Sorry, no videos, no words, no nothing tonight. I’m going to go watch the Washington Nationals continue their run to the World mother-effing Series. Sorry, we haven’t had a playoff team in DC in a long time—I don’t really know how excited I should be.

WOD 121013:

BB Gymnastics

1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


Front Squat – based on 121006:

Set 1) Every 30 seconds for 2:00 (5 total reps) – 1 rep @ 70%
*Rest 2:00
Set 2) Every 45 seconds for 2:15 (4 total reps) – 1 rep @ 75%
*Rest 3:00
Set 3) Every 60 seconds for 2:00 (3 total reps) – 1 rep @ 80%

Notes: Each set should be performed without re-racking the bar. Once you have walked out of the rack with the barbell, do not put it down until the set is finished. Percentage should be based off of your most recent 1RM Squat.


Compare to 120111

3 rounds for time of:

12 Deadlifts @ 315/225#
24 Bar Facing Burpees

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  1. Wow!!! The back squats were bad enough with the hold, now we have to hold in front rack!!! Gonna be hurting tomorrow!

  2. Anyone want to critique my snatch???? I have thoughts on what could be improved but would appreciate outside input. Slow mo included in video. From Ubersense app for iPhone.

    This would have been a PR but I lost it as I was standing up. This is 90KG (198lbs)

    • FYI – The horrific screaming and battle cries you hear in the background are the sounds of the final battle in Lord of the Rings – Return of the King.

      Apparently the app records sound as you edit the video haha!

      Yes I’m from New Zealand. Yes we watch LOTR all the time……

    • I’m no coach or pro, but in my opinion it looked good until the bar got to around your belly button. Try to get your elbows up more to keep your bar path closer to your body. That’s all I got, like I said, not a coach.

  3. I love the Jayson Werth pic, but that was quite a meltdown by the Nats. I’m hoping th Skins pull through for you this weekend and at least level out their record for you Rudy.

    • Oh Ingrid, that’s just what happens when the Cardinal onslaught comes on! 2 years in a row they’ve taken out the team with the best record in baseball from the regular season in the NLDS as the wild card. It’s called the “Wild CARD” for a reason!!!

  4. Pr’d my snatch by #10 at #195. Was so happy I stopped working out and had a celebratory beer at 0930. (Or 3) Been following the Way off and on for a few months due to my awesome work schedule. (Army) I’ve made more gains in these few months than I ever had before. Keep up the awesome programming fuck face(Rudy).

  5. BBG
    Snatch 102.5kg, 107.5kg PB, 110kg PB
    Clean and jerk 132.5kg, 137.5kg clean, 135kg =PB, 137.5kg PB

    Front squats @ %s of 160kg
    Only 2 reps at 70%
    Only 2 reps at 75%
    Only 1 rep at 80%
    My elbows were flapping like wings as my back tried to keep them up

    Old PB of 13 and change
    New time of 8:58

    MFS – 133

  6. Sn 175, 185, 195 (205f, f, f. Smaller jumps next time to get thru 200#)
    C&J 215, 225 f j, 225.

    total 420# (190kg)

    FS skipped, low back lil wierd.

    Benched & Pull up’d.

    MFS 233

  7. Bbg –

    Did grace for B4B @ 225 in 6:36

    Hour break ( incoming rant )

    Str –

    What. The. Fuck. My back has never been so sore after the windmills yesterday. I literally couldnt finish the first set, and it wasnt because i didnt want to.

    Cnd –

    Skipped, 315 feels like 95% of my 1RM atm…holy hell.

  8. BB Gymnastics
    1)245# (5lb UNDER pr) couldn’t stick 255#
    2)310# (5# PR)




    Clean and Jerk

    Snatch 255# (final attempt)

  9. Snatch – Another weekend of attempting 110kg and utterly failing every time.

    Clean and Jerk – got 140kg….5kg PR from last weekend.

    Front Squat – hahahaha…elbows trashed

    WOD – 9:24

  10. Hit 225 snatch pr is 240
    Hit 275 c&j pr is 305
    Shit ass day felt like I was going I passout every time I cleaned felt super weak….
    Couldn’t keep rack but first two minutes of front squats….
    CoditiOning was 7:26 rx felt alright first 2 sets of deads unbroken second set went six and ones. Not happy with my performance today… conditioning was best part I guess.

  11. BBG
    1) 174#, 7# PR
    2) 245, matched pr

    Fuck me, based on 280#, 1st set fine, second set not great, third set had to rack the bar 2 times during the final minute.

    11:59 rx


  12. bbg
    1) 275, pr is 300
    2) 315, pr is 325
    feeling thrashed today, happy i could move some decently heavy weight being this tired.

    strength…wow do i have a long way to go on my front rack skillz…
    off my 1rm % should’ve been 280, 300, 320. but that wasn’t happening
    set 1: 225, couldn’t hold front rack last 30 seconds
    set 2: 135, barely held
    set 3: 135: barely held

    conditioning 11:59 rx deadlifts were fast, burpees were very slow, kept moving though.

  13. BBG-

    1-Couldn’t Finnish a pull to save my life today.
    Missed @ 135#
    Hit my previous pr of 145#
    Missed 150#
    Every gOdamned was in front…

    2- jerk is still a work in progress
    Hit 190# for a 5 lb pr
    Cleaned 200 (pr) but missed the jerk
    Did 2×3 push jerks at 155

    3-these were fucking torture.
    A- had to rack after rep 3 and halfway to rep 5
    B- had to rack between rep 3 and 4
    C-had to do the last rep 30s early

    :s the weight didn’t feel heavy but holding the rack is a killer.

    DL @ 275


  14. 155 snatch pr is (165)
    230(clean) new pr

    Does any one know why when i do alot of cleans and snatching my shoulders more my right but i get it in both feel dead. Its not a pain but a dead feeling. It will radiate down to my elbow and then i cant grip anything. It was so bad today i couldnt even grip my water bottle and my arm was shakeing. It is a pain but the pain isnt the bad part, the bad part is how it feels dead.

    Front squats: did good for 4 reps first set then that dead feeling came back.
    2nd set went ok finished it
    3Rd set was ok till 30 seconds left then that dead feeling came back in my right shoulder

  15. BBG:
    1.) 155
    2.) 225
    weights would be higher but i had to use steel plates cause i had to do this in a stupid gym that doesn’t have any rubber and i didnt want to break their floor!

    1. 215
    2. 225
    3. and a hard 245

    @275# 9:01

  16. no maxing today did grace and got 1:38

    front squats- 215-225-245 I had to rack it every time. shit just crushed me. The front squats weren’t even back its just holding the fucking thing

    conditioning- 7:21 could have gone way faster. I was being a pussy with the deadlifts.

  17. BBG:
    1) 220. PR is 240. Tried 230 but it was not happening today
    2) 250. PR is 275. Tried 260 and got the clean but couldn’t get the jerk.

    Got 4 reps on the first set. Then just did 5 reps at 75% and 1 rep at 80%. Front rack felt awful today.


    Overall a pretty horrible day.

  18. 1) 215. Failed 225
    2) 265. Failed 275

    Squats. Failed every set.
    1) failed at 1:23
    2) failed at 1:14
    3) talked on the phone instead.


  19. I’m calling major BS to holding a bar in front racked position … That hurt like hell.. Totally failed..

    Couldn’t max but did get close on the snatch.

    conditioning next.. Curtly glued to the USA Europe comp…

  20. BBG:
    1) 190.
    2) 255.

    All 5 at 240, 3 at 260, 2 at 275. Wow.

    Did my gym’s WOD (light power snatches and T2B)

  21. Snatch) 205 – 225f – 215f (10lbs under PR)
    C&J) 260 (5lb PR)

    Strength) based of 315#
    set 1) completed first 3 reps then cleaned the 2 missed reps
    set 2) completed first 2 reps then cleaned the 2 missed reps
    set 3) completed first 2 reps then cleaned the 1 missed rep+1 clean and 5 front squats for all missed reps

    Conditioning) 8:57 RX

  22. Snatch : 165-185-195x-200x200PR!

    C&J: 165-185-215-230-250x250x250PR!
    Finally PR’s!!!

    Front squat:
    1) 175
    2) 190
    3) 200
    * a little higher than rxd


    6:25 Rx

  23. 210# Snatch pr by 5 lbs
    275# C&J pr by 5 lbs

    Front squats
    220 235 250

    Failed one on 235 and 250 but went back and hit it right after. Had to rack a couple to after my elbows started to fall from shaking.




  24. BBGym:
    1) 160(5lb PR)-I think? does it count if I catch it on one knee but stand up with it?
    2) 205

    Based of 235
    -Had to repeat second set bc I forgot to add weight to the bar(fuck me), had to re rack on last two sets. This was absolutely brutal, unlike the back squats you can’t just tough it out.

    -Didn’t have a lot of gas for todays workout, usually happens on Saturdays because I work real early.


  25. BBG:
    did not do….came late to gym, had to do tons of cleans&push press@115# for WOD, so afterwards did not feel at all having any power in arms.

    Based on 185#. First set was tough…Almost cried at the end…Second set at1:50 started shaking as hell, tears in the eyes, tried to hold on, but had to re-rack and make last squat. Last set: after second squat could not hold anymore. Racked for 10secs. hold until end, made last squat. put down, waited..made one more for re-racking.

    10:52 Rx.
    -first set felt hardest for deadlifts….somehow though that it will be much easier….burpees are killers…

  26. BBG
    1) 62kg (pr…as sad as that is to admit)
    2) 90kg

    Only got 3 reps out on first set before needing to re-rack. Finished all reps with as long a hold as possible.


    Now I need my rest before I watch the Bills crush my spirit, hopes and dreams

  27. BBG
    That was the worst thing ever created by mankind
    No conditioning due to a bjj seminar

  28. BBG:

    Snatch – 205 (got under, but couldn’t stand up 215 twice). 10# below PR
    C&J – 295 Horrible Footwork. Tied old PR

    Strength – 245 for all sets. First set unbroken. Second set racked it once. Third set racked it like 30 times.

    Conditioning – 6:29

  29. BBG

    1) 245, PR is 265
    2) 295, PR is 315
    -Felt so slow pulling the bar today and just did not have enough explosiveness

    -Had to coach so worked up to a quick HBBS single of 335.

    After coaching…

    Isabel – 2:31 Rx’d

    Then worked to a max Front Squat of 315 and back to a triple at 295.

  30. BBG: Did both fairly easy. Completed too many reps with warm-up weight but still felt good.
    1. 225
    2. 275

    Strength: 225, 235, 255

    Conditioning: 6:33. All reps unbroken

  31. 29/m/5’11″/175
    1) 185(had 200 but couldn’t stand up with it)
    2) 250(PR)

    Couldn’t hold rx’d time in rack on any of them.

    10:26 (felt really good, first DL unbroken)

  32. BBG
    1) 245 (pr is 260)
    2) 315 (pr is 330)



    Those Front Squats might be the harshest thing that I have ever had to do, Re Racked the weight plenty of times on my last set,damn you Rudy and this genius programming!

  33. BBG:
    1) I suck at snatching: 85kg – got under 90, but couldn’t quite get it. I did drop one attempt at 85 on my neck (points for that?)
    2) 120(pr), then attempted 130 (JUST missed the lockout); same on 131. Then I went for a PR clean attempt at 136.5 (300#) and I nailed it 🙂 I have to say, I’m old and I never thought I’d ever be able to clean 300#. I was extremely happy with myself, then I started the strength portion (FML)

    Strength: Done off 137 (I wasn’t able to max last week or whenever, but I’m pretty sure it’s gone up)

    Conditioning: 6:42 – deadlifts were cake. I just pushed through the burpees as fast as I could; vomited a lil in my mouth on round two, then just kept going.

      • D-Rob – this one was sort of in my wheelhouse. Deadlifts at 315 are pretty light about 50%, burpees just suck, but after PR’ing my clean I had some motivation; not to mention one of my workout partners is 10 years younger than me and the other is 20 years younger than me so this old fella had to represent! ha!

  34. SNATCH:

    170/175/180F,F,F,F, i just couldnt find a balance in the bottom position, i felt too far forward every single attempt. What am i doing wrong if i was on the balls of my feet every time at the bottom?



    No PRs today, put a damper on my mood the rest of the day. I think ill continue to drink the rest of the night. Maybe next friday ill get in bed before 4am.

    • If you’re on the balls of your feet in the bottom I can almost guarantee you need to finish your second pull. Pulling early will result in catching on the toes very frequently.

  35. Snatch – 180#, 200#, 210#f
    Clean & Jerk – 225#, 240#, 255#f

    Front Squat – 70% @ 230#, 75% @ 245#, 80% @ 260#; dropped the bar before the second to last rep, during all three percentages.

    Conditioning – 9:43; unbroken, but could have gone a little faster on the bar facing burpees.

  36. BBG:
    1) 90kg – same as always
    2) 110kg – down 10kg from my PR, not really getting the progress I was hoping for…

    No chance for me on this one, cut all the hold intervals in half and barely squeaked it out.

    CON: skipped

  37. on Sunday, day 2 of Oly Cert.

    BB Gymnastics


    Front Squat

    Set 1) 140
    Set 2) 150
    Set 3) 160

    1 tgu each side @20k
    5/5 windmilles each side @ 16k
    20 UB GHD sit ups
    3 burpee muscle ups

  38. 1) 85kg
    2) 112.5kg

    Close fails at PR attempts on both weights (90kg and 117.5kg)

    Strength – Did front squat triples instead. I worked up to 150kg x 3 (10kg PR)

    Conditioning – Rx, 11:28


  39. Skipped BBG and did 20 minutes to find 1RM deadlift, hit 405#, tied PR

    Front Squats were awful, made it completely through first two sets, failed on third set with 30 seconds left. Based off 285#

    Conditioning – 12:24, first set at 315#, back smoked from deads, so I vagged down to 225# to finish, still felt like a shit-ton.

  40. Snatch – 175
    C & J – 205

    Skipped front squats cuz my legs were toasty af

    Conditioning – 8:54 @245

    I know my shit is corny but here it is. Also I qualified for junior nationals and plan on repping Outlaw as my barbell club from now on, thanks for posting that

  41. I did my first weightlifting competition yesterday. I’m not sure how well I represented the Outlaw Barbell Club here, but I had a lot of fun. And I got to watch my buddy clean and jerk 175 kilos, which was pretty fuckin’ awesome.

    97, 104, 110f

    Clean and Jerk
    138, 145, 153 (336.6 lbs) PR

    It just felt heavy today, and the snatches just weren’t there. I’m happy to have hit 335 for 3 weeks in a row. PRs coming next week.



    I paced the burpees to finish sub 6 and the strategy worked pretty well. I could have definitely have moved faster here though.

  42. BBG
    Snatch – 135
    Clean and Jerk – 185
    Again I can’t break these numbers, failed 140 and 190 multiple times. I might need to scrap it and break my technique down and start over cause I can hang clean 185 but can’t take 190 from the floor.

    Front Squat:
    190 – good
    205 – had to rack between reps 2 and 3
    220 – had to rack between 2 and 3 again

    RX 19:58
    Almost scaled it down weight wise but really glad I didn’t puss out.

  43. No PR on snatch or C&J today. The front squats felt okay. I think I must be the only weird who enjoys these:D. The conditioning took me for fucking ever. Almost 15 mins. Did the prescribed weight for females. Which is 85lbs off my 1rm but man that shit got heavy!

  44. BBG
    1. 215 6lbs off PR, but it felt much better than last week.
    2. 255 12lbs off PR, but got new clean PR of 272
    Wow that was horrible, only got 3 sqts with 70%, next week I will change.my game plan
    9:09 felt pretty good all DLs unbroken, but slow, burpees steady pace.

  45. BBG Done in the Grass at the campground
    1) quit at 165#
    2) 205, quit after tweaked my wrist. I’m so slow with the elbows

    Camping didn’t have a rack, sounds like I’m lucky I didn’t

    Conditioning: Camping with the family done with 235# due to that’s all the bumpers I brought, but increased reps to 18/round. still had the suck factor that burpees give 🙂

  46. Performed today, 10/15/12.

    1) 155#, 1RM is 165#
    2) 185#, 1RM is 205#
    Not feeling it this morning. Usually do this on Sundays, and even after warmup, didn’t feel limber enough.

    Front Squat 1RM is 225#:
    1) 160# (oops, did 165# by mistake) – Complete
    2) 170# (oops, did 175# by mistake) – Last rep 10 seconds early
    3) 180# (finally realized my weight error) – Complete
    Those sucked. I’d rather do the back squat version any day. 3 was the hardest, on the last rep, last 20 seconds, had to let the bar slide down a little from rack position, and then dip/drive it back to rack position twice before performing the last rep. Can’t imagine how this felt doing 210# at the Games…

    No time today, 315# 36 times would have to be scaled, 1RM is 335#.


    • Oh, and the Gymboss Max (do I sound like an infomercial?), was awesome. Being able to recall all my programmed intervals for Outlaw was cool, and saved me a lot of time. Plus, no way I could look at a stopwatch while doing the front squat part, so relied on hearing the beeps. Highly recommended if you need a good timer, and $30 is fairly reasonable.

  47. BBG:
    1) 77.5kg
    2) 102kg

    84, 90, 96kg


    MFS 4/6/6
    I’m sure you fuckers I trying to kill me. Thanks for that by the way. Loving it.

  48. Big day

    Snatch : 5 lbs pr at 205
    Clean and jerk: 10 lbs pr at 255

    Front squats based off 300 lbs

  49. Welcome to 1st official day following OLW – Ugh! (but a good one)
    1 RM Snatch: 85 1 RM Cl&Jk: 105
    FSq: ran out of time and energy (see below)
    Conditioning 1: 17:05 (@ #215, was aiming for 205 but I suck @ bar math)
    Conditioning 2: 418 reps (15′ AMRAP of 10 HSPU/20 Air Sq/30 sit ups; 6+10/20/28; yes, silly to do but…. the only person in ‘group’ WOD needed a partner in crime)


    • Make up day for FSq Conditioning:
      115/120/130 Surprised @ how hard it was not to re-rack bar; re-racked 2x.

  50. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch- 130#… Still not able to reach the 140# pr I got in competition

    2) Clean and Jerk- 155#… Didn’t try very hard to go heavier… Moving slow today

    Front Squat –
    Set 1) 145#… Was able to do this one without re-racking
    Set 2) 155#… Re-racked bar 1x before set was over
    Set 3) 165#… Re-racked bar 2x before set was over…. Hurt so good

    Conditioning- 11:05… Happy with is as 225# is pretty heavy for me. Everything was slow though.

  51. BBG:
    1) snatch 160 not a pr but I am dealing with a sprained hand/wrist so I am pretty happy with it.
    2) cant clean and jerk for another month

    Did Hign Bar Back beacuse I can Rack it. Based on 255

    Conditioning – 10:23 scaled to 225

  52. BB Gymnastics:
    1) Funny story… My so called max of 172 wasn’t actually 172… it was 167. The bar I used to set my last PR was a 40# bar… What kind of horse crap is that, fucking cheap ass bar. I found this out as one of the coaches said one of our bars is a bit lighter than the other ones… So we weighed it…. Anyway hit 172# and went for 177# and couldn’t get it.

    2) Nothing. Hit 205# which is well below my max.. Just wasn’t feeling it mentally. Was also strapped for time.

    Did 162-172-182. It fucking sucked ass. I could only do the first set all the way. The last 2 sets I did 2 squats and racked it then tried again and ended up the same… DNF. Same for the last set. This was burning my shoulders even though I was in a good rack position. I like the back squat version of these now….

    Skipped as I had to teach a class… But ended up doing Fran with them…. Was going into this just to have fun… ended up with a PR! BOOM!

    Prevous time: 3:58
    New time: 3:32
    – 26 seconds…

    If I ever try this again… I think I can for sure hit a 2:50-3:15 Fran. Went unbroken on all 21’s. Broke up Thrusters into three quick sets of 5 as the 15’s always seem to kick my ass. Unbroken Pull ups for 15’s. Did 6-3 for the 9’s on the Thrusters and UB on pull ups. I’m pretty sure I could knock of lots of time if my dumb ass didn’t drop the bar after 6 on the 9’s for thrusters.

  53. bbg
    1/ 90kg
    2/ 115kg

    1rm hbbs instead as i don’t know it

    9.12 rxd

    everything felt heavy and slow today

  54. BBG- Wrists still jacked in rack pos and pubic bone so improvised some.

    Snatch Hi Hang- Worked up to 145
    OHS- Worked up to 195 (These felt how 225 normally would feel?)

    C&J – Substituted 6×3 Hi Hang pulls from1 inch deficit @ 225

    Strength- Since I butchered the BBG I accidentally did last weeks strength and wod.
    Worked up to Front rep max no wonder did not PR. Failed at 370.

    wod of Burp/ Press/ KB in the escalating ladder. 16:40

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