This is Spencer’s “Outlaw Best” 345# OHS from today:

I, knowing that Spencer would get something around this, and knowing that Zach Brodis had gotten 335#, went straight from 315# to 345#, and this is what happened:

In case you didn’t see what happened there, here’s a still:


I’m not a doctor, but it looks like I snapped my shit up. No, it’s not that bad, just a little dislocated. Happy fucking Birthday, Rudy—WOO HOO!!! This however does prove two CRUCIAL facts…

1) “Old man strength” can be thwarted by old man joints. This is why they have masters divisions, seniors tours, or old dudes just fucking retire. The only bonus to being old is that it’s like being a woman because, a) if you get beat, all you have to do is say “of course you beat me—I’m old” and you have a built in excuse, and b) if I beat you, you will never live it down (seriously, I talk a lot of shit). The only other bonus I can think of is “testosterone therapy”. Do they drug test masters?

2) OVERHEAD SQUATS ARE STUPID. If you can’t snatch the mother-effing weight, don’t squat it.

WOD 121025:

Rest Day.

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  1. Is it wrong that the first thing I thought while watching was, “Something epic is about to go down… of course a woman is going to walk in front of the camera.”

  2. Yes I cheated and didn’t go shoulder to overhead first…there it’s stated no reason to harp and holler about it.

    • No “harping or hollering” from this guy. I just wish I had the boxes to make it happen.

      • I never understood why the majority if people treat the OHS as having to start with a press/jerk. The front squat does not require a clean. I get that some people don’t have the equipment to make it happen, but if you do, I see no reason to not take it out of the rack in an OH support position. Personally, I also find that my shoulder girdle feels much more stable when doing this as opposed to jerking the weight overhead and then trying to get set.

  3. Happy Birthday, coach!

    I have understood for all my 3.5 short years with Crossfit that my weak links (joints) destroy the best of strength intentions and capabilities.

    I will never give up, till there is no WOD I can do, fully scaled!

    Love you, man.


  4. Oh man, that sucks. At least you looked fucking awesome doing it and you have a great photo to show future grandkids how hardcore you are…’In my day we trained through minor dislocations’….

  5. Rudy,

    So sorry to see you dislocated your elbow. Sucks! But I must confess I’m taking solace in your injury. Glad to know I’m in good company. You see I’m in my 3rd week recovering from a repair of a torn lateral meniscus, a complex one at that. Still having to wear a knee brace and get around on crutches. Has sucked balls that I haven’t been able to do much more than straight leg raises and leg extensions. Everybody on me to chill and heal right now. Doesn’t help that my husband just opened a “box”, CF West Lafayette, and is going on and on about wods and members and shit. Anyway, how did I, a 46 yo “old” woman sustain this injury? Doing fucking double unders. Anyway, sorry you hurt yourself, but good to know I’m not alone. Feel better soon!

    Erika Ugianskis MD

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. I see what you are doing here. This happening the day after you post the Louis CK clip just further solidifies the “The Bearded Wizard” handle.

    Just take ten Aleve. You’ll be fine.

  7. Loved the “aka snap yo shit up attempt”. Happy Birthday, Coach!

    Got down with DT today.. didn’t do Fran because I’m a big pussy.. BUT PR’d overhead squat by 32lbs.. could’ve kept going but ran out of time.

  8. Badgers milk and stripper spit cures dislocated elbows. It’s science.

    Heal up quick man!

    Also, does this mean you can’t type as much so we get a de-load week?

  9. Rudy, I’m a firm believer in old man strength but I don’t think you (or I, I think you’re about the same age as me?) are old enough to harness the power. I remember being a kid and seeing old guys, like gnarly old dudes with arthritis in half their fingers, the other half were missing, lost while chopping wood or bitten off in a fucking bar fight. Dudes with forearms bigger than their fucking biceps. Guys whose faces look like they’ve been standing in a sub-zero wind-tunnel for hours, telling frostbite to fuck-off.

    When I think of old-man strength I think of that guy. The good news is we’re just too young, time is on our side. Maybe if you dislocate your elbow a few more times it’ll end up all mangled and 20 years from now when some young punk sees you squatting 400lbs with a gnarly elbow at 54 years old he’ll think “I wouldn’t mess with him, look at his fucking elbow! That dude is old-man strong”.

    Seriously though, it looked like you had that. Hope it doesn’t slow you down too much.

  10. Hey Guys,
    This is Will from Sydney, Australia. Just found out that bookings are filled for the Outlaw Training Camps in Sydney, Jan 11-13, 2103. Just letting everyone know that has registered for this event that IF you cannot make it, and need to cancel your spot, I would love to take it. Please reply if this may apply to you. Thanks Guys.

  11. Hey Guys,
    This is Will from Sydney, Australia. Just found out that bookings are filled for the Outlaw Training Camps in Sydney, Jan 9-11/ 11-13, 2013. Just letting everyone know that has registered for this event that IF you cannot make it, and need to cancel your spot, I would love to take it. Please reply if this may apply to you. Thanks Guys.

    • Oops, wrong day. Sorry guys. Hoping for a quick recovery for you, Rudy. That shit looks painful.

  12. If you turn iPhone on its side, you won’t have those black bars in your video. Had to, sorry.

    Rub some DMSO on it, you’ll be back much quicker. Seriously the stuff is like Unicorn ____, magical.

  13. Do you think this injury will affect your iPhone addiction? Hey a least it’s your left arm so you can still drink Jamieson and do that err umm testosterone therapy thing, ya old dirty bastuhd. Seriously though, Happy 40th year of disjointed bearded wizardry!

  14. So hoping Rudy isn’t serious about not squatting what I can’t snatch. Since that would most definitely infer that I shouldn’t front squat what I can’t clean.

  15. I haven’t attempted a 1 RM OHS in quite some time. I was fortunate to have a 25# PR! Take care of that elbow Rudy, a little whiskey will help numb the pain.

  16. Any Outlaw friendly gyms in the Columbus, Oh area? I’ll be in town this weekend and could use a place to workout Saturday.

  17. happy birthday old balls, maybe its time to mix in some milk instead of jamieson…just saying.

  18. Happy Birthday Coach
    101224 WOD – 3 pr’s today
    225 ohs – pr 15#
    fran – 4:55 – pr 12 sec
    dt 13:57 – pr by ~2 min

    48 / M/6’2″/195

  19. too bad about the busted arm. as a fellow old guy, i have been trying to get somenoe to prescribe me some steroids for a long time but with no luck. seems that all this weightlifting actually does keep the manly hormones up. and yes they do test the winners in the masters divisions (those that podium). or more precisely, they take samples. don’t actually know if they are then tested.

  20. speedy recovery old man!!!! u r the best, but aparently years are misserable…..

  21. Bullshit. You just didn’t want to do Fran and DT…Kidding. Dude, that sucks, and I’m about to flip into the 5th decade.

  22. Only been doing Outlaw two months but setting pr’s everywhere now.

    Fran 5:19 (2 min 18 sec pr)
    DT 17:59 (first time to be able to do it rx’d)

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