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  1. Damnit Rudy. Would you just give me my fucking nerdgasim on weightlifting that you’ve been promising me since Saturday?!!

  2. If it said games version i would assume power, Just wanted some clarification. thanks!

  3. 1:59
    *really surprised myself today. think i left time on the table by breaking to singles too soon when I really didn’t have to.

    **tasted blood after completion. i wasn’t bleeding. anybody know what that’s about?

    • sometimes i have a strange coppery taste in my mouth when i train as well. i find it happens more often if i haven’t eaten enough carbs through the day. could be totally a bogus explanation but thats my only guess

  4. 3:27 as rx…. :30 slower than PR….

    Stronger than I have ever been but I have zero wind.

    Zach is a strong SOB

  5. 2:10Rx…. Felt great all the way through think I couldve gone a bit faster through the middle and more explosive. Tons better than last year at this time.

  6. Pretty amazing week! After coming off of a layoff for 6 weeks I started back training and cutting the junk food Jan 7th. Strict Paleo has been awesome! Special thanks to my wife for the food 🙂

    I am no competitive exerciser. I workout for myself at home with no coaching

    If I don’t work them my HSPUs, pull-ups, muscle-ups and especially my running plummets.

    That being said, I had a couple of good PRs this week. Diane was cut almost in half from 26 min and change to 13:29 and Isabel was cut 2 1/2 min to 4:00! I’m pretty happy!

    The squats and 400s were ugly at best. It will take some time to get back some speed.

    I think, with some coaching I could actually be good at Olympic Weightlifting…

    Thanks Outlaw!


  7. 8:26 at 85#
    -ugh…can you tell that this is a weakness of mine? Can’t wait for the day that I can do this rx’d!

  8. 2:06
    Did 15, 5, 5, 3, & 2. Rests were too long and should have done all 5 on the final set… Will be under 2 min next time!

  9. I used this as an opportunity to retest 12.2. I got 70 reps last year and that wod kept me from going to regionals. Well i got 83 reps today which would have been a top 20 finish in my region last year. FUCK YEAH!

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