The rosters, sponsorships, workouts, and event details for The Outlaw Open are quickly coming together. Sometime this week we will have the site completed and will have comprehensive information posted for spectators and athletes. To say that the field is strong, is a major understatement—or maybe it’s completely accurate, I don’t know, depends on your understanding of hyperbole in relation to the amount of hype you’re trying to create (sorry, tangent).

I get the opportunity to meet with CJ on Tuesday, and we’re going to put our freshly shorn heads together to see what kind of deviousness we can devise. Expect two things in the workouts: barbells, and fire—lots of fire.

Kevin Simons – 153kg (337#) Clean & Jerk:

WOD 121015:

BB Gymnastics

1) Snatch: 2X2 @ 70%, 2X2 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90%, 2X1 @ 95%, 4X1 @ 80% – rest 60-90 seconds for the sets through 90%, rest 30 seconds between reps for the final set.
2a) 3X5 Snatch Deadlift (stopping at the knees) – heavier than 1RM Snatch (110% +), rest 60 sec.

Notes: This movement is simply the 1st pull of the Snatch. Pull off the floor to the knees, while maintaining perfect beack position.

2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press – heavy, rest 60 sec.


12 Minutes Chest Facing Wall Handstand & Handstand Walk Practice.

Notes: The goal is to get into and maintain the handstand with exclusively the nose and feet in contact with the wall. If you can get into and maintain the handstand within these parameters, you may begin to try to walk away from the wall. As you walk away from the wall do not let your body fold. It is imperative that a hollow body position be maintained for this drill. Obviously, do not allow the desire to keep your nose on the wall end in injury—it’s not that serious.


For time.

30 T2B
20 KB Thrusters 24/16kg (both arms)
Row 1k
20 KB Thrusters 24/16kg (both arms)
30 T2B

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  1. Should we use our new 1rm for the snatch or clean and jerk if it goes up on sat or should we use one from a certian date?

  2. Should we use our new 1rm, Or should it be from the one at the beginning if this cycle?

    • I have always jumped to the new weight (which didn’t do me any favors today). Not sure if it is right or wrong, but I have always calculated off of my best 1RM (IE, it doesn’t go down if I have a shit showing on a Saturday)

  3. BBG
    1) 57, 57, 66, 66, 74(f), 74, 78(f), 78(f), 66, 66(f), 66, 66 – kg’s
    2a) 90kg
    2b) 60kg

    HS holds

    subbed 800m run for row (no rower)

  4. BBG:
    Done off 150#
    No misses, felt awesome. Finished every pull today after being a bitch Saturday so these felt good.

    2a) 115/125/135×2
    b) 175/185/205/215 (felt like I could’ve gone as heavy as I wanted here but focused on bringing my knees back and keeping my back solid)

    Only had time for nine minutes
    I did a walk into the wall and hold nose to wall for 10s with my arms locked out and then walk back out x8

    Only did t2b for 15 reps then knees to elbows
    And only had 35# kbs on hand this am.

  5. BBG:
    1) off 215 -Catches at 95% felt solid and awesome. Feeling a big PR this week.
    2a) 225, 245, 265
    2b) 155, 175, 215

    Skillz: Completed


    MFS 2/2/2

    Good day today. Although I know some people are going to destrominate this conditioning.

  6. Complete shit show at the gym for me

    1) lots of misses, worked off new 1RM 174#, just could not get my shit together today
    2a) 195
    2b) 125, 145, 165




  7. BB Gymnastics:
    1) based on 185#
    2a) 225# (121%)
    2b) 125, 135, 140

    Noticeable improvement

    13:56 Rx

  8. Are the BB Gymnastics, Skill work and conditioning meant to be done in order or in the same session?? Could BB Gymnastics be done in the morning with the skill and conditioning be done at night?

    • If I remember correctly from the Chicago Outlaw Training Camp, Rudy said he would actually recommend splitting the total work up into 2 sessions if you’ve got that kind of time. That way you’re relatively fresh for both of them, plus some hormonal stuff I won’t get into.

    • i also wouldn’t mind knowing this because i have been breaking it up into separate workouts.

  9. Today was a struggle. First time I’ve taken more than a day off in a row in a while and I came back feeling punchless.

    BBG: Done off 205#, 2 misses in a row, on the 185 pound bar.

    Strength: A) Done at 165, B) at 225

    Skill: Completed.

    WOD: 14:43 RX’d.

  10. Back is still blown from Saturday’s Conditioning and my horrible deadlifts!

    1. Based off new PR of 240# failed 90% and 95%.
    2a. 265# all sets
    2b. 155# 175# 200#


  11. BBG:
    Still waiting for my lower body/trunk strength to catch up with my upper body :-/ video of last rep w/ 285# inc… but yeah, i look like a giant hairy stripper for the first 2 pulls of the lift.

    1) % off 300# had a few misses at 95% 285#, but ended up hitting 2 solid lifts
    2a) tried a couple reps at 330# but my back was too tired to keep a good position. dropped way down to 245# to keep my back in the right position for the 1st pull.
    2b) 245#

    Skill/Conditioning later

  12. BBGym:
    1) Based off 160
    2a) 205
    2b) 145, 155, 165

    Skill: Skipped for time

    Subbed 105#BB and 100cal AirDyne


  13. Bbg –

    1) off 255

    2a) 305
    2b) 215

    Skill – done

    Cnd –

    8:57… Very deceptive on paper

  14. BBG: Lifts done off of 205lbs. missed 95%s. Gotta get on my heels at the bottom.

    Skill: Fell on my ass less times than usual so I guess that’s an improvement.

    Conditioning: 10:06

  15. Bbg off 240
    170-170-190-190-215-215-230-230-190-190–190-190 no misses!
    Conditioning 10:01 rx last set of t2b killed me was failing came out of rower at 6:15…. Decent lift day feel good.

  16. Coach, I’d really LOVE to see a post pertaining to the discussion here on the board about splitting up the BBG/strength and conditioning? Having a day job, that is not a professional exerciser means it might not apply to me, but it could apply to a very good athlete I train with 😉
    Any insights = greatly appreciated!

    1) done off 85kg – missed 1 at 95, made all others.
    2a) 120, 125, 135kg
    2b) 60, 75, 85

    Skill: Done

    Conditioning: 11:00

  17. #235-255 snatch work
    Hi-hip snatch #245
    3×5 Snatch DL @ #305
    3×5 Snatch PP (225-255-285)
    Conditioning: 9:05 Rxd

  18. BBG:
    1) Quit early. Snatches were off and shoulder needs some rest.
    2a) 245
    2b) 165

    Skill: Worked on not over extending my neck

    Conditioning: 9:35

  19. Snatch 170, 195, 225, 240

    Them hit 260lb which is a full snatch PR(275 split).

    11:55 on conditioning, guess the extra T2B and rowing yesterday was a bad idea. Feel like my abs fell out.

  20. BBG:
    1) Done off of 240. Everything felt really good until 95%. Missed both reps out in front.
    2a) 3×255
    2b) 165, 185, 205. Was rushed warming up, should’ve done 205-215 for all sets


    11:27. Second set of T2B were a lot harder than I expected they’d be.

  21. BB Gymnastics heavy! Especially after Saturdays dead lifts… Just saying.

    WOD could have shaved 2 minutes at least off my time. I don’t give excuses but slamming ones thumb between two Kb yeah fun!

  22. First official day of the Outlaw Way… (did the 60min competition posted on 120926 yesterday).

    1- completed off of 140#
    2a)- 155#
    2b)- 85#

    Skill: skipped (still wore out from yesterday)

    Conditioning: 15:56

  23. 1) done off 155
    2) 185

    Skill Done

    30 T2B
    20 95# thrusters
    run 800
    20 95# thrusters
    30 T2B

    T2B sucked today 1/3 prob wouldnt count against standards.

  24. BB Gymnastics:
    140×2, 160×2, 180×2, 190×2, 160X4

    Snatch Deadlift: 275 x 3 sets
    Snatch grip PP: 165×5, 175×5, 185×5

    11:08 rx

  25. Snatch – 125, 140, 165, 170, 140

    Snatch Grip deads – 195×3
    Snatch Grip push press – 135, 145, 155

    conditioning – 15: 27 rx’d

    those kettle bell thrusters were no joke, my hips and shoulders burned out really fast

  26. BBG
    1) 90, 100, 115, 120, 100
    2a) 135, 135, 135
    2b) 85, 95, 105

    14:16 subbed 800m run for row

  27. BBG
    1) 105-120-135-145
    2a) 170
    2b) 85-110-135

    Practiced getting my nose to the wall then walking away, then walking back to the wall.


  28. BB Gymnastics – Based off off 240. Felt really good and instead of my second set @95%, I hit 245 (5# pr)
    2a) 305

    2b) 215,225,235

    9:45 rx

  29. BBG
    1) 45-65-75-85-65-lbs

    2a) 176lbs, 198lbs, 209lbs
    2b) 88lbs, 99lbs, 110lbs

    Skill: done.

    Cond 21:14. Those toes to bar are something else. Loved it though. First week officially down. Just have to keep working.

  30. BBG:
    1) done based off 205lbs
    2a) 225lbs
    2b) 155, 165, 165lbs

    Skipped, short on time

    8:32 – cut row to 500m and KBs to 20kg

  31. 1) 70/80/90/95/80 (best snatch day of my life!)
    2a) 110
    2b) 65/75/75


    Coach imposed 12 min time cap

    Got thru 19 of the second set of thrusters. RX

  32. 1). Used 245%’s. missed 1st 95%

    2a). 275
    2b). 215

    Skill done

    Conditioning: 10:36

  33. BBG:
    1 (based off 210#): 145-165-185-200F-165-165-165-165
    2a: 230-240-250
    2b: 135-155-175
    Skill: felt good, lower traps were smoked–flirted with freestanding off wall
    Conditioning: 16:28

    MFS: 5-5-7 (got my ass handed to me at a local comp on Saturday)

    First day following Outlaw after reading the blog for months. Confirmed my two most significant shortcomings as a competitive exerciser: my snatch is inconsistent as fuck and my metcon sucks (which is why I’m finally pulling my dick out of my ass and starting this).

  34. 1) based off 230- everything felt awesome tried for 235# and just barely missed it
    2a) 275
    2b) 185,205,215

    conditioning- 8:43

    pretty pumped about the conditioning because i suck at rowing and kb thrusters. Last set of TTB were tough. row was about a 2:00 pace. My lower back is still really messed up from deadlifts the other day.

  35. BBG
    1) 125 145 160 170 160 no misses : )
    2a) 205
    2b) 155 165(2)


    MFS: 1/4/6 – low back smoked from deadlifts yesterday so pretty happy about my lifting considering. Been a while since we did those.

  36. BB Gymnastics
    1) 150 170 190 200(missed one) 170

    2a) 275

    2b) 215

    Complete (walked the gym about 6 times)

    10:50 (paced to much on the thrusters)


  37. felt good today.
    1: 115,135,150,160,135
    2b.65,95,115,135(should of done 135 the whole time but this was my first time doing these

    Skill work: went well was able to get into the postion and hold for 30 seconds but tried some shoulder touches and when i would touch the shoulder i would lose the position
    however after the 12 min i wanted to test my handstand walk and i pr’d distance of 18m that was great for me. my previous pr was 10m

    went ok. did as rx’d finished in 15:57 i freaking blow at toes to bar. that was what killed me. i finished the rowing portion in 3:58 so the majoritiy of my time was on the rest of the other stuff. which means i need work there.

  38. Horrible day… fatigue sucks


    1)Done off of 205 (missed both at 95% due to footwork)
    2) DL @ 225/Push Press @ 155

    Skill: Done

    Conditioning: 9:51

  39. Just did some stretching today. Shoulders hurt and pretty sore. Had a competition on Saturday and claimed the title ‘fittest in Alaska’. Won a bad ass roman gladiator sword. Fuck Yeah.

  40. Best snatch day EVER for me as well….

    Based off of 205, but at 80% I knew I was ON!
    1) 195x2x1, 205PR!, 210f, 210f, 210 (10lb PR)
    2a) 225
    2b) 155, 160, 165

    …ran out of time…

    MFS 222

    Thank you so much Rudy, I only really had a 185lb snatch goal…now its getting in the 2’s…Thank you.

  41. BBG:
    done off 115#. Missed both @95%.
    2a) 145/165/185# (how come that I come do much more snatch DL and Snatch high pull than I can snatch?)
    2b) 95#. Could have gone heavier but just have to master the landing.

    Skill: done. Plus worked a lot on getting my first MU. Decided to go with strict MU, cause feels more natural than kipping.

    Conditioning: did not do. Had CF WODs, containing HSPU, push ups, pull ups, KB snatches and burpees and box jumps.

  42. BBG
    Snatch off 180
    No misses
    Skill done
    13:55 with a mile run instead of row. Bad idea

  43. BBG at campground 🙂
    1) based on 185#
    2a) 235#
    2b) 135#,155#,155#

    Worked on walks I still suck

    Conditioning: still camping and limited on resources so did another metcon
    3rounds for time
    400m run
    15 push press 115#

  44. BB gymnastics:
    170, 180, 205, 215×1, 225×1(f), 225×1, 180

    2a: 275 all sets
    2b: 205 all sets

    Skill: completed


    15:07… Got crushed

  45. Barbell Gymnastics
    1a) Based of 125
    2a) 165 – 175 – 185
    3a) 110 – 120 – 135


    Used 85# barbell

  46. BBG:
    1) done based off 195lbs, failed at 95%
    2a) 225lbs
    2b) 135 (up was easy, negative was hard)



  47. 1) based off 230
    95% was 218 so I did 1 rep @ 215 and 220
    No fails. Felt strong and fast

    2a) 245 265 265
    2b) 220 235(f on 5th) 235

    Subbed 800ish run for row.
    A lot harder than anticipated.

  48. BBG:

    1.) 150-170-190-200-170 No misses, felt pretty good.
    2a.) 235
    2b.) 170

    Skill: Spent time with nose against the wall and 10ft walks.




  49. Snatch: based off 155#. Snatches were not on point tonight. I made it to 80% but failed and kept droppin weight but my hips kept rising too fast and it threw off my 2nd and 3rd pull- pretty upsetting.
    2a) 175#(felt light)
    2b) 123/128/133 (don’t like the bar comin down on my neck)
    Conditioning: 9:58
    The first 30 T2b were 20/10; The last 30 t2b were tough! I got 7/14/22/30. Lost my kip after about 12(real tight hips today) so the rest were the stalled, big single kips-nothing strung together; slowed me WAY down. The squats and row felt great

  50. Snatch- 85/95/110/115/95

    2a. 127#
    2b. 90#

    Skill- done

    Cond- 13:29rx ( tried to finsh under 12,but, was at 19 T2B at 12. Last 11 T2B were pretty pathetic:(. ).

  51. Snatch based from 175. All easy. Well below potential I think. The practice is totally paying off! Getting better!
    2a) 215
    2b) 195 Not sure I have ever managed a set of 5 this heavy…

    I worked very hard to stay tight and inverted on the 12min skill. I reckon at least 4 min total inverted.

    Fell apart on the cond. Core was shot. Double Kettlebell Thrusters SUCK! 21 min total.

  52. BBG
    1) 40kg(70%)// 50kg (80%)// 55kg (90%)// 60kg (95%)// 50kg (80%)

    2a) 70kg Snatch DL
    2b) 65kg Snatch PP

    HS holds

    13.26 rx

  53. BBG:

    1) Based off 215
    2a) 225, 225, 215 (dropped on last set because was losing form due to fatigue)
    2b) 155, 155, 165

    Skill: I need a gymnastics coach


    12:15 Rx, felt like garbage on the row

  54. 1) 62.5kg x 2 x 2, 72.5kg x 2 x 2, 80kg x 2 x 1, 85kg x 2 x 1 (1 fail on second rep, retried 30 seconds later), 72.5kg x 4 x 1 (1 fail on last rep, re-did it straight away)

    Snatch felt really good tonight. Stoked that it’s starting to click again.

    2a) 125kg x 3 x 5 – Easy and fast
    2b) 90kg x 3 x 5 – Too light, should’ve gone up 10-15kg

    Conditioning – Subbed 50kg barbell thrusters instead (lack of equipment)


    T2B suck..

    T2B – 10/4/4/3/3/3/3
    Thrusters – 10/10
    Row – 3:58 (soo slow)
    Thrusters – 8/4/4/4
    T2B -3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3

    I really have to learn how to string T2B together..

  55. Snatch done off of 235…missed both at 95%

    a) 260 all

    skill done

    conditioning 11:19

  56. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch: 2X2 @ 70%, 2X2 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90%, 2X1 @ 95%, 4X1 @ 80% – based off 110kg. All reps hit cleanly including 2 x 1 @ 105kg (my old 1RM)
    2a) 3X5 Snatch Deadlift (stopping at the knees) – 120, 130, 135kg
    2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press – 100, 107.5, 112.5kg

    12 Minutes Chest Facing Wall Handstand & Handstand Walk Practice.
    PB of 20 feet handstand walk


    MFS = 452

  57. 1)
    2×2 @ 115
    2×2 @ 130
    2×1 @ 140
    2×1 @ 145
    4×1 @ 130

    2a) 3×5 @ 175
    2b) 3×5 @ 125

    12:05 @ 16kg

  58. Just getting started on the Outlaw Way.
    1) Based off 155
    2a) 165
    2b) 145


    I need to stop being a puss and bump my weights up.

  59. BBG: 145, 165, 185(1 fail), 195, 165- First time getting 95% in a few weeks. Felt really good!

    a)3×5 @ 225
    b) 155, 165, 175

    HS Practice done but only 7 min

    Conditioning: 10:32 rx’d

  60. BB
    2×2 @ 75
    2×2 @ 95
    2×1 @ 115
    2×1 @ 125
    4×1 @ 115

    2a) 3×5 @ 155
    2b) Sotts Press bar. Need to work on flexibiltiy

    12:00 Cap
    Made it through 13 reps of the second KB’s.

  61. SN Based 0ff 110 kg- still having trouble getting under it, almost powering everything once it gets heavy.
    2a 110kg, 120kg, 125 kg
    2b 110g, 115kg, 115kg
    skill- skipped today
    Conditioning- 13:50- brutal,

  62. Day 2:
    BB Gym:
    1. #60/68/75/80/68
    2. a) #95
    b) # 65
    Skill: WF HS holds w/ occasional hand wiggle (NOT anywhere close to shoulder touches – strength & fear factor)
    Conditioning: 14:35 (slight variation: KB Sn @ #35 & BB Thrust @ 65#, our gym’s WOD)

  63. Snatch
    2×2 100
    2×1 115
    2×1 120- last rep felt the hips and bar flew up!
    4×1 100

    2a-3×5 Snatch DL 135
    2b-3×5 push press of back w/ snatch grip
    Rest 60 sec between each

    Skill-12 min working on wall nose touching and toes, working on walking away from wall.

    For time.

    30 T2B
    20 KB Thrusters 24/16kg (both arms)used 35lb
    Row 1k
    20 KB Thrusters 24/16kg (both arms)-35
    30 T2B



  64. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch: 2X2 @ 70%, 2X2 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90%, 2X1 @ 95%, 4X1 @ 80%
    – Missed 95% both times. Wasn’t feeling it today

    2a) 3X5 Snatch Deadlift (stopping at the knees) – heavier than 1RM Snatch (110% +)
    – 235lbs

    2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press
    – Worked up to 185lbs

  65. Spent an hour rolling on the mats first – hindsight not a good warm-up, but helping a training buddy learn how to defend a choke he lost to on Saturday night…

    1) SN based off 77.5kg; plenty of misses today.
    2a & b) not enough time

    SKILL: tick

    COND: 9:06

    MFS 3/7/3

  66. 1st conditioning in a month. got injured. maybe if i post reasonable subs for shit the first 20 posts won’t be questions about subs. doubtful, but maybe.
    12:12 (knees to elbows)

  67. BB Gymnastics
    • 2X2 @ 70% – 120#
    • 2X2 @ 80% – 137
    • 2X1 @ 90% – 154
    • 2X1 @ 95% – 164 – Missed all of them.
    • 4X1 @ 80% – 137

    Did this at 7AM which is a very very different time to be working out. Was sorta rushed as I was trying to get the “strength” stuff done ASAP as I had to teach the AM classes.

    2a) 3X5 Snatch Deadlift (stopping at the knees)
    • 195# – Used straps as my thumbs were dying due to the 30*F temp in the gym this AM.

    2b) 3X5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press
    • 135-145-145 – Weight felt supper heavy today. Was kind of rushing it as I had to teach a class.

    For time.
    30 T2B
    20 KB Thrusters 24/16kg (both arms)
    Row 1k
    20 KB Thrusters 24/16kg (both arms)
    30 T2B

    • Time: 16:50 RX — WOD took me way longer than it should have. I suck at thrusters and KB thrusters are just that much worse for me. Even though I was slow I still did it as I know it will help me as I dropped 26 seconds off my Fran time which I attribute to the KB thrusters. I also had the hardest time with those It’s very hard to string a few together… Most I did UB was about 6 but I’m getting there. The T2B was pretty slow too. Overall… I was just slow today… Could be due to the fact that I have been up since 5AM and coached the AM classes and 3 PM classes. I did the conditioning after the PM classes with strength in the AM.

  68. Snatch- Pubic bone still sore so did from high hang. Went up to a 165lb fail. Major improvement for me on high hang at hip.

    HBBS- Worked up to a heavy single at 405lbs.

    Jerk/ Bar MU- Did a Metcon of 225lb jerk and I banded bar muscle up on the minute for 10 minutes.

    Behind Neck back extension/ 1 seated ring MU- Did metcon of increasing 1 rep per minute made it up to 6 minutes and failed.

    Muscle up need a lot more work my biggest goat and why I have been substituting in almost each metcon.

  69. bbg
    1/ off 90kg, felt good so went for it 95kg pb
    1b/ 80,85,90kg

    getting there

    11.53 subbed 1km run for row

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