Today is our contest for best name for a competitive exerciser magazine!

Post names to comments. Winner gets to ask one stupid question without anyone ripping them a new one (unless it’s “What does UB mean?”).

Click the pic to read T’s interview.

Spencer has added insult to injury (literally) by playing silly games with his two good elbows. All this has done is remind me that youth and stupidity always beats wisdom and skill. Here’s his 165# “No-Hands” Clean & Jerk:

WOD 121026:

BB Gymnastics

1) Every 30 seconds for 4:30 (10 total reps):

1 Hi-Hang Snatch (full squat) + 1 Snatch Balance @ 80% of most recent 1RM.

Notes: Reps are at 0:00 – 0:30 – 1:00 – 1:30 – 2:00 – 2:30 – 3:00 – 3:30 – 4:00 – 4:30

*rest 2 minutes

2) Every 40 seconds for 6:00 minutes (10 total reps):

1 Hi-Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Jerk @ 80% of most recent 1RM.

Notes: Reps are at 0:00 – 0:40 – 1:20 – 2:00 – 2:40 – 3:20 – 4:00 – 4:40 – 5:20 – 6:00


2 minutes ME KB Snatch 24/16kg

-then (no break)-

8 minute AMRAP of:

8 Lateral Box Jumps 20″
16 OH Walking Lunges 45/25# (plate)
24 Pushups (hand release)

-then (no break)-

2 minutes ME KB Snatch 24/16kg

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  1. Spencer’s video is about the coolest crossfit video I’ve ever seen (though Nasty Girls is still my sentimental favorite).

  2. Herculean Leopard Memento, would be the name of my mag, because and normal name never got anyone anywhere.

    BTW. just got my outlaw t-shirt in the post, is this racoon hair on it? or a cat?

  3. Gotta give credit here. Spencer Moorman at Muscle Driver did this first… I am just a copycat. He could probably do more weight…

    • Spencer Moorman trains at Cal Strength, was under glen pendlay at Cal Strength, but now glen is at MDUSA n NC but Spencer is not training there so he is technically training under both “groups” if you will. Chillax

  4. Can someone give me some insight into where I should start with this training. I was following for three months, May, June and July but had to stop for a few months for a deployment. Should I start from the beginning of this phase, wait for the next phase or just jump in and start with 121026 WOD? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Aw fuck, I hate to ask this without even giving a magazine name, but

    on BBG 1 & 2 is the 80% of our snatch/CJ or snatch balance and push jerk? The only reason I ask is because in prior weeks you provided a link to what we should be basing off of; I will use that number unless I hear otherwise. Thanks Coach!

    PS: my magazine would be a CrossFit parallel to MAD magazine and contain all the idiotic shit CF-ers do (e.g. the images posted the other day) and it would be called: D-Bag Mag!

  6. X-Fit Now

    Crossfit Life

    Crossfit Journal

    Box Trainer

    Training inside the Box

    The Fittest on Earth

    The Crossfitter

  7. For anyone going to the Miami Dec. 12-14 midweek training camp, I have 1- 2 spots for the weekend Dec. 14-16 camp I’m looking to trade for the midweek camp. Please email me at mlindsey22@gmail.com if interested.

  8. Wasn’t even close to completing the required sets at the required % (if it was based of our full 1RM snatch & cj) so I started over with a little lighter weight and still had to add more rest time.

    1. 170#
    2. 225#

    36 KB Snatches + 2 Rounds 16 HR Push Ups + 26 KB Snatches

    Felt like a total pussy after these results

  9. Magazine title – Full Throttle

    1) 70
    2) 90

    Cond – RX

    26 KB snatches
    17 KB snatches

  10. This seemed really heavy…

    1) 135#, many misses
    2) 195#

    done (total sandbag day, like most of this week)


  11. BB Gymnastics:
    1) based on 185#
    2) based on 235#

    Fails left and right.

    36 snatches
    3 rounds + 16 OHL
    37 snatches

  12. 1) 140# (1 fail at 9th minute)
    2) 175#

    Things felt excessively heavy today, usually these would be fine.

    51 UB
    3 Rds + 3 OHL
    26 (broken)

    90% of my time was spent doing pushups.

  13. BBG


    Condish Rx
    45 KB Snatch’z
    3rds + 8 BJs + 16OHL + 18HRPU
    24 KB Snatch’z
    ^ And thought to myself man I can’t wait til my “trainingmask 2.0” gets in FML X a million

    “Snatches & BJs” however, somewhere that may already exist

  14. I don’t care what the name of the publication is, but if doesn’t come with a “Snatch of the Month” centerfold, it’s losing readers across many demographics.

  15. AM
    Interval swimming 1:1
    4 * (2, 4, 6 lengths)
    Absolute gangfuck
    Snatches @ 87.5kg missed about 3 reps
    Cleans @ 110kg all reps up to 5 and then no wish jerks left in my legs
    2 + 44 reps. All in the press ups
    MFS 354

  16. BBG:

    1) 165#, 1 snatch balance miss near beginning, then pulled it together
    2) 195#, no misses


    3 Rounds + 13 Push ups

  17. Clean/Snatch & Jerks

    1) 140#, a few misses
    2) 165#, no misses

    40, 2 2/3, 38

  18. bbg
    1) idk wtf 80% we’re referring to so i went with 215# one miss
    2) 225# hit them all

    2 rounds+8 box jumps

    every time box jumps come up i think of Epic’s hilarious post on them.

  19. 1) hihang snatch- 135 scaled to extremely light bc of right shoulder. Was supposed to be at 188
    2) 185, scaled bc of shoulder- supposed to be at 220
    Cond- only did 1 min of snatch w left arm only- 26, 18, amrap- 3rds +14 pushups

  20. Did my maxes for Saturday today as I will be out of town…

    Snatched 186 (my technique is still way out front, could definitely pull over 205)

    Clean n Jerk 250! Finally. This was my goal for the 2012 year and was stuck at 215 until I found Outlaw in early August…35lb jump in 2 months, not bad. Thanks Rudy.

  21. I just started Oulaw this week, following the workouts posted, and I just want to say I love it. I never realized how much I love Snatches and how full body they are. I did today’s workout about 2 hours ago, I am just whooped. I can’t wait to see the results in the time to come.

  22. 41/6’2″/203

    lol, I loved the CK 40 year old skit the other day. Ouuu!

    1) 85kg (187#)- skipped the snatch balance. Not great at lowering that kind of weight to shoulders and both on the 30s is no joke. wow
    2) 110kg (242#) – was heavy but manageable. the last few front squats hurt a bit but helped train to jerk while fatigued.

    50 kbs
    2 rounds + 8 + 16 + 18pu: pushups were difficult
    35 kbs: didn’t feel like picking up the kb on this one. grip became an issue and got a little weak mentally.

  23. 1)snatch complex all done at 108#
    2)clean complex all done at 153#

    3 rnds + all box jumps+all oh walking lunges + 6 hrpu

    Backs been hurtin bad, had to put kb down once each 2 min bc I was so tight.

  24. BBG
    I missed quite a few of these lifts, especially as time went on. I’m assuming this is because I wasn’t dropping quick enough under it as got tired? Opinions welcome.

    35# KB
    2 Rd + 2 Push Ups

    Arms were smoked after holding the 45# OH, made the push ups a biatch.

  25. “The Way” sub-titled BB Gymnastics and the Competitive Exerciser.
    Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

  26. BBG
    1) 80#
    2) 132# failed 9th jerk

    Cond –

    41 KB snatches
    3 rds + 16 reps
    36 KB snatches

  27. BBG:

    1.) 155 – 1 miss
    2.) 220


    40 UB snatches

    3 + 8 burpees

    25 snatches


  28. BBG
    1) 145# did 3 reps that were terrible & started all over again after I regained my composure!

    Cond – grip still effed from bar muscle up AMRAP so KB snatches sucked a$$!
    40 snatches
    3 rds + 36 (hr pushups = suck)
    36 snatches

    Call it “BBG”…reminds of porn vids with BBW’s. Yes Im a man so I watch porn.
    or “The Way”
    or “Doomsday”

  29. First Crossfit Journal sound too much like the Yoga Journal.

    Magazine Names:
    1. Fight Gone Bad
    2. Wanted (referring to Outlaw)
    3. Crossfit Chronicles
    4. WOD (These 3 letters will catch any crossfitters eye on a magazine shelf)
    5. AMRAP
    6. The Last Crossfitter (playing on the fact that in Crossfit we are done when all of us are done)
    7. WOD LIFE

  30. Didn’t know which max to use. Attempted with 80% 1 rep full snatch and clean maxes didn’t happen. Used power snatch and power clean and jerk maxes

    1. 67kg
    2. 88kg

    50kb snatch
    2 rounds + 18 push ups
    44kb snatch

    Total: 230

  31. BBG:
    1) Done based off of 230#. Missed #4 and 8
    2) Done based off of 265#. Missed #9

    49 UB UB Snatches

    3 Rounds

    40 UB KB Snatches

  32. BBG
    1) 165: 1 miss gayness, couldnt get e’ry 30sec, closer to 40sec
    …rested ’bout 5 mins, then some warmup HC&PJ’s, then…
    2) 185: stuck em all at the rx 40sec

    3) Split Jerk 2rm: 215: couldnt match Katie Hogans 225, Im a failure.

    Cond: 50lb KB
    43 reps -then-
    rested 2 mins, -then-
    40 reps

    MFS 333

    • I always liked “In Omnia Paratus”, but you would have to put the translation below it for noobs. Im so original.

      The ‘snatch of month’ could be in the mag: “Large Loads, Long and Fast”.

  33. BBG:
    1) Based on 165# –> 130#, lowered to 125#, no fails, but had a few reps where I took a step forward to keep balance.
    2) Based on 205# –> 165#, no fails.

    24 Reps (Total)
    3 Rounds + 4 Reps
    18 Reps (Total)

    Fun workout today. The snatch part was by far the hardest. On conditioning, the lunges were the worst, until the 3rd round of push-ups, that took me nearly 2 minutes to complete. Arms were blown up.

  34. BB Gymnastics
    1. 155 x 5, 165 x 5
    2. 200 x 10

    58 snatches
    3 rounds + 10 push-ups
    40 snatches

  35. Snatch: 105 missed first and last balance
    Clean 150 all good


    Don’t know why I got more the second time than the first, I just had a better flow going the second time around.

  36. BBG

    Um, so about those percentages… Had to drop a bit and it still sucked. Glad other people felt the same.

    1) 185# with some misses. Did OHS after the snatch because I have trouble lowering that much weight to my shoulders.
    2) 225# with no misses but fuck that was hard.


    3 + 8 BJs

  37. BBG:
    1.) 185 lbs, 1 miss
    2.) 225 lbs, no misses

    3 rounds plus 36 reps (8 Box Jumps, 16 OH Lunges, 12 HR Pushups)

    Performed Rx.

  38. BBG

    1) Snatch @ 180 … missed a few to start, started over, no misses
    2) C&J @ 240 … no misses, hard as hell


    55 KB Snatch
    3rds + 5 Jumps
    42 KB Snatch

    i always find the interval C&J work to be way more challenging than the snatch work

  39. BBG-
    HHS+ SB@ 95#
    HPC+FS+PJ@ 120#

    KB snatch- 43
    2+26 ( dumbass here did burpee lateral box jumps?!???? No clue why? I just got it in my head that’s what they were)
    KB snatch- 39

  40. 29/m/5’11″/175
    1) 155 (missed a few)
    2) 200 (missed some jerks and a couple squat cleans)
    Sucked it up today. Form struggling, not really the weight.

    2rds + 8 + 16 + 6PU

  41. BBG:
    1) @ 65kg (9:30 min) 2 misses
    2) @ 80kg (8:20 min) no misses

    52 Sn (alternating arms: 10r+10l+10r+10l+5r+7l)
    3 rounds + 8 lat box jumps + 6 Lunges
    28 Snatches (alternating arms: 10r+10l+4r+4l)

  42. Felt pretty burnt out from Fran. Went into the gym a little lethargic. Id say I was around a 5/6/6
    Most of the soreness was carried in my left shoulder and wrist. Warmed up, tried a few snatches. Felt terrible. Slow, Unstable and just like a flaccid dick in general. Cancel the Snatches

    Clean and Jerk: 245 Across all sets. This served as a pretty good warm up for the shoulders so I decided to re attempt the snatches. I bumped the weight down to 135 (from 155) and did it.
    Snatch: 135 Across all sets.

    Need to improve my warm-up

    60 (30 Each arm, sets were:15 each, 10 each, 5 each)

    8 Minute AMRAP:
    3 Rounds plus 8 BJ’s+16 Steps+1 Pushup (169)

    31 KB Snatches (10 each, 5 each, one on the left)

    This one shook me to my foundations. Worse than Fran and DT. Don’t know what caused it, but I had to lay down for a good 15 minutes afterwards just to collect myself. Tough day.

    But, I love it…hence the reason I will be back tomorrow. Can’t wait to visit in December.

  43. Drilled form down today with all BB gymnastics with a certified trainer. Did not log weight but definitely feel more comfortable with the loft movement.
    34 snatches had to use 50lbs DB
    2 rounds +8bjs+16 ohl+10HR pushup
    27 snatches

  44. I went away for the weekend so I did this a day late on Sunday night..

    1) 70kg for all sets. Failed the 8th rep on the snatch (got lazy)
    2) 90kg for all sets. Completed

    These get hard due to the short rest time. My lower back was tightening up too..


    Subbed 24inch Box jumps due to equipment
    Used a 20kg barbell instead of plate for OHWL

    36 snatches
    3 rounds + 5 box jumps
    32 snatches

    tough work! very short breaks so I was happy about this.

  45. BBG
    1. Only had 165 today. Should have been 175
    2. 205, felt good
    F’ed up and did burpee lateral box jumps
    2 rnds + 6 Pushups

  46. Snatch complex 185 a couple misses so I went a couple more reps.
    Clean complex 215 no misses.

    Did some 2sets ME zercher squats 175#, 30sec rest 34total

    2x ME each side KB jerks 55#, 30sec rest between efforts 100total

    Then wod rxd

    Then some atlas stone 185# lifts to 44″ box and ME holds

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