Yet another dream come true—sitting in LAX, waiting to board the 14 hour flight to Australia. I still have no idea how this all happened, and I am still grateful beyond words for every moment of it. Do they have coffee in Oz?

Spencer Arnold – Sweep It Back.

Johnny Medina – 200# Power Snatch:

WOD 130103:

Rest day.

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  1. our coffee is awesome. pity you arent coming to melbourne for a seminar – we have the best coffee – but im making my way to sydney anyway for the one at x-fit active…. shall see you guys soon!

  2. This is an extremely common misconception. A power movement is anything received at or above 90 degrees. CrossFit has jacked this definition up. The goal of a snatch is not to open the hip and yank the bar above your head, the goal is to move under the bar as quickly as possible.

  3. Above parallel is one definition of a power snatch/clean. Glenn Pendlays athletes often break parallel when doing triples, etc in power lifts. It’s all to do with the effort in the lift as where you’re aiming to catch the weight. Who cares if parallel is broken – which it isn’t in this case. Pause Johnny’s lift at the bottom and its clearly getting no repped for a squat in any competition..

  4. More importantly, what the hell is that chick doing in the background!..

    I’m with Travis though.. as much as the definition is above parallel, that’s at about 88 degrees.. lol.

  5. Ok thank you all for the quick responses. I only asked bc in the programming for today i straight yanked the weihht to a standing position. I guess in the future I will aim for anything above parallel/full squat when following the outlaw way programming for a power snatch/clean. Appreciate the info everyone.

  6. Coffee: order a long black, and its strength will still kick your ass. delicious coffee in Australia and New Zealand!

  7. I would say that’s a full squat snatch. But, eh, just an opinion. Just glad to know that’s considered power for next time!

    Today’s PR’s… Power snatch 142, power clean and push jerk 205 (that was my old squat clean and split jerk), Fran 3:52.

    PR’s in the last week… Full snatch 155 (be), HBBS 240, squat clean 210.

    Dec. 17th…split jerk 225.

  8. do we have coffee downunder….. your tastebuds will wonder why you have been abusing them for the last 20 years

  9. You will need some good coffee after that flight. I can’t wait for the course next week.

  10. Wish you were making the crossing over the ditch to NZ – it’s bloody expensive flying over to Aus at this time of year! Also wish I’d sucked it up and made the effort… I’m a loser.

  11. Yes Rudy, we have coffee in Aus, just not sure there its much near Brandon’s box, un, the middle of nowhere..
    looking forward to meeting you tomorrow..

    • Ipswich must have coffee somewhere! I’m sure we can find you a good cup Coach. Though I’m not sure it’s that same stuff that you might be used to in ‘Merica!

  12. Love that Johnny’ snatch is shown too.
    He obviously starts the bar away from his shins in the first pull and sweeps the bar back. Weight in heels through the second pull (lightning fast) actually has him land back a few inches.

  13. So I have a question that will hopefully get at least one real answer. Now that you all (coaches and attendees) have a bunch of training camps under your belt, would you say it is worthwhile for a “beginner” to attend? By beginner, I mean I have been crossfitting for just over a year and have reasonable proficiency in all the movements, but am not as advanced as other people commenting here and certainly am not competitive (have competed in two competitions in the scaled division).

    I am just trying to figure out if it would be a waste of both my time and the coaches’ time for me to go now that everyone has more experience delivering/attending the camps.

  14. Congrats Johnny, nice lift. I would have to agree with the majority though, that’s a squat snatch.

  15. Australia has the best coffee and the best sit down chill joints for a phenomenal optic nerve….get over to Gods Garden on the Northern Beaches . Have fun men.

  16. That is hardly a power snatch. In fact, I would no rep him if it was a comp and called for a 1rm power snatch for going to low. It’s a gorgeous, lightning fast snatch.

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