Forest Rollins has added a new degree of difficulty to the 250# Snatch club. How about eyes closed, wearing Chucks? Beat that Paul Estrada and Zack Brodis.

Side note: 250# is the new…what…185#?

Forest Rollins – 250# Snatch @ 177#:

WOD 121228:


1) Every 30 seconds for 5:00 (22 total reps):

2 Banded Deadlift @ 50% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension

Notes: The bar should be loaded with 50% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 25% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in thisย DEMO VIDEO

2a) Bench Press: 10 minutes to work up to a heavy single.

Notes: All reps must be performed with the hips (ass) in contact with the bench.

2b) Strict Weighted Pull-ups: 10 minutes to work up to a heavy single.


15 Thrusters @ 155/105#
25 C2B Pullups
10 Thrusters @ 155/105#
20 C2B Pullups
5 Thrusters @ 155/105#
15 C2B Pullups

For time.


1a) 3X20 UB GHD Sit-ups โ€“ rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X15 Reverse Hypers โ€“ medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.

77 thoughts on “121228

  1. 1) 295# (dont have bands here)
    2a) 255# (previous 1RM, yes!)
    2b) 50# (5# PR)


    12:32 (probably should have scaled the thrusters…)

  2. 1)225# plus white bands
    2a)230#. dont have a bench yet in the crossfit louvre gym in paris

    cond. didnt time it but did the thrusters in sets of 3 so i sucked

  3. Don’t have any bands but bands will make her dance

    330 on the DL

    Bench 295 ( pussy )
    Weighted P/U with 50lb dumbbell

    Midline- done.. Will do the death metcon after work

  4. Deadlift 120kg on the bar plus some bands (not at mine so not sure of tension)
    Bench 141.6kg 11kg PB
    Pull up 52kg
    Through to 7 of 10 thrusters in about 6:15 before we got kicked out due to a class starting

  5. Strength
    1) 230#+Bands
    2a) 255#
    2b) 90#


    1a) Complete
    1b) 180/200/210

  6. I did the conditioning as Rx’d but it took me forever. I was only able to get 3-4 reps at a time. Is it better to do the conditioning with the prescribed weight but slow extremely slow, or would it be better for me to scale it down and knock the conditioning portion out faster?

  7. 1: 300 with bands
    2a: 205 with ease. Tried 225 no joy.
    2b. not sure I used one inch long chains I would guess about 70-80 lbs on my shoulders for one pull up.

    Cond- Tried 155 got 5 reps on 6th rep was a complete no rep. Then debated way to long and switched to 135 and kept going with the clock running. I should have given it a couple minutes break switch to 135 and restarted. But in any event at 8k ft altitude I got 13:27.

    I’m 5’8 I weigh 150.

  8. 1) off 485

    2a) 315 (15lb pr)
    2b) 143lb girlfriend (3lb pr, also was kbs last time)

    Cnd –


    Midline –


  9. Strength

    1) 315 with blue band (single knot anchored with feet)

    2a) 300 (+5 PR)

    2b) 70


    Fran: 3:44
    I learned kipping pull-ups on Tuesday and the gym I was visiting did Fran today so I gave it a go. Thrusters were unbroken and pull-ups were all broken.


    1a) done
    1b) 3X10* my left hamstring is still lagging behind from an ACL repair.


  10. Strength
    1. 105 + blue bands
    2a 140
    2b 50 (tweaked neck had to stop)

    Had to scale because of neck. 85# thrusters/12,10,8 strict C2B pullups
    hollow rocks in place of GHD
    reverse hypers on swiss ball

  11. First day not sick this week. CNS is fried though. Ready for recovery week next week.

    Front Squat up to 147 kg (323.4) pr, 150 kg almost made

    A. W/up Squat Snatch (pause @ knee) emom doubles 75/2 -> 155/2 by 10, then
    Emom Squat Snatch 135 -> 195 by 5, 200fff
    B.3×3 Hang Snatch High Pull @ 215 with straps
    C. C&J emom 135 145 155 165 175 185 195 205 215 225 235 245 255

    Bench Press 135 165 185 205 225 245 265 280pr

    Weighted Pull up wasn’t going up at all so did some doubles up to 60×2.

    6:26 Rx

    3×20 GHD Sit-ups ub. Skipped hyper – did on Wed.

    Shoulder Press 135 145 155 165 175 185pr

  12. 1) 225+bands
    2a) ME strict ring dips 15, 6, 6
    2b) ME strict pullups 11, 6, 6
    Cond- 9:17
    1a) 3×15 T2B
    1b) 3×15 hip extensions

  13. Strength
    1) 205 + bands — Felt a lot better than before
    2a) 275 — Felt good, should have designated time to try 285.
    2b) 80 — Didn’t get a chance to try 90 but not positive I would have gotten it.
    11:11 — Those thrusters sure felt heavy for a 165 lb dude. Had a little trouble getting into the groove on the C2B, could have been better.
    1a) UB 3×20 T2B
    1b) 3×20 Band Good Mornings

  14. Strength
    2a)275#(10# PR) most i’ve ever done in my life
    2b)100#(PR Tie)

    8:33(Recovering from being sick since sunday)



  15. 1. Off of 525#
    2 a) 340#. Fast bar speed, 15# or
    2 b) 85# way under my pr. Was not maximal

    Conditioning Rx’d

    Midline- complete later.

  16. Deadlift based off of 365lb 1 rep max
    Heaviest single rep bench @ 205lb
    Heaviest single rep pull-up @ 53lb

    12:44 RX

  17. 1) did 205 + purp. A lil over 50%
    2) 255!!!!! 20lb PR fuck yeah!
    3) 105.. Meh not a PR but still ok.

    Cond: 7:20

    Midline. Done

  18. Always forget to post.
    Deadlifts @225 plus bands
    Bench @245. I hate benching
    WTD pullup@ 100# pr
    Cond : 8:01
    Midline done

  19. Strength:
    1) Based off 425
    2a) 195, was running out of time so I threw on 210 which is my PR but failed. Happy though because 195 wen’t up real fast.
    2b) 75#-May be a PR, i’m about 10 pounds heavier than last time we tested so it most likely is.

    Had to sub 165# front squats for thrusters, my left wrist may be sprained, pissed because i’m prob gona have to adjust my training for the next week or so to let it heal.


  20. 1) off 475 blue band

    2a) skip no bench at home
    2b) skip

    Cnd โ€“

    135# thrusters pullups Rx

    No time with full time job and family :-)~
    Plus I feel like a big pile of poo

  21. Strength:

    2a)335#; 10+, since the last time I maxed out on the bench…month.5-2months ago?!!


    17:56 Rx


    Partially done…had to jett, early, following the 2nd set.

  22. Strength
    1) 138 with red bands
    2a) 130 (17 lb PR)
    2b) 32 lbs… Pull ups, not chin ups, I need to work on pull ups.

    11:26 RX … CTB Pullups need some work.

    Midline done, subbed glute ham raises for reverse hypers.

  23. Home visiting family for a couple days….
    4 hrs in the car and straight to the gym

    Hang Snatch – tight hips……kept catching the weight but off balance.

    Back Squat
    325 x 5
    345 x 5
    375 x 5 PR


    5:16 – that was rough

  24. Strength

    1) 245# w/ blue band and 3 inch deficit
    2a) 295 (305 m)
    2b) 120 (2.5# PR)


    6:52 Rx. Pull ups need work.

  25. Deads @245
    Bench 265 (gym pr. meet pr was 253)
    PU 3×10

    Scaled to garden variety pull ups. Thrusters in sets of 5.

    I want to snatch the “old 250” aka, 185

  26. 2/4/9 (knot in left trap putting pressure on spine… ouch)

    **one of those days I considered just sitting on the couch with a heat pad muttering to myself. instead, i found the motivation to start getting warm around 9:30 and was actually able to go through the motions and hit the movements.

    1) off 460, no bands
    2) no bench, worked up to 165# mil press (surprised to get more than the bar over my head)
    2) worked up to 65#. not even close to what I’m capable of, just wasn’t comfortable with my shoulder.

    3) 12:53 i actually lost my grip on the pull-ups … wtf?

    NO MIDLINE. no access to either one, didn’t feel like modifying. I was filled with shock and awe that i was able to get through the WOD with my shoulder + upper spine feeling the way it does.

    hopefully i wake up tomorrow and the knot is gone

  27. 29/m/5’11″/185
    1) 275 blue band setup
    2a) 250(PR by 15lbs, very pleased)
    2b) 75(PR, then jumped up too high to 90)

    8:44(should have been a little faster on Pull-ups but still happy)

    Only one round. Was shot and had to get to family gathering.

  28. Strength:
    1) 335lbs (no bands here)
    2) 225lbs (first ever max on bench)
    3) 75lbs

    – 9:50 Rx (slowest pull-ups of my life)

    Midline, done.

  29. 1. no bands. first half 345 second half 295

    2a 385#. bench is my strength

    2b 83# strict, no chin up grip otherwise could have gone over 100#

    cond. scaled 135# 8:40

    no midline

  30. I am deployed, and we don’t have bands. However, my lifts looked like this:

    Deadlift: 275 (Based off of 365 1RM)
    Bench: 300 (+10 PR)
    Weighted Deadhang Pullup: 115

    Conditioning: 7:40
    Midline: Done

  31. 1. Dont have bands – used 75% max

    2. Bench – 325 (havent dont a bench press in 2 years)
    3. Pull Ups – 50lbs

    Conditioning – 8:21 (C2B needs work)

    Midline – done

  32. deads off 450

    bench 240 15# pr
    pull-ups 111# some kind of PR


    4:47- I was wheezing after that one.

    • only 30 seconds slower than the first time I did Fran 11 months ago. Yay for progress!

  33. Dead lift= 205 with green band over it in sumo stance
    Bench= 225 PR
    Pull ups= 80# (overhand grip)


    Midline= done

  34. i am back on the Way Wagon again Those last few weeks were hard to get workouts in.

    1. 340 no bands
    2a. 280 5lb PR
    2b. 104 14lb PR
    8:44 C2B make my elbow hurt if it comes forward so I get really wide and it doesn’t bother me. Anyone else have that?
    Done but subbed 25lb GHR.

  35. Strength


    2 Banded Deadlift @ 50% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension

    2a) Bench Press: 242 ran out of time.

    2b) Strict Weighted Pull-ups: 55 need a longer chain to hold weights as that was the limiting factor.


    Thrusters 110. 12mins 20secs

    For time.


    1a) hollow rocks
    1b) arch holds
    No GHD machine.

  36. Strength:
    1) 155lb plus band
    2a) 120lb
    2b) 12.5lb, no that’s not a typo

    13:14 w/95lb thrusters

    1a) Completed
    1b) 80lbs

  37. worked out in my parents basement with my old weight set and plates collected from yard sales and such. ugh, i miss the gym

    1) 225, no band
    2a) 270
    2b) 60

    the ceiling beam in the basement doesnt work so well for C2BPU, so did regular pullups

    6 minute plank (2x 1minfront+1left+1right)
    RDL 3×15/145

  38. First Timer M/6″/192
    DL @ 225# & 25% Banded every 30 second for 10:00 (oops!)
    Bench Press 200# every 30 second for 10:00 (oops!)
    Weight Pull up 30# every 30 second for 10:00 (oops!)
    C) 8:50ish

    Midline= done

  39. strength
    1/ 160kg no bands
    2a/ 125kg (10kg pb)
    2b/ 52kg (6kg pb)


    maybe later if i get time

  40. DL 57.5kg with blue band.
    Cond. 10:30, 35kg thrusters.
    Bench 50kg. Equal PB.
    And all in 40 degrees Celsius. Bikram crossfit.

  41. 250 on deads

    Bench press….PRed at 335#
    Pull ups…115#

    Due to a knee that belongs on an 80 yr old I did 135# push press and ctb pull ups

    6 mins

  42. Strength

    Banded Deadlift: 255 + 25% Tension

    2a) Bench Press: 145/175/185/195/210/225/235/250F/240
    2b) Strict Weighted Pull-ups: 20/45/65/75/90/100


    10:10 RX



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