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You know what? See for yourself…


WOD 121116:


1) Every 15 seconds for 5 minutes (21 total reps):

1 Banded Deadlift @ 55% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension

Notes: The bar should be loaded with 55% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 25% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in this DEMO VIDEO

2) 7X2 Bench Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 seconds.

Notes: All reps must be performed with the hips (ass) in contact with the bench.


3 rounds for time of:

7 Muscle-Ups
14 Thrusters 115/75#
21 GHD Sit-ups

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  1. Enjoy Kopenhagen, it’s one of the coolest cities that I’ve been too. Make sure to visit Buther’s Lab too! Great location.

  2. STR
    1) 230 + Red and Purple
    2) 235(1), 240(4), 245(2)


    5/5/5 (felt like dog shit today)

  3. Strength
    200lb bar weight, and medium size blue band, along with the small thin red band.
    300lb at the top of the lift, felt good, focused on speed an pulling quick

    Bench press
    240 all sets



    Ghd sit ups killed me!

  4. Strength
    1) 135 / red bands
    2) 95

    Subbed 7 ring pull ups + 7 ring dips for MU (since I don’t have mine yet)
    RX on thrusters/GHD


  5. Strength
    1) based on 435#
    240# on bar with green and red band

    2) 205#

    16:56 Rx

  6. Oly work:
    A. PwrSn + HPSn + OHS (ub, narrower grip than usual, up to same load as Mon; kilos)
    EMOM: 40/2 45/2 50/2 55/2 60/2
    Every 90 secs: 65 70 75 80 (176 lbs)
    B. PCln + HPCln + Jerk: 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 (220)
    C. 1x Front Squat 1&1/4 @ 115 kg (253).EMOM for 5 mins

    SSC: Every 2 mins for 20 mins:
    3x Weighted DH CTB Pull-up (pronated) @ +10 lbs
    8x HSPU to a stack to work on quick lockout
    Row until 40 secs on the clock (1100+ m total)

    9:35 Rx’ed

    Really long stressful week – my wife’s father passed away in the hospital on Wed. Everything is feeling okay-ish but not as easy as usual.

  7. Did my own programming in dead lifts today. Getting ready. Did sets of 5 till failure got 240×5, 245×3. Then sets of 1 with a 15 lb PR of 270 lbs. Whoop…

    moved onto squats cleans +2 front squats did 4×3 165 lbs

    Front Squats from rack wave loading 5,3,2,5,3,2 did 140, 140, 150

    Then I benched 7×2 100, 105, 110, 110, 110×1, 105, 105

    Conditioning let’s just say I was owned by muscle ups… All the blood was I’m my legs and I couldn’t stay I’m a false grip for more than one.. Oh well, not everything can be prefect… Finished at least.

    Ready for more. Thinking 1000m row, 50 hspu and 30 hpc at 135… Just to make up for the damn muscle ups…

  8. Deads off 525 blue band rogue rig
    250 on bench
    Cond: 9:50 had to adjust ghd halfway through first set of ghd su wow my legs got thrashed…

  9. Strength:
    1) 155 bar weight with new purple bands, been going light, will go heavier next week.
    2) 135-140-140-140-140-140-140

    17:13, only did 3 muscle ups per round and failed on more reps than I would care to admit. It was BRUTAL for me today. Shoulders shot from bench and forearms very sore.


  10. 275# bar weight
    125# band tension
    All felt strong

    Bench 225,235,245,255,265,280,295
    Had no spot so I worked up in weight

    8:25 I need to buy a god did stiff leg sit ups in place everything else rx.

  11. 1) deads off 272.5kg + 2 red bands – fast, heavy at top. love this stuff.
    2) bench – working a lone today, no lift, no spot, stuck with 220 for all sets. fast

    Conditioning: 9:40 – my abs were crushed from practicing back tucks and gymnastics for a few hours yesterday so those GHDs felt really spicey (& slow)

    Shoulders have been killing me so I think I better take a few days off; generally feeling a bit under recovered.

  12. Strength
    1) based on 485# the first 5 reps, then jumped to another bar that was based on 435# due to my pulling was really really slow
    240# on bar with green and red band for final reps

    2) 185#

    18:34 Rx

  13. Deadlifts off 535. These hurt today. Did wednesday’s workout yesterday and my back was fatigued from the rows and jumping good mornings.

    Bench – done at 265. Could do more with a spotter. Got scared.

    Conditioning: 10:04rx.
    Crushed my midline…thrusters should have been unbroken but were not.

  14. Deadlifts off 450#. Explosion left around number 15 haha

    Bench- last set at 235# x2, considering my 1RM was 220# in August when I started Outlaw, I’m fairly happy with that!

    WOD-15:01 rx’d… felt like ass today. Couldn’t tie many thrusters together.

    Just throwing this out there but my box, Shenandoah CrossFit in Winchester, VA is having a fundraiser tomorrow Saturday the 17th for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We are collecting anything and everything that we can from cleaning supplies to clothes and canned food to drive up there to them. A girl that use to go to our box moved up there this summer and her box was greatly effected. There will be a WOD for the fundraiser but also if you want to bring anything, all 3 of us coaches at our box follow Outlaw so feel free to WOD with us at our box. Even if you think you will be in the area stop on out. Check out our website for more details!


  15. 1. Based off of 475 so 265 on the bar and a green band

    2. 205, 215, then 225 the rest of the sets

    Cond 8:45 did everything UB except the 2nd and 3rd set of thrusters and the last set of GHD I felt like I was gonna puke and paused for a few second

  16. Strength:
    1) Based off 425
    2) 3×185, 2×180 failed 2nd rep on 6th set, 2×175

    -moved real slow through this


  17. BBG
    1. 115 bar weight
    2. 115/120/125/130/135(3)

    Conditioning (bar mus with blue band/65# thrusters)

  18. Str

    1) Dead off of 460
    2) Bench 205/215/225/225/225/225/225



    My posterior chain was really sore going into this. Not surprising, i lost this wod in the shoulders.

  19. Strength

    1) 250# no bands

    2) 185# all, failed last rep last set.

    Conditioning – 13:30

    Ring Muscle-Ups
    Thrusters @ 95#

  20. Deadlifts based off 435. With single green band at short distance.

    Bench (no spotter)
    205 for all sets

    9:55 Thrusters punched me right in the stomach/GHD situps ruined hip flexors on the extension.

  21. Strength
    1) 95# w/ purple bands
    2) 95#

    Sub 1c2b +1 ring dip/MU
    RX on thrusters/GHD


  22. DL) 315 on bar check
    BP) 225 easy but no spotter

    9:59 still feeling that week of being sick

  23. no deads, did back squats instead
    bench- 215# (i suck)

    conditioning- 7:53- last round of thrusters killed me, dropped the bar twice =(. after the first round everything just felt slow.

  24. Sorry for not posting. Had a competition saturday, got seventh, then got terribly sick.
    Have been trying to do small lifts when i’m able. Did McCluskey on Veterans day and almost fainted on a run from being sick. Then been recovering .

    DL= X
    Bench= 175 (i hate bench)


  25. Strength:

    1.) 270
    2.) 235


    10:51 Rx -1st round UB, I didn’t think those GHD situps were going to be tough!


  26. DL: tension was a little more then 25%, started at 145lb but moved to 135lb after 3min in. Couldn’t get full hip ext at the top with the tension that on there.

    Bench: 135lbs

    Conditioning: 13:03
    Got 4 out of the 3 muscle ups on round 1
    3 of 4 on round 2
    Did ring dips and c2b pull ups the third round
    Thrusters at Rx
    No GHD, did med ball sit ups at 20#

  27. Deads
    Started at 315 w/no bands and switched to 275 with about 2m left (form)


    7 Dead Hangs- no place for MU
    14 Thrusters @115#
    21 GHD Sit Ups


  28. 29/m/5’11″/180
    1) 260
    2) 185-205-205-215-225-225-235(1)

    13:21 felt pretty good, but really slowed down after a 2:30 first round

  29. 41/6’2″/205#

    1) 255# w/green rage bands
    2) 205/215/215/225/235/245/255#

    11:49 – thrusters were not fun. MU’s were not as painful, rusty but more explosive. fairly long walk between stations.

    2 weeks of art therapy and left shoulder recovering well. Deep joint/tendon pain still present but nerve bundle pain MUCH better and tolerable. Need to maintain some self control and hold back the next 2 weeks to heal up. Especially on heavy Snatch work. Thank god it is friday though.

  30. Strength:

    1) 290# + Purple Bands; based on 530 Deadlift.

    2) 250# with a 1 sec pause @ bottom.



  31. Strength
    1) 225# bar only, don’t have band set up, chains soon though.
    2) 165#. Used an exercise ball and two garage workout attendees. Currently building a rack and bench. steel’s cut, need to drill it next. It’s a little sketchy but it works.

    Conditioning: ring pull ups and dips for MU, put 130# on the thrusters to give a little back for phony MU. 9:32

    age 51

  32. Competition here in Afghanistan yesterday. Here’s a little breakdown:
    7 RX’d Teams, 2 Men per team.

    WOD 1:
    Clean Ladder 185 to 295 (10 pound jump per bar)
    * 1 bonus pound for each Jerk accomplished (max of 12 pounds per person)
    Partner made it to 275 with a clean and 245 with a jerk.
    Thanks to Outlaw, I Cleaned and Jerk all bars, only person to do so.

    WOD 2:
    As a Team, row 2000M (500M each, x2)
    30 Burpee Box Jumps@ 30″
    30 KettleBell Swings @ 2 pood
    30 Toes To bar

    First place finish with a time of 10:15 (2nd was 10:56)

    WOD 3:
    Four Rounds For Time:
    20 Ring Dips
    12 Thrusters @ 135
    12 Chest to Bar Pullups
    20 Deadlifts @ 135

    We went with a little strategy on this. The thrusters and deadliest were far away from the pull-ups and dips. My partner and I decided it best to stay at one station. He was dips and pulls, I was thrusters and deads.

    Partner crushed all the dips, for me, the first three rounds of thrusters were Unbroken. All deadliest were unbroken for all four rounds. Absolutely destroyed this one.
    Finished in 6:15, a full 2:45 faster than second place.

    All in all, happy with a “test” of the Outlaw Way in competition. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

    Now, for todays workout:

    Deadlifts were done @ 295 with 2 green rogue bands.
    Bench Press was 235-235-245-245-245-245-235-

    Conditioning: 9:36
    Thrusters UB for first 2 rounds. 7 and 7 for final.
    Midline torched on the GHDs

  33. Strength
    1) dealift @ 275lbs
    2) bench press @ 185lbs

    14:00 min *only completed two muscle ups then replaced with 14 pullups

  34. Deadlift no bands, so just made@80% (245#)
    Bench press: 95-115-115-135-135-155(failed 2nd rep)-145

    Conditioning: 15:35min. (got stuck on last MU, took 4 tries to push out). Note: made jumping MU though, still haven’t got my first one, even though tried today…

  35. Strength:
    1.) 235 + 25% bands
    2.) 205, 205, 210, 215x1f, 205, 210, 210

    12:45 (Bar MU)

  36. Strength
    Deadlift- 115kg on bar plus the red band
    Bench Press- 105kg for all sets

    9.30 rxd (GHD sit ups really slow in rounds 2 and 3)

  37. strength
    1/ 100kg red band. looped the band under a 20kg bumper then over the bar, then stood on bumper. so had about 4″ deficit but felt ok. no rack but problem solved.

    2/ 95kg did EMOM. could’ve went a bit heavier, but no spot.

    couldn’t train friday due to working late. so combined strength from friday and half saturday wod, and did on saturday.

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