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I have found the holy grail of Jerk blocks, and they come to us directly from the homeland of my people and Outlaw 1f—Ireland. The boys at CrossFit Ireland always had the best set of plyo boxes I’d ever seen, but when they added an attachment to turn them into Jerk blocks, I very nearly soiled myself with joy. I asked Colm to shoot a video of them, and he has promised that if you email him at Colm@CrossFit.ie, he will send plans to every single person.


Outlaw Open competitors, if you have not registered yet please do so immediately. We need all your registrations to make heats and figure out judging. PLEASE register right away.

WOD 121126:

BB Gymnastics

1) Snatch: 10X1 @ 80% – rest 30-60 seconds.
2) Clean & Jerk: 10X1 @ 80% – rest 30-60 seconds.


Run 800m
5 Bar Muscle-Ups
9 Hang Squat Clean to Thrusters 135/95#
Run 400m
7 Bar Muscle-Ups
7 Hang Squat Clean to Thrusters 135/95#
Run 200m
9 Bar Muscle-Ups
5 Hang Squat Clean to Thrusters 135/95#

For time.

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  1. Does anyone do Bar MU on the single bar side of a Dirty South bar? I’ve neve tried, always figured I’d hit some part of my body somewhere.

  2. First day of Outlaw.
    Snatch 10×1 @ 47.5kg
    Clean & jerk 10×1 @ 55kg

    Scaled to jumping bar muscle ups
    HSC to thruster @ 40kg

  3. Hello everyone,

    I had some doubts about the today’s WOD, I would be very glad with someone could help me.

    First one, in the BB Gymnastics the weight of the snatch was light enough to catch it in a half squat position, what should I do in this case: Do a power snatch, slow down the second pull to catch it in a full squat position (does not sounds good to me) or catch it as low as possible then go to a full squat .

    Second one, I am a pretty experienced crossfit with a good strength, I can strike ten ctb pull-ups in a row and more than twenty ring dips, but I cannot do a single bloody muscle-up either in the bar or the rings. I pull high enough to touch my belly in the bar but I fail to turn over it. I am getting very pissed as I see a lot of people weaker and less experienced than me do it.

    There is any progression that The Outlaw Way recommends? For now as my problem is in the turn-over I decided to scale the muscle-ups with a box, or with a rowing to muscle-up so I do not skip the transition as in the traditional scale (3pull-ups and 3 ring dips), any one has a better option?

  4. Snatch all at 80kg – no misses
    C&J all at 110kg – no misses

    Then did a PT test at the academy – 12min running – got 3000m (worst result in a long time)

    Then conditioning:
    MU were 5, 4/3, 3/3/2/1
    Clean thrusters all unbroken.

  5. BBG:
    Snatch: went up to 47,5kg
    C&J: went up to 50kg

    Had to stop at the first set MU’s due to shoulder injury that became much worse after trying for a while and did ring rows and dips instead and fs instead of thrusters. Lost time but believe it was somewhere around 15-17min.

  6. Are there any experienced Outlaw’ers out there that have seen a decrease in Met-Con capacity?

    I have been following The Way now since June…of course my strength numbers are up but I feel like each Met-Con is getting harder and am loosing my lungs quickly.

    Just curious if anyone else experienced this, and more importantly, when is it time to start worrying considering the goal is kick ass in the Open and make Regionals. Thanks much,


      • Trust me I’ve read it…multiple times. I just wanted to see if anyone had some insight on what to expect closer to the Open. Sort of need to to be talked off the ledge not to “jump ship” …I am loving the program and getting stronger but want to make sure I am best prepared for something like, say, 7 min of burpees… That is all, thanks for everything.

        • I’d say if you know you have a whole in your training then you should add it in. This is a free service. He isn’t individualizing a program for everyone. I believe you can get that (remote training) for a fee.

    • We are in a building phase, so the programming is working perfectly based by what you are experiencing. Conditioning will be ramped up closer to the open, programming will reflect this the closer we get to the open. Be patient.

    • I’m actually experiencing the same thing and i have been folllowing about the same amount of time. I don’t know if I have lost any time on my metcons but I know they feel a lot harder now.

    • I am experiencing an increase in my met-con capacity when I do regular WODs at my box or in competitions. I think the outlaw conditioning is way harder than what you typically see. For example doing 50 50# KB swings and then C2B in outlaw and I’m spent, but then go do Helen and I feel like I’m flying. Also I’m such a better lifter now, plus being stronger, so when I do a wod with a lighter weight, it’s easier because I am stronger but also my lifts are more efficient so I’m more likely to go UB for the round.

      I think if you are following the program as written, you should be moving upwards on all aspects. You will experience peaks and valleys but, overall your fitness should be increasing.

  7. BBG
    1) 145
    2) 195

    17:13 (best my bar MU’s have ever been)

    Felt like a beached fucking whale after 4 days of sitting on my ass while eating and drinking beer

  8. Oly:
    A. 3x Power Snatch (UB; narrow landing; kilos): EMOM 45/3×2 50/3×2 55/3×2 60/3×2 65/3×2, then every 90 seconds: 70/3 75/3 80/3 85/2 85/3 (187 lbs), then
    Every 30 secs for 5 mins do 1 Power Snatch @ 85 kg

    B. 3x Power Clean & Jerk (UB cleans): 60 70 80 90 100 (220 lbs), then
    Every 30 secs for 5 mins do 1 PC&J @ 100 kg

    SSC: Every 2 mins for 20 mins do
    3x Push Press @ 195 lbs (cleaned)
    4x Muscle Ups
    100 m Barefoot Run

    Today was the first time I messed this one up. Did first 7 rounds ok, but then started opening up on the right wrist. Finished all the sets but ran over the time a bit.
    Next week is taper, so going to probably change Monday oly drills & back off some of the extra stuff.

    13:01 Rx’ed.

    Everything was real slow. Bar MU on the Dirty South rig. Really need to get the single pull-up bar.

  9. Bbg:
    1)190 off 240 no misses every 30 sec
    2)245 off 305 no misses every 60 sec
    Conditioning 10:34 rx everything unbroken this program is crazy how much it’s working for me thanks Rudy!

  10. BBG:

    1) 110#
    2) 170#

    115# clean thruster
    5 BMU’s each round (new to them)
    Treadmil for runs (I live in Canada)

    Time: 12:00, good scaling to end right on 12:00.

    All in all, lovely.

  11. conditioning
    14:49 rx

    21 bar MU Pr by 20 reps. Bar MU on the Dirty South rig – takes mad skillz to keep my face safe.

  12. Haven’t posted in a couple of months


    Did CJ first today bc training partner wanted to try something different:

    Snatches @ 195 1 miss but made up immediately

    C&J 245 no misses

    Conditioning: 12:10 with about an 880m run (guestimated distance)

    MU: UB, UB, 5/3/1

    Squat Clean Thrusters all UB

    • Good to see you posting! Looks like my time off was good, as our numbers are almost identical right now!

  13. bbg
    snatches @ 140(all squat snatched)
    c&J @ 190 (some power/some squat)

    was able to string bar mu’s together for the first time

  14. 1) 135 across
    2) 185 across

    Cond 17:22 Rx
    failed a lot of BMUs but they are improving significantly because they are showing up more, funny how that works.

  15. female/120/5’3″

    bb gymnastics

    1) 105
    2)135 all felt very easy surprisingly


    20:10 rx … I am better at ring MU’s then bar now… never had this problem.. bar MU’s killed me.

  16. Hey guys just curios where I can get those sick boxes in the video from today. Can anyone help a brother out?

  17. I’ve been nursing a lingering back injury for the past 3 weeks. Really killing me how bad its setting back training.

    Today I felt ready to get back into it after lots of PT and the rest from holiday.

    Snatch: 180
    -Ow, my fucking back.
    Clean: 240 -ow my fucking back – no Jerk.

    Back to mobility work, PT, and fish oil.

    Back soon hopefully.

  18. BBG-
    Snatch-135×5, felt way too light, 140×3, 145×2, 150×2
    C&J-155×5, 160×5
    24:24 as rxed all MU UB. The squat celans to thrusters killed me.

  19. Snatch: 60kg
    Clean&jerk: 90

    Did another wod, team wod:
    10 push press 60kg
    20 power clean
    30 front squat
    40 burpee over the bar
    50 t2b
    And down again from 50 t2b

  20. bbg
    snatches at 105#
    clean and jerks at 135#

    scaled to mu progressions- 17:31

  21. BB Gym:

    1) Snatch @ 165#; 5# heavier than my current 1RM 80% + 1 rep bonus
    2) C&J @ 205#; 15# heavier than my current 1RM 80% + 1 rep bonus


    23:11 Rx

  22. bbg-
    1. 185#
    2. 225#
    conditioning- 9:25 with slightly longer runs

    Paced a little too much. I really thought those squat clean thrusters would be harder. Should have gone unbroken. Next time….

  23. 1st post but have been following for a while, love the program
    snatches: 150#
    C & J: 205

    13:31 Rx (sub rowing for runs cause left my cold gear at the house)

  24. BBG: since I keep missing Saturday 1RM days due to CF events I decided to do them today.

    1) Snatch 140#… 10# increase and new PR
    2) Clean and Jerk 170#… Also 10# increase and new PR.

    16:27 Rx

  25. BBG


    Everything UB, except 7 hscthruster went 4/3, and the last set of m-ups went 4/3/2. Was finally much better at the bar muscle ups than usually, figured out how to string these together better.

  26. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 150# with 2 fails
    2) 185# power clean – front squat – jerk/ working stiff rack position for squat clean still can’t force myself under bar from ground. getting mental

    18:08 with ring muscle ups

  27. BBG
    1) 155
    2) one pull at 205, slammed into the bruise on my shoulder, felt like hell, skipped the rest. i was pulling in such a way to “protect” and i was moving slower than I should’ve to “protect.” all bad things so i jumped ship for the day.

    15:58 (very aware of each “catch,” broke all squat clean thrusters into singles)

  28. 1) @195
    2) @225


    11:50 rx
    Bar MU’s were unbroken. broke the cleansters up in half.
    run was really slow felt sick

  29. 41/6’2″/204

    1) 200#
    2) 245#

    Conditioning: with Ring MU’s instead of bar. Last time we did bar MU’s with that rope climb, it fired up the shoulder. It was either the heavy C&J that day, the rope climb or bar mu’s. Cutting them out of the equation tonight.

    Time: 12:49 – MU’s were pain free with very fast turnover. Decided not to tng thrusters today.

  30. Snatch @ 115lbs
    Clean and Jerk @ 165 lbs

    18:57 rx
    *failed multiple times on 9 muscle ups

  31. BBG:

    1.) 175
    2.) 230



    -Bar muscle ups were a lot easier than expected, only broke once.


  32. Didn’t do any snatch/C&J as I maxed out on sunday for new 1RMs…. Finally hit 180# at 155# body weight.

    12:08 RX (accidentally did 9 MU on first set vs the 5)

  33. 29/m/5’11″/180
    1) 165 (couple fails)
    2) 210 (all squat)

    14:21 (5UB MU on each round, happy with those, broke up thrusters too much)

  34. Bbg
    Snatch based of 80kg no misses
    Clean and jerk based of 100kg no misses

    12.30 rx

  35. BBG: Went easy due to back being tweaked

    Runs were practically walks.ub but last BMU 5-4

  36. BBG
    1) 80
    2) 105

    subbed high ASAP C2B for bar MU since I don’t have bar MU
    went with 80# (deloading for competition Saturday)


  37. BBG
    1) 190
    2) 255, still no jerks.
    Subbed in strict HSPU with the cleans instead of thrusters. 14:31

  38. BBG
    1) 165…one miss (based off 205)
    2) 205…no misses (based off 255)

    15:28 Rx…first time doing Bar MUs in a workout, one at a time but only a couple misses on the last set (want to string them together soon!)

  39. M/22/5’11″/195lbs

    Snatch 10×1
    135×5, 165×3, 175×2
    Still haven’t maxed my snatch. I’ve really only been practicing them since I started Outlaw a few weeks ago. I’ve been filming myself and correcting errors as I go along though. Soon I’ll be snatching big weight.

    C&J 10×1, rest 30-60 seconds
    205×5, 225×3, 235×2

    I also have an injured shoulder from flag football. So muscle ups are still iffy for me, so instead I did double pull ups and one dip for each muscle up (One dip cause thats where I really feel a sting in my shoulder, but I gotta work it out a little at least)

    For time:
    800m run
    10 pull ups
    5 dips
    9 squat clean thrusters 135#
    400m run
    14 pull ups
    7 dips
    7 squat clean thrusters 135#
    200m run
    18 pull ups
    9 dips
    5 squat clean thrusters 135#


    Thanks for the programming Rudy.

  40. BBG
    C&J -110

    Had to sub to jumping bar muscle ups

    Reading all these other times is embarrassing. I guess you gotta start somewhere.

  41. BBG
    1) 100#
    2) 168 cl, 95 SJ
    Modified with ctb, ring dips and 115# thrusters, with vest. Only 2 rounds.15:01

  42. BBG

    Snatch-95lbs-well below required % but recently switched from split to squat snatch and technique is lacking in the catch

    Clean-175* felt good. no jerk, messed up right shoulder


    no time so did “easy” wod of 7min burpee amrap-107. worst decision of life though, wrecked both shoulders doing it


  43. BBG:
    1) Completed at 195# (based on 240#). No misses, felt really good.
    2) Completed at 225# (based on 275#). pretty good

    11:37. MU: 5, 5+2, 5+2+2. Thrusters: 9, 5+2, 5.

  44. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch: Subbed with High Pulls, 170lbs
    2) Clean & Jerk: 215lbs
    Subbed run with row, 1000m/500m/250m, also subbed bar mu for MU. I can only do a bar mu after multiple attempts.

  45. BBG:
    1) 90#. All smooth and no misses.
    2) 115#. A bit of overpulling as 115# seems so light, still need to work on my jerk, far far always from being fast and perfect.
    Conditioning: 16:22min. Lots of time spend to get to the places for the tasks. But still very nice conditioning.

  46. BBG:
    1) skipped snatch, coming off shoulder injury, didn’t want to push it.
    2) 105lb C&J

    Subbed runs with rows
    Subbed bar muscle ups with banded muscle ups

  47. BBG
    Snatch 94 lbs. Felt really good.
    C&J. 114 lbs. Shoulder mobility is killing me. Also, I am always scared on the jerks I am going to hit my chin, so I take forever setting it up.


    Worked MUs a bit before WOD, don’t have then well enough for an effective WOD.
    subbed 3 CTB pull ups + 3 dips for every muscle up.That sucked.


  48. BBG
    1. 185
    2. 235
    Didn’t write it down. I thought around 18min. Subbed 2 chest to bar pullups and 2 ring dips per bar MU.

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