The gentlemen of the Outlaw Open provided far more “freak show” factor than the women. They put up the kind of gaudy numbers that I legitimately would not have believed if I hadn’t seen with my own eyes. Here are some of the highlights:

-Steve Pinkerton came in 2nd on the ME Pull-up test with a score of 56 reps, and won the final chipper by completing 15 Bar Muscle-Ups. Steve Pinkerton is every bit of 6’5″ and 245#. Steve is so tall that we had to raise one of the pull-up bars to almost 10′.

-When we ordered gear for the event, I told the boys at Functional Equipment that we’d need enough plates for our top men to have 500# available for the 5rm Deadlift. They looked at me like I was crazy. Derek Robinson pulled a 5rm of 525# with steel plates, and he lowered the last rep gently to the floor.

-Matt Hathcock finished 6th, 3rd, and 1st on the mile repeats. He did this by only losing 25 total seconds from the first mile to the last.

-Danny Nichols put up a 296kg total. He did this partially based on his 171kg Clean & Jerk. For those of you unfamiliar, that’s 376 pounds.

-Daniel Tyminski did all the Muscle-Ups in the 12-9-6 MU/FS workout unbroken. Matt Hathcock did all the Front Squats unbroken, at 250#.

-Easily the best battle of the weekend on the men’s side, was Courtney Wuistinger vs. Danny Nichols on the bench press. Danny hit 365 fairly early and waited to see where everyone else would go. Courtney didn’t get 375 loaded and ready until there was only about 1:30 left on the clock. Immediately after Courtney completed the lift (incredibly easily), Nichols loaded 385 and made it (easily also) with about 40 seconds left on the clock. Wuistinger rushed to add up to 390 on the bar, laid down with 10 seconds on the clock and barely missed the lift.


Now for nerd time…

The men’s side only produced one major statistical erection for me, but it’s a big one (sorry, couldn’t resist). The top 3 men finished the 2nd mile run 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, then they finished the 3rd mile 1st, 2nd, and 4th. If your mind is not officially blown right now, then maybe you don’t understand the sport or the test (or maybe I think about this stuff way too much).

This sport is not about who can work faster for 5 minutes. It’s about who can work relatively fast and efficiently for 5 minutes, then do it over and over again. The fact that the top 3 could stay close to an all-out mile pace for 3 miles, with basically a 1:1 work/recovery ratio, and 3 incredibly metabolically challenging tests in between, is simply proof of their overall fitness and massive engines.

Oh, by the way, Matt Hathcock put up a 274kg total (260# Snatch, 340# Clean & Jerk), and ran back-to-back sub 6 minute miles (and a 6:08 3rd). Sorry, but that’s absolutely mind blowing to me.

WOD 121207:


1) Every 45 seconds for 7:30 (22 total reps):

2 Banded Deadlifts @ 55% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension

Notes: The bar should be loaded with 55% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 25% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in this DEMO VIDEO

2) Bench Press: 1X8 @ 80%, 1X5 @ 90%, 2X3 @ 95%, 3X2 @ 100% – based off heaviest set from 121116, rest 60+ seconds.

Notes: All reps must be performed with the hips (ass) in contact with the bench.


4 rounds for total working time of:

90m Shuttle Run (15m down, 15m back X 3)
15 C2B Pull-ups
60m Shuttle Run (15m down, 15m back X 2)
15 Push Press @ 115/75#
30m Shuttle Run (15m down, 15m back X 1)

Rest 1:1


1a) 3XME UB T2B – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X10 Reverse Hypers – heavy, rest 45 sec.

74 thoughts on “121207

  1. Rudy (or anybody else who wants to share their two cents),
    Thank you for providing us with The Way. Your work is truly appreciated. I have been following religiously for over a year. I try to be a student of the game and learn as much as I can. Like you said in the Doctrine, i also really love Louie. I recently heard Louie say in a video that his athletes never perform conventional squats during training, only box squats. That being said, I am wondering why we do regularly perform conventional squats and never box squat. I am guessing this is one of the cases you mentioned in the Doctrine where we can only dive so far into the full conjugate method. I imagine it may have something to do with the difference in goals between power lifters and Outlaws. Power lifters box squat to get a huge squat. I’m guessing we conventional squat to build our cleans and snatches. Any thoughts/ideas/rebuttals on this topic?

    Happy lifting.

    • You have to understand that Westside is for geared powerlifters. They box squat and use accomodating resistance (bands/chains) in order to replicate the force curve you experience in gear, which is completely different from raw lifting. Raw lifters generally do not box squat because the mechanics are different. The box squat is a stable in geared powerlifting do the the lower stress at higher weights, but mainly due to replicating the force curve of squat suits. Box squats can be used for beginners to teach them how to sit back, but the effectiveness after that is debatable.
      Also, if you are a 100# squatter and 800#+ deadlifter, you just can not train those lifts at that level, even with full gear and being on cycle (yes, they are all on steroids and no, there is nothing wrong with it). The stress involved with moving that weights is such that you would not be able to recover, so they have developed ways to train around that.

  2. I’m fairly new to Outlaw Way, can some instruct me on what the 1:1 rest means?

    • Ryan, it means to rest the same amount of time it took to exercise. So if 1 round takes you 5 minute to complete, you would rest 5 minutes before starting the next round.

    • Rest = working time. If a round takes 3 minutes, rest 3 minutes before starting next round; 4:23, rest 4:23…

  3. Strength:
    Bench off 225#

    Total time: 8.53 as rx’d
    1) 1.50 2) 1.58 3) 2.35 4) 2.30

    T2B: 25/20/16
    RH: dont have conventional GHD only able to use bands. appx. 55# band tension at extension.

    Didn’t do deadlifts due to short timeline today. Had car trouble on way to the gym.

  4. DL- based off 360 1RM
    205 +Blue and purple band each side
    BP- Based off 240
    195, 215, 230, 240

    METCON- 2:00, 2:00, 2:07, 2:14= Totaly working time of 8:21 RX (UB except last 5 push press)
    MIDLINE-3×10 Reverse Hypers (laid reverse on GHD) purple band, red band, red band
    3xME T2B- 18,10,11

  5. Strength:
    1. Based off 455#
    2. Based off 245#

    Total Working Time = 8:24 (2:06 + 2:04 + 2:07 + 2:07)

    1a. 11, 12, 13
    1b. GH Raise instead

  6. Partner death by wallball as a show and go warmup.
    1) 245+bands
    2) Off 245
    1:59, 2:01, 2:15, 2:19
    Very happy to be able to do push press again

    No time for midline today

    • In my second year of grad school, just realized my emoticon picture is exactly how I feel right now…

  7. Haven’t had any alcohol in the last 5 weeks, had couple of ciders last night which was enough to make me buzzed. Feel sluggish today & all power/strength felt like sh&t. Conditioning wasn’t too bad, hardest part was motivating myself to start it.

    A. 3x High Pull from Hang + Hang Power Snatch (UB; lbs) 75->165 by 10
    B. 3x High Pull from Hang + Hang Power Clean + Jerk (UB) 145 165 185 205

    Front Squat 185 235 295 325f 225 285 325ff – got 319 last week, wanted to be a bit greedy & get some more but just couldn’t quite get it. Prepped on Tue with some HBBS 5×1 @ 319 which were real easy, but alas.
    Bench Press 165 185 205 225 245 – was slow & hard, even though did 250/1 x5 sets on Mon. Happy with 275 last friday though. Next month.

    Total Time: 6:43 Rx’ed. Rounds: 1:46, 1:42, 1:39, 1:36.

    TTB: 15, 15, 12
    Reverse Hyper 3×10 @ 200 lbs

    Recovery week is almost over. Glad it is. It’s necessary but damn boring.

  8. What’s everyone’s favourite pre-workout meal/drink? Do you ever workout fasted?

    I usually work out fasted first thing in the morning, the night before I have a carb heavy meal. I know this isn’t optimal for performance, but I always feel fairly good.

    Bench off 260, failed second rep on second set of 260. Killed the last set? hmm. Rested about 3 mins here.

    Total time: 10:32 as rx’d (did longer runs by accident)
    1) 2:36 2) 2:38 3) 2.38 4) 2.30

    T2B: 27/13 only 2 sets since I haven’t done many of these.
    RH: forewent, back still resting.

  9. Strength
    1) 245# + red and green bands
    2) based on 205#

    TWT: 10:16

    1a) 15, 10, 10
    1a) 45#

  10. Kyle – I always workout fasted. And the night before meal is low carb for me. I turn into a fat tub real quick since I used to weigh 255-260 when came back from Russia.

  11. Rudy, I completely agree with the mind being blown. These aren’t little runners doing sub 6 min miles, these are big lifters running their balls off. very fucking impressive

    1) 225 + Red and Purple
    2) from 245, bonked on the last set of 2

    2:55, 2:59, 2:42, 2:51

    no time (fuck you work)


  12. Str –

    1) off 485
    2) off 275

    Cnd –


    Midline –

    1a) 25, 17, 18
    1b) did back extensions , no reverse hyper

  13. DL: based off 600 so 150kg + band tension
    Bench: done

    Skipped conditioning; have a lil mini comp tomorrow w/ 3 wods so I will do that.
    T2B: 21, 18, 17 – damn hands kept slipping off our fat bar
    rev hypers done.

  14. Is there a way to get the same effect as banded deadlift without the bands. My gym doesn’t have a way to set these up. Or should I just do deadlift at a higher percentage? Any help would be appreciated!

    • i stand on a 20kg plate. i loop a band over the bar and under the plate. i minus 10% for the deficit on bar weight. seems to work ok you just have to re adjust the band every now and then. i suppose i’ll find out how well it works when we re test. worth a try

  15. 40th birthday wod today… Old as F today….

    Deads off a #535 max
    Bench off a #425 max


    TTB – 25, 15, 15
    Good mornings – #185

  16. Strength
    1) based on 475 = 245# + red and green bands
    2) based on 205#

    Didn’t pay attention to time rest was close to 1:1 had to get done before class started
    unbroken on all push press except round 2 was very happy with my chest to bar today.

    1a) 11
    1a) 45#

    1) 275 + bands
    2) Based on 270

    1:55, 1:52, 2:03, 2:05 = 7:55

    Just did three sets of 20 T2B

  18. Well back at it today. I have a “frozen” SI joint on my right side. It makes my back very tight, but I started physical therapy on Monday to fix it. My low back has given me lots of troubles here recently.

    Off 400
    Off 265 I failed all the 100% sets, shit was hard.


    Really inconsistent, I came out fast and fucking hit a wall after round 2. I took 6 days off due to back injury, so that’s why I felt sluggish.


    Back extensions on GHD

  19. Some observations I had:
    Steve Pinkerton could’ve benched 400#
    Matt Hathcock got 7th on the Row- very solid considering the size of some of the other athletes.
    Danny Nichols elbow barely grazed his knee on his 2nd C&J attempt so it was a no lift. I suspect he would’ve gone up 5-10 kg and hit it for his last attempt.
    Steve Pinkerton is really really good.

  20. STR
    1) off 490
    2) off 265

    1:40, 1:45, 1:55, 1:59

    20, 15, 15
    Reverse Hypers done on GHD with medball

  21. Wednesday’s rowing
    3:30, 3:29, 3:30

    Deadlifts based off 240kg
    Bench based off 120kg but no time for the 3*2@100%

    Misread and did thrusters instead of push press, only time for 2 rounds

    MFS = 343

  22. strength
    deadlift: %off 585
    bench: %off 340

    finished in 18:39 total time including rest. rounds were 2-3 min

    1.5 hr Oly session with Oly lift guru Dave Chiu yesterday, skipped midline

  23. Strength:
    1) 225#, blue band
    2) 200#, 225#, 240#, 250#
    2:17, 2:23, 2:17, 2:21
    TWT – 9:18
    *regular pullups due to low overhead
    1a) 7, 7, 7
    1b) done

  24. Strength

    1. 300 + Bands
    2. Not today.


    Did Isabel and Diane just because. Almost threw up for like 30 minutes

    Isabel : 1:37

    5 min rest

    Diane : 1:50, last 9 deadlifts felt heavier than my max.

  25. Str
    1- off 460
    2- off 225

    9:58 working time

    T2b- 20/17/14 (this was surprising, normally get more, grip was failing)
    RH- subbed hip extension on GHD. Last week i subbed glute ham raise and i think that was too much. This was good but coulda done a little more. Will add wgt next time to get closer to proper stimulus.

  26. Strength:
    1) Based off 425
    2) Based off 185-did a 10-1 latter the other day on bench, screwed me over tonight. All sets complete through 95%, then did 6 singles at 100%

    2:30, 2:40, 3:05, 2:49 =10:24 total time
    *strict yoke pull-ups

    T2R: 20, 15, 15
    Straight leg DL’s aka EA DL’s: 205


  27. Strength
    1) 205 with black band strapped to feet in sumo stance to stretch band taught
    2) based off 220


    T2B 20-20-20
    Rev Hyper 100#-100#-100#

  28. DL- 155# bar weight with blue bands
    Bench- 90, 105, 110, 115

    3:35, 3:43, 4:04, 4:56

    totally forgot about midline

  29. 1) 205 with sm blues.
    2) based off 215.
    Failed second rep on 100% sets.

    Subbed ghd situps x 20
    Good morning 115 125 125

  30. Strength

    1) 275 from 4 inch deficit. No bands.
    2) No bench today.


    – 7:58 Total Rx’d (Unbroken, first time butterfly on C2B)

    No Midline (Lazy)

  31. DL – 245+bands
    Bench – 205/225/235/245/255/245 Went back down on the last set because I wanted to work on keeping my elbows tucked and retracted. As the work becomes maximal I have the tendency to flare out and I really have been trying to work on fighting that lately.

    cond – 1:58 2:20 2:25 2:30 Haven’t felt this shitty in a while from a workout, ate chocolate milk and reeses puffs right before though, almost threw up for like 30 mins. Pullups and running were the weak point in this for sure, need to do more pulling stuff. Don’t judge me on the food I woke up extremely hungry and for some thats all the food I had! 🙁

    mid line
    t2b – 20/15/12 grip sucked
    no reverse hyper so hip extensions with a 25lb weight focusing on using the glutes/hammies and as little low back as possible.

    awesome day. Love this programming.

  32. Strength

    1) @250 no bands (80%)

    2) Based off 190
    Made up Tuesdays WOD yesterday and my chest and tris are fucked!


    Push Press @ 95



    Will make up later

  33. 41/6’2″/204#

    1) 275# w/green rage bands
    2) 200/230/240/255# – ass came off on last rep of 2’s. Ass down on last 2 but required assistance for 2nd rep.

    C: Measured distance for shuttles
    2:03 – Broke C2B’s at 11
    2:03 – Broke C2B’s at 11

    Total: 7:47 as rx’d

    T2B: 20/14/11
    RHypers: Done

    I figure it’s a good workout when you have to use you’re car alarm to find your truck in the parking lot. 🙂

  34. 29/m/5’11″/180
    1) 275 (blue bands)
    2) 180-205-215-225

    2:37 2:46 2:43 2:34 = 10:40 (18:46 w rest)

    1a) 12-8-10 (bad)
    1b) gray band on GHD

  35. Strength
    1) Banded deadlifts – 175 (up 15lbs from last week)
    2) Bench – worked off 160 and was a shit show. Last week felt way better.

    Total = 14:08

    Midline – check.

  36. STR
    1) 295# no bands
    2) based off 225#


    1a) 15 / 10 / 10
    1b) 45# DB between feet

  37. 1) 185 w/ purple bands
    2) based off 150, made all lifts

    Total: 11:47

    T2b: 17-15-15
    Rh: done

  38. Strength:
    1) 55kg + blue band
    2) off 45kg

    Something like 4:27, 4:40, 4:20, 4:26 RX

    a) could only do appr. 11 each round due to sore hands but did 35 leg raises immediatly after since midline didn’t feel anything from only 11 t2b
    b) did on a ghd with a 10kg DB

  39. strength
    deadlift 105 +25%
    bench 5×5 @87.5

    3.00/2.30/2.25/2.06 total time= 10.01 rxd

    ttb 10/10/10 strict

  40. Strength
    365#, no bands. Need to figure out a way to do these Rx’d

    total time was 18:35 including rest, each round about 2:30-2:42

    T2B – 15,10,11, low back very tight here
    Good mornings – 95#

  41. Strength:
    1.) 235 + Bands
    2.) 165×8, 190×5, 200x3x3, 210x2x2x2

    2:16, 2:21, 2:45, 2:40 – all unbroken

    1a.) 21, 14, 16
    1b.) 40# DB between feet on GHD

  42. Str –
    1) Speed DL – 265#
    2) Done

    Cond – Done as Lactic Endurance Sets with some prep for competition next week
    4 sets – Shuttle, 10 PP 135#, 10-24″ BJ, 15 C2B Pull Up, Shuttle – Rest 6:30

  43. Strength
    1. 365 no bands
    2. Bench based off 250, failed last rep last set
    3:32, 3:10, 3:15, 3:15
    Total time 13:12
    Those C2B really killed me today.

    No midline

  44. Everyone so fast on conditioning!
    I didn’t have space to run 15m. So I did 10m there and 10m back x4+10m/x3/x1+10m. Everything else rx. Broke c2b pullups and PP into 8 an 7. It was really hard to breathe.

  45. strength
    1/ off 200kg
    2/ off 100kg

    twt 8.04 rxd

    a/ strict t2b 17,15,14
    b/ back extensions 3×15 10kg

  46. DL
    102.5kg + 3cm wide bands

    80, 90, 95 for both, 100 for all three

    Conditioning (did ttb since I had done c2b by 80 earlier in the week as an EMOM)

    Ttb broke 10/5 last two rounds.

    Rev Hyper done @ 100kg

  47. 1) 2 DL @ 205# w/50# weight vest (don’t have banded setup )

    4 rounds: (PP @ 75#) 12:10

  48. Strength

    1) Banded Deadlifs: 280lbs + 25% Tension
    2) Bench Press: 180/195/205/215
    Will have to make up
    1a) 3XME UB T2B – 16/17/14
    1b) 3X10 Reverse Hypers – 140lbs

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