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  1. Oooops, except that all current evidence from anthropology and archeology show that they were not the “first” Americans ( nor “native” of course), but that Europeans settled and colonized North American during a previous Ice Age and were later wiped out/ absorbed by the Mongolian tribes that came across the land bridge.


    • I’m sure the evidence refuting their claims to being first makes their butts feel better from the raping the early Americans gave them.

      Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  2. Ha!! And we’re American… The only reason this holiday still exists is because of food. The history of it has long diminished (bc like most worshiped crap, it was made up). Eat up strong people! Tonight, we look like powerlifters!!!

  3. dont usually comment but that pic made lulz, thanks for the programming rudy! see you in march!

  4. I’m thankful for all you guys making OUTLAW what it is today. This is a great community and we don’t even know each other!

  5. I too am thankful for the programming. Thanks for making me miserable five days a week…and making me stronger and better as an athlete and coach as a result.

  6. I’m doing: 5 Hour AMRAP, eat for max Calories. Thanks to multiple naps and liquor, MFS is 1/1/3

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