Gerald Sasser – 143# Weighted Pull-Up (and possible insemination):

Apparently Paul Estrada doesn’t take a challenge lightly. Here he is doing a 3 Position Snatch @ 225# (ho-hum), and a single @ 255#. Not that impressive for Paul, except he did them with his eyes closed, in skate shoes. I don’t know, I kinda thought it was cool.

WOD 121229:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


Front Squats (based off 121201):

1) Every 30 seconds for 2:00 (5 reps) – 1 rep @ 80%
-rest 1 minute
2) Every 30 seconds for 2:00 (5 reps) – 1 rep @ 85%
-rest 1 minute
3) Every 30 seconds for 2:00 (5 reps) – 1 rep @ 90%


Run 800m


3 rounds of:

25 HR Push-Ups
25 Jumping Squats 45#
25 KBS 24/16kg


Run 800m

For time.

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  1. the front squats are gonna be full cleans since i have no squatrack in my backyard, looking forward to this one

  2. BB Gymnastics:

    Snatch: 90 KG – failed two times on 100 KG
    C&J: 100 KG – failed two times on 110 KG (So freaking close twice .. Damn jerk ..)


    FS of 117,5 KG – No misses, felt good.


    18-ish – didn’t bother much with time, just needed do get it done, and tried to keep breaks short.

    MFS: 1/3/3

  3. BBG
    2. 140 (squat clean only)
    Had to modify due to neck
    Conditioning (35# bar/russian swings)

  4. BBG
    1: 115 then did 1 rep every minute with remaining time on that weight.

    2: 165


    Conditions 23:40 at 8k ft and a urine break.

  5. Worked up to 180 snatch in a 32 degree gym with no bar warmers.
    Skipped C&J
    Front squat 215,230,240
    Metcon 16:04 Torched lower back.

  6. BBG:
    Snatch- 195# (10# off PR)
    CJ- 245# (matched PR)

    Based on 275#

    17:42 Rx

  7. BBG:
    Snatch- 195#
    CJ- 215#

    Based on 245#

    3 days 6 hours 25:00 Rx


  8. 2/2/9 left trap just won’t release. I’m either never high bar back squatting ever again, or I’m going to have to work my way up from light weights so that I get used to embracing the suck and it isn’t such a shock when I actually do it.

    Snatch – worked up to about 75% @ 155. sat there for a while just went through the motions hitting a few lifts. Snatch really felt like crap.

    C&J – worked up to 95% @ 245. clean felt great. jerk was eh.

    Strength – based off 335.

    splitting up the conditioning, doing it sometime this afternoon. will post separately.
    thankfully, getting out and and going through the motions, even if it isn’t at 100%, is the one thing that seems to loosen up the trap.

  9. BBG
    1) 225 Squat Snatch, 215 power snatch (5lb PR)
    2) 275, failed the jerk 3 times on 300

    Off 350, no fails


  10. bbg
    1) 315 (10# pr WOOT!) no video.. memory card malfunction.. tried again but missed and ran out of time.
    2) 315.. just exhausted

    went lighter than suggested
    275, 295, 315

    no conditioning

  11. Bbg:
    Felt awful, just worked at 90% at each.

    90kg,100 then 110.

    Its raining like a mofo so switched the running with 400m row. Time: 14.18

  12. Should I try to do it am pm with strength in the morning and conditioning later on. Or are these wods designed to be done in one session

  13. did BBG + strength earlier. just got done with the conditioning.

    pushed 85% RPE

    *upper back discomfort during run (not a big deal, just uncomfortable)
    *modified jumping squats – held a 50# dumbell to my chest (that was awkward)
    *modified KB Swings – used same 50# dumbbell

  14. BBG
    1) C&J – 183 (15# PR)
    2) Snatch – 133

    Front squats (off 245#)

    -Started with a run on treadmill, finished with rowing. This was a lot more of a grinder than I had expected. Especially the jumping squats after thrusters yesterday and push-ups after bench yesterday!

  15. BBG
    1) Missed 250×4 (PR IS 245) Hit a nice “forgot to put a 5 on one side” snatch going for 240
    2) Clean no jerk- 285
    1) Off 350
    Subbed 100 DU’s for each run- 16:16

  16. BBG
    1) Snatch – 123 (new PR, 3 lbs, but still better! Yeah 🙂 )
    2) Snatch – 133 cleaned 143, failed jerk (Soon my snatch is going to pass my Clean… not good.)

    163, 173, 183

    Snowy, cold and slippery outside… but I didn’t fall. Yeah!

  17. 1) snatch-175
    2)c&j-250 pr

    FS based off 300

    Conditioning 17:08 (subbed 60 DU for runs0
    First week back to training after 6 week break. Decided to jump right into Outlaw. Extremely Sore.

  18. BBGym:
    1) skipped
    2) Cleaned up to 90%
    -wrist still jacked up

    195, 210, 220



  19. Conditioning this evening

    Also knocked this out this morning.

    50 DU
    10 OHS 155/105
    10 Burpee MU
    10 Walking lunges 155/105 BB in Front Rack
    20 T2B
    20 HSPU
    20 BXJ 30/24
    30 V-Up
    30 Pistols alt legs
    30 Lat bar hops
    50 Du
    Repeat in reverse order!

  20. Anyone else just feel like garbage?

    1) Whatever, hit 170lbs but I’ll stick with my 185lbs from Wednesday. Still isn’t a new PR.
    2) 225lbs. Previous PR is 235lbs. Tried 240lbs twice but couldn’t stick it and just moved on.

    1) 250lbs
    2) 270lbs
    3) 275lbs

    – 18:00 on the dot. Rx.

  21. Snatch – 75kg. Failed twice at 77 which would have tied my weak ass PR. Got under and let ’em go. My meager goal is an 85kg snatch by summer.
    C&J – 100kg, 12 kg off PR. Shoulders are smoked from yesterdays thrusters and pull ups, yowza.
    FSQ – 88/94/99kg

    All performed at Gowanus Canal level.

    Skipped conditioning. Going for tacos.

  22. BBG:

    1) 220 (5# PR)
    2) 275 (tie PR)

    off 300

    Con: 17:55rx

    This was the closest I got to hitting 225#. Feedback is appreciated.

    • if you pause the video where the bar is at the top of your knees, I think you’ll see that your shoulders are not over the bar enough. Your knees should be a little less bent. If you refer back a few posts there is one where spencer arnold references this point

    • i am no expert. but there is a link about ‘sweep it back’ by spencer arnold. watch that, it could help. i would say your hips are to low in the start which makes your shoulders come behind the bar. but watch the link it was posted 2nd jan 13. still better than my lifting though. I have failed 105kg 9 times in the last 3 weeks.

  23. BBG
    205 lbs= Tied my PR
    265 lbs= Tied my PR

    off 300

    Ran out of time. will do in the morning

  24. BBG
    1. For the last 20 weeks I have been in a rough battle with 110kg. Ever since the post showing Spencer’s diagram regarding the 1st pull in keeping the shoulders over the bar, my snatch has dramatically changed. Today was the biggest benefit of that. New max: 115kg! (7.5kg pr)…hopefully with more practice of engaging the hamstrings and working on pull this will level out where it should be.

    2. Clean and Jerk – 135kg…5kg off max, still elated with Snatch….no big deal.

    1. Done off 170kg max.

    No time to condition.

  25. First post. Kicked my butt. Can’t wait until Monday.


    215 (-10 PR)
    285 (-25 PR)

    worked off 355 – missed last two reps at 90%

    Conditioning – kicked my fat butt

  26. BBG
    1.Snatch 170# (15# PR)
    2.Clean&Jerk 215# (10# PR)




  27. 1) 143, so close to 148!
    2) 193, failed jerk on 198 (ill get that bitch next time!!)
    3) 183, 193, 203
    22:06, subbed one run for a row

  28. BB Gymn..
    1RM Snatch – 110kg (PR) Fuck yeah! Stoked.
    1RM Clean & Jerk – 125kg (2kg off PR)

    Front Squats – Done off 136kg

    For time..
    Run 800m
    3 rounds of:
    25 HR Push-Ups
    25 Jumping Squats 20kg BB
    25 KBS (24kg)
    Run 800m

    HR Push-Ups and Jumping Squats can suck it! I needed that.

  29. Snatch: 95kg
    C&J: 125kg
    Both 5kg off PR.

    1. 120kg
    2. 127.5 kg
    3. 135kg – failed to complete last two reps

    15:31 – loved it. Strategy worked out well.

  30. SN: 87kg (-4kg)
    CJ: 107kg (-4kg)


    DNF @ 20min. Was 200m into the run.

  31. snatch- 225 easy. 235 wouldn’t happen though FML

    clean and jerk- 275 really easy then cleaned 290 missed jerk and failed the clean 3x after. FML

    FS-based off 315 no misses

    COND- 14:58
    both runs in about 3 mins. HR pushups were tough for me. I feel like I fatigue on those extremely easily.

  32. BBG : snatch up to 190
    C&j up to 245. Cleaned 265 no jerk
    Front squats off 315. Man I love squatting
    Cond 14:52. Loved that wod

  33. Saturday


    Snatch – 245 then missed 265 5 times then dropped and hit 245 three times. Pretty much all over the place today snatching. (275 PR)

    Clean and Jerk – easy 295 then got under 315 4 times and could not stand up. (317 PR)

    Front Squats done off 355

    No time for conditioning.


    Jumped in with class today as I wanted to squat a bit more and get some condiitioning

    High Bar to a max – 385


    5 Rounds:
    5 Back Squats @ 80%
    10 GHD Sit Ups

    Done at 315 – 10:55.

  34. BBG
    1. 215 felt the best I have had for some time.
    2. 265 felt good too.
    Based off 315
    20:14 runs were way slow.

  35. Right now I do two days Wendler’s 5/3/1 2days +9min AMRAPS (Trying to focus on Strength)
    On day 3 I do Outlaw.

    This kicked my ass
    150lbs Max Power Snatch
    187lbs Max Power Clean and Jerk

    Front squats @
    Didn’t miss any reps.

    Conditioning took 22 mins.

    Got a for Commonwealth Games Oly lifter moving to my town. Hopefully she can fix my crap lifts.

  36. 29/m/5’11″/185
    1) 205(missed a bunch at 220 PR attempt)
    2) 250(missed 280 PR twice on jerk)



  37. 1) 175 (done next day as gym had a tennis tournament and they made me stop)
    2) 240 ”
    S Based off 250#
    C: 16ish
    Push Ups need much improvement, 50# Sandbag

  38. bbg
    1/ 97.5kg
    2/ 122.5kg
    wasn’t feeling it. but practiced ‘sweeping it back’ like spencer said and the bar seems to travel up straighter and hamstrings were more tired than usual after. keep practicing.

    off 145kg
    3/5 at 90% wasn’t feeling strong today. nightshift last night and thrusters from yesterday maybe the culprit.

    mate it is too bloody hot, it is a heat wave in australia. rudy will know i am not lying. i am going to the pub for a couple of schooners and watch the cricket. he may also now know what i am talking about.

  39. 195 on snatch
    225 on C and J. I could clean worth a poo. I was pissed!

    No Front Squats

    Clock stopped….conditioning was done

  40. BB Gymnastics

    Resting a shoulder injury


    Front Squats (based off 121201):

    Based on 330, 265/280/300


    17:48, subbed 800m run with 800m Row

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