Not enough time today to properly sit down with the men’s numbers, but we’ll be back to nerd time tomorrow for sure.

Got an update from Paul Estrada…

Wanted to update you on my lifts. My snatch has gone up 35lbs since the “Doomsday Tour”. Got 285 about a week and a half ago. Felt really good so figured 300 would be in the near future! This past weekend I tested again. Hit 290 first try and decided to go for 300. Little bit of a ambitious jump but when you’re feeling good you’re feeling good! Took me three tries but I got it! Thanks again for all the help on the tour and for the programming!

Elisabeth’s recap of the Outlaw Open: It’s a Game of Inches.

The Lifestyle Leprechaun is back, and this time it’s to shit on one of my favorites—Diet Coke. Great, next thing you know someone will say The Baconator is bad for you. Read: Mmm…may I have some poison with that?

WOD 121206:

Rest day.

14 thoughts on “121206

  1. Paul…sick work man good job. also good use of the “fuck yeah” at the end of that video I believe

  2. Hey Outlaws,
    If you were unable to get to the Open in Palm Springs, you can still get your own piece of the epic event by purchasing a 2012 Outlaw Open tshirt. Head over to the Outlaw webstore and pick yours up. Quantities are limited (basically what we had left over from the weekend). Buttery soft AMERICAN APPAREL men’s tees and women’s tanks are only $20! They may even still smell like California palm trees and snatches…

    -Tim, the Gear Guy

  3. Started the Outlaw Way’s programming on Sunday. My muscles have felt good and invited each days movements with open arms, the programming is amazing. Im sure as hell not complaining that today is rest day though, because my Hamstrings feel tore up from the floor up.


    Completed. twice

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