Lacey Van Der Marel – 170# Snatch from block:

Paul Castaneda – 100kg (220#) Power Snatch:

I thought I’d take tonight to post 2 videos that I often refer to during our camps.

The first is Marcin Dolega’s 202.5kg Snatch. This video has both bar path analysis and a 30% speed version. Yes, jumping back is FAR better than jumping forward.

The second is the Kendrick Farris infamous “mechanical advantage” jerk miss @ 205kg. As I’ve said before, he literally stops in the dip, and still almost breaks the American Record.

WOD 130117:

Rest day.

5 thoughts on “130117

  1. Can anyone speak to the safety,or lack there of, of Kendrick’s abrupt jerk (first pull) at the start of the lift? It was my belief that the elbows should be locked and loaded (tri lat tuck).

    • He’s the top male lifter in the states….so he seems to have found a dynamic start that works for him.
      No, you would not want to teach it to beginners.

  2. BBG
    1. 175
    1a. 205
    1b. 235
    1c. 140 didn’t have any strength today
    Running 1:49, 1:50, 1:48, 1:48


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