Apparently the Mayans were wrong—at least as of 11:13pm EST. Hell, we might all drop dead in the next 47 minutes, or the sun might be set to explode on West Coast time…I don’t know, I’m not gynecologist.

Anyhooooooooo, a far greater sign that the apocalypse is upon us is Danny Nichols’ 1:50 King-Kong. Remember when 250# Cleans were heavy? Lulz.

Elisabeth hasn’t tested her Back Squat in a while. Today she had to make up yesterday’s 3 sets of 10, and had no idea where to start. Also, she had a root canal roughly three hours before this happened—not kidding.

Elisabeth Akinwale – HBBS 10 X 240#:

WOD 121213:

Rest day.

16 thoughts on “121213

  1. You know that the end of the Mayan calendar is 12/21/12 and not 12/12/12 right? we still have a week…

  2. Although I generally find your blog quite knowledgable and entertaining; you really f**ked up this time with your premature ejaculations about the end of the world. The Mayan’s have 3 calendars. I believe the one you are referring to is the end of The Long Count which ends 12 21 12 (the Winter Solstice and the moment of the galactic alignment of the Earth, Sun, and Milkey Way Galaxy.) Either way, I for one plan on going out the same way I came into this world. Bottoming out in some snatch. Train on! F**king Noobs!

  3. Um, Danny nichols – ridiculous!
    Elisabeth, equally ridiculous.
    So much strength; I love it!
    and yeah, you were panicked about the wrong date coach! still gotta few more days to wreak havoc on our bodies before the apocalypse 😉

  4. I thought the back squats unless stated were all Low Bar Back Squats (based on the FAQ), EA is doing HBBS? Yesterday just said back squats. Not trying to nit pick, just want to make sure I am following as designed.

    1. EA can do whatever she wants
    2. I read the FAQ

    • Matt, Elisabeth has a 400+ pound DL, so as her coach I’ve made a decision that she will get more benefit out of HBBS. We use the low bar to develop pulling as much as overall strength, so if we have an athlete that has no pulling weakness we will tend to want to have them do something which will give them a little more carryover to other movements. Elisabeth has run into a problem of late in that she can clean more than she can stand up with, and we are using the HBBS (as well as our multiple FS days) to eliminate that issue. Also, she LBBS around 330, so again, probably not a concern.

      • Thanks, that makes perfect sense. And of course thanks for all the great programing. Like Luther Vandross and John Lennon said, the best things in life are free.

  5. Dear Coach,

    I know you’ve been watching…

    Should we be practicing our stiff-legged 2k Row and our 1RM zercher squats?

    (also: Huge Props to EA! Keep up the inspiring work!)

  6. Awesome vids.

    Note on the end of the world.. C’mon guys, we’re on a giant spaceship hurtling through the galaxy around a giant ball of blazing hot liquid energy that gives us life.. Go smoke some mother nature and meditate on that.

    fun Oly session with coach Chiu at Wasatch CrossFit again today

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