Well, he didn’t Snatch 300#, but he did PR…a lot. BP’s double PR day:

WOD 121020:

BB Gymnastics

1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


Front Squat – based on 121006:

2X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 2X2, 2X1 @ 90% – rest 2:00


7 minute AMRAP of:

7 Bar Muscle-Ups
30 Double-Unders

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  1. BBG
    1) 83kg PR (previous 82)
    2) 100kg (failed the jerk at 103)

    2×5 @ 105kg
    2×3 @ 112kg
    2×2 and 2×1 @ 120kg

    2 rounds + 5 reps – can’t string the Bar MU’s together at the moment, had to do singles all the way.

  2. Hey Rudy
    I have followed the program every day since February. It has been really great!!
    BW 70 -> 77kg
    Snatch 75 -> 90kg
    C & J 100 -> 110kg
    Squat 135 -> 150kg
    And I could go on …
    The last few weeks have just been hard / I’m tired..
    I’ve thought about having a deload week from Monday-Sunday … Is it a bad idea / should I wait…?
    Thanks for a great program!!

  3. BBG
    1) 75 kilo,
    2) 110 kilo (worked on jerk form with less weight as well)

    Done from 280#

    Subbed Chest to bar PU and Ring dips for MU’s
    4 rounds + 7 Ring dips

    quads have been smoked this week and my oly lifts were ugly (not using my legs)

  4. No BB gym. 🙁

    Squats based off 300. No fails.

    Conditioning: 4 rounds even.
    First round unbroken, MU went to dubs and singles after that.


  5. 1) 175, 10# PR
    2) Worthless, not even a match

    3) Worthless, failed all over the place

    Cond Worthless, 1 bar muscle up

    So not a very good day.

  6. BBG:

    1) 195, 10# off PR
    2) 255, tied PR

    Strength: Done off 305

    Conditioning: 3 rounds

    First round of bar muscle ups were all singles. Finally figured out how to connect them and the last two were broken into 4-3. Good week.

  7. 1. 175#, PR
    2. 220#, PR

    Strength – done off 245#, no misses

    Cond – 4 rounds + 5 bar muscle ups. Had to go to singles in the 3rd round due to massive tears on both palms.

  8. First day of outlaw:
    BBG 65KG snatch = new PR
    85KG clean and jerk
    Front Squat:
    2X5 60KG
    2X3 65KG
    2X2 70KG
    2X1 75KG
    AMRAP in 7 min’:
    3 rounds and 6 muscle-ups

  9. bbg
    1) 255, barely missed 275#, then running out of time so went for the pr @305# close, but no cigar
    2) 305#, again tried to pr at 330# with the clock running down, missed the clean.

    Strength (this is where some pr’s happened)
    2×5 @ 320=45# 5 rep pr
    2×3 @ 340=35# 3 rep pr
    1×2 @ 360=35# 2 rep pr
    failed on 2nd set of 2 @ 360 and just moved on to conditioning. excited with how my front squat is coming along. definitely need to keep on hitting the front rack partner stretch. http://californiastrength.com/videos/viewvideo/52/olympic-weightlifting/flexibility

    3 rounds+4 dubs rx

  10. BBG
    1) 125 – tied PR
    2) 160 – 5# off pr

    Strength off of 180
    145, 155, 160, 160

    no conditioning

  11. BBG
    1) 95 (failed 4 times at 100)
    2) skipped



    C2B sub

    3 rounds + 2 C2B

  12. SNATCH: 180# 5#PR
    CLEAN&JERK: 225# 20#PR

    STRENGTH: from 225#
    Felt good and strong the whole way through. I’m squatting in chucks currently and feel like I’m on the balls of my feet coming up when FRONT SQUATS get heavy. Any tips?

    I was at the CrossFit Heath camp earlier this spring and couldn’t even snatch 125# so I’m happy with almost a 60# increase since then. You’ve made a huge impact on my life, and because of you I say Fuck a lot more than I use to.

  13. 150# snatch – PR
    205# C&J – PR
    2×5 185#
    2×3 195#
    2×2 205
    2×1 215 and 225
    3 rounds-ring MUs

  14. End of the first week of Outlaw.
    1) 212# (PR)
    2) 262# (PR)
    Strength: based off 290# (2x5x235, 2x3x247, 2x2x260, 2x1x260)
    Conditioning: somehow misread this and got the idea that it was 3 rounds for time (stupid stupid stupid). Anyway, didn’t have a bar for muscle-ups so I used high rings.
    Finished 3 rounds in 5:25. Probably would have gotten another 5-7 muscle-ups had I re-read the fucking instructions.

    MFS: 2/3/4
    PR’d both O-lifts for the first time in 3 months–now 40# and 90# over BW, respectively. I should’ve started Outlaw a LONG time ago.

  15. snatch- 195
    clean and jerk – 235- cleaned 250 missed jerk

    front squat:
    205-225-245(old max from that day) 255-260x2x1

    5+2 rx

  16. BBG:
    1) 215# (matched PR)
    2) 260# (matched PR)

    Based of 315#

    3 rounds + 2 bar muscle ups

  17. BBG:
    1) 105#. Could not go under bar. Feels too stiff, so later on just worked with 75&85# to get speed under bar and to get low, because I always stay very high, so even if I easily pull to my chest, I can’t snatch it.
    2) started with 115# and finished there. No strength at all. So, skipped.

    Strength: started squating based on 186# and stopped due to the knee and it felt really heavy.

    Conditioning: 3 rounds +1 MU. (for MU used thinnest band).

    Then….felt bad about C&J part and strength part, so decided to make Diane (5:50min) which is 4:50 better than a month ago. last set of HSPU literally took 2mins. just got stuck. After that made Annie (8:30mins, PR by 5mins).

  18. BBGym:
    1) 15# under
    2) 15# under

    Based off 235#

    Conditioning:*ring muscle ups
    -Had absolutely nothing in the tank today


  19. Female/5’3/120#

    Snatch- 125 5#pr, so close to 130, next week
    Clean & Jerk- 165 5#pr, missed 175 twice by inches… cant wait for next week!

    Front squats off 200#


    2+2 MU’s.. cant string together MU’s so had to do singles…

  20. BBG:
    1) 75 (no PR, but I was super rushed, as is the case on Saturdays/Family time)
    2) 115 (no PR, but way easier than it has been in the past; might have to do with my training partner putting up 155 right in front of me like it was nothing)

    Strength: done off 138.5kg, but since I can clean that I am sure that my FS is higher; and these squats while taxing, weren’t nearly at 90%

    Cond: no time/no energy.

  21. Snatch – 235
    C&J – 280 (missed jerk on 300 twice)

    Front Squat done off 370
    Hit 360, 380 for the singles, new PR


    6 Rounds + 18 Double unders

  22. I hope I’m not the only outlaw member getting ocified on alcoholic apple cider while sitting around a fire. Outlaw rules!!!!!

  23. 1) 195 (previous was 210) CNS fried
    Got under 225 a couple times but brain wasn’t registering

    2) Didn’t attempt any after yesterday’s heavy Grace I needed to chill out.

    Front Squat
    255 270 285

    4 rounds and 5 bar muscle-ups


  24. Only had Time for bbg
    Snatch hit 235 missed 245 4 times pr is 240
    C&j hit 305 which was my previous power clean and jerk but I squated it out for the first time really pumped about that it was a 10lb pr squat clean then went for 315 and got the squat clean but couldn’t hold it together for the jerk. 20lb squat clean pr food day!

  25. 41/6’2″/203

    Need a recovery day for shoulders and mountain biked for conditioning today.

    Strength: No failures. Based on last recorded max of 365#.

    2X5 @ 80% – 125kg
    2X3 @ 85% – 135kg
    2X2, 2X1 @ 90% – 145kg: last one was tough

  26. Bbg and strength: did a set of db shoulder press.. Lots of weighted reverse lunges and plate loaded squats.

    Cond: 1+4 BMU + 30 du. ( i came off bar and had about 15 secs so I did the du instead of another bmu)

  27. I competed in the Southern Pacific LWC Championship meet yesterday, Saturday, in Carlsbad, Ca. My ultimate goal is qualify for the American Open but while not achieving that total, I ended up winning the meet with lifts I made.

    85 kilo weight class.

    Snatch – 242, 264(f), 264(f)
    C&J – 286, 300, 315(failed jerk)

    This total would have won the weight class above mine as well. Huge thanks to Outlaw, as most of my competitors were dedicated weightlifters with esteemed coaches. This is just the beginning. Win everything!

  28. BBG
    1) 80kg Pb (previous 75Kg)
    2) 105kg (previous 100Kg)

    2×5 @ 88kg
    2×3 @ 94kg
    2×2 and 2×1 @ 99kg
    To light need to do 1rm front squat

    2 rounds + 5 reps – can’t string the Bar MU’s together, had to do singles all the way.

  29. BBG

    1) 200 (PR), 210 (f) Have to post the make, I know there are 17-year olds pulling more than this but 200 is a 35lbs PR since about July. I guess the goal now is 100kg.


    2) 250, 255 (f) racked it and couldn’t stand all the way up with it, weak.

  30. BBG
    1) 165# -20#under failed failed failed 190#
    2) 195# -10#under still chicken shit to get under bar

    Based off 235#
    190,205,210 – front squats felt somewhat easy today

    Conditioning: Scaled
    10 high chest to bar for bar MU


  31. BBG:
    Felt extremely tired for some reason.
    Worked Snatch till 75 kg….5 kg les than my PB
    C&J: worked till 95 kg…5 kg less than my PB

    Based of 120kg..All reps felt solid


    3 full rounds in 5 min on a dot..I could not believe that my speed rope snapped. Could not finish this wod. Probably would do 1 more round for sure.

  32. BBG:

    1. 140 (no PR)
    2. 185 (had 190 locked out in split jerk when front foot slipped on sweat and I came inches from tearing hip flexors), cleaned up to 205# (tied PR — a little stuck here)


    Based of 245

    Added 3×5 sots press @75# — need to work on pressing strength


    No time

  33. BBG:
    Snatch: Made it to 195 . Just missed 215 Twice before time ran out. PR is 210
    Clean and Jerk: 305 (5 pound PR) Cleaned 315, but couldn’t get it up)

    Strength: Based off of 405 Pounds. No fails

    7 Minute AMRAP:
    7 Cleans at 135
    30 Double Unders

    Score: 7 Rounds + 3 cleans

  34. M/165#/5’10”

    – 165# (20# below PR)
    – 225# (10# below PR)

    Based off 250#, no misses

    4 rds + 7 MUs + 10 DUs RX

  35. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch- 130#

    2) Clean and Jerk- No time

    Front Squat – completed

    Conditioning: 4 Rnds+ 4 MU

  36. BB Gymnastics

    1) 1RM Snatch- 130#

    2) c+j: no time

    Front Squat – complete

    Conditioning- 4 Rnds + 4 reps

  37. BBG:
    1) 160# – not a pr but more then last time, still dealing with injuru
    2) can clean yet but wrist is getting better maybe in a week or 2

    FS- based off 225 felt good considering it was the first time I had any weight in the rack position after wrist injury. getting better, atleast it can handle the rack in a static position.


    Scales to muscle ups on rings because I didn’t thing my wrist could handle the bar.
    4 rounds

  38. BBG:
    Snatch: 80# (not my best)
    Cl&Jk: 105#
    Strength: 130/135/145
    2 rounds (assisted ring MU – 2 micro bands)


  39. Snatch 47.5kg
    C & J 65kg so close to 67.5kg

    Front squat based on 70kg was too easy!

    2 rounds + 4 muscle ups can not string them together yet so all singles.

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