Sorry, kids. Waited ’til the last minute to post, and now it’s either get this up before my flight, or you guys will have to do the work from Wednesday again (Zack Brodis, wanna run again?). I’ll simply leave you with the best Halloween costume ever…

WOD 121102:

*This is a version of Outlaw Open workout #3.

5 minutes to establish a Max Height Box Jump.

-then (no break)

12-9-6 of:
Front Squats @ 250#

For time.

9-7-5 of:
Front Squats @ 170#

For time.

Notes: There is a 10 minute cap. Racks MAY NOT be used for Front Squats.

-then (immediately at completion of the WOD, or when the 10 minute cap is reached)-

5 minutes to establish a Max Height Box Jump.

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  1. About the met con, what would be better? To front squat 250 from the rack? Or to clean 225 and perform front squats at that weight?

  2. My gym doesn’t have rings for muscle ups what should I do instead? Dips, pull ups, and push ups maybe?

  3. If u decide to full clean instead of power clean it into position, can that be considered the first rep of the front squat?

  4. 49″ Box Jump
    7 Front Squats in Round of 9 rx’d in 10 minutes. Not winded just heavy as fuck.
    53 1/2″ Box Jump

  5. 1A) 46″
    2) 12 reps at 250 from the rack, 1 + MU (did FS first to try and get through all 12)
    1b) 47.5″

    Being done in 15 minutes was really weird

  6. Completed first muscle up today!
    completed muscle ups for round of 12 then transistioned to handstand push ups. Only front squated 155. didnt keep time

  7. First time doing MU since the games. Felt good, no shoulder pain, but still went conservative.
    1st Boxjump 122cm (48″)

    Made 4 MU in round of 6.

    2nd boxjump 122cm (48″)

  8. 36″ Box Jump
    145lb first round on FS and had to drop to 135lb
    Did the muscle ups with a band
    36″ Box Jump

    Practiced stringing muscle ups together after..

  9. 1.) 30″ box+45#+10#
    2.) substituted 1 C2B+1ring dip per MU
    FS 105#
    9,7,5 (9:26)
    3.) 30″ box+25#+10#

  10. 1) 44.5″

    Cond through round of 9 and 1 MU (185#)

    2) 46″

    Never done a ME Box Jump so now I have something to work from. MU endurance ate the clock.

  11. Back at it after some back and shoulder issues..
    165 FS — felt good and should increase rapidly but didnt want to push the back recovery. Yes Im a pu$$y.
    3 MU 1st round then 1 C2B and 1 dip per for remaining reps/rounds
    10:19 FU time keeper — was too close to finishing to stop.
    Ran 1 mile just for the hell of it 8:26

  12. 47″
    9:55rx I am pumped failed clean twice decided at the end not to break I am happy with what I got today. Legs are thrashed wow feels like the first time I did Tabata.
    Second box jump: no

  13. 1.) 48.5″ definitely could go higher, ran out of time
    2.) finished 5 fs of the set of 9, i will get this under 10 minutes for sure next time. front rack was just painful on my surgically repaired fingers, might go with the arm crossover front rack next time, would that be legal?
    3.) 48.5″
    finished the rest of the conditioning afterwards.

  14. 1) 49″
    2) 8.57
    3) 48″ (Just missed 51″, one leg’d it) – No step into any jumps.

    After a long hiatus of doing my gyms programming, half to prove a point, half for mental stress relief – I am happy to be back. Missed most of you fuckers, especially LGA. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, coming off a strained pec MUs are a bit weak! Team big(ger) guys competition commences.

  15. 50″ box jump
    0″ box jump (found out kitty has tumor right as workout was finishing, so lets assume a 60″ jump)

  16. 1) 48″
    2) 38 reps, 225# FS from floor (5 FS on 9 round)
    3) 48″
    Could’ve gotten 49″ or 50″ on the first box jump segment, but I tweaked my calf a little when I landed 48″ (thank you, 3-mile Wednesday) so I held off. Felt better after the MU/FS. I figured the WOD was programmed for someone with a 300ish# clean, so I scaled accordingly.
    Rudy, you’re a sick bastard. I love it.

  17. Didn’t have bumpers to stack on top of a box for the box jumps so i just did the 12-9-6.
    Got through 4 front squats in the set of 6 before the time cap but didn’t finish the set til 10:22

  18. 1) 45″ Box Jump
    2) 10:00 minute cap, got through the round of 9 muscle ups (demoralized)
    3) 46″ Box Jump

  19. -48″ box jump

    -DNF ran out of time with 3 FS left @185
    Yes I realize 185 is for pussies.

    -53.5″ box jumps

    I didn’t gain any weight this last 6 months, Zach…the hell is the problem

    • idk dude. i eat a lot of food.. i’m on 5g creatine per day, and i’m an easy gainer.. used to play football at 280#, discovered CrossFit and went on a strict paleo craze for a while and dropped to 230# and lost a lot of strength. then i found Outlaw and went on a paleo+eat whatever i want whenever i want type of nutrition plan and bounced up to 245# been steady there for a while. Stronger than i was at 280#

      my post workout meal is 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey+about 30 oz. of raw milk.

  20. 1) 43″ box jump-not the most stable of box’s, pretty much all my plates I have plus a few random boards haha whatever it takes!

    2) DNF-this whole WOD wen’t to shit, one of my rings started slipping so I had to adjust it, then I started with 205 for the FS’s (out of the rack bc I had zero pulling power today), that felt like 1000 pounds so I dropped to 185 and only made the 9 MU’s after that. So overall pretty shitty day.

    3) Failed 46″ pretty bad and called it quits

    Finished with an “AirDyne to Hell” 50c-40c-30c-20c-10c so I didn’t feel like today was a complete waste of time.


  21. 43 inch box jump
    Finished 1 front squat in last round of FS at 10 minute cap. Finished full wod at 10:49 (rx’d at 170#)
    41.5 inch box jump

  22. 47″ – one step

    Completely modified this due to back pain
    12 MU, 12 DB Lunges 50#, 24 Sit Ups
    9 MU, 12 DB Lunges 50#, 18 Sit Ups
    6 MU, 12 DB Lunges 50#, 12 Sit ups

    50″ – one step

  23. Tried this shit yesterday and failed all of my power cleans. I came back determined today to finish squat cleaning the weight up every time. In July 250# was my max squat clean and my current 5rm front squat.

    12:46 as RX’ed

    finished last 6 muscle ups right before the 10 mins was up. I figured i might as well just finish since I only had 6 reps left. Not a blazing time but I’m still pleased with myself for finishing it.

  24. clean warmup up to 85%

    43.5″ should’ve taken entire 5 min

    FSqt 195# w/ 40# variable chains (235 top) out of rack
    13:40 forgot about cap


    I want to/should be jumping higher for 5’10”, 173#

    did affiliate 20min wod, runs & dubs

    MFS 122 luvin deload week

  25. 37″ box jump. May have been able to get a little bit higher, but didn’t want to bite it.

    170# front squats
    Got through 3 front squats in the round of 9 at the 10:00 mark.

    37″ box jump.

    Need to work on my front squat, so finished WOD at 16:45.

    For whatever reason I was coming forward at the bottom of the squat, which made it hard to keep the weight in the racked position. Practiced a few reps with lighter weight and realized that I wasn’t keeping tight at the bottom and once I focused on this I was able to keep the rack position. Looking forward to doing front squats again.

    Also, after watching Kevin Simmons WOD video I realized I should have kipped my muscle-ups more. Next time.

    Out of curiosity, in competition is it legal to do a front squat without your hands on the bar (arm crossover)?

  26. Last workout until Monday so I decide to Oly Total then do the day’s conditioning.

    Snatch 255 (Missed 265)
    C & J 305 (Missed jerk of 315)

    Conditioning – Done after Oly Total with no Box Jump

    Rx’d from ground. Made it through all MU’s but had last 6 Front Squats left. I want to try this again. MU’s were not there today. Props to some of the times out there.

  27. 1) 48″ box jump

    2) got through 6reps of rd of 9 MU….. the FSQ were not as bad as i thought. MU basically ate up all my time, def not proficient. only stringing 2-3 at a time. lets program some more in for next cycle ehhh Rudy my man ?!?!

    3) 49″ box jump …i have heard a few guys recommend heavy FSQ before a “max” jump. anyone have some insight as to why ?

  28. Cond
    Box jump- 36.5 inches
    1+2 front squats (160#, mu progressions)
    Box jump- 38.25 inches

  29. 48″ BJ
    12 MU
    9 FS
    51″ BJ

    Box Jump after felt smooth. I will get this below 10 but 250 FS from the ground is heavy as F**K for at 170lb, must work harder and get stronger. I have to say my Max C&J is 265 and this felt pretty good over all, just couldn’t string a bunch of them together. I have definitely noticed huge gains in leg strength. Not Brodis strong but I’m working on it….

  30. 29/m/5’11″/175
    52.5 (almost had 54 or 55)
    12s done + 7 MU

    Front squat heavy and sucked bad from the ground, but I am getting so much stronger on Outlaw. Thank you Rudy! I am loving this. I wouldn’t have made it through the 12s back in August before Outlaw.

  31. 33.5″

    Conditioning – 7:07 (jumping MU’s with rings at forehead, 170# FS off rack – didn’t know I could clean 170# until I tried after the workout)


  32. I didn’t do the max height box jump for a couple of reasons:
    Low ceilings
    Im a pussy
    I also want to compare myself to the outlaw open.

    I went with max height vertical leap

    First Round: Best attempt was 29 inches

    A couple notes:
    Rings were low, most muscle ups were strict
    All front squats were unbroken, that was the main goal going into it, as I knew that the muscle ups would slow me down. Spent a lot of time walk/resting. Did NOT want to fail at anything…and didn’t. Happy

    Second Vertical Leap: 27 Inches.

    Pretty happy with it.

  33. I had to scale the shit out of the conditioning portion, a day after doing the 3×1 mile run/other shit workout! Nevertheless, I just had to get this shit in…need it for the soul! 🙂 Shiyd! I couldn’t even hit 205#, yesterday; felt heavy as hell! Or, maybe I just stood around talkin’ TOO giatdayum long, before I started this workout! LOL

    45″ (no step & OLY shoes)

    Conditioning – DNF @ 185#

    45″ (no step & OLY shoes)

  34. Took a month off Outlaw to just lift. Man that was gay. Might take a bit to swing back in the metcons but I did good today.

    Box Jump: 48″
    Conditioning: 9:44
    Box Jump: 45.5″

  35. 122cm (48inch)

    In ten minutes I got 7 muscleups on the first round. Got the shits then completed the Workout in 19minutes and collapsed in a fat mess.

  36. 48″ – no step

    12-9-6 of: 9:55 ~ very modified
    Muscle-Ups (rings strict from knees w/jump to dip)
    Front Squats @ 185#

    51″ – no step

  37. Well that was a whole metric fuck-ton harder than I thought it was gonna be!

    A) 104.5cm (41″)
    B) 8m40s
    C) 99.5cm (39″)

    Loved every second of it, thanks coach.

    MFS 2/4/5

  38. 41/6’2″/204#

    51″ BJ
    9:23 – took it easy on the muscle ups. front squats from clean sucked a little bit.
    47″ BJ

  39. 42″ (can do higher I feel just bitching out)

    8.19 (front squat UB, muscle ups getting better)

    42″ (same as above)

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