Today we’ll be taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming.


Because it’s my mother-effing birthday and I want to have some mother-effing fun! Hell, I might even do some met-con just to prove the power of old-man-strength (even thought I won’t be able to walk for a week). I do, however, want to apologize in advance: I couldn’t decide between “Fran” and “DT”—as they are my co-favorite WODs—so today you get a gift from me.



Michael Winchester has quickly established himself as our resident camp-staff nerd (I mean, other than me…and Spencer, and BP). Today he published a post that was loosely based off The Outlaw Doctrine and some of the things he’s researched and learned himself. To be honest, it’s pretty great…

Read: Why Don’t We Deadlift More?

WOD 121024:

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Overhead Squat.

Notes: Enjoy this, you’ll never see it again.


21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 95/65#

For time.

*Rest as needed (but don’t be a pussy).


5 rounds for time of:

12 Deadlifts 155/105#
9 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#
6 Push Jerks 155/105#

138 thoughts on “121024

    • Oh Jeez……-_- ouchie my balls. Screw you birthday. I want some snatchess without much pain.

  1. Recently started following your amazing programming so forgive my newbie question. Why won’t we see 1RM OHS again?

  2. Whoa I’m glad your birthday comes around only once a year. Happy birthday you evil genius!

  3. Happy Birthday! Thank you for the read on DL vs Oly lifts. I am a math guy and I love the formulas. It makes perfect sense and I am going to pass this on to my trainers and freinds.

    • Hey bitter Betty, the Cards were a little tired from playing 12 games more than the Rangers did this year. Too bad they couldn’t get past the AL birds and go to the World Series to complete a Threepeat of losses.

      • No bitterness here! Only sweet tears of joy that the Giants just swatted Verlander back to 8 mile.

        Let me be clear- I don’t give a fuck about baseball except for Jayson Werth, Chipper Jones (it’s a nostalgic thing), and the GIANTS.

      • Ditto T, I almost posted a link to that post Pantheon Games FB page when I saw the workouts. I decided they wouldn’t like me very much if I did that haha.

    • “The TGU is NOT a “for time” movement. Do you want to kill someone?! (I don’t know why this makes me so angry, but I’m actually shaking the computer as I write this.)”… my personal favorite quote from it.

    • That’s why you didn’t see me down there, SB. As soon as that mess came out, I bailed. I know you couldn’t let your sponsors down, so went through with it. But, damn!

  4. Acquired two tickets to @outlawway training camp in Murfreesboro TN if anyone is interested in them at asking price. #worthit

  5. At pantheon games we had to do turkish getups for time on a slippery floor and I got a KB to the skull. We also had to squat clean a 20# medball for reps. Next time I’m going to refuse to do bullshit.

  6. Happy B’Day Ruby

    Bring it on haven’t done these 2 WODs in a while
    Never in one day anyway.
    getting ready to spew aaahhhh!!!!!!

  7. The mental picture of the ring HSPU version of these two pics made a few of us at the gym laugh for a while!

  8. Before starting the Way my OHS PR was 45kg…4 weeks later it is 80kg. It would have been more but we ran out of time.

    Fran on the other hand…..

  9. Hold on, the same motherfucker who told me to put a 350lb barbell on the back of my neck and leave it there for two minutes is now giving out about hanging one measly human from it while they do pushups? I’m adding this to the list of ‘splainin you’re gonna have to do when you get to Ireland Rudy.

  10. Happy birthday coach!

    Did a sub 5′ Fran for the first time.
    Thank you for everything,
    Best wishes!

  11. Sorry I missed the opportunity, apparently I’m getting old as well, and I can’t stay up past 9 oclock. Bacon, you will learn in good time. I can already tell you don’t like it when someone makes you feel all butt hurt, all you have to do is STFU, lift, and listen.

  12. Coach, Happy Birthday.
    Also, thanks for the reposts to the competition do’s an don’ts = great stuff.
    And, isn’t that Voigt on one of the images? As a member, representative of TEAM USA, shouldn’t she, er, know better…?

  13. Hit a 25# PR on my OHS (245#) after going nearly a year without doing any outside of metcons. So yeah, snatches + jerks + a metric shit-ton of back & front squats = OHS gets better by default.

    Fran: 3:39 (nearly a 3-minute PR)

    DT: Took my 2 PRs and called it a day.

  14. Took an extra 2 days off (Mon/Tues), completely beat up and work has been kicking my ass with 12+ hour days. Thought today would be the “usual”. Thank you for the repeated cock punches this morning Rudy

    185 OHS (sandbagged the shit out of this)

    4:15 Fran (24 second PR!)

    PUKE (25 minute rest)

    16:13 DT (first time)


  15. Strength:
    I don’t care what I can OHS, I care what I snatch. Skipped.

    Fran – 4:06 (PB of 2:57)
    DT -14:14 (PB of 9:56)

    MFS: 675

  16. Happy Birthday Anniversary:

    OHS 199 (PR)
    Fran 4.10 (PR)
    DT 13.56 (Off PR, but felt great considering I could barely close my hands after Fran)

    Sincerest thanks and best wishes, Coach.

  17. Happy bday Rudy pants.
    My gift to you is overhead squatting the shit out of 335# with no belt, shirtless, with a giant beard.

    Sorry for the strange behaviors in my video…I blame watching too much WWF wrasslin’ when i was a kid…

  18. I have 3 tickets for the Outlaw camp at Providence, most likely not going to be able to make it, looking just for face value, let me know! Thanks!

  19. worked up to a 93kg OHS, then ran out of time; took me forever to get warm today and my shoulders hurt when lifting overhead. that and I worked out in my garage today, not the gym, because my day job had me in some sort of meetings and shit! when my day job gets in the way of my spending at least 2 hours in the gym = bad day!

    didn’t time fran. i started warming-up thrusters and just went. stupid I realize that, but there was no way I was PR-ing today.

    no time for DT – had to get back to “work” but I’ll be sure to do some handstand holds or something stupid in my office; maybe practice HS walks down the hallway – the college students will love that.

  20. Went all out of every thing today. I’m never comming 4th place in anything ever again!
    Pr OHS 275
    Pr Fran 2:37

  21. OHS: 210 PR

    5:32-had to do pull ups on Yoke, still over a 2min PR.

    18:35-Wanted to puss out on this after Fran but I felt like it was the least I could do for Rudy on his birthday. Automatic PR also, last time I had to scale this.


  22. Two years ago, I promised myself I would never do Fran again… I fear Fran like AJ Moore (now) fears KB swings. One month into following Outlaw and Rudy decides to give us this little gem…. You, sir, are an asshole.

    158lb OHS

    2:37 Fran

    *laid on the ground, for what seemed like hours, debating whether or not I should make a trip to the ER since I felt like my heart just exploded in my chest… and I could taste blood*

    19:05 DT – It ended up being a 1:1 because my lungs were so f**ked from Fran, my goal was just to finish it.

    Happy Birthday Rudy!!

  23. It’s super depressing to see me consistently get last place on all these workouts – however, I know I hit like a 2 minute PR on Fran today
    8:58 – rarely do I get to do male Rx weights, so hopefully I’m not missing the entire metabolic conditioning boat on this one. Oh well, back to mah lady weights

  24. OHS: 125# (10# lower than PR). Tried 145# and then just couldn’t push press from neck properly.

    Fran: 4:25PR. (5sec. PR). My goal was to make thrusters unbroken and wasn’t taking too much speed on pull ups. Should have done better, but….

    DT: did not do….just too tired from yesterday. Started first round, and then just went out of energy and motivation.

  25. Happy B-day you sadistic bastard.

    1) 275 OHS – Haven’t really ever 1RM’d this by itself. Last time was like a year ago as WOD 3 in a comp. 3 min to find 1RM OHS / 2 MIN MAX DU. Anyway, only got 235 then. So let’s call it a 40lb PR on your old man day.

    2) Fran: 2:29 (8 sec slower than PR)

    3) DT – Got through 3 rounds at just under 4 minutes and ow back started to lock up. Rested 5 minutes-ish and finished at around 12 minutes. So about 5:30 slower than my old PR.

  26. Happy Birthday Coach!
    Just got some Outlaw Gear… Fucking bad ass!!

    OHS – 255# PR

    FRAN – 3:29

    DT – 9:48 PR

    Feel great!!

  27. Hey,Hey- this was not as bad as I thought it would be. That being said, while I was doing this I wanted to cry!

    130# OHS ( never tried a 1rm on this before)
    Fran-4:04 ( PR by :15)
    DT- 10:46 ( off my PR by 1:25)
    Happy Birthday!

  28. Happy Birthday Rudy. Instead of blowing out a few caluses, and instead of cursing you, I did other shit.

    HighHangSnatch up to 185# (matched PR, felt heavy, few misses)

    OHS 1RM 235 (10# PR)

    Flat Bench 1RM 275 (10# PR)

    Main site conditioning: sub’d 2-pood KB Swings for sdhp: 8:55

    MFS: 244

  29. http://qkme.me/3rhpui

    Happy birthday coach!

    OHS: 260# (45# PR)
    Fran: 2:35 PR (previous time 3:05)

    -rest 20-30 min-

    DT: 13:00 PR (previous time was was somewhere between 18-20 some minutes and i felt like shit from yesterdays deadlifts and after everything today so i’m fine with that)

  30. OHS – 305 should of had 325 but mobility at the bottom of the squat killed me.
    Fran – 3:32
    DT – 8:31

  31. OHS: PR 95kg

    Pr on Fran 3:40

    you said rest as needed so when I get of the floor in a couple of days

    I’ll give DT a crack.

  32. OHS: 215lb (stopped at the 15 min mark. PR is 225.
    Fran: 3:33rx (pr by 10 sec). First time I didn’t break up the last 9 pullups
    DT: Did this 3 hours later. 14:59rx. Went too slow on this. Fran sucks.

  33. Something was wrong with me today, couldn’t get into it at all.

    OHS 145 thank God I don’t have to do that again

    Fran: 8:38 (PR)
    DT 16:40 @ 135 couldn’t clean 155 worth a damn in the warmup attempts.

  34. Happy Birthday Rudy!

    1) 270# OHS

    1) Fran: 2:30 (PR= 2:27)
    Rest 12mins
    2) DT: 9:31 (PR= 6:54). Literally could not catch my breath after Fran.

    disappointed with all the people who didn’t do DT…I’m pretty sure the instruction was, and i quote, “don’t be a pussy.”

  35. First time posting loving the workouts!
    OHS: 235
    Fran: 3:37
    DT: 13:12
    Been having some shoulder issues but getting back into hard workouts after awhile off so this felt like a pretty good day considering. DT felt heavy but I have a feeling I’ll be getting stronger doing Outlaw, I think that will help. I’d like to pick up 2 passes to the training camp in Murfreesboro if anyone has any or knows how to get them. Paypal wasn’t working. Thanks!

  36. 1st time Fran: 2:30 timed by gym owner

    Dt: 6:46

    A couple notes:
    1). Might have forget 10lb plates on the bar (ok did forget)
    2). Watch might have stopped during the workout (ok watch obviously stopped after seeing other times)

    Still went 100% though so who cares

  37. OHS 105 – gimmie time it will go up – first time with lifting shoes – I am in love!
    Fran – 5:58
    Hang Power Cleans 65
    Push Jerks 65

  38. Any Outlaw friendly boxes in Columbus, Ohio? Will be in town this weekend and could use a place for Saturday.

  39. OHS – 225#, could’ve done a little more, ran out of time
    Fran – 4:45, PR by :16, then watched my wife finish in 7:53, PR by 4:14

    DT – still resting as needed

  40. OHS – made huge jumps here and missed at 275# just from rushing it. Did not have time to miss and rerack the weight a bunch so went to a heavy front squat and ended at 315#.

    Then did last weeks BBG Snatch 10 x 1 from block. Went from 185 to misses at 255.


    Fran 3:32 (Unbroken but way too long of break)

    No time for DT.

  41. OHS – 175 (40 lb PR from way long ago)
    Fran – 6:19 Rx
    DT – Only did 3 rounds (5:19). Was feeling worn out after Fran. Probably should have waited longer to start (only waited about 12 minutes)

  42. Don’t always follow but I love the programming. My training partners were doing this so I thought I’d join them for the celabration. Happy birthday Coach Rudy. Thanks for all you do.

    No max OHS due to some shoulder issues I’ve been having.

    Fran 2:32 tied my PR
    10 min later
    DT 6:46 around previous PR

    Great idea, would have never thought of doing something like that on my own…

  43. I’m on BS “no squatting” rules from my knee guy. Was über bummed to miss OHS. It’s my favorite.

    Push press 65#
    Pull ups

    (PR from 7:44 from 3 years ago. 09.10.25)

  44. Fran: 7:46
    OHS 150# thats a 40# PR!!
    Fran tore both of my hands open so I am doing DT at another time. She is a bitch 🙂

  45. 240# OHS -Stopped at that because I thought this was mainly for lulz. Fun for a few presses.

    Fran- 2:58 (18 Sec PR)

    *Worked really hard at not being a pussy*

    DT- 3 rounds at 6:20 -Preemptively cut the last 2. didn’t puss out mid-wod.

    *feeling like death and generally being a pussy*

  46. 175 OHS which is a 20# PR

    Did “Small” instead of the programed wods. Wednesday is usually a rest day for me but I wanted to get a OHS 1RM and decided to do a longer metcon.


  47. 29/m/5’11″/175
    1) 240 (tried for PR of 160, but it was a no go)
    2) Fran 4:15 (PR by 21 seconds Fyeah)
    20min rest
    3) DT 12:50 (PR by around 5 or 6 minutes, Fyeah again)

  48. Funny thing is, the guy who programmed the WOD in the article on the left, competed in the competition pictures. Bad judgements all around!

  49. WOD 121024:

    15 minutes to establish a 1RM Overhead Squat.



    21-15-9 of:

    Thrusters 65#


    *rested 8min


    5 rounds for time of:

    12 Deadlifts 105#
    9 Hang Power Cleans 105#
    6 Push Jerks 105#


  50. Will do OHS tomorrow.

    Fran- 2:19 Rx
    Rested 5 minutes
    DT- 8:10 Rx… I think that’s a pr… Did each movement UB but took long rests between movements

  51. OHS – 275# (first time overhead in 2 months… ok with that)
    Fran – 2:17 (but kinda ugly)
    DT – no idea, but it was rough. Probably around 11. Felt nauseous immediately and broke sets up too much.

  52. Fran- 3.20 (not a PB.. Pull ups of today but oh well)
    DT- 7.25 (huge PB today thanks for getting me stronger)

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