I love Providence. Seriously.

Great staff, great athletes, and one of the best “work” weekends I could ever imagine. There’s only one problem–we forgot to take a group picture. I did, however, get one pic this weekend.


James McCoy – Paradiso CrossFit – 275# Snatch @ 85kg:

WOD 121126:

BB Gymnastics

1) Snatch: 3X1 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 85%, 2X1 @ 90%, 5X1 @ 80% – rest 60-90 sec. between each rep through sets of 90%, then 30 sec. between each rep at 80%
2) Clean & Jerk: 3X1 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 85%, 2X1 @ 90%, 5X1 @ 80% – rest 60-90 sec. between each rep through sets of 90%, then 30 sec. between each rep at 80%


“Elisabeth” (Games version)

21-15-9 of:

Power Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips

For time.


Accumulate 4 minutes of L-Sit Holds.

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  1. if u wanna become a weightlifter read on.

    Beginners should start out with a broomstick for 3-4 weeks and do thousands of reps so that their Olympic technique becomes a motor engram.

    Back squats carry over more to the snatch, whereas front squats carry over more to the clean. Front squats are usually limited by upper back strength, so they don’t stimulate the legs sufficiently. Squatting is not very difficult in terms of CNS stress and the body gets used to it very quickly, just like walking.

    The jerk is the most violent portion of any part of the O-lifts.

    Max out on squats every day. Max out on deadlifts 2-3 times per year.

    Don’t do overhead squats as a separate exercise; you do them when you snatch.

    You will go through “dark times” where you’re stagnant. Eventually you’ll start setting PR’s while in a fatigued state. That’s when you know you’re doing something right.

    Percentages for daily programming on a long-term chart don’t work. You never know what you’re capable of on any given day. How you feel is a lie.

    Slow movements don’t help any athlete in any sport. Going slow with light weights is a big no-no.

    The fastest athlete is the best athlete. Move at a top speed in every movement, every day, every time you touch a bar.

    Using straps in the snatch is a necessity due to the volume of training. For lower volumes they’re not necessary, but for higher volumes your hands simply can’t take the abuse. Never, ever use straps with cleans.

    Deadlifts tax the back too much and take too long to recover from. If you’re going to deadlift, do sets of 2-3 fast pulls in the 70-85% range.

    Lunges suck and are very dangerous.

    Jumping and plyos should be left to track athletes, not Oly lifters. Save the joint stress and energy for lifting.

    Eventually, maxing out becomes like clockwork. The more you do it, the more natural it feels, and your body accepts it. There should be a minimum number you hit every day you train.

    Failing to train daily leads to more injuries, due to the inconsistent recovery rates amongst different tissues. Daily training is training under fatigued muscles. If you take days off, the muscles recover faster than other soft-tissues, which increases the likelihood of injury.

    The only percentage that is important is what percentage of days you train each year. If you train three times per week, that’s 43% of total days. If you train seven days per week you’re at 100%. If you train twice a day, seven days per week, even better.

    Forget jump shrugs, high pulls, etc. Forget all assistance lifts, unless you want to become a master of assistance lifts. The classic full lifts take an immense amount of dedication to learn, so why waste energy on something that probably won’t carry over?

    Don’t take days off if you have access to train. Even if you’re incredibly sore, go in and do something. Squat something, at least the bar, for 30 reps or so. This will help the adaptation process progress faster. Anything you do is better than riding the couch.

    The lifter that can endure the most pain will be the most successful. This is the most important piece of advice contained within this article.

    When you train twice a day, you don’t get very tight and don’t need much stretching. Stretching is done while warming up by doing the Oly lifts with a bar for 2 – 5 minutes at the beginning of a session.

    Decent technique takes between two and ten months to develop with beginners, with an average of around six months.

    When the snatch or clean begins to lag behind the other, train the weaker one first. Switch the order and focus your power on the lagging lift.

    Hold the bar overhead for 3-5 seconds at the top of every overhead lift. This builds core strength and confidence.

    If you wait for a day to train when you feel good, you’ll lift about twice a year. Those days are rare. Your mind plays tricks on you. Learn to ignore it and keep training.

    You surely won’t PR every workout, sometimes not for months. Keep pushing both intensity and volume to continue progress. If you can’t take the tree down with one swing, keep taking smaller swings and it will eventually fall.

    Hang cleans and snatches should be reserved for training for “hang” competitions. I have never seen a hang competition but if you find one, then those lifts will be good for that.

        • I liked the article as well. I just put up at 770sq ft building and I have a 25k grant, going to get the coloured competition plates and practice lifts every day because I’m starting to like them, it’s taken awhile.

    • Read this article a while ago. I like holding heavy lifts overhead for a few seconds. And I totally agree with how the body lies to it’s owner. You may have some of your best lifts on days where you feel completely thrashed.

  2. Well hell, Brent; I liked it. Friend told me I should check this site out, and that little tidbit got my hamster running. Think I’ll stay awhile.

  3. Brent, I don’t understand why you posted the article or why anyone would be mad about it. Maybe I missed something.

    I like how people are beginning to misspell the workout “Elizabeth”.

    • no reason for the post. i found an old john broz interview, thought that it had some really good points and i wanted to share it. most people on here are more geared towards crossfit and some points of the article said some things that go against crossfit (plyo work, ohs etc.) thats all.

  4. BBG:
    1. Based off 250# (missed 1 at 90%, 2 at 80%)
    2. Based off 305 no misses

    first time doing this benchmark

  5. BBG:
    1. Based off 185 (only a few misses)
    2. Based off 235 (no misses)

    6:30 RX

    Did anyone else think that the 4 minutes of L-sits sucked balls?

  6. BBG:
    1. Based off 145# (missed 2 at 90%)
    2. Based off 205 no misses

    Conditioning: Bar dips

    No touch and go, more like reset every time,hard rubber plates with 0 bounce. Took my belt off the very last rep (shitty form) and re-injured my torn erector, fuck sakes.

    Midline: 2 mins, 1/2 on bar 1/2 boxes

  7. BBG
    Had a coach work with me today and tried to change some things in my initial pull. It was a shit show that had light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of misses today, but should help me in the long run
    1) from 180
    2) from 245




  8. BBG
    1) Off 235. 1 miss at 85%
    2) Off 320, still no jerks
    3) 3×3 push jerks @135, 3×3 @ 155
    Cond- 3:58
    Mid- 2min

  9. 1) 140-150-160-140
    2) 180-190-205-180

    None of these numbers have gone up in a while but the difference in technique between now and a month ago is huge.

    Cond 9:42 Rx, PR

    Mid done

  10. Oly:
    Snatch off 175#
    C&J off 215#
    (adjusted hands out about half an inch each, made a huge difference in getting under and locking the weight out overhead)



  11. Haven’t posted lately
    BBG all felt good. Missed a couple of snatches. Off 185 and 245
    3:31 pr by about a min
    Midline done

  12. Snatch – done off 107.5kg. Changed my second pull to keep my shoulders over the bar and acceleration through middle pull was drastically different.

    Clean and Jerk – done off 140kg

    Conditioning – 5:22 – 52 seconds slower than best.

  13. Oly
    A. 3 pos Snatch w/up EMOM 75 lbs -> 155 lbs by 10, then
    EMOM Squat Snatch 160/1 -> 210/1 by 5,
    B. Snatch High Pull 3×3 @ 210 with straps
    C. 3 pos C&J w/up Every 90 sec 140 160 180 200 220, then
    Every 90 sec Squat C&J: 230 240 250 260 270

    SSC: Every 2 mins for 10 rounds do:
    3x Push Press @ 185 (cleaned)
    2.5x Muscle Ups (3 for first 5 rounds, 2 for last 5; 25 total)
    Barefoot Run appx 100 m

    4:51 Rx’ed.

    Not fast at all, but faster than last time about 2 months ago @ 5:25.

  14. Snatch) %off 305# 245, 260, 275, 245. made some lifting straps out of an old belt. worked wonders. went 100% all the way up to my first single on the second round with 80%, took a mulligan and nailed 5 straight after that.

    Clean&Jerk) % off 330# 265, 280, 300, 265 hit 100%

    conditioning 6:08 rx

    midline: did 2:05 and then called it good,

  15. BBG
    1) 80kg, 87, 94
    2) 110kg, 114, 120

    3:56 breaks were a bit too long today. Not a PR.

    2min l-sit hangs
    2min ring l-sits

    10min HS walk practice.

  16. BBG
    SNT: based off 225# …hit all of them
    CJ: based off 280#…hit 80% for 3×1 and 5×1, but missed my 85% and 90% (wasnt feeling it today, but normally I can hit them :/)

    PR’d @ 4:00 RXd


  17. 1) 180, 190, 205/210, 185 all felt great
    2) clean, another story… based off 285
    Conditioning: 3:54

  18. BBG

    1) Based off 275#
    2) Based off 315#


    4:36 Rx’d. Too many rests.



  19. Snatch: 165-175-185-165 done.
    Cj: 205-215-230-205. Done. Ugh. Felt sloppy today.

    4:41 Rx. Ring dips got harder than I expected

    L sit- 4 min. Done

  20. BBG-

    -125lbs all lifts, just rehabbing the back. Taking it easy
    -145 same here, nothing crazy, my back is still bad



    Did 2min of half ass l-sits I could barley straighten my legs, then 2min of plank holds. Need more core work here

  21. HELP (if you know your stuff) . Ok. I know its for sure bad, but I need a recommendation. My Clean and Jerk is at 265 at the moment, but that is from power cleaning. I can only front squat 255. My back squat is only 285 last time I maxed around 3 weeks ago. As far as BBG goes, I struggle in squat cleaning the higher percentages. Should I back down and squat clean/snatch everything, or power clean/snatch since I can do more weight?

    • I squat everything unless specified. Has def helped me out. Even if you catch it in power, squat it from where you caught it then stand up.

  22. BBG:
    1) Done off of 240#. Missed 90% once.
    2) Done off of 275#. Felt good.

    3:12. PR by about 40 seconds

    Done, only took about 20 fucking minutes.

  23. BBG:
    Snatch, done
    CJ: had to do cleans only for last few sets; my shoulders are smoked

    Elisabeth: 3:41, that might be a PR: I can’t find the last time I did it in my book.

    L-sits, done, they suck

  24. BB Gymnastics:
    1) based on 190#
    2) based on 235# but only went to 195# on 90% jerks were easy still working sq clean

    7:32 Rx

    out of time

  25. Snatch based off 175#
    140, 150, 160, 140
    CnJ based off 230#
    185, 195, 210, 185

    Elisabeth-4:56 RX


  26. BBGym:
    1) Based off 160-failed at 90%
    2) Based off 210

    “Elizabeth” games version

    Midline: Hang L-sits


  27. BBG
    1) Done – No misses (Performed as Pwr Snatch, then OHS)
    2) Done – No Misses (Performed as Pwr Clean, then FS)

    Cond –
    3:30 (Had to stop a few times to readjust ring… one kept sliding lower)

    Did sets of 20-30 seconds Tuck sit… this is a MAJOR weakness and needs some work

  28. BBg
    Snatch based on 215#
    C&J based on 250#
    Conditioning- 4:42 (First Time)
    Kinda satisfied….

  29. 41/6’2″/205#

    1) Based on 110kg – Failed one of the 100kg 90% reps.
    2) Based on 135kg – Some good, some bad but no failures.

    Time: 4:03 – PR down from 5:51 in July, and 11:21 in 8/2007. heh

    Done and tough

  30. snatch off 240
    clean and jerk off 285

    cond- 3:19- I can’t hook grip because of my elf midget hands so it got bad on the forearms pretty quickly. Shoulda been faster but whatever can’t win em all.

  31. 1) Based off 235
    One fail at 90%. Made up rep
    2) based off 285
    One fail at 90% made up rep also.

    Ring dips were awful today.

    Did hollow rocks for midline.

    6/3/3 I hate Monday’s.

  32. BBG:
    1) Based off 200
    1 fail at 85%
    2) based off 255
    all successfull

    4:14 rx’d
    Luckily i killed the ring dips, broke more on the cleans then i wanted to

    Midline: wishfull thinking to go in 30 second incramints….. sucked ass, but done

  33. Snatch based off 235#- No misses. felt solid
    C&J based off 275#- No misses
    Elizabeth- 3:13. PR by 1:xx
    Midline- Done. damn near killed me. apparently lacking in this department

  34. BBG:
    Hit PR on Snatch- 225lb. After doing Outlaw for a short period of time have seen a tremendous improvement in my Snatch and Jerk. Mobility has been the main issue but have put on 50lbs on my full snatch in 3 months. Thank you Rudy, you’re the man.
    C&J- used percentages off 290. Did all power jerks.

    Conditioning: 3:10 rx

  35. BBG
    125-135-140-125 (no misses)
    Clean and jerk
    160- 170 (missed second jerk)- 180 missed jerk, missed clean- 160


    L-sits- took like 12 minutes to get it done.

  36. Coming off a comp this weekend…..sore, took the weights a bit lighter than posted




    2:54 – Easy…….Surpised how easy. more in the tank. Prob 2:40 range.

    Midline – sonovabitch…..forgot

  37. Wtf where are all the results from the ladies?! Only like 3 of us posting anymore?

    Sausage fest!

    • I was too embarrassed to share my numbers/times but I don’t want you to feel alone …

      Snatches: 113, 118, 123, 113 – I failed a fuck ton of them
      Cleans: 143, 153, 163, 143 – I couldn’t get the jerks at 163lbs

      Elizabeth: 7:30 – my shoulders were shot

      L-sits: my troll legs are heavy as shit

  38. No Lifting due to hip injury

    Conditioning – 4.54 : PB by 1.35, loving this programming, was the easiest I did cleans at that weight..

    Midline – again not done due to hip

  39. Snatch – off of 220# 1 miss at 185
    CandJ – off of 275# no miss

    Cond – Elizabeth – 4:09Rx

    Lsits suck

  40. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch: Based on 210, High Pulls Sub
    2) Clean & Jerk: Based on 265, no misses
    7:08 RX
    Took 10 sets, lol

  41. BBG
    off 205
    off 265

    Conditioning (got pulled into a birthday stupid crazy wod and was too sore to do wring dips but modified)
    Power clean 205
    Bar Muscle up

    was wrecked from Tabata GHD
    low score was 10

  42. 29/m/5’11″/180
    1) 165-175-185-165 (redo two reps at 185)
    2) 210-225-245-210 (failed one at 245)

    7:56 (PR) (focused on full lockout; ring dips are a major weakness, shoulder hurting)

    skipped- aaaaah end of the world

  43. BBG
    Snatches off #240, no misses
    C&J off #305, no misses

    2:55 – Rx’ed, :45 PR

    Done, took like 30:00….

  44. BBG
    1. Snatch – based off of 190#, failed a rep on last rep of 80%, just wasn’t focused, other reps were strong
    2. Clean and Jerk – based off of 255#, need to get stronger out of hole and get under the jerk


    done, need to do these more tough but good stuff

  45. Only one miss on BB work. Very please with that.

    Snatch based off of 230
    CandJ off of 295

    Condition 3:44

    Core – only did two minutes. four minutes becomes sloppy and counter productive.

  46. BBG:
    Sn: Off 165, Fail 3rd rep last set @ 80%. felt really good.
    C&J: Off 210, No Fail

    Cond : 6.46

  47. BBG:
    Snatch: 113-123-128-113
    C&J: 153-163-173-153

    10:32 – this is slightly embarassing. Ring dips are by far my biggest weakness in CF.

    2 mins done, had to rush to work.

  48. BBG:
    Snatch: off 115#. Hot with no problems at all.
    C&J: off 145#. Easy shit. My jerk is coming back after not feeling confident for a while.

    Conditioning: could not get access to the rings, because they we in the WOD of box, so made other conditioning:
    Push press@65#
    Time: 6:57min.

  49. bbg:
    snatch off of 155 missed 1 at 80%
    clean and jerk off of 185, made them all

    conditioning: 8:58 1:06 PR, psyched

  50. BBG:
    1) 75/80/85/80

    8:17 95lb and assisted dips

    Midline: completed

  51. BBG
    1- 150/160/170/155
    2- 205/215/230/205

    4:29 (PR)

    Midline – no parallettes, performed Ring L-Sit
    Completed, and that sucked.

  52. BBG:
    1) off 56kg
    2) off 59kg

    13:20 RX, having a hard time with the ring dips but wanted to do it RX’d, so took forever.

    Midline: done, hard

  53. BBG:
    1.) 170xfx1x1x1, 180xfx1x1, 190x1x1, 170x1xfx1x1x1x1
    2.) 200x1x1x1, 210x1x1, 225x1x1, 200x1x1x1x1x1



  54. BBG
    1. Based on 225 failed 1st rep at 90%
    2. Based on 275 failed final jerk at 85%
    5:12 about a min PR from July

  55. bbg
    1/ off 100kg no misses
    2/ off 125kg no misses

    3.42 rxd (power cleans i think that is ‘games version’)

    maybe later

  56. 1 – Strained an external rotator of the shoulder on Saturday so played it safe with some 45kg DB Snatch Left arm (weak side), 1 rep every 30 seconds for 12 reps.
    2- No C&J same as above

    5:27 Rx

    Dips slowly getting better but still suck.
    PC – 15/6, 8/7, 9
    RD – 9/6/6, 6/4/3/2, 3/1/2/1/1/1

    Accrued max time in 4 minutes instead, 1:30

    Light training day – to be honest hadn’t recovered from last week for some reason, I was beat today.

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