Santa is tired, so tonight you get my top 10 favorite pics from this year…

1) The Champs.

2) This is why we love “Black Jesus”.

3) My ass.

4) Nose and toes to wall, this actually happened.

5) Kenny MF Powers.

6) Coaching a class, eating a Baconator, still made 85kg. Suck it Robb Wolf.

7) No caption needed.

8) Sorry, this makes me laugh every time.

9) Little known fact: the French have no translation for pandering.

10) Perfect.

WOD 121226:

BB Gymnastics

1) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy Snatch (strict 10 minutes).

2) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy Clean & Jerk (strict 10 minutes).


15 minutes to work up to a heavy HBBS.


Choose one…

Row: 4X500m – rest 2:1 – 30 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.

Run: 4X400m – rest 2:1 – 25 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.

Swim: 8X50m – rest 2:1 – 20 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.

Notes: All work should be at 95-100% RPE.

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  1. So is this a deloading week? Or is this a little bit of sympathy knowing we are all fat slobs this week cuz of Christmas? Haha..

  2. Is it rest 2 minutes for every set for conditioning? Not sure how to read the programming. Can somebody specify?

    • It is rest twice as long as the work interval takes. Thus if you choose to row 4x500m and the first 500 took 1m37s you would rest 3m14s before starting the next round.

    • The time spent resting is double the time spent working (i.e. exercising at your chosen activity). Thus if you choose to row and completed the first 500m interval in 1m37s you would rest for 3m14s before starting the second round.

  3. Decided to do snatch and clean & jerk from box and some backsquats yesterday – doh ..

    Deload week or just holiday programming?

  4. BBG

    145# (10# PR… oops..)
    215# (another 10# PR…)

    Just as a note, I am deployed and doing this in a MWR ran facility. They get really pissy if you drop the weights… and they are bumper plates… cant wait to go home…



    1 1:45
    2 1:45
    3 1:47
    4 1:47

  5. Kyle that sucks. I”m also deployed. I could understand them getting pissy if they were steel plates. Which is all we have here.

    • yeah, I hear ya… We were all really excited when they got bumper plates in. the first time we did some heavy C&J and dropped them from overhead they posted signs saying we were not to drop the weight…. we argued but they are more worried about it ‘disturbing’ the meatheads that use the squat racks for curls/shrugs…. asshats…

  6. BBG
    155 snatch (i think its a 1pound pr)
    185 clean and jerk. climbed up too slowly

    315 squat

    1:40 on 1,2,3
    1:39 on 4

  7. Question concerning working up to a haevy snatch,clean&jerk, or squat…..
    – is there a certain amount of sets,reps/ or rest time prescribed when doing this, or how do you go about doing it?

  8. Asking for opinions please!!

    I have the money for a new bar. The only bar I have in my garage gym is a pos bar that you get with one of those iron sets from wal mart. So it’s time to upgrade. Is it worth the money to buy an Eleiko bar? Or should I get something from (most likely) Rogue or Again Faster?

    Thanks for your help =)

    • it is totally worth the money to get an eleiko bar, we just got one and it is phenomenal. anyone who says the differences are negligible between bars either sucks at the olympic lifts or has never lifted on one.

    • Depends on how much you want to spend. For 300 either Rogue or Pendlay will work really well (I prefer the Pendlay, but I do have the old version of Rogue bars – the newer ones are much nicer actually).

      I also have a Werksan bar & lifted a bunch of times on Eleiko bars when training at a local WL facility back in the day – the difference is there but to me to this day wouldn’t be worth $300 vs $800-$1k for a bar. I’d spend the difference on some other gear.

    • Thanks for the input. I ended up getting the Rogue bar and some more bumper plates. After reading comments and researching more I figured this would be better for now. If I really want an eleiko later, after I get my weight up on the Rogue bar, then I’ll pull money out of savings and get it =P

  9. Did Monday’s workout yesterday, and added in a 3×10 BS set. Whoops, today sucked

    1) 75Kilo (failed 81 3x)
    2) 100 Kilo, (failed 110 and said fuck it)
    3) 310#

    1:39, 1:38, 1:40, 1:41


  10. BBG:
    1) 185 (20# off PR)
    2) 225 (20# off PR)

    315 (matched PR)


  11. Snatched up to 155. Missed 175 (1 rep max @ 165)
    Clean and jerked 225. PR! (Previous 1 rep max @ 210)

    HBBS up to 245. Missed 265 (1 rep max @ 275)

    Conditioning: 4 x 500 row

  12. Yesterday i learned my running sucks.

    Bbg –

    1) 245, miss 255 twice

    2) 295

    Str –

    1) 375

    Cnd –


  13. Spent 20 min on Snatch instead of 10 and 10 on each-barely missed a PR of 180# at least 10 times, soooo darn close!

    HBBS- 310.5# PR

    METCON- Row 1:41, 1:54, 1:45, 1:45

    30 Burpees paid in full

  14. Age: 23
    Weight: 190

    1) 185
    (-15 PR)

    2) 270
    (+10 PR)

    3) 370 (belted)
    *failed at 380 with 1 min left


    *90 burpees paid in full

  15. Outlaw Day #2.


    Sn: 85kg (-6kg). Missed at 90kg twice.
    CJ: 105kg (-6kg). No misses.
    HBBS: 315 lbs (-15lbs). Missed at 335 twice.


    1:39-1:43 range.

  16. I don’t post to much because I’m lazy but I thought this was worth it.

    Pr’d SN by 5 lbs 180 lbs no straps (for me big deal)
    Pr’d cln and j 235 lbs (full sqaut that’s special for me)
    BS was also a success @335 lbs. Big deal for me… Thanks for the running clock.

  17. Snatch: 133, failed 143 and didn’t have enough time to keep trying (143 is pr)
    C&J: 193 (match pr)
    Back Squat: 175 (20# pr!)

    Cond – Run:


  18. BBG:
    1. 200# (missed 215#) fuck that shit
    2. 260# (missed 285#) fuck that shit

    385# (10# PR)


  19. Was feeling even shittier today than yesterday, but figured getting some sweat on was better than nothing & it ended up being a decent training day.

    A. W/up 3 pos PSn 75->155 by 10 emom, then
    Power Snatch emom: 135/1 -> 175/1 by 5, 180ff 180/1 – got 202 last week but today nothing was not happening.
    B. 3×3 Snatch High Pull @ 200 with straps
    C. Power Clean & Jerk 180 190 200 210 220 230

    EMOM Front Squat 70 kg/1 -> 135 kg/1 by 5 kg (297; beltless)

    SSC: Every 2 mins for 20 mins
    1x DL @ 152 kg (334) + 2 small green bands (80 lbs each) = 494@top
    9x HSPU (2×5+AB, strict)
    17x DU

    WoD: 150 Burpees for time in 9:57 pr. Previous best was 29 something 4 years ago 🙂

    Reverse Hyper 2×15 @ 200 lbs

    The noon class at the gym was Snatching so I wanted to do some more since I seemed to feel better. Did in regular kicks.
    Squat Snatch EMOM 135/1 -> 185/1 by 5, 190f 195/1 205f 205/1 210ff

  20. bbg
    snatch 225
    cnj 275- easy, tried 295 and i get crushed under the front squat FML
    strength- 345- feel weak as fuck on my squats. Really haven’t made much improvement in months with squatting.

    1:41- major wall on this last one. legs were smoked after.

  21. Awesome day. All those calories and Christmas rest must’ve done some good!

    1. 215# PR for a ‘squat snatch’
    2. 275# PR

    355# PR


  22. BBGym:
    1) 150 (10# under)
    2) 190 (20# under)
    -Left wrist is pretty messed up at the moment

    280# (15# under HBBS 1rm)
    -Finished a 3×10 yesterday with 260 so I wasn’t expecting a PR today, oh well.

    4x50cal AirDyne
    2:17, 2:13, 2:20, 2:28


  23. 1) 225 (95%)
    Worked up to there and hit it second try. Felt heavy but fast. Attempted once more and failed.

    2) 260 (90%)
    After watching a ton of lifting videos I decided to try a squat jerk today. 225 was cake. 245 alright. 260 need a little more flexibility in the bottom. I did power jerk this tho. Power jerking has been feeling better than splitting lately.
    3) 295 (88%)
    Felt super heavy and just wanted to keep it relatively fast.

    No conditioning.

  24. BBG
    1) 185# (was under 195 my previous max but got soft, then no time for another try)
    2) 205# out of time



  25. BBG
    1) 200# (PR) super excited. I’ve got more but I need to pay attention to my form in order to get it. I’ve added 15# in the last 1.5 months.
    2) 245 (95%) it went up so easy, so smooth that I added 20 pounds and went for another PR at 265. Failed to stand up with it 3 times. I think it was more a failure of my mind than anything else. I was on a high from the 200# Snatch milestone and wasn’t really giving it the focus I should have.

    325# … I’m a bit of a wuss with the HBBS. I hate the feel of the bar up there. Legs had a bit more in them, but I would’ve whined about it too much.

    1:34 (i actually stood up at 250 and realized I wasn’t done and sat back down)
    1:34 (wall at 400)
    1:36 (had to stop and readjust the straps halfway real quick, still hit 1:36)
    1:36 (FML, I can no longer feel my ass.)

    **a special little note. I have a leg length discrepancy of an inch that I just found out about in September and corrected in October. Your programming is helping me get my confidence back underneath the bar and I’m PR’ing in the process. Feeling great and loving it.


  26. Drove about 1500 miles in the last 3 days and I felt it today. Hips were slow and everything felt heavy.


    1) 245, (265 miss x 3, 275#PR)
    2) 295 (316# PR)


    355# (385# PR)




  27. 0530-0600Double unders 30 EMOM x10/ Dynamic Stretch
    Snatch: 165/185/210/225(FAIL) 215# (-15)
    Clean & Jerk 185×2/210/235/ 255# (-25)
    Back Squat: 185×3/225×2/ 275×1/305×1/325×1/345×1/ 355×1
    Row: 1:40 / 1:41 / 1:44 / 1:44 didn’t understand 2:1 rested 2mins between each
    – hips felt very tight when squatting out of the bottom of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk felt sloppy all around technique wise. Chaucked it up to an off day.

    1600 at Firehouse: Treadmill work Jog 2miles Rest 2mins then:
    2min run: 8 incline / 8 speed x 2 rounds -1min rest between each
    1min run: 9 incline / 9 speed x3 rounds -1 min rest between each
    30 sec run 10 Inc. / 10 speed x3 rounds -1min restbetween each

    *QUESTION* When starting the snatch or the clean and jerk with a 10min or 15 min cap. This is after warming up and starting the clock with weights in the say 80% and up range? This feels like a silly question but Im always wondering if Im cheating by warming up to about my standard 80%(185#) Then starting my clock. I didn’t do this today and felt like I was rushing through with bad technique.
    -yes im a FNG!

  28. 29/m/5’11″/185
    1) 185 (failed numerous times at 200, struggling this past week)
    2) 265 (went for PR at 280 and failed 3 times, got the clean for a clean PR)

    355(PR for high bar, have not improved on the back squat much since starting Outlaw)

    3 Thrusters at 135 EMOM 10min
    4 Thrusters EMOM 5min
    Then max UB on last minute.
    Went immediately to rower for 1000m (3:54)

  29. BBG:
    1) 185# (tied PR…tried 200# multiple times and failed.. under it good, could not stand it up due to weak ass arms/shoulders)
    2) 225# felt shitty as ever, prolly a no rep (Best C&J is 235#). Ended up saying ef the jerk, and maxed on just the clean portion at 260# which is a PR.

    1) 355# (-20# from PR).

    Conditioning: Run
    – 1:24
    – 1:21
    – 1:26
    – 1:29

    50 burpees paid in full.

  30. Snatch 225
    Clean and jerk 275 and missed 315 like 4 times but I tried…
    Hbbs 365 left it at that
    Then had some guys from out of town so ran there wod from there programming bulger smoked them 18:32rx then ran the Victoria soto wod for the sandy hooks memorial with my gym 23:12rx a lot of metcon should have tried harder On the weightlifting today. Just for the record the front squats on bulger were 135lb 7 reps 10 rounds they were so light and easy last year this time I would have struggled with that much volume at that weight outlaw has made me strong and I can still move deff happy about it.

  31. Snatch
    130 power
    185 power clean & split j
    2×2 @215 no spotter

    4x 400m
    (Course was 100m long = 3 u-turns each)

  32. BBG
    1) Snatch – 113.. meh. Ten minutes creeped up on me quickly.
    2) C&J – 168 (tied 1RM. Felt real nice.)

    305# – a 45# PR from early November. THANK YOU OUTLAW.

    Did the WOD from a few days ago that I missed
    5 rounds for total working time
    Row 250m
    10 Burpees
    30 DU’s
    Total time – 11:27 (Not stoked on this time. My legs were jell-o.)

  33. Continuing to be a dickhead while I’m on leave. No burpees or 5k made up today. I did make up yesterday’s work though.

    1)Snatch: 115, 130, 145, 160, 175f, 175f
    2)Clean&Jerk: 175, 190, 205, 220, 230 (5#pr)

    1)HBBS: 225, 255, 285, 315
    Had a few minutes left and probably another rep in the tank.

    Row 4x500m @2:1 w:r
    1:39, 1:41, 1:42, 1:42


  34. S:

    1) 205/215/225/235# – Wore new lifting shoes for this session. Angles were off on all lifts but went with it.

    2) 235/255/275x/275# – This is only lift I was happy with tonight.

    3) 315/345/365/385/395x



    Feeling a little run down from the previous two days. 150 burpee’s left me sore in shoulders.

  35. BB Gymnastics:
    1. 110 (+20 PR in the last 3 weeks!)
    2. 140

    1. 205 (failed 225, jumped too quickly)

    Ran on the treadmill
    1. 1:40
    2. 1:39
    3. 1:38
    4. 1:37

  36. BBG:
    1) 95 lbs not kg, haha…I will improve.
    2) 125lb

    Strength: 185lb

    Conditioning: Row

  37. BB Gymnastics

    1) Squat Snatch 127. New PR by 5.

    2) heavy Clean & Jerk 177. New PR by 5.


    HBBS 275. New PR by 10


    Run: 4X400m – 1:40. Legs were dead from the lifting.

  38. There was a blizzard in Indiana and all of the gyms…all of them…globo and CF were closed. So I grabbed my weights in the garage…300 # and an airdyne…and did the workout in my living room.

    Now, understand I have three kids, a dog, a cat, and a wife. I brought these weights in and placed them in my living room on the “expensive rug” and put my oly shoes on and went at it.

    Worked up to 165 on snatch
    Worked up to 245 c&j….my rug is jacked

    Played with some weights on FS

    Killed myself on the airdyne

    Now, imagine this work being done with kids watching and a barbell all.most smashing the book shelves every time I lifted the weight.

  39. BB Gymnastics
    1) Snatch: 75/90/95/125/135/145/155/165/175/185
    2) Clean & Jerk: 155/185/225/240 C, missed J

    HBBS: 305/320/335/350/365, same as PR

    Row: 4X500m – 1:43/1:42/1:40/1:41

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