squat: 215

    Conditioning: 7:54 (display screen turned off right when timer started, so pissed, wasted pulls)

  7. BBG
    1) 215 (+5lb PR)
    2) 255 (-15 PR)

    Off 320


    Felt prepared today. Used the the foam roller, trigger point kit and took cold/hot showers the past two days. Been thinking about recovery much more after reading Spencer’s article.

  8. BBG
    1)185#(15# PR)
    2)250#(15# PR)
    I’ve been following this sight since Jan. 1 and had no experience with OL prior. Love the workouts

  9. 225 snatch
    265 clean and jerk- I’ve been stuck at these numbers since summer. FML

    jackie- 5:53

    Row was slow about 3:35-3:40 i think and thrusters were very boring and harder than i thought. pull-ups were a piece of cake though. Didn’t feel too bad at all. all unbroken of course.

  10. 255 snatch
    285 clean…fuck cleans- my technique ran away and I cannot find it!

    FS at 240

    Jackie – 7:00 My legs were tired and stiff from the front squats and I suck at pullups.

  11. 1) 170
    2) 220

    FS @ 190

    Jackie 8:09

    It might have been 7:09, I started with a running clock and may have miscounted. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  12. First full week following the programming.
    Snatch-160 (5# pr) got under 165 twice but missed it
    C&J- 235 (10# pr)

    No time for the rest today

  13. Bbg-
    1) 205
    2) 260

    FS done @ 225#

    6:27 rx’d
    Row at 3:24, broke too many times on pull ups.

  14. Bbg-
    1) 185 pr
    2) 220 FML

    FS done @ 225#

    6:24 rx’d
    gotta get better at the row, only stopped once on thrusters, unbroken pull ups…had to chase my boy Kyle!

  15. BBG
    1) 205
    2) 255


    Jackie – 7:14
    Row – 3:16, couldn’t seem to move legs afterwards. pullups easy.

  16. BBG:
    1) 209lbs (14lb PR)
    2) Failed 245lbs.. (PR is 250lbs)

    220lbs, 231lbs, 231lbs, 236lbs, 236lbs, 241lbs, 246lbs

    Jackie: 6:33 Rx (20 sec PR)

  17. Hello all, I just started with this a couple of days ago, lurking for a year or so.
    2 things.
    You all seem über strong, really strong.
    Iam 43, 150kg dl, Strict press 77kg, bench 107kg, lbbs 120kg, I weigh 90kg, oh snatch 55kg, am I realy shit?, or what.
    Secondly, how do I get my snatch up, just keep drilling it at lightweight or keep pushing the maxes, no box or coaches here for many an hour.
    The guy fron oly lifts talking about crossfit being feeder system, hands down funniest thing I’ve seen in ages, and also very eloquent speeker.

    • My snatch has gone from 165 to 215 in 3 months. Follow the program, focus on technique and become a student of the movements. Rudy tells you how heavy to go based percentages of your 1RM.

  18. 1) 235# missed 245# twice, I suck at snatches
    2) 320# missed 330# on the jerk twice

    FS at 275#

    Jackie: 5:53

  19. Snatch
    185# (25# off of PR. Snatch was completely off. Was not feeling it)
    255# PR
    7:22 (did butterflies C2B pull ups instead)

  20. 1) 245 lbs (5 lb PR)
    2) 315 lbs (10 lb PR)

    Strength – Done off 360

    Jackie – 5:55

    Love BBG PRs. Good day!

  21. BBGym:
    1) 160
    2) 200

    1) Off of 255

    *subbed 100c AirDyne


  22. Weightlifting
    120, 130, 140, 150, 160(f), 170(f), 155, 165, 170(f)
    Clean & Jerk
    135, 145, 160, 175, 190, 205, 220, 235(PR), 250(PR clean, fail jerk), 250(fail jerk)

    1) Off 290

    Boxing Drills, no erg

  23. BBG:

    1) Hang Power Snatch @ 200 (15# PR), since 1/2/2013
    2) Hang Power Clean w/o Jerk @ 235 (10# PR), since 1/2/2013




    8:54 (First time)

  24. Dont want to sound like a pussy but my hands hurt after the deadlifts the other day. Im used to this but its bad enough that it hard to even grip the bar. Is anyone using lifting straps to help with this issue?

  25. Snatch 50kg
    C&j 80kg, cleaned 90, missed it on jerk
    82.5kg on p front squats
    Jackie, 10.47, 2k bike no rower
    Was doing 531, for about a year, this is 1st week, started on 2nd feb, my upper back and traps think they’ve been run over!.
    But all good so far

  26. 1. 120
    2. 165 (+10 PR)

    Front Squat: 160 (based off 210)

    Conditioning: 11:00 Rx …disappointed

  27. snatch 175 PR
    clean+jerk 205 (felt sloppy, need more practice on my jerks cuz i know that can be way higher)

    front squat(315) 7×2/240

    jackie 8:23
    was flying til i got to pullups

  28. So workout went splendid today, I got to use my new Oly shoes today.

    I have tried to use other workouts from other sites, but Outlaw just calls my name right back and I cant resist it. No other site makes me lethargic after a workout quite like Outlaw. Anyways heres my whack ass progress:

    5’10” 150#
    Snatch: 85#
    C&J: 115#

    Squats: 135#

    Jackie: I just did it as Rx’d but didnt time it.

  29. Weightlifting
    185, 205, 215, 225f (current pr), 225f, 230f caught 225 and 230 but couldn’t stand up.

    Cleans (quit jerking at globo)
    265, 275 (280 is PR), 285f received it really good but couldn’t stand it up (didn’t want to bounce it)

    Does anyone else have this prob day after deadlifting? Can’t seem to stand up heavy weight in either snatch or clean…

    1) Done Off 315

    Skipped, gonna ride the fat bike in our fresh powder 🙂

    MFS 3/5/5 except my rt calf, considering I couldn’t flex it after DU’s yest I was glad I could do anything today. I got it loosened up and it was functional today but I would say 7-8 on the soreness/fatigue. Thank god for voodoo floss !

  30. Snatch 107.5kg (3.5kg under PR)
    CJ 125kg (tied PR)

    Front Squats @ 105kg

    Rower was in use so I did slightly modified version of mainsite wod from a few days ago.

    20 Power Cleans @ 90kg
    30 Box Jumps @ 30″
    40 KBS @ 1.5 pood
    50 Wallballs


  31. BBG

    1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.
    95, 115,135,145(miss), 145 (miss), 150, 155 (miss), 155


    EMOM for 7 minutes:
    2 Pause Front Squats @ 75%


    Row 1k – sub double-unders for 4min
    50 Thrusters @ 45#
    30 Pull-ups


  32. **Dug out from 2 ft of snow on Saturday, all gyms closed. pushed the wkt to Sun

    Snatch – 195 (5 lbs off PR) got under 205 a few times but left it forward.
    C&J – 270 (PR)

    FS @ 250

    skipped Jackie. got enough work shoveling on Saturday

  33. BB Gymnastics
    1) 1RM Snatch: 95/125/140/155/165/175/180/190/200F/200
    2) 1RM Clean & Jerk: 175/195/215/230


    2 Pause Front Squats: 250


    “Jackie”: 7:31RX

  34. BBG
    1) 105kg
    2) 120kg Could not jerk anymore that that today!


    Jackie- 6:19

  35. BBG:
    Snatch: worked on technique
    C&J: skipped

    Strength: 135lb

    Conditioning: “Jackie”
    11:30 Rx
    Too much time on pull-ups.

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