Today, for our WL WOD at camp, we did a little Snatch work. The format was:

2 Snatches EMOM for 5 minutes @ 80%


2 minute AMRAP of Snatches @ 80%

Daniel and Brandon jumped in on the final heat and went head-to-head for international bragging rights. I, of course, couldn’t let them get away with anything less than spectacular, so we decided they’d both use 225#. This worked out to around 88% for Swan, and around 84% for Tyminski. What seemingly should have been a blow out, turned into one of the best battles we’ve ever seen at a camp.

Here’s the first 10 reps, which feature Swan–despite the fact that he’s working at almost 90%–hitting 9 out of 10 reps to Tyminski’s 7 out of 10…

In the 2 minute AMRAP Tyminski makes a huge comeback, largely based on the TRIPLE he hits to open the effort, then the double he hits as the clock has almost run out.

The final score… 13 – 13.

Side note: at last year’s Regionals 225# was Swan’s final Snatch.

As much as it pains me to use this word, this is one of the cutest pics I’ve ever seen…


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WOD 130110:

Rest day.

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