Friday nights are always my favorite. The energy from a room full of people, teeming with the desire to put heavy shit overhead, then slam it back to the floor, is palpable. I love just being in the room.

Will Walshe, who may now be the baddest man in all of Ireland, put up a 255kg total—featuring PRs of 10kg on the Snatch and 5kg on the Clean & Jerk. I had the pleasure of being there when William Snatched 100kg for the first time at the London camp back in April, and I had the pleasure of seeing his massive 115kg lift tonight. I’ve never been anyone’s good luck charm before, but I’m available for hire.

In other mind-bending news (at least it is for me); when I asked the group who had traveled the furthest, we realized we had campers from 4 different continents attending. Let me say that again…FOUR DIFFERENT CONTINENTS. I’m pretty sure you can’t live on at least 1 continent, and I’m pretty sure we have Australia covered in January. That leaves only one inhabitable continent, South America, without representation this weekend. French Guiana, I’m disappointed in you.

Colm picked up some new training gear for the weekend.

The Outlaw Open equipment supplier will be announced on Monday, along with a full list of any equipment you would like to buy after the event.

And if you don’t think anything else I’ve said tonight was cool, maybe you’ll think this is…

Most recent athlete confirmed to compete in the Outlaw Open: Nate Schrader.

WOD 121110:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


4 rounds for time of:

5 Back Squats @ 250/165#
10 KB Push Press @ 24/16kg (1 KB each hand)
150′ Prowler Shuttle Push @ 165/125#

Notes: The Prowler Shuttle Push should be performed using the high handles to push 75′ down, and the low handles to push 75′ back. The Prowler weights displayed are including the weight of the Prowler. The standard Prowler weighs 75#, if yours is not a standard Prowler, then figure out exactly what it weighs and load it appropriately to equal the prescribed weight.

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  1. No time for BBG


    Had to PULL a sled, we don’t have prowler sleds. I know a pull is different than a push but it was the best I had. Squats were slow

  2. awesome! the OO sure is attracting a cadre of top athletes, er I mean exercisers! congratulations!
    and I’m eventually going to have to get on in one of these luck charming camps… anything to help my snatch!

  3. Skipped the oly part today and went for some FS instead. 7×2 3 sec. pause in bottom. 132.5 kg for top set incl. 2x20kg KB in bands.

    8:05 -fuck me sideways my legs are fried… All UB.

  4. F/48/5’/115#

    1. 107 PR (finally!)
    2. 137 PR

    Conditioning (145 BS/20#KB/115 Prowler)

  5. BBG
    1) 80 Kilo, PR (fuck yeah, but stuck just under for about 5 weeks). Missed 82kg by about a cunt hair
    2) 110 (missed 120, no pr)

    7:56, last set of squats were hell


  6. Awesome for Nate! An awesome athlete and a great all around guy- Glad you invited him to compete!

  7. 1) 170# (5 under, did this second)
    2) 225# – the 10# PR I’ve been chasing for months. Fuck. Yes.

    No prowler. Didn’t feel like frankensteining this WoD so did

    5×4 BS @250 and a small 1RM PR @ 285

    10×3 KB PP @ 24kg

    And 8UB MUs for a new PR. Just because.

  8. Snatch -no PRs, got 90, then tried 100 with no luck, then went to 95 and couldn’t even get that which is my current 1RM

    C&J – 130 (5 pound PR) , failed 3 times cleaning 135

    Conditioning – did box workout today, Air Force

    20 thrusters
    20 SDHP
    20 Push jerk
    20 OHS
    20 front squats
    4 burpees at the top of every minute



    BB Gymnastics

    1) 140 same as old PR

    2) 200!! First time! PR



    Back Squats @ 205lb (first round @225)
    KB Push Press @ 35lb KB’s
    300′ sled pulls @ 135lbs

  10. BBG:
    1. 220# (fail 235# and 3 fails at 245)
    2. 285# (fail at 310#)

    5:35 rx’d

  11. BBGym:
    1) 150 (10# under pr)
    2) 195 (15# under pr)
    -Never feel strong on the oly lifts on Saturdays

    5 BS@235-had to do these high bar
    10 PP@115 bb
    150′ Yoke carry@295
    -I use my yoke as a squat rack so I had to unload the bar/yoke each round, this was fun though, more of a pain threshold than conditioning.


  12. Snatch: 215# (5# under PR)
    C&J: 265# (5# under PR)

    Conditioning: 19:57
    -Back squat 250#
    -KB 53#
    -No prowler so i subbed 50 four count mountain climbers, 25 using parallettes, 25 in the plank postition

  13. Snatch – technique
    Clean and Jerk – 330

    Conditioning – 5:19
    This didn’t feel all that bad while I was doing it, but man did it hurt when I was done!! Felt like I was moving way too slow on those sprints. Everything else fairly fast and unbroken. I vote for more Prowler sprints though. Those things just wreck me every time.

  14. bb gymnastics

    snatch 155 PR
    clean and jerk 185, twenty pounds under PB. not happy


    lack of equipment so I did a workout from main site

    50 pullups
    75 situps
    50 ohs 75LBS
    75 double unders


  15. BBG:
    – 175# Snatch (10 under, couldn’t stick 185#)
    – 225# Clean and Jerk (10 under, my knees weren’t feeling it)

    Scaled Back Squat to 225#, all else RX

  16. 29/m/5’11″/180
    1) 205 (PR felt great)
    2) 250 (tried for 265 PR; missed on standing up from jerk, so close)

    No prowler so did 150′ bear crawl with sled strapped on shoulders and 165 on sled.

  17. snatch: 110#, no PR. Missed few times 120#, just still mentally stuck, even though I know that I have more strength than needed to snatch higher.
    C&J: 140#. Matched PR, but this time felt weak and jerks were really not nice.

    Conditioning: 8:14min. RX.
    Surprisingly found this workout easy and not tiring….legs felt fried when had to make squats after prowler, but even though it was first time that I pushed prowler I did not find the weight heavy. The only problem was that is super cold outside, could have done much faster.

  18. 1) 220. Failed 230 once
    2) 265. Cleaned 275. Didn’t jerk due to silliness.

    Subbed in 135 BB push press
    Did sled 150lb sled pulls.


  19. Snatch – 255 (10# under PR. Missed 265 three times)
    Clean & Jerk – 305 (10# under PR. Cleaned 315 twice)


    13:42 Rx’d. The low bar prowler on the asphalt in our parking lot is absolute hell.

  20. Snatch 120
    CandJ 150
    Just learning these lifts…pathetic

    BS 150
    PP 35 lbs
    Run 4 miles

    I need to get stronger but day 2 of outlaw done!

      • Thanks for the reply. I am new to outlaw but not cf. I come from a distance running background. Will those types of runs really impede strength gains? Thanks

  21. Snatch: 185 (Done after conditioning, legs were fried)
    Clean + Jerk: 295 (10 Under PR)

    Conditioning: 6:25
    Subbed Prowler push for banded sprints with a partner. Squats were UB with ease, same for the push press.

  22. BBG
    1) 220
    2) 265 wasnt feeling it

    6:48 made prowlers pushes an even 100′ for each down and back push.

  23. BBG:

    1) 225#, 10# PR, went for 235, got it overhead but couldn’t stand it up
    2) 260#, tied PR, missed jerk on 265#


    7:53, subbed 2 pood farmers carry for prowler push. BS and PP UB

  24. BBG:

    1) 76, missed anything higher, 9kg off PR. I’ve been hesitant getting solid in bottom b/c landing on my heel sends a crushing pain up my foot/leg causing my concentration to be solid. Coach says form is smooth and positioning is great, still I just can’t seem to get solid under anything meaningful. Got my shoulders worked on after the workout in hopes that would free up some strength; apparently my infraspinatus, levator scapula, and teres were “seriously. JACKED UP!”
    2) no split jerk to save foot; cleaned up to 130, power jerked up to 115.

    8:something. I didn’t time it because pushing sled was going to be ridiculously slow, but my training partner timed me. This was a fun one and having not timed it taught me something about timing and pacing. 🙂

  25. Snatch 125#, working on form. I can push press this much, so a little frustrating.
    Clean and Jerk 175#, weak on coming out of the bottom of the squat.

    Went over time on the BBG, just worked on the catch a bunch, didn’t do conditioning, had to get to work.

  26. Snatch 125#, need to work on better form with the squat
    Clean and Jerk 145# , couldn’t get up 150#

    Conditioning: 7:55 rx’d, used 165 lb prowler instead of 125

  27. Snatch:
    140 – matched PR
    185 – new PR!

    8:59, subbed prowler push for Force Treadmill (has track with magnetic break and you push it like a sled – 50lbs resistance which is actually very close to 165lb prowler since I’ve done that)

  28. BBG
    Snatch 95kg (5kg under PB. Hammys where fried)
    Clean and jerk 120kg (2.5kg under PB, same us above)

    Had no sled so done 6 rounds of the back squats and KB push press in 6.56

  29. bbg
    1/ 100kg pb
    2/ 125kg pb

    skipped conditioning. went to compete at the NSW (Australia) State Indoor Rowing Comp. Took out First Place in the Mens 30-39 Heavyweight 500m. Pretty small event but did a pb time of 1.21.0 and my first and probably ever state title.

  30. BB Gymnastics
    Skipped, shoulder injury
    Do not have a Prowler, used the Westside sled, pushed down and back. 11:22

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