This is the first time, in quite a while, I’ve had the opportunity to really sit still and quiet my thoughts. Christmas Eve has turned to a cold, rainy night, and I’ve got a few moments to post before “Santa” has to assemble all sorts of smile inducing offerings. Perhaps they’ll be life changing gifts, like the Montgomery Ward weight set I received at 4-years-old, or perhaps my spawn will play with them for a day and they’ll never be touched again. Either way, I’m honored to have the ability to bring them joy.

In this moment of silence, my thoughts have started to wander to the ladies and gentlemen who won’t have the opportunity to read instructions, lay out cookies and milk, and see the looks of elation that many of us will. From the numbers I can find, there are roughly 300,000 US Soldiers deployed worldwide (maybe someone has a more accurate number). I’ve coached, trained with, and am friends with many military personnel, and I know that many of them joined the armed forces to give their families a better life. As a parent I appreciate this desire. I, however, will never know the feeling of being a world away from your loved ones, on our most sacred and cherished holiday.

My most simple, and heartfelt desire, is to simply thank all of you. You who have given up your holiday to ensure that we may be free to enjoy ours. You who have dug 10 foot trenches, in desert sand, so you can set up pull-up bars. You who use ancient, spinless barbells, and 40-year-old Russian plates. You who will, where good Internet abides, get to experience the holiday only through Skype or photos.

You, our protecting sons and daughters, deserve our reverence and thoughts this holiday.

WOD 121225:


150 Burpees for time


Run 5k

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  1. Merry Christmas to every Outlaw in every land across God’s earth. God bless those selfless sentinels at home and abroad who stand watch. Thank you for your sacrifices.

  2. I appreciate, respect and love everyone of you all who serve my country. I can’t begin to thank and express gratitude for each of you. I am permanently indebted to each of you. If there is ever anything I can do, please find or ask me.
    Rudy, your shit is pretty good also.

  3. Thank you for your kind words Coach. Merry Christmas to all the Outlaws all around the world, either at home or deployed abroad.

    5K – 24:40

  4. And I thank you Rudy, for doing your part. You have kept a lot of us strong, mentally and physically. There have been several moments when all fuck has gone wrong and I think back to when you showed up at Camp Pendleton on a spur with Dan and fucking brightened my year. Thank you and merry Christmas from all of us at Wounded Warrior!

  5. 23:36 on the clock for 3.47 miles
    6 x
    30 second strict pull ups, 30 seconds rest
    30 seconds KB swings 24kg, 30 seconds rest
    10, 15
    8, 17
    7, 16
    6, 16
    6, 16
    6, 16
    Then run ~520m AFAFP 1:45

    Now, it’s turkey time

  6. Well put.

    Did hbbs x 4, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2 in flat shoes, rest 2min×1 (pr in flat shoes)

    Then EMOM x8 rack jerk x 1


    Need strength development more than conditioning at this point. Thanks for all your work, learning a lot from following this blog!

  7. So thankful I can spend time with my family while others are protecting our right to do so!

    Woke up, rolled out of bed, feet already sweating at the thought of 150 burpees (5K in 3 inches of snow wouldn’t be smart), thought I’d stretch a little but instead I had a cup of coffee and told my dad to start the stop watch… next to the red hot fireplace.

    150 Burpees = 11:47

  8. The old lady always makes me run 5K on Xmas, argh, I hate running and wasn’t going to do it this year,,but then saw it programmed

    22:something, that’s a PR for me. First mile in 6:and some change, probably also a pr,, but it’s hard not to run easily in the nice Florida sun.

    Happy Xmas OUTLAW nation!

  9. 150 Burpees 13:22. Very nicely said Rudy.. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a very Merry Christmas to all of the Outlaw faithful!!!

  10. Wanted to get a little swole before the feast today so I did
    10-1 ring dip/ring pull up
    3×10 hbbs: 245, 255, 260

    150 burpees:

  11. Thank you Rudy for expressing those sentiments so eloquently. Thank you to all those who serve our country and who serve others.

    Ran 11 minutes out on the Saramento River levee at about 80% RPE and 10:35 back. I’ll map the distance later.
    40 degrees and rainy here.

    • That is an insanely good time. You could have almost won the first workout of the Open last year with a time like that. Looking forward to seeing you compete!

  12. 12:50
    What a difference a year of Crossfit makes. Did 73 for the open workout and this wod I was at 90 at the 7 minute mark. Had to lay down for the open after 73, feel better now after 150 then for 73.

  13. Oly
    A. 3 stop Snatch High Pull + Hang Squat Snatch up 160 -> 195 by 5
    B. 3 stop Clean Pull + Hang Squat Clean & Jerk 215 225 235 245 255

    Every 2 mins for 20 mins
    1x HBBS @ 152 kg (334)
    9x Push-ups on DB’s

    For once had to skip the conditioning as much as I didn’t want to – I need the burpee work, but I was all kinds of dizzy & lightheaded. Been battling some sickness for the past 3 days & today’s workout was just the worst. Depending on tomorrows wod – will try to make it up tomorrow night.

  14. 9:26
    Checked myself at the 7 min mark. Outpaced 12.1 by 9 burpees. Perceived effort was a vit lower today than i remember during 12.1.

    Confidence builder! 🙂

  15. Thanks for the great words. I’m a 49 yo mom of 4, deployed to Afghanistan. This is our “year of silver linings”. Crossfit and outlaw programming are my “happy places” here. Thanks for the support.

  16. Thank you for the support, Rudy! Merry Christmas! Let’s just say I “happily” did these burpees here in Bagram, Afghanistan. There’s a PR somewhere in this for me, at the open I only did 74 in 7 minutes.

    150 Burpees- 9:08

  17. Did Monday’s workout on Tuesday

    1) 144, 162, 125 (one miss at 162)
    2) 200, 225, 175 (one miss at 225)

    added in BS
    3 x 10 at 235, worked on being faster on these

    1:58, 2:05, 2:09, 2:15


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