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Rebecca Voigt
Kenneth Leverich
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The people are great, the coffee is hot, and the wifi is fast, but… Iceland, you’re too damn cold. Yes, I understand the ridiculousness of railing against a country who has the word “ICE” as part of its name, but I didn’t expect gail force winds on top of the natural ball freezing temperatures.

The good news is that tonight’s lifting session turned out to be one of the best in camp history. No new camp records, but overall I’ve never seen a group move so well, and I swear every woman in the room could Snatch 60kg plus. Great opening night, can’t wait for tomorrow.

I know, this video isn’t that exciting, but neither is Iceland. Unless you equate cold with exciting. If you do, then this country is like going to Mardis Gras while riding on a skeleton luge, bare-ass-naked, with your penis on fire. Sorry, Icelandic friends—I do not like it when my penis is on fire.

WOD 121103:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk.


5 Rope Climbs 15′
20 Wall Ball 20/14#
5 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
4 Rope Climbs 15′
20 Wall Ball 20/14#
4 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
3 Rope Climbs 15′
20 Wall Ball 20/14#
3 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
2 Rope Climbs 15′
20 Wall Ball 20/14#
2 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
1 Rope Climbs 15′
20 Wall Ball 20/14#
1 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#

For time.

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    • Mark Rippetoe who once described the snatch as “gymnastics with a barbell”. Maybe it became a blanket term for all the olympic lifts?

    • Think about what tool is used for a jerk and then take another 2 minutes to think some more.

      BB. BarBell. Gymnastics.

    • What is this? Crossfit.com. Post a dumb question and wait for Bingo to break it down for you? BB Gymnastics is posted everyday. Try the power of a google search. You’ll probably find some other lazy ass that asked the same thing 3 months ago. Here’s another clue, everytime BB Gymnastics is posted it includes a barbell and focuses on technique…. I’m no Rocket Surgon… But… thanks to Drob you never have to worry about asking.

      • Why does everyone get so bent out of shape if someone asks a question, even if it is stupid? I just found this site a few days ago and I am not familiar with all of the lingo, so I asked the question. I probably could have researched the answer and would have eventually figured it out, but why is it such a big deal to ask a question on a website that is designed to have people ask questions? Do you treat people like this in person or are you only this rude when you are behind your computer? Trust me, I can tell you are not a Rocket Surgon, whatever that is.

      • I think people on this website berate other people who ask simple questions just so everyone else can think they’re a badass. Doesn’t make you cool, it makes you an asshole. Besides, he already got his answer, so your input was unnecessary.

      • The site was never intended to have idiots ask stupid questions every day. It is here so coach can collect data to make the best program he can for the “athletes” that want to win everything.
        So fuck off, and take the time to figure shit out your self like everyone did in the before time, in the time long ago before.

      • That about sums it up drtstreet. The only Q&A on this blog is for legitimate questions like lifting critiques, WOD strategy, and when Rudy likes to program movements that no one has ever seen before. Questions like what does BB Gymnastics mean, what does UB, ME, HBBS, or STFU mean, and my all time favorite, what is a good sub for reverse hypers, the answers should be common knowledge if you follow The WAY.

        But but but its not that hard to just give them an answer instead of being an asshole.

        It’s also not that fucking hard for you to go look for the answer for your dumbass fucking question either. If you think your question is stupid…IT IS, no probably, IT IS.
        Go to google and type in your dumbass question, and I guarantee you that it will pull up a link to The Outlaw Way from a previous day where someone else asked the same stupid question that you did. I am pretty sure most of you don’t have someone following you around that answers every stupid question that you have throughout your day, but I am sure some of you probably do. SO what do you have to do to get the answer to all of your other stupid questions that don’t have to do with The WAY, you use your fucking brain and figure that shit out.

        So from now on, before you ask your stupid question, FIGURE THAT SHIT OUT ON YOUR OWN!!!! If you still can’t figure it, go ask it on crossfit.com.

        And yes, I am an asshole to people in real life that ask me stupid questions, not just on here.

  1. The penis on fire thing I get…. Nobody finds pleasure there…. But 6 espresso shots in one cup? That’s one major pull on that slot machine!

  2. Jerk – 145kg

    Conditioning – dont have a rope, 9:14 minus the rope climbs.

    Legs are fried from yesterday

  3. 225# Jerk. I wasn’t catching the jerk in a strong position. I was doing a push press with a small dip. I need to trust the catch position more and I will be able to get more weight.

    Conditioning – 20:44
    Subbed 5 pull-ups and 5 squats for each rope climb.
    95# snatch
    Most snatches were hang power snatches, as I need to work on the overhead squat position. My right knee rolls in in the bottom position. Same as the catch position for the jerk, I need to trust catch/squat position.

    Seemed to be moving incredibly slow today as my time indicated. Must still be worn out from last night’s WOD.

  4. I use a stovetop Bialetti and fill a 24 oz thermo with 6 shots of espresso, whole milk and about 2 teaspoons of organic agave nectar every morning. 7 minutes max.

  5. 320lb jerk 5lb pr!!
    Got drunk last night and was generally being a baby on the rope climbs I hate rope climbs pumped on strength felt like a little bitch on the rope guess it makes a Ok day… 23:03rx

  6. 29/m/5’11″/180
    275 (huge PR, tried 290, loving this stuff)

    16:04 (felt good, WallBalls slowed me down and I had to break them up a couple times)

  7. Conditioning : 13:17

    Legs are starting to get sore from 250# squats.

    Last 6 mu’s killed me. Had such a great pace going yesterday and last six took probably 1:30 or so. Really pissed about it. I hate crossfit. I am announcing my retirement. Please check espn bottom line for more info.

  8. BBG
    Clean 205#
    Split jerk from rack 110#
    25 pull ups
    20 WB 16#
    5 h sq sn 85#
    20 pull ups
    20 WB
    4 H sq sn

  9. Forgot to post yesterday:

    Conditioning: 7:29rx. Could shave a minute off of this. Paced the muscle ups too much. All squats unbroken.


    Jerk: 285# (10# pr).

    Conditioning: 12:49rx. Rope climbs felt comfortable for the first time ever.

  10. BBG:
    Jerk: 300# (matched my PR). Missed 305#

    13:33. All Wall Balls and Snatches done UB.

  11. Kick ass with the wall balls thrown in to break things up… We Alaskan’s know how cold things can get. Nipple tips break off when they are frozen…

  12. BBG: 265# (attempted 275# almost had it but couldn’t hold the lock out as i stood up with it)

    Conditioning 15:11 (No rope so i subbed 5 pullups and 5 squats for every 1 rope climb)

    25 Pullups/Squats
    20 Wall Ball 20/14#
    5 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
    20 Pullups/Squats
    20 Wall Ball 20/14#
    4 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
    15 Pullups/Squats
    20 Wall Ball 20/14#
    3 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
    10 Pullups/Squats
    20 Wall Ball 20/14#
    2 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#
    5 Pullups/Squats
    20 Wall Ball 20/14#
    1 Hang Squat Snatches 155/105#

  13. only got to 285# on the jerk. I got 310# up twice locked out and then lost it. (feeling really weak lately)

    conditioning- 12:40- felt like complete shit on this. Broke everything. failed tons of snatches. Broke the wall balls many times. My mind just wasn’t there today.

  14. When I got out of the military this year I had very little
    going for me and was pretty run down and was having a lot of problems. I began Outlaw around March and the most i had evwr gotten above my head was 185. The video is of me jerking 325. Today I also cleaned 305. No video sorry. Just want to say to Rudy. I hope you get a cactus shoved up your ass. Thanks for all the daily reminders to embrace the suck.

  15. BBG- 285

    Conditioning- 29.50

    (left me lying on the floor sucking my thumb. Thank you sir may I have another)
    Day 4 of outlaw.

  16. Jerk : 245 ( PR)

    Conditioning : 22:38 Rx except used 135 for snatch. Finally learning to climb the rope.

  17. BBGym:
    1) 215-10lb pr

    -115 hang squat snatches-warmed up with 135 but went lighter to keep it quick, even though that didn’t happen, I failed a TON on the HSS’s, just could not find a rhythm.
    -25# plastic weight used as wall ball

    Finished with some 4x30sec AirDyne sprints to punish myself for my pitiful performance. I have a love/hate relationship with “Deload weeks”, they are easy but I feel like I perform better with more volume.


  18. Lmao I love how the jackasses talking shit to Brad about being stupid or lazy have the grammer of a caveman. “Rocket surgon” stupid fuck.

  19. I don’t post all the time because damnit i work and shit. I was a NOOB once and fucking looked it up or just read the damn thing. Who cares what it’s called just do the OLY stuff then do the conditioning. If it was called “Go fuck Yourself with Bumpers” we’d still do it.

    If you’re butt hurt about getting your ass reamed out then go do something else. Or take it like a man/woooman and go lift some heavy shit. Rudy practically spells it out for you in the “Your a dumbass Dumbass Noob FAQ”.

  20. BBG: 220lbs Jerk

    Condish: Rx: 21:11 whew baby… BB fell on my head 2nd to last round IDGAF finished that $hit concussed like a bowss!


  21. Are most of you doing the jerk from the front rack or the back (like Zach’s video)? I assume it is slightly easier from the back rack position since you can keep the bar moving completely vertical and don’t have to worry about moving around your head. Thoughts?

  22. Snatch to 88% of 210

    Forgot to 1RM jerk

    Cond: 18:40 but did 10 wallballs per set. Wanted to save legs for Sun lifting seminar, cause they were already sore from fsqts. Realized after, 20 would’ve been doable.

    MFS 134

    **Few questions have validity cause GOOGLE exists. Today, the fukin noob deserved it.

  23. BBG: 315 Pounds (10 Pound PR)

    Subbed 3 strict towel pull-ups per rope climb, treated as a rope climb (did three strict, came off, 3 strict, came off et cetera.
    Wall Balls were all unbroken. Everything else was RX’d

  24. BB Gymnastics:

    Did 12′ rope climb, and scaled way back on the snatch to 95# still took be 3 months 14 days and 6 hours to complete.. No honestly the clock was unplugged at 17something and I had one or two rounds left so 20+

  25. Jerk
    130kg PB by 7.5kg

    13.52 (only have 11′ rope so done 6,5,4,3,2 so total feet climbed was the same)

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