We’re in the midst of tearing down and packing up after the inaugural Outlaw Open. I don’t really have time to put together a proper post, but I will take the time to give some thanks.

First, I’d like to thank Gary Carpenter and his wife Trisha. Without them the event absolutely would not have happened, and Gary was the glue that held the whole event together. I cannot believe we pulled off an event of this size in basically 5 weeks, and it would not have happened without them.

Next I’d like to thank Chris and Alec from Functional Equipment, Johnathan Haynes from Media Playground, and Michael Winchester. Our equipment was perfect, we streamed the entire event live, and Winchester simply did everything. Again, it seemed impossible to pull it off, but we did, and it would not have happened without these guys.

Finally, I’d like to thank the judges and volunteers who gave us their time throughout the weekend. Again, the event would not have been possible without you.

Check out the link to the site for more info from the weekend.

WOD 121203:

The Outlaw Open Final.

20 Hang Squat Snatches 115/75#
50 Double-Unders
30 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
50 Double-Unders
40 T2B
60′ Burpee Broad Jumps
40 BB Step-Ups 20″ 115/75# (front rack, alternating legs)
50 Double-Unders
30 Double KB Snatches 24/16kg
50 Double-Unders
20 Bar Muscle-Ups

For time.

*Strict 20 minute time limit.

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  1. Awesome comp this weekend, Rudy! I am mad stoked to tackle this pyramid chipper! Thank goodness I don’t have two full days of WODs leading into it – maybe that 20 min time cap is within sights.

  2. 3 months into Outlaw Way and decided it was time to start posting my wods, thanks to Gerald Sasser and Dave….

    Made it all the way through 30 BB step-ups RX within the 20 min time cap.

  3. The Outlaw Open Final:
    17 Double KB Snatches

    After watching that WOD last night, I have a lot of respect for those who made it to the bar muscle ups especially after the weekend they had prior to that final. I broke on every set of double unders which didn’t help my time. My midline was surprisingly fine afterward. Just needed more of a push, did it alone.

  4. 12 BB stepups

    “After watching some of the fittest people in the world get absolutely crushed by this WOD I was so excited to try it!”…..said no one ever

  5. Brutal!! Motivated to get crazy on this today! So is this week a start to a new cycle? Or does anyone happen to know how the next 3 months leading to the open might look? Just curious…

  6. This is recovery/pr week so testing new oly drills for next month & getting PR’s. Volume of work is reduced quite a bit.

    A. 3 pos Squat Snatch (UB, no straps) EMOM 75 lbs/3 -> 135/3 by 10, then
    Every 2 mins: 145/3 155/3 165/3 175/3 185/3
    B. 3×5 Hang Snatch High Pulls @ 185 with straps
    C. 3 pos Clean + Jerk (UB) 145 165 185 205 225

    Push Press 135/1 -> 235/1 by 10 lbs; 245/1pr 250/f 250/1 pr!

    Outlaw Final
    4 Bar Muscle Ups.

  7. I’m drinking the OW Kool-Aid so I hope this comes across as “constructive” and not “a-hole” but, yeah, the live stream (at least yesterday, when I finally had a chance to tune in) did come off nicely but the website was badly lacking.

    The “Competitors” link was never updated after it was first posted. I still have no idea who all ended up competing in the event.

    The events page(s) were never updated with scores (that I could tell). Heck, it’s the morning after and there’s no announcement there (or here) about who even won the event (let alone who placed where, or who did how well on which WODs).

    The website will always be the primary source of event info for interested folks (I’m sure the CF Games pages get exponentially more hits than does their live stream links) and it just never worked.

    Just a wee bit of attention (that coulda been farmed out to any 14 year old keyboard jockey you could find) would of made it much much easier for folks to engage with the OO.

    Anyhow, all that aside, I’m stoked the event came off, super excited about the possibility of the OO blowing up over the coming years and very appreciative to Rudy and the OCF/OW community for their contributions over the last year.


    • The live stream and everything was completely free, like Rudy said it was all thrown together in about 5 weeks. I was following all weekend and had absolutely no problem following along, and found it extremely entertaining/motivating, so i’m not sure why you had so much trouble with it?

    • To find out who was competing and where everyone placed, you could have clicked on the link that was on the left hand side of this exact website. It read “Click here for live outlaw open scoring”. In fact it is still there now. Now take the fingers that you used to type this ignorant post, curl them into a fist, and then cockpunch yourself 100 times. I guess they don’t teach every 14 year old how to read previous posts to figure out how to find things either.

  8. The Outlaw Open Final:

    114 DU’s
    -Rx except I only have 1KB, so I subbed 105# BB thrusters. I understand that may have made it easier, still fun.

    Congratulations to Matt, I was following all weekend and thought he definitely deserved to win, he’s a beast.

  9. Congrats to Dave Corn and Melissa Hurley. I’ve had to pleasure to compete and make a run at the worlds fittest team in 2011. Nice job you two, keep working!

  10. Did not have a smile on my face to tackle this…

    22 Barbell step ups (RX). Thanks again Rudy for all the work you put into this

  11. Huge thanks Rudy, Gary, Chris from Functional Equipment, Ty Hansen who did the scoring, Winchester, Dan, and all other people who gave their time and efforts to make this weekend happen, it was a great competition!

  12. Hey Y’all,
    Great job on the OO- the live feed was greatly appreciated and streamed on my computer pretty much non-stop, even when the picture of CLint was up, lulz. The live commentary and the fact that the commentator, sometimes Rudy, could answer questions from fans watching the stream was stellar, absolutely stellar! It made this CF event truly something of the 21st century: hard ass working athletes and decent technology. Totally rad – THANKS!

    OO final chipper thang:
    13 double KB snatches.
    – i told my crew if I got to kb snatches, i would quit, but they wouldn’t let me, so I crawled from DUs to KBs, true story to waste time. (read as make every attempt not to vomit in the gym!)
    Good push. THanks!

  13. Got to 25 BB Step Ups RX… Brutal. Did work on strict muscle ups after and was able to get in 12.

  14. OMG…..are you joking, I think I puked inside few times during this wod, especially havbing in mind that I was sick all weekend and did not workout for 3 days…..I regretted every second of since I started WOD, surprisingly the easiest part were burps…never though to say that. Did not finish it on time. Got 10 DU after step ups, RX though…however, I did finish workout just to know what would have waited me after DU and I found that the double KB snatches were hardest part, my forearms are blue now…seriously? who invented this exercise?

  15. Made it to 15 KB Snatches RX at 20 minute.. Tough one.. Had never done those type of snatches before..

  16. I have 2 tickets to Austin workshop for sale. Any takers? Dates are February 27-March 1…just in time to up your game for The Games Open beginning on March 6!

  17. RX- made it through 30 BB step-ups @ 20min mark- kept going- 38:52 to finish everything- bar muscle-ups smoked me at the end!!

  18. Got through 30 double unders after the step ups…holy hell that was terrible. I cant imagine doing that after 5 events like they men and women did this weekend. Shout out to those athletes who competed. That was one hell of an impressive competition to watch Rudy. Wow. Still amazed.

  19. subbed hang squat cleans for snatches due to messed up thumb. completed 31 bb step-ups.

  20. watched all day yesterday (9hrs in total i think haha). feed was great, was happy to see it even though im in canada! thanks Rudy, to the athletes and everyone else who helped put on the show. It was great! Spencer you did an awesome job with the commentating!

  21. Had to scale to 95 lbs also used that for thrusters. Got 30 step ups. Been doing main site for over a year but just started with Outlaw. Loving the BB gymnastics work.

  22. got through 22 kb snatches.
    I can’t seem to not suck when its more than 10 mins. The step ups took me an absurd amount of time. Just no push today.

  23. Got through 3 KB snatches. I spent too much time on those damn step ups!
    Great job putting together the Outlaw Open, very cool competition.

  24. Thanks to all the judges, volunteers and organizers of the OO! It was an awesome venue with the American Open going on next door! Thankful I was able to attend, compete, and meet all the ridiculous athletes.

  25. 10 bb step ups.

    *subbed 145# BB thruster for KB thruster (no KBs at home)

    *a bit more tired than sore today. noddin’ off at random times throughout, dragged my butt out to the garage to do the WOD. I was excited to see this WOD when I woke up this morning but I was fighting my body all day. I pretty much just went through the motions.
    **this weekend was drill weekend, late to sleep/early to rise…go go go all day.

    • Hey I know you! Aren’t you the guy I train with every day? ..I sure hope so or it would be a crazy coincidence your name is Patrick Harlow and you got the same score as my training partner who is also named Patrick Harlow..

  26. Finished up the DUs after the step ups..I haven’t felt that uncomfortable in a WOD in a long time haha

  27. Modified some of the weights because I’m a noob to this, but made it to 30 BB step ups. Finished the rest off the clock just to complete it. May not lift big like the girls, but definitely getting stronger.

  28. did 10×1 Snatch, rest 30sec at 185
    then 5×1 c&j at 225, rest 30sec

    then wod, go thru 30kbs snatches. finished up in 25:53 sucked at bar mus.
    i think the toughest movement was the kb thrusters and kb snatches. step ups took a while too tho.

  29. Through 40 double unders before snatches, just lost mental strength and rested too much. Very tough one.

  30. 33 BB step ups Rxd

    I was a bad girl and kept going for 30min. and got to 4 Bar Muscle Ups. Couldn’t help myself.

  31. 11 KB Snatches (as my gym only has one 24kg KB – had to use one KB and one 50# DB for thrusters and snatches all else as Rx)

  32. 1 kb snatch
    pretty dissapointed with this but just had no dig today. friday, saturday and sunday xmas parties +drinking + little sleep = no dig when it gets tough on monday. good to blow the cobwebs out though.

  33. I sucked at this one.

    Thru 22 step ups. Those killed me only 4 at a time. Shoulders and legs fried

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