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The Murfreesboro (mid-week) registration is back up and working well. For those of you who have emailed about this camp, please take the time to register immediately as this is the only North American date with remaining spots, and you might get to meet LGA.

CLICK HERE to register for the Murfreesboro (mid-week) Training Camp.

More from the weekend…

Nuatu Tsegga: PR of 210# on the Snatch @ BW of 165#. No big deal, just slamming barbells…in mother-f**king Afghanistan.

CrossFit Adrenaline & CrossFit Gwinett: CF Adrenaline finished 1st overall, and CF Gwinett 3rd overall at the South Georgia Throwdown. The team from Adrenaline continues to simply win everything since their 22nd place finish at the Games. This was not only the first podium, but the first ever competition for the team from Gwinett.

Jason Khalipa: Best time on “Tommy Mac” – “about 14 minutes”.

Jay Rhodes: PR of 330# on the Clean (and some VVS).

WOD 121030:


20 minutes to establish a 1RM High-Bar Back Squat.


3 rounds for time of:

10 Deadlifts @ 275/185#
50 Double-Unders

*Rest 10 minutes.

3 X ME UB Pullups – rest as needed.

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  1. Do you rest ten minutes in-between each round? And I’m new here so what’s a ME UB pull up?

  2. UB stands for Unbroken. That means as much pull ups as you can without falling from the bar.

  3. BBG) 1RM Hi Bar Back Squat – 140kg PR, failed 145 twice

    COND) 4.05RX – 2 rounds UB Deadlifts, 3rd round 5 + 5 singles, DU all UB

    ME PULLUPS – 22, 18, 16

    • Yeah I had to watch it . Then I was the support act with my slopping old man shitting his pants DUs that too literally 3 times as long.

    • That was great. I think I’ll incorporate the warmup into my routine now. 🙂 Awesome lifts and sound track.

  4. STR:
    HBBS-270# 280# f x 2 (felt like I had nothing out of the hole on the last two, wasted a lot on the 270# attempt and should have gone for 285 from 260)

    anyone have a good 1RM test template theyd be willing to share?


    rx 5:52
    broke my second set of DLs for 5/5, felt out of sync but other than that a walk in the park today

  5. Gonna have to go out on a limb and say that seeing my team on the Outlaw Way blog is about 100 times cooler then being on CF HQ. 😉 Thank you, Rudy, for the shout out but most of all thank you for developing this program. All 6 of us have seen gains in the past 3-4 months that we never thought were imaginable. They don’t call you the Bearded Wizard for nothing!! Congrats to CF Gwinnett on their first competition and first podium finish, that is not the last time we will see those peeps. Watching Caleb Williams C&J in an uneven parking lot was the cherry on top to a pretty awesome weekend.

    • Ha! That’s funny shit right there. These Guys tried to create Thier own CF affiliate dynasty. CF, had none of it and took the affiliation away. They still do ‘CF’. And now they are doing ‘the outlaw way’… Just riding on coat-tails.

  6. HBBS: 355
    – working on new stance and technique, no pain in my hip. It was a good day considering.

    Conditioning: 2:34
    – everything unbroken, but I could’ve gone faster.

    Pull-ups – skipped
    – felt a hand tear coming on during the first set.

  7. Strength
    485-New PR, Think I could have hit 500 but there was no more room on the bar, need to invest in some kilo or old school plates.



    Got a pretty solid group at our garage box following down in San Antonio, PR Bombs falling everyday!

  8. Strength:
    1) 290 15lb HBBS PR
    -Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing a violent hip drive out of the hole? Whenever I fail it is because my hips shoot up and put my back at an awful angle, or maybe it’s a lower back weakness?

    6:05 Rx-DU’s held me up, DL’s all unbroken


    • could be a weaker posterior chain. i had the same problem. i was really quad dominant. my hamstrings, glutes, and lower back lacked a lot of strength. been doing a lot of glute ham raises, back extensions, good mornings, pendlay rows. a bunch of posteior chain accessory work. and it’s helped to fix the problem….. hope that helps a little bit.

  9. Back squat 370. Last week was the first time in months where I could finally start squatting. So I’m pretty happy with 370.

    2:19 – conditioning

    Pull-ups 30-30-30

  10. Holy shit balls the string of questions about UB and ME and what have you – hilarious!

    1RM HBBS: PR 170 – missed 175, but it’s there – just lost focus and needed to move on so I didn’t try again.

    Conditioning: (note: I am really pissed about this one; it’s SO in my wheelhouse, but second round I snapped my shit up in my heel/foot area, it’s been a nagging thing, whatever): 3:20
    Deadlifts were like PVC

    Pull-ups: 48, 22, 6 strict+12 kipping (then I noticed I was bleeding on the bar)

  11. Strength:
    315 = PR

    3:15 Rx

    26-13-11 pressed for time but not sure I could have got many more on rds. 2 & 3

    1/2/4 Fun Day

  12. Strength 365… Need to do more high bar.
    Conditioning 2:33 messed up at thirty second round unbroken otherwise.
    Me pullups 37-32-32

  13. 385# Tied current PR stopped here…tweaked my back idk how on the squats.. definitely have way more in the tank!

    Skipped…Couldn’t even pull 225# off the ground warming up

    Pull Ups
    33-20-21(w/ 20# Vest)


  14. Strength

    375# (Just missed 385# but still 10# PR and did it with a deep bounce)

    Does anyone else feel weird squatting fresh (no BBG prior)?


    5:00, Still need DU improvement

    Pull Ups

    30, 15, 12

  15. Strength
    200# BS
    Conditioning (155#)
    20/22/17 had no straight bar so had to use the handle type pullups bar.

  16. Strength- 395, missed 400. #10 PR, but #30 more than our last max. This after spending the last two weeks just trying to get healthy. Unbelievably pumped.
    Cond- 3:42 with 225, still don’t trust my back.
    30,20,20 pullups

    • Str- 300, beat my low bar squat by 5 lbs, can’t wait to see what my lbbs 1rm is going to be.
      Cond- 5:54
      Pullups- 40, 25, 15

  17. Strength: 230# (PR by 45# since september), failed twice 250#.
    Conditioning: 6:35min rx. all fault to DU which I totally sucked, DL went unbroken and quite easy.
    pull ups: 24/20/21. first two sets made kipping, last butterfly. after that attempted one arm pull ups, made 3UB.

  18. Strength: 350# (5# PR yaaay! BW 174#–gained a bit over the weekend by destrominating foodstuffs)
    Conditioning: 4:05 RX – all DL’s UB, tripped on the rope a few times, caught my breath a little between rounds
    Pull-ups (strict): 18, 13, 11 – grip/lats were unexpectedly fucked from the DL’s
    I think it’s pretty rad that most of the posts are with strict pull-ups. Fuck kipping.

  19. 405# HBBS, big improvement from last time. 7:51 on the met con. 8/12/13 fr the pull ups. I eat too much god damned ice cream to go fast ricky bobby. Cooling off with a Stone IPA FTW!!!!

  20. HHBS: 445 …. 10lb pr

    Cond: 2’34” everything UB

    Pullups: 21,31, then decided to try strict which resulted in 5 haha

  21. Strength:
    355# (10# PR)

    3:39 rx

    pullups (strict) 17,8, 10 (2min rest between sets)

  22. Strength:


    Pull Ups:
    25 all butterfly
    30 mixed kipping and bfly
    49 first 27 bfly, then kipping

    ripped the shit out of my thumbs. thanks Russel.

  23. Am a newbie to outlaw programming, so that’s why my conditioning time below SUCKS. did 7:01 at 155#. Look forward to the day I’m posting 3-4 minute times with rx’d weights.

  24. BBG) 1RM Hi Bar Back Squat – 220lbs. PR from last week at 205lbs. Just need to keep working to catch up to all the beasts on here.

    COND) 16:40RX – went UB on Deadlifts. DU is something I am learning right now. It is not as easy as I thought it was. I did manage to string 3, 4 all the way up to 8 without having to stop. All and all I need to keep working at them, most of time was spent working on the DU’s.

    ME PULLUPS – 15, 10, 10. I believe I am using way to much swing for kipping. I can do more strict pull-ups than kipping, but I wanted to work on my weak area.

    • Paul,

      Can you do pistols with your patella tendinitis? I just got back into heavy cleans and snatches a few months ago but still can’t do pistols on my left leg.


  25. Strength: 445#; 15# “CrossFit” PR.

    Cond: 8:08; Double Unders, will get better. Deadlifts, UB.

    Pull-ups: 20, 17, 20

  26. HBBS 335 (5# PR); failed 345 twice

    Cond: 5:16

    …forgot bout ME pu’s…but I did do a bunch of strict mu transitions messin’ round

    MFS 233

  27. BBG:

    455# – 10# PR


    3:40 – UB on the DL, broke on the last set of doubles at 28.

    ME UB pull-ups:



  28. HBBS:
    Felt good yesterday so went for a 5RM and hit 285lbs. Therefore, no 1RM today. Front squats instead

    2:54 (messed up on the last dubs 3 times)

    Forearms a bit fried from everything plus heavy power cleans but…
    61, 20, 20

  29. I have been following Outlaw for about 6 weeks now. Love it, feels like I’m actually working toward something rather than just hitting wod’s and hoping for the best in the open/regionals. Pumped for the next cycle for sure.

    HBBS – 425# (10# pr)

    Conditioning – 2:32rx

    Pullups – 20, 20, 20. Did them on a fat bar outside the back door of our gym on an old rack, no excuse but it felt funny.

  30. 1) worked up to 315. Failed 340. PR is 330

    Cond: 4:39
    Pussed out and broke the deads on second round.


  31. 1. HBBS 245#. 10#PR
    Cond. 5:40. subbed 100 singles for the double unders.

    Strict Pull ups: 5,5,3

  32. Strength:
    1.) 385 lbs. Not a PR but heaviest I have gone in a while. Attempted 400 lbs (old PR) got it up half way and then went forward on my toes and had to bail.


    2:44 Rx
    All deads unbroken.

    40, 28, 25 on pull ups

  33. 29/m/5’11″/175
    345 (PR for high bar; I have always done strictly low bar; PR there is 385, 345 recently)

    3:28 (felt great, messed up double unders on second round, thought I could break 3)


  34. Strength

    Had to walk across gym to do DU’s

    65(pr), 35, 15. Grip was gone.

  35. HBBS 365 PR failed 375 (2x)

    18:23 Rx Double Unders still not clicking

    6/8/7 Hands still shredded

    Sandy tried her best to get me down but I still got in and did some work. Horrible sleep as you could imagine.

  36. 1st Outlaw training
    165# hbbs not a PR but just starting strength training after focusing on conditioning for 3 months …..PR 193#
    DL155#ub & working on DUs they sucked pretty bad…6:42
    UB pu 12, 11, 12 with torn hand
    Can’t wait to see improved results as I train the Outlaw way 🙂

  37. Strength 385 pr never been so deep with this heavy of weight
    Did this later so had more rest

  38. Strength

    Metcon: 7:01

    Forgot pullups. Will do tomorrow.

    First Outlaw WOD. Look forward to what the next!

  39. 41/6’2″/205

    Strength: 160/165/170kg (374#) – 400# is my max, felt weak today.

    Cond: 2:32 RX’d – felt great

    PU: 35/20/20 – Count is a little low on these today. I did these on low rig with slippery bars, kipping but knee’s bent.

  40. Not a lot of time to workout today- I had to squeeze it in while I taught…

    Just did cond-
    4:21 rx’d

  41. Just want to say thank you for hard work with this program. I have been following it for about six weeks now.
    I added 20lbs to my HBBS which is now #355

    Pull up PR 46 unbroken

    • 495 HBBS – 20 lb PR
      So close to 500. Just missed it!

      Conditioning – 2:25
      Terrible day for double unders. Tripped up about 5 times. All sets of deadlifts were completed in under 10 seconds though.

  42. Strength:

    4:30 rx

    Pullups skipped. Did shit load of rope climbs on Monday.

  43. F/5’/115#
    Did the Snatch work off boxes from yesterday 80#
    Cond. WOD from today 3:47Rx
    Pull Ups 32/26/20

  44. First Outlaw workout

    245# – Did low back squat, as I have just started to squat using heavier weights and the high back squat is killer on my lower back.

    5:50 – 225# deadlift and did 3:1 ratio of single unders to double unders, as I can’t string double unders together yet.

    Pull-ups – 22, 20, 20

  45. http://youtu.be/28w0EttS1RU

    Great day.
    Strength: 475lb (Up 25 pounds from 05Sept2012)
    I have to say that I am honestly blown away by the results. A year ago, I was at 365 on a great day. To jump 25 pounds in less than two months and PR on Fran really says a lot about the balance this programming delivers. I almost hit 485, stalled on the way up. I see 500 getting up in 6 months or less.

    As Rx’d
    Unbroken deadlifts, a couple of trip ups on the double unders.

    Went strict
    Arms and lats were blown up from the Conditioning. Usually hit around 20-18-16 give or take a couple reps on each set.

    Thanks for everything Coach.

  46. Part 1).
    Mile – 5:40
    3rm pc. 235#. Legs were spreading at end but still caught it


    Mile 5:47
    Dips – 20-16-12. 48 total. Not great

    Pt 3)
    Mile 5:45

    1rm bench – 215. Missed 235 – came down and had the bar weighted wrong and missed the lift. Gotta work that more

    355 (up from 345) 365 is in near sight. Still not a good lift for me.

    2:37 (previous best on this was 2:51). Trip up once during the second round of doubles

    Only got one set of PU in due to time. 20 COVP (was not ME)

  48. Strength

    4:33 i can’t DU for sh…

    Pull ups UnBroken with no rest after the conditioning

  49. strength

    3.05 rxd
    35,25,20 (2min rest between sets)

    thought i would get around 100 in total but grip was gone

  50. Strength: 335# (not a PR)
    Conditioning: 3.10 rx’d

    Pullups (went with strict, 2′ rest b/w sets): 18,12,11

  51. BBG
    1. 395 had more just went to high too fast
    1. 4:08 DU were a problem the first rnd
    17, 15, 10 was not feeling the DU

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