5 days, 2 camps, 314 cups of coffee, and an army of exercisers who may have finally realized that the tension in their hamstrings can be directly applied to move large loads through the greatest fulcrum in history—the ass.

It was a great week+weekend, which absolutely flew by. I’d like to thank our host, Chad Kibbey, of CrossFit Shifted, who provided us a perfect home away from home. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Marc and Daniel from CrossFit Code 3, and Dan from CrossFit LAX, for coming all the way out to the desert and assisting in any way possible. Thanks boys, for everything.



The next camp pictures posted here will be taken in Iceland—never thought I’d write that sentence.

WOD 121022:

BB Gymnastics

1) Snatch: 2X2 @ 70%, 2X2 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90%, 2X1 @ 95%, 4X1 @ 85% – rest 60-90 seconds for the sets through 95%, rest 30 seconds between reps for the final set.
2a) 3X5 Snatch First-Pull (stopping at the knees) – heavier than 1RM Snatch (110% +), rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.


10 minutes free-standing Handstand practice.


50 KB Swings 32/24kg
3 rounds of:
50′ HS Walk
15 T2B
30 KB Swings 32/24kg

For time.

85 thoughts on “121022

    • Snatch DL would have you come to a complete standing position just like a normal DL. For a Snatch First Pull you stop at the knee, thus the name “First Pull” because it is the first pull of the snatch.

    • Yeah, but if you’re referring to last modays SnatchDeadlift (stopping at knees), then it is the same thing. Stopping at knees is what makes last monday the same as this monday.

  1. BBG
    1) 57, 57, 66, 66, 74(f), 74, 78, 78, 66, 66(f), 66, 66 – kg’s
    2a) 90kg
    2b) 62kg


    HS Walks still not happening – had to limit myself to 9 attempts per 15min.

  2. BBG
    1). Of 80kg 1rm
    2a) at 90kg
    2b) at 75 kg

    Skipped skilled due to time.

    At the park had nowhere for t2b subbed with
    50 KBS Russian
    3 rounds
    10m HS walk
    30 sit ups
    30 Russian KBS 32kg

    HS walks getting better

  3. BBG:
    1. Based off 240#. Failed 1 rep @ 90% and both @ 95% and 3 @ 85%. Couldn’t get under the bar today.
    2a. 265#
    2b. 205#, 215#, 225#


  4. BBG: 1. Based off #175. No Misses.
    Conditioning: 15:00
    Heavy American swings were still my downfall. I had to split them up into sets of 10. HS walks, I would get about 25′ then fall, then use 2 more attempts to finish.

  5. 1) 122-140-157-165-148
    Not typos – I was using fractional plates. Failed one rep at 140 and 165 due to forward catch.

    2a) 225
    2b) 165

    Cond DNF’d the HS Walks. Still did the T2B and KBs. Whatever.

  6. BBGym:
    1) Based off 160#. Failed reps @90% and both @95%. Wen’t back after the 4×1 and hit 95% once. My snatch technique is all off, I am always on my toes receiving the bar, even after trying to stay on my heels and pull the bar back. Very frustrating.
    2a) 205
    2b) 2×165, 170(4)

    Conditioning: only have 50# KB and my walks were broken up several times


  7. BBG –

    1) Based off 255…failed both at 95% tough mudder apparently shit on me

    2a) 295
    2b) 215

    skill – done max hold was about 24 seconds, fairly stable in the same spot

    CND –

    9:01 rx

  8. BB- based off 215# 1rm… Didn’t do the 1rm Saturday cuz my hammy felt like it would pop if I put under that much tension without a little rest lol… But no misses, hit 205 at the end super easy! Felt fast and strong!!

    2a – 245 and again felt solid thru whole ROM
    2b – 195… Ready for more!!!

    Skipped HS practice til later tonight in the yard

    Conditioning – 11:48, forearms were burning for that set of 25 swings at the end!! Fun WOD tho!!!

  9. BBG
    145x2x2. 170x2x2, 190x1x2 – missed first, 200x1x2 – missed first, 180x1x4-felt great

    first pull 3×5 @ 230
    BTNPPw/SG – 150×5, 160x5x2

    conditioning – 10:36

  10. Bbg off 240 no misses
    Strength 1)265
    2) 235
    Conditioning 9:27rx felt good forearms pumping ahhh

  11. BBG:

    1: Done based off of 215… Couldn’t work out the past few days to personal stuff so I went for a 1RM on the last 4 reps. Got under 225 3 out of the 4 times but couldn’t stand it up.

    2a: 275
    2b: 185

    Skill work: Done

    Conditioning: 11:46

  12. Today was awful. Period.

    1) i failed at 90 & 95%, backed off and worked back up to 90% but still felt shitty. My shoulder is f-ing killing me in the overhead position. I feel like I’ve been hammering the snatch for 9-10 months with absolutely no progress what.so.ever!
    2a) 100, 130, 135 <– these are easy. They are fast and solid with good technique. When I pulled 100, which I actually thought was 120, I was certain I could have snatched it. Could it be that I am just not warming up enough? I'm just at loss for where to go, what to do to get my snatch numbers up?
    2b) 60, 65, 65

    Skill: done – got a couple of good ones, but nothing to write home about.

    Conditioning: Not sure of time because we all started staggered; I used the 40kg KB b/c we only have one 32. That was a horrible idea.

    • Steeeeeeeeeeve
      today was just another day of lifting heavy shit over your head. there will be many more days of lifting heavy shit over your head. you did your best, feel proud of that and move on.

      As far as the shoulder goes, you might want to seek out someone who knows how to do Advanced muscle integration therapy, or AMIT, I heard that John Welbourn was going and getting worked on in Kaysville while he was here for the CFFB cert at CrossFit the club so I went and checked it out, really helped sort out some issues i’d had since my motorcycle crash… Anyways, the master is Dr. Craig Buhler is Kaysville UT, I can get you their office’s number and they can see if there is anyone near you who does it if you want to give it a try..

      • Zach,
        Dude, thanks so much. I sort of needed that.
        And thanks for the ref for the Advanced muscle integration therapy – I will see if there are any practitioners around ATL area. Also, good call subbing the bear crawls – HS walks suck!

      • No problemo brother! hope you can get your broken stuff fixed up 🙂 and hs walks are a huuuuge weakness for me.. love to work on them but yea, bear crawls were a great sub to keep my workout shorter and intensity much higher.

  13. BBG:
    Based off110#. Failed both reps@95%, though 90% went really smooth and easy.
    2.a) 155#/175#/185#
    b) 85#/95#/105# (finally overcoming this fear of bar crushing my neck bone).

    Conditioning: 9:35min. RX.
    (My walking started with 2 steps at a time and ended up with 6, so it just shows that practise is everything:) ).

  14. Thanks for programming the wall facing hand stand holds last week. This made hand stand holds, shoulder touches, and hand stand push ups a hell of a lot easier. Can’t kip the HSPU this way, but it makes strict a lot easier.

  15. 1. Based off 205# failed both 95%. Felt weak today
    2. 225#
    3 200# 205# 210#

    Skill: Working towards 10 unbroken Freestanding Handstand Parallete Pushups hit 3×5


  16. BBG:

    1.) 150-170-190-200-180 (1 miss)
    2a.) 240
    2b.) 180

    Skill: wall stands for 30sec


    12:15 – HS walks were not on today, still need to work on them.


  17. Snatch felt light today! Yay.. All time weight hi at 126, closer to that 130 goal.

    Snatch grip press 60 lb
    Snatch dead pull 125, was trying for 135 and I realized after I loaded it wrong… Dummy

    WOD rx 14:02

    Stronger every day!

  18. BBG
    1). Of 121lbs 1RM. Slow process but I am seeing progress.
    2a) at 132lbs. Probably, could have went heavier but wanted my form to be correct. First time doing these.
    2b) at 110lbs. Went up 22lbs from last time. Progress!

    Skilled: Done

    30 KBS 32KG
    3 Round for Time: 9:50. HS walks getting alot better.

    30 KBS 32kg

  19. BBG:
    1.) 165, 185, 210, 220, 195
    2a.) 275, 275, 275
    2b.) 185, 195, 205


    8:48 Rx

    Rx time was for the entire WOD including all swings and the 3 rounds.

    Completed all handstand walks in 25′ segments with pirouettes at the end of each length.

  20. BBG –

    1) Based off 225… missed a lot of reps. Shoulders are killin me. Very frustrating.

    2a) 250
    2b) 185

    Skill – no time, workout on lunch break.

    CND –

    8:45 60lb KB, biggest one.

  21. …less than stellar day, sux. Considering I had a fever and a few ibuprofin Sunday, along with blowing chunks and eating nothing, I guess to be back in the gym today wasnt all that bad.

    Sn based off of 210. I failed 1 at 80% (uber gay), and both at 95%.
    2a) 225
    2b) 155


    MFS 333

  22. female/5’3″/120#

    1) Based of 125, felt great
    2b) 145#

    Skils- Done

    Conditioning – 10:34 rx

  23. 1) used 245%. Last week hit all. It’s week misse both 95%’s. my pull has been to early so relly working on that.

    2a) 285
    2b) 215

    Did HS work Saturday? And trying to do 2-3x per week.
    Gym wod 3 rft:
    500 m run
    20 ghd
    10 hspu
    5 squat clean 185

  24. 1) 70/80/90/95/85
    2a) 110
    2b) 70


    12 min cap
    subbed 25 DUs for HS walk

    50 KB swings
    3 rounds of 25 DUS + 15 T2B
    4 KB swings

    RX weight on KB

  25. Snatch done off of 235. missed both @ 95% but feel like i am miving better and not jumping forward

    1a) all with 295
    2a) 205/215/225

    skill done

    no time for conditioning

  26. BBG:
    1.) All off 205. Had a realy bad morning dropped my 90 and 95. Need to stop doing BBG in the AM.
    2a) 225
    2b) 215

    12:45 HS walks always need work.

  27. BBG
    1) 90, 100, 115, 120, 100 (mistake-should have been 105)
    2a) 135 all sets
    2b) 105, 110, 115

    subbed shoulder touches for hs walk

  28. BBG

    1) Worked up to a PR of 175# Fuck Yeah!
    2a) 205, 215, 225#
    2b) 95,115, 135#



    HS walks werent going to happen and did not have a place to do ttb.

    So instead:

    50 swings-3 rounds of 50DU/15 Sit Up- 30 Swings 9:23

  29. BBG
    1. based off 180, no misses, kept going and hit 180 again, first time in a while
    2. 210
    3. 155 160 165

    Skill Skipped

    6:48 – after first round of KBS all UB

  30. Horrible Day today.

    Snatch off 260lb, failed both reps at 95%.

    SGDL – 275lb

    No Push Press – Shoulders are wrecked.

    Conditioning – since I’m working out in my driveway I wasn’t comfortable with driveway HSW.

    10 Burpee
    20 Pull UP
    30 Wall Ball
    40 Games Standard Box Jump
    50 KBS
    100 Double Under

    8:05 – Not my best day.

  31. BBG- 95/100/115/120/100 Felt Good. Didn’t get a chance to 1RM Saturday, but I think I have a big PR coming this Saturday. Been really focusing keeping the shoulders stable and steady (my weakness in the snatch), and its getting consistent.

    2a & 2b @ 140. Probably need to go up on weight on 2a, could stand another 25 pounds probably. Next week for sure!

    Conditioning: 18:04
    T2B feel good, getting smoother and more reps unbroken then last week. Kip is much better.
    HS Walk- amazing, after keeping the same position as Nose/toes to wall, it started to get easier, but did 25′ turn around, fall, try again. Definitely slowed me down.

    KB-Holy hell, that was fun. Found that technique real quick. the Buy out set was not as pretty, form wise.
    All in all the programming is really leveling out my weaknesses in various movements! Loving the Outlaw Way!


  32. Snatch: based off 155#
    2a) 178#
    2b) 128/133/138
    Skill: done-improvement today with turning around objects
    Wod: 12:37- kbs all unbroken; hswalks took a long time; most of the time it was about 5 steps then my shoulders would give out; limited room to walk also

  33. 29/m/5’11″/175
    1) 135-155-175-185-165
    2) totally forgot to do these

    Done. Got a few good holds.

    17:43(yay handstand walks)

  34. BBG
    1)Snatch – Based off 265, missed both at 95%
    2a)DL @305
    2b)215, 225, 235

    Conditioning – 9:41
    HS Walks went really well, only one fall each rd.

  35. BBG
    1) Done off of 190 , missed 3 attempts @ 95%
    2a) 220
    2b) 175
    Skill – No time
    Conditioning – 14:19. First workout with HS walks, getting used to it.

  36. BBG
    1) power snatch 85-115-125-135-120
    2a) 170
    2b) 1150-130-145



    KB- 30/20
    HS- unbroken
    T2B- 15, 10/5, 10/5
    KB- 10/10/10

  37. BBG:

    1) Based off of 215, no misses
    2a) 235# x 3
    2b) 165#, 165, 175

    Skill: Zipper those thighs together

    Conditioning: 10:47. HSW are getting better, deciding to dedicate more effort on these outside of the normal programming

  38. BBG

    1) Based off 265. Failed 95% and a two 85%. I was slow.
    2) 275
    3) 135 – super light and fast

    No Skill

    Conditioning (First one in awhile)

    13:20 Rx.

  39. 1) Based off 90kg – No fails and felt amazing tonight
    2a) DL – 130kg – Felt good
    2b) PP – 100kg – Also felt good

    Skipped handstand walking

    Conditioning – Made some substitutions due to gear and lack of ability

    50 x 24kg KB swing
    3 rounds of 15 T2B, 15 wall balls
    30 x 24kg KB swing


    Grip and abs/lower back are smoked. Kept a good steady pace with short breaks.

    A good nights training!

  40. BBG

    185 x 2 x 2
    205 x 2 x 2
    230 x 2 x 1
    240 x 1
    250 x 1 tied PR
    255 f

    Felt great so went up to PR rather than hitting another at 240

    2a) 285
    2b) skipped…..upper back is really sore/tight from the FS on the weekend



    Did a 25 ft turnaround, most UB, came down maybe 3 times.
    T2B were tough…..did death by T2B the day before.
    Last 30 swings brutal……easily sub 8 if I could have done them UB

  41. First off, I would like to say Thank You, for all the help that and hopitality that was shown to me this past weekend at Outlaw HQ. It was the perfect setting for finally breaking through some PR’s, Snatch 235# -> 245#, and C&J 280# -> 285#. And probably another 10-20lbs left in the my form. The Bar Muscle up WOD, 6 rds 1 MU, and a great amount of support form some Saturday morning Outlaws. The Blood Blister and tare in the middle of my palm are a nice little present. No really, I take my tares as a sign of good hard work! Thank you for everything Outlaw staff and new friends!

    1. Based off 245 (New PR) Missed last attempt at 95%
    2a. 275 x 3
    2b. 185, 205, xxx
    Skill Skipped

    8:32 – Best HS Walks in a WOD ever!

  42. At Reebok CrossFit Nordic
    Hit everything cleanly except the 95% lifts and then also missed rep 2 of the 4 lighter one. Based off 110kg
    Snatch pulls
    Super controlled at 110kg
    Snatch push press across at 110kg

    Class conditioning
    Every 2 min for 7 sets
    5 hang power cleans
    20 air squats
    10 press ups
    2 rounds @ 60kg with regular press ups (~35 seconds) then scaled up to 80kg and HR press ups and slowest round was 0:42

    3 rounds for time
    15 kb swings 32kg
    20′ handstand walk
    Fast and nasty, handstand walking is improving

  43. Snatches: Based off of 210 pounds
    Snatch Pulls@225
    Push Press@ 185

    Handstand Practice went well

    As Rx’d
    Used 70 Pound Dumbell, Handstand walks all unbroken.

  44. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch:
    2X2 @ 70%, 105
    2X2 @ 80%, 120
    2X1 @ 90%, 135
    2X1 @ 95%, 145 (missed both)
    4X1 @ 85%, 130
    – rest 60-90 seconds for the sets through 95%, rest 30 seconds between reps for the final set.

    2a) 3X5 Snatch First-Pull (stopping at the knees) – 165#

    2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press – 115#

    50 KB Swings 55#
    30 Shoulder Touches
    15 T2B
    20 Shoulder Touches
    15 T2B
    10 Shoulder Touches
    15 T2B
    25 KB Swings 55#


  45. BBG –

    1) Based off 185…failed both at 95%

    2a) 235
    2b) 165

    Skill– No time had to work

    CND – from outlawcrossfit.com

    50 KB Swings 32/24kg
    30 Shoulder Touches
    15 T2B
    20 Shoulder Touches
    15 T2B
    10 Shoulder Touches
    15 T2B
    25 KB Swings 32/24kg 12:50Rx

  46. BBG
    1)Based off 75kg; no issues. Moving really well, felt light. Had to restrain myself from deviating from program and going heavier! Thanks coach.
    2a) 90kg
    2b) 60kg

    COND: 16:47; subbed 15 HSPU for HS walks; still working on free HS

    MFS 1/2/1

  47. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch: complete; last set: S-F-S-S-F-F-S
    2a) 3X5 Snatch pull: 150-155-160
    2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push- 115-120-130

    Conditioning- 9:37 (hs walks sucked more than usual)

  48. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch based off of 205

    2a) 3X5 Snatch pull: 245
    2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push- 185, 185, 195

    Conditioning- 16:37 apparently my body decided to scale handstand walking to handstand falling.

  49. BBG
    1) snatch based off 160did 115, 130,145,150 missed first one at 145

    2a) 185,215,245
    2b) 135,145,155

    conditioning: 7:32 couldn’t make it through all the Handstand walking, my wrist wouldn’t take it. still dealing with injury but getting better.

  50. skipped snatches, did a bunch yesterday
    Snatch first pull 3×5, rest 60 at 255lbs
    Behind neck snatch grip push press 3×5, rest 60sec at 205lbs

    skill: done

    WOD: rxd at 75lbs KB 8:52

  51. BBG:
    1a.) 95, 105, 115, 135, 105
    2a.) 195
    2b.) 135

    Conditioning: Got through 12 T2B on 3rd round before 12:00 Min.
    first time hand walking

  52. bbg
    1/ off 95kg, 1 miss at 95%, 1 miss on final set 85%
    1a/ 100,105,110
    1b/ 90,95,100

    skill done but struggling

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