Fell asleep before I posted, now I’m awake (I know, fooking riveting). Daddy day care is hard.

Forgot one picture last night. Yes, gentlemen, somewhere out there, there is a young lady driving a 911 Turbo with a barbell hanging out the window (not kidding).


WOD 121227:

Rest day (make up the Burpees or the 5K, dickheads).

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  1. I think seeing as I am the first commenter Im pretty sure i have legal precedence as to first dibs on tracking down this modern day Wonder Woman. Can anyone make out those tags?

  2. Made up the lifting as yesterday as all about kettlebells at home
    Snatch up to 105kg
    Clean and jerk up to 125kg (manky wrist)
    HBBS up to 176kg PB missed 181kg
    Prowler subbed in
    5 x 1:30 on, 3:00 off

  3. Any outlaws in the Vegas area?? I’ll be there for my 30th b-day from 4 Jan-7 Jan and looking for a place to workout..

    • My buddy and I train outlaw out of his studio “the compound”. You can either hit me up when your in town of hit him up on Facebook. Search “the compound” or camp fit force.

    • My brother & I follow the conditioning of the Way, while our strength & oly parts are a bit different. If you’d want to drop in outside of classes (we train before the normal hours) – you’d be able to train no problem. We’re about 20 mins away from downtown Orlando. You can email me if you need to at leo@crossfitevolution.com

    • If you don’t mind the 45min drive, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Crossfit Diehard in Daytona Beach. You’ll have to talk to the owner to see if there are any open times to do Outlaw WODs.

  4. 2/2/10… 10… 10 for sore!!!

    Both traps r knotted up! Oh my fricken… Ahhhhh!!!!

    Told u i was a big baby when it came to HBBS!

  5. Hi coach,

    I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your programming. Today I hit 345# on Deadlift which is 90# more than in August!

  6. Did yesterdays conditioning….feel like a fat cow after all the delicious food.

    4x500m rows
    1. 1:31
    2. 1:32
    3. 1:32
    4. 1:33

    3×20 GHD sit ups

    basically a worthless sack of crap today!

    Turning it back on tomorrow

  7. Can believe I’m saying this, but I wish I would have done the burpees.
    5k : 25:13
    2min under PR. No excuses, sandbagged this. After first mile wanted to go home.


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