Here’s the big camp/season announcement…

We will be running Regionals Prep Camps beginning once the Regionals workouts are announced. This will replace last years Regional strategy page, and will give us the opportunity to get eyes on athletes. The goal with these prep camps is to make sure athletes are prepared for any movement, standard, and with the strategy to be successful at the 2013 Regional events.

The registration links will be up on Monday, January 14th. These camps will not have listed dates, and all camps will be at Outlaw CrossFit. The dates will be assigned according to the Regional schedule, and more details on this will be announced after the Regionals are announced. We will ONLY be taking 15 participants per camp. The camps will be 2 days, and they will scheduled at least one week away from the athlete’s Regional weekend.

If you have questions, please email Info@TheOutlawWay.com. Registration links will be live on Monday.

17% of the 2012 Games top 15 men, answering questions at our afternoon Q&A.


WOD 130112:

BB Gymnastics

1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


Front Squats: 1X5 @ 75%, 2X3 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 2X3 @ 90% – rest 60-90 sec.


There are 2 versions of today’s WOD. The first is a partner version, if you have a partner to perform the workout with please do so. The second is an individual version.

Partner Version:

3 rounds for time of:

40 HSPU (2012 Regional standard)
30 Partner Burpees
200m Buddy Carry

Notes: HSPU may apportioned in any way, I.E. they do not have to be done in equal numbers amongst teammates. Partner Burpees should be performed like Lateral Burpees. Each teammate should do 2 at a time. One rep would consist of a Burpee, then a lateral jump over the teammate (lying face down on the ground). The 2nd rep would be the same, but jumping back in the opposite direction. Teams must alternate Burpees every 2 reps. The 200m Buddy Carry should be performed with one teammate carrying the other for 100m, then switching for the final 100m (Fireman’s carry style).

Individual Version:

3 rounds for time of:

25 HSPU (2012 Regional standard)
20 Lateral Burpees (over BB)
100m Barbell Carry 185/135# (back rack)

40 thoughts on “130112

  1. Snatch: 95kg
    C&J 125kg

    FS: 112.5, 120, 127.5, 135kg (missed final rep)

    Really hitting my weakness on those HSPU

  2. Taylor and Christy (SOCO)

    Snatch 190
    C&J 245

    FS 205,220,235,255

    Snatch 125
    C&J 175

    FS 140, 150, 160, 170

    Partner WOD
    18:43 RX’d

  3. BBG

    1) 215 Just didn’t have the speed today. -35#

    2) 325 40# PR. Words are not able to describe.

    Front Squats
    Off 350

    Did Crossfit Tucker and will do Crossfit Identity WOD

  4. BBG
    1) Hit 235, missed 250×4
    2) No jerks- up to 305
    1) 265, 280, 300, 315 – missed last rep, tried it again and missed it again
    Cond- Total time of 29:22, HSPU about 18 minutes of that

  5. BB Gymnastics

    1) Hi-Hang Snatch – 235, 240 missed twice

    2) 275, 285(fail)


    1) Off 315 – 90 sec rest


    Individual Version:

  6. 1) snatch 165 PR
    2) c&j 205. power clean and j is 235 but still got to work on my squat clean

    FS based on 265

    Cond. Partner Version 25:20

  7. bbg:
    1) 140 (90%)
    2) 185 (100%)


    20 hspu
    15 burpees
    165 lb bb carry

    2 rds (unable to do more hspu

  8. BBG:
    1.) 190, 200ff, 205f (PR is 210)
    2.) 205, 225, 240, 250f (PR is 257)

    195×5, 205x3x3, 220x3x3, 235x3x3

    Partnered up with Wifey
    26:10 as Rx for me

  9. Snatch: 175 (5lb pr)
    Clean/Jerk: 240 (10lb pr)

    Front squat off 280: 210, 225, 240, 250

    Partner WOD: 23:07 rx, was my partners first time doing hspu in a WOD. Most he got was 6 unbroken then 4 once..and mostly 2s after that..long day for me..he was also 20lbs heavier than me haha damn fireman carry!

    Great day! Thanks coach

  10. BBG
    1) 195, 200ffff (shoulder stability)
    95% of PR

    2) 265, 275f
    98% of PR

    Off 315

    HSPU work then

    10min amrap
    6 70lb alternating db snatches
    20 DUs

    Did 12 rounds or so

  11. BBG
    1) 215# (same as PR), JUST barely missed 220# after 4 attempts. Next week!
    2) 265# (10# under PR), shoulders feeling weak today so I stopped there

    Off of 295#, no misses

    19:21 Rx+ (Bar at 205#, thought it was only 24 HSPU, so I’m 3 short) – HSPU and Burpees were a little sluggish, only had 50ft to run with the bar before having to stop and turn around and run back n forth like that. 100m = 330 ft

  12. BBG:

    1. 115# old PR

    2. 150# old PR


    Off 160# no fails


    1st round with a partner, partner got hurt so finished most of the HSPU, did the burpees together and I carried her.
    2nd and 3rd round did the single WOD, but still carried her instead of the barbell.


  13. BBG
    Snatch: 195
    Clean and Jerk: 235

    Based off 285

    15:10 with partner

  14. BBGym:
    Snatch: 155
    C&J: 205 clean only

    Based off 245

    Individual Conditioning:
    *185# yoke
    -yoke walks in 4″ of snow was dicey


  15. Power snatched 130
    Clean & push jerked 150
    Cleaned 180

    Front squat 150-160-170-180(3-2)

    400m run
    15 pull ups
    7 hang power cleans 135

  16. BBG
    1) 138lbs
    2) 173lbs – didn’t attempt any heavier

    Had a little informal Powerlifting meet this afternoon so I skipped front squats.

    22:25 for the individual workout, but did a 160# (RX+ right?) buddy carry instead of a barbell carry.

  17. 2/2/2

    1) 195 *5 off PR (had 205 overhead 3 times, locked out twice and let it go)
    2) 265 (PR) creeping up little by little. this was a very strong lift w/ great form.

    Front Squats
    off 335 – did 1×5 1×3 1×3 1×3 (thought that was better than skipping it altogether, time constraints)

    Did one round, felt the fatigue in my shoulders, could’ve pressed through the whole thing, instead…. i immediately jumped into yesterdays double unders and wallball ( i skipped that conditioning yesterday). Turned out to be a pretty good wod.

    Hopefully my gym will be up and running on Tuesday and I can get back to regularly scheduled programming.

  18. BBG:

    1.) 225 PR by 5#
    2.) 290 PR by 5#

    275-290-310-330-only did 1 set at 330.

    23:14 Rx
    Spent a lot of my time on HSPU’s. Need to work on cranking those out like a ninja…

  19. Snatch- 165 (-15)
    CnJ- 225 (-15)
    FS- based off 256. Did 2×2 at 90% instead of 2×3

    No time for METCON. At powerlifting cert in OH…did 5 min no drop barbell complex from hell with 135# and 100 banded good mornings, some GH raise and pulled straight weight PR for Sumo DL at 365#.

  20. Olympic Lifting
    1) 160 (-10)
    2) 210 (-20)


    Individual – 28:13
    Strict HSPU merk’d me.


  21. snatch 160
    clean and jerk 200(PR)

    front squat based of 320

    individual, switched to a mix of HSPU and HRPU halfway thru second round. completed 45 of 75 HSPU and 30 HRPU

    24ish minutes

  22. Made up deadlifts from Friday. That was all I had time for. Will make up more on Sunday.

  23. Snatch work. 20 mins of feet placement with light weight.

    Body felt fried.

    Worked up to 245# front squat

    15 mins for conditioning
    This workout taught me how to kip.

  24. Made up Saturday and the rest of Friday today (Sunday)


    Front Squat based off 355

    Push Press based off 265 (sub for bench)

    Weighted Pull Up based off 120


    HSPU/Burpee/Barbell Carry

    17:48 Rx’d.

  25. No bbg today. Little time, and Still scared of cleans. :/

    Front squats:
    150 5×1
    160 3×2
    170 3×2
    175 3×2

    Felt really heavy.

    Did individual WOD. Had a partner at the gym, we did the workout at the same time, but he had 60 lbs in me, so thought it best to do separate.

    Also for the 100 yard bb walks, we had to do 7 lengths of the gym, lots of turning.


    HS Pushups were much harder than usual. Still a fun one.

  26. Been doing Outlaw since Regionals 2012 and this is my first post.

    Snatch – 135#
    CJ – 185#

    Had no time for front squats

    Conditioning – Individual, RX 15:56

  27. Double PR day!!

    1) 150 snatch!
    2) 200 clean and jerk!!!!
    Been trying to hit both of these numbers and I was super stoked to get them in the same day!!

    3) off 225

    Emom for 10 mins, non-fatiguing/failure sets
    T2b and then another 10 for hspu’s

  28. Only time for the snatch max and the front squats

    Snatch: 195lbs (10lb PR)
    Front Squats:
    – 235lbs
    – 245lbs
    – 260lbs
    – 275lbs

  29. BBG
    done snatch and clean and jerk % work based of 102.5kg and 130kg

    based of 155kg

    Solo version
    14.37 (HSPU are a huge weakness.. Need to address this)

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