Apparently the autobahn is a clever marketing ploy used to make dumb Americans—pointing at self—take a long, ridiculous journey to Germany, just to go 75 all day long while weaving in and out of traffic. Yes, I did get to “open her up” a couple times, but no, I did not get my surprisingly capable Volvo past 150. At least I didn’t spend $1,800 renting a Bugatti.

For those of you who have considered a journey to Europe, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

People will tell you that the language differences aren’t a problem, and that everyone in Europe speaks English just fine. Those people are idiots. Case in point: today I had to explain the concept of CHAP STICK by using a battery to mime applying something to my lips. I’m sure the lady who was helping me thinks Americans are into some strange shit—thanks to yours truly. The German language, however, supplied some pretty legit low-brow lulz today. You’re welcome…


WOD 121115:

Rest day.

5 thoughts on “121115

  1. I have to admit you are a bit right. Everybody learns English at school over here, but most of the people don’t ever practice and some of them are pretty stupid. Some of us though…

    The thing with the Autobahn is a common mistake. Do that at night man! I go well over 200 kph almost every day!

  2. I think you will live with the language barrier in Denmark today and tomorrow. Everyone here speak Eniglish quite well… Though you will find some funny signs here as well.
    For some reason Germany, France and Spain often don’t speak much English. They even dub movies with English language into their own language… And sometimes even if the do speak English, they won’t (my experience with French people).

    Have fun in the garage. I’ll catch you next time!

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