This will be my last post from the future. Don’t worry, you’ll be here in 11 hours…it’s glorious.

Brandon Swan, with his 3rd PR in 18 days – 120kg Snatch:

WOD 130119:

BB Gymnastics

1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


Front Squats: 1X5 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 2X3 @ 90%, 3X1 @ 95% – rest 60-90 sec.



20 minute AMRAP of:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

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  1. I have a golden ticket to the Outlaw Olympic lifting camp in Texas for next weekend.
    I just lost my night job and am pushing all the chips in to start my own box opening March 1, 2013.
    I would like to sell my slot to the upcoming camp.
    How do we proceed mgmt?

  2. Just want to say how stoked I am that my 95% of front squat is 170 lbs now (the weight from the outlaw open) and I can stand it up every time. . nothing like not being able to lift something to motivate you. Thanks Rudy.

  3. 2/5/6 (upper back feels horrible)
    no PR’s today. 🙁

    1) 185 easy, failed forward at 195 a couple times.
    2) 255 10 short of PR

    front squat off 335… no misses

    “Cindy” (14 reps off PR)
    30+ 1 pullup

    * i cannot believe i put up 30 rds after all that BBG and STR work.

  4. Snatch 225 went 245?’issed miserably a few times I have decided I hate snatching today. Or I just hate having the same pr for what seems like forever..
    C&j 275 went for 315 and tweaked my knee by landing in my toes… Awesome.
    Didnt front squat.
    And I have been afraid of Cindy for two years avoiding it at all cost got a awesome rip and had the great score of 24+10 not very happy with that… cardio wise never felt stressed my push-ups were not failing I don’t know why I got so few rounds…. I could have possibly not marked a round idk but I thought I would get more.. Hope it’s not in the open. But the thing I got out of this is we have not gone into that 20 min domain for a while I was wondering how I would fair I feel like I wasn’t falling off my pace or getting tired not to blown up from this at all…

  5. bbg
    1) 130 (5# off pr)
    2) 170 (pr tie)

    strength- based off 190
    150, 160, 170, 180

    no cond

  6. I need help figure somethig out. My HBBS is 290, FS 265, Snatch 205 and C&J 235. Wich is FS is 91% of 1rm HBBS, Snatch is 70% of HBBS and Clean is 81% of HBBS. My question is: Should it be like that? or Should my Back squat be higher than that? Lately I cant PR my clean because I’m unable to stand up with it. If so should I be focusing on getting stronger in my Back and Front Squat and do little less heavy BB gymnastics? After doing my BB gymnastics I struggle with Strength for Back squat and Front Squat (I fail 90 and 95%). Or maybe its normal?

    • According to USAW more specifically coach David Miller during my level 1 coach cert =
      If athletes technique is perfect the following numbers apply:
      Snatch = 80% Clean & Jerk
      Clean and Jerk = 80% Squat
      Power Snatch = 80% Snatch
      Power Clean = 80% Clean & Jerk
      Front Squat = 90% Squat
      Squat = 125-135% Clean & Jerk

      First thing to keep in mind is “if athletes technique is perfect” second thing if you’re having trouble standing up either a.)squat first as you stated to build up the strength before exhaustion or b.)add in some additional squats
      I was having the same problem and still do in that my front squat now matches my clean & jerk. As such I have added front squats before the dynamic deadlifts on Friday. Thus far it hasn’t been overwhelming as I keep the scheme to 80% 4×3 w/90s rest. But I know I will have to move that up eventually.

      A good article about increasing the FS from Poliqun

  7. FS – based off # 270. Furk that was heavy.

    24 rounds plus 13
    Pull-ups – easy
    Push-ups- felt great till last couple rounds paused at 7
    Squats- slowed the train way down.

  8. Huge day for me with 3 PR’s, very excited

    1.) 170, 180, 190f, 215*PR, 220*PR
    2.) 220, 240, 260*PR, 265f

    210×5, 220×3, 235x3x3, 250x1x1x

    22 + 3 Pull Ups

  9. BBGym:
    1) 90%
    2) 90%

    1) Based off 245
    -Wen’t for a PR after singles, hit 250(10lb PR) definitely have more but left it at that.

    10min of “Cindy” *Strict ring pull-ups
    10rnds+5 ring pull-ups


  10. BBG
    1) 210 (5 lb PR! and first time I’ve gotten over 195 since my 205 PR on Dec. 29)

    2) stopped at 245, snatch took a lot out of me and I worked out at 24 our fitness where I couldn’t risk dropping a failed rep.

    Off 315, no misses and felt good so I went for 320 and got it, which was actually a 15lb PR because I’ve been basing my front squat percentages off more than my true max (305)


  11. 1) 235. Yay tied my PR. Snatches have been coming along the past week or so. Switched up my second pull a little.

    2) 280 (5 under PR) failed 290 clean about 5 times. Just couldn’t stand up. Hit sticky point.

    Did other cond.


  12. Snatch only 165 which is the most in a month since the shoulder injury.

    C&J 255 then stuck 260 but decided to bring my back foot center first and lost it forward…dumb!

    FS @ 300

    Cindy 27 + 19 did hand release push ups because I know after 10 rounds I start to cheat them.

  13. snatch and clean and jerk up to 90% . couldnt pass old prs

    Front squat based on 265

    cindy. 24 rounds

  14. Finally getting around to this today.

    1. 185. Missed a 10# PR at 195 3 times, couldn’t lock it out
    2. 235, matching my PR again.

    Done off 265

    Did 10 minutes of Cindy
    11 Rounds + 15 Reps

  15. Made this up today. First workout since Thursday night.

    Snatch – 265 (275 PR)
    C & J – 315 (325 PR)

    Front Squats

    Tried a 1 x 3, 1 x 2 , 1 x1 (x 4) wave pattern to work up each of the 4 waves. Pretty damn hard and failed on the last wave. The percentages were similar to the day for Outlaw.


    10 minutes of Cindy

    11 + 3 Pull Ups

  16. BBG:

    Snatch – 185, 200, 215PR, missed 225 twice by a couple inches. Got under the bar both times, but was unable to keep the bar overhead. I got it, next time, though! 😉
    C&J – 225, 240, 260 Clean PR/missed jerk.


    Front Squat – 295, (just realized I skipped 85% – 310), 330, 345. I haven’t trained Front Squats, since 12/19/2012…needed these shitz!!!


    100 Burpees
    150 Double Unders

  17. Had to work, so just did the front squats Sunday…
    – 245lbs
    – 260lbs
    – 275lbs
    – 295lbs, 300lbs, 305lbs

  18. Snatch:195#…205 was overhead then on my head then on the floor.
    C&J: 225# …didn’t really have any motivation…

    FS: worked up to 225 and cleaned every rep

    Cindy: 22 rds

  19. NO BBG or FS yet, hopefully later.

    23 rds w/ Hand release standard. (not that I would get any more with any other standard, it’s just legit this way)

    Need to move faster on squats and still need more stamina in chest and tri’s for push-ups beyond the first 6-8 rounds which were all fast.

  20. snatch- 95kg went for 100 just missed so thought I’d try 105 and had no hope today after a1rm deadlit yesterday. Felt SLOW

    clean and jerk- 120kg same as above was slow. Cleaned 130 easy but was slow on the jerk

    based of 155kg (failed on first set of 3 a 90% on 3rd rep and first single at 95%. Once again felt slow and weak from deadlifts)


  21. BBG: skipped-arm still bothering me.


    Added1 rope climb to end of each round
    10 rounds plus 3 pull ups

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