Brandon Jackson, from CrossFit Tough as Nails, 295# Snatch from blocks (he misses the 1st attempt, just keep watching):

For those of you competing in local meets or who are signing up for national level events, we now have our very own USAW team. We are registered as the Outlaw Barbell Club and our club number is #2617. When you are registering for meets we would ask that ALL of you list the Outlaw Barbell Club as your team. Spencer seems to think we can win the whole country or something. Let me remind you—I like trophies.

WOD 121012:

BB Gymnastics

1) Every 40 seconds for 6 minutes (10 total reps):

1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch (full squat) @ 80% of 120914.

Notes: Reps are at 0:00 – 0:40 – 1:20 – 2:00 – 2:40 – 3:20 – 4:00 – 4:40 – 5:20 – 6:00

*rest 2 minutes

2) Every 50 seconds for 7:30 minutes (10 total reps):

1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 80% of 120914.

Notes: Reps are at 0:00 – 0:50 – 1:40 – 2:30 – 3:20 – 4:10 – 5:00 – 5:50 – 6:40 – 7:30



Compare to 120307

5 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
15 OHS 95/65#


1a) 3X20 UB GHD Situps – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X7 KB Windmills (7 reps each arm) – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec. DEMO VIDEO

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  1. This is Brandon. I sent an email asking if myself and my teammate Derek Fritsche could compete in the Outlaw Open. I hope to hear from you and have the opportunity.

  2. Sorry for spam, but Palm Desert Outlaw Camp spot for sale (Mid week oct 17-19). Must sell!!!

  3. After I clIcked on the link to see what my nancy time was, I realized something.

    1) Rudy’s rant posts need to happen way more often.
    2) Comments were way more entertaining with drywall and BMD
    3) What happened to Josh Courage?!?

    • I used to live in alameda, now moved one town south to San Leandro. There are a bunch of outlaws at crossfit milpitas, but thats a bit south. I think that there are also some some outlaws at cf oakland, that’s a lot closer.

  4. I could be wrong, but I believe that each team can only have a total of 8 men and 7 women competing at the American open, with a maximum of two per weight class….

  5. BBG:

    1. Off 145
    2. Off 190

    Conditioning: @ globo, subbed 300m row for run. Transition between rower and barbell included two flights of stairs.


  6. BBG
    1.) @ 172# -One drop on second set.
    2.) @ 230#

    Nancy: 14:18

    1) Done
    2) 1.5pood

    Put in for a spot at the open via email as well. Would love the chance to compete. Hope my Sub -5sec Beer Shotgun is a decisive factor.

  7. BBG
    1) 135
    2) 196 (failed last set completely)

    12:31 over 2 minute PR

    a) done
    b) 44kb(1) 35kb(2,3)


    side note, 135 was my snatch PR when I started Outlaw back in April, now I throw it around and work out with it like it is nothing. Thank you so much Rudy for the programing! Made more gains in 6 months than I had in 2 years!

  8. BBG
    1) 130
    2) 170

    My power versions need a lot of work.

    Nancy – 13:35 Rx

    OHS UB to boot. There’s really no way to quantify this PR. In March I didn’t even finish. Got only 2.5 rounds in 25 minutes. I literally couldn’t snatch 95 pounds and the best set of OHS was 4. I wanted to come back and fuck this workout in the face. There are few days as satisfying as today.

    Midline done at 16kg for the Windmills. Learning the motion…

  9. As usual I’m going to throw my measly numbers out there with the Outlaw monsters’, if only to make you guys and girls look better.

    But this time I want to point out that even though my Nancy time was only 14:47 this morning, that is a 3:46 improvement in 3.5 months of doing Outlaw. In fact, back in June was the first time I was able to do Nancy Rx’d (18:34), and that was a year and a half into CrossFit for me, so it’s not like I was a beginner.

    Outlaw works. I am stronger (where once I was stagnating), but equally important, I am also smarter for following your careful programming.

    Add this to the long list of testimonials . . . Thanks, Rudy.

    Matt – 36yo/5’9″/165lbs/father of 4 little boys up here in Canada

  10. BBG



    “Fancy Nancy”
    (subbed 300m Row for run because I didn’t bring running shoes thereby making it “Fancy”…and because of I’ve got a 3 year-old daughter who makes me read that fucking book every night and I hate it just as much as I hate rowing…F-you Fancy Nancy)


    UB on all the OHS

  11. bbg
    1) 185
    2) 205

    16:10 rx.. the last time I completed Nancy I weighed 225#.. I finished then in 16:07 rx.. Today I am 245# and it took me only 3 seconds longer.. Not sure if I should be happy with my weight or if I should try to cut back down into the 105 kg range. I haven’t really changed up my diet since starting Outlaw but I have put on 20+ lbs. Anyways, excited to join Outlaw BB club and get my first Oly competition in!

    1a) 3×20 ub
    1b) 25, 35, 45

  12. BBG:
    1) done – was feeling tight and rushed for time today, shoulders were fried from Gymnastics yesterday (but I have to mention I got a back tuck, 3 actually), so I tightend up my grip – moved from grabbing the bar at the sleeves to closer to the snatch marking; not sure if I like it. I missed three hang snatches, but I think I was rushing; overhead shit felt tight and solid with a closer grip on the bar. Is that normal?
    2) done; this was fast and I was stoked to push press a relatively decent load for 10 reps; I also tried to maintain full lockout for at least 2 seconds for each rep. Lock out is important and I need to hammer it.

    Conditioning: 15:15 – today was a shit show. i had nothing in the tank.

    GHD done. I love GHD sit-ups
    Windmills done 16, 20, 22, kg – first time ever doing this movement; strange.

  13. BBG:
    1) 155
    2) 205

    12:06 – Raining in NorCal. Running was slow and plodding. 30 Sec off PR.

    1a) 3 x 20 ub
    1b) 70# kb

  14. BBG
    1) 165lb
    2) 210lb
    These felt very light.
    Nancy 12:02 rx really wanted sub 12 but everything unbroken.
    Midline done with 53lb kb right shoulder felt wierd so went 35 with it first time doing these.

  15. BBG
    115 (135)
    150 (190)

    midline done. didn’t finish the conditioning 3 rounds in 9 minutes,

  16. BBG
    1. 170#
    2. 250#

    Gonna hit the conditioning this afternoon.

    Just found out this week, I’m gonna get the chance to work with Spencer down in SE Tx next month. Fuckin pumped. Spencer, bring a handful of those Texas Outlaw Shirts when you come bro. Assuming you’ll have a fat boy’s 2x by then.

  17. BBG:
    1) Done at 175#
    2) Done at 200#

    11:37. All OHS UB, felt really good today.


  18. BBG:
    1) 155lbs
    2) 190lbs


    1a) done
    1b) 16kg – figuring out the form

    2/2/5 – back still tight, doesn’t limit much though.

  19. BBG:
    1) 155 for 2 then 145 for remaining
    2) 185


    1a) 3 x 20 ub
    1b) 1pood

  20. BBG:
    1) 135#
    2) 185#

    13:57RX (first time doing Nancy, felt like i was running like Forrest Gump half way through)

    KB windmills-53#

  21. bbg:
    skipped the snatch was short on time and really was having some posterior shoulder tightness and pain.

    conditioning:22:50 but i got interrupted on round 3 because i was catching a quick workout while at work. i had to eval and athlete at the school i work at. so i spent 5 min evaluating her injury.

  22. i also agree with all the testimonials. thank you rudy for your programming. i feel an improvement and i have only been following your programming for 1.5 weeks. i cant wait to see where i am in 6 months.

  23. 80% snatch complex every 40 seconds
    At 96 lbs.
    Clean complex every 50 seconds at 125 lbs

    Heavy, almost puked. good complex

    Windmills first time ever so did 25 lbs will go heavier next time.

  24. BBG:
    1) 142#
    2) 186#

    Did “Helen” instead since I couldn’t test it awhile back…7:20 was my time, a 45 second PR from July just weeks before I started Outlaw. Funny thing is, I’ve gained 12 pounds since then (190-202#). So it’s safe to say I’ve gained muscle/mass while greatly increasing my cardiovascular endurance/strength…Thanks Rudy!! Onward and Upward.

  25. BB Gymnastics

    1) 165
    2) 220 This was ruff. I missed 4 attempts on my hang cleans because it slipped off my shoulders otherwise weight wasn’t bad. Maybe I didn’t warm up enough.)


    1a) completed UB
    1b) 1.5 pood


  26. 1) 170#
    2) 235#

    “Nancy” – 14:20

    1a done
    2b – 2 pood

    Really need to work on running as a skill but I don’t wanna do more than the program calls for… Any suggestions? It seems like I’m fine on the rower, Airdyne, jump rope, but when it comes for me to run I’m slow as shit and I’m sick of it!!!

  27. BBG
    Snatch complex @ 70kg
    Clean complex @ 96kg

    Nancy 12:55 PB

    Sit ups done UB
    Windmills done @ 24kg KB

    MFS = 343

  28. BBG:
    1. 80#
    2. 112#

    14:35, almost a minute faster than last time!!!

  29. BBG:

    1.) 165#
    2.) 185#


    13:20 -All OHS were UB, running could have been better.

    1a.) Done UB
    2a.) 1.5 Pood


  30. BBG:
    1) 40kg. Missed first 3 Hang Snatch (full squat), just seemed really hard to do, then got it together and made no problem for rest.
    2) 50kg. Easy.

    “Nancy” – did not do as had CF class after anyways.

    Midline: a)Sit ups – unbroken.
    b)12kg KB. Tried with 16kg, but was really impossible to go all way down.

  31. Snatch: done at 103#
    Clean: done at 153#- missed 2 push press; couldn’t lock out 🙁

    Nancy: 12:49
    * ohs unbroken; run was down hill 200 m then uphill 200 m

    Had to skip midline due to time. Did ab work yesterday though so I didn’t feel too bad.

  32. 1- 95 lbs
    2- 135 lbs

    15:41 Rx
    I think my back is still out there running. Question for anyone- what can I do for my posterior chain? Any time theres heavy deads or OHS or Front Squats with a run, I feel like a teeny tiny ninja is drop kicking me in the low back. I’m really over it. My wods suffer not bc I’m winded, but b/c my back is cussing at me. Suggestions on why my back sucks so bad?

    • Do you have history of back issues? My only suggestions are to increase midline stability (ab and back extension work), flexibility, lots of stretching for the lower back (beauty queens, and other lower back stretches), and mobility (lower back peanut – browse http://www.mobilitywod.com for other suggestions). Doing those has helped mine incredibly. Used to be demolished after deadlift days, or as you said, anything requiring extension of the chest while squatting, and running.

  33. 1) 155
    2) 205
    Stupid chin got in the way of the BB on first push press and cracked a tooth.

    Nancy: 14:45. .08 sec PR.
    I run like a fat guy.



  34. BB Gymnastics

    1) 95
    2) 135


    1a) UB sit-ups
    1b) 1 pood

    1 hr Mobility on my calves and feet. The DU’s got me good. And then I had my command combat fitness test yesterday. Perfect score!

  35. BBG
    Snatch – 110
    Clean – 145
    Hit all reps for both, snatch felt really heavy, cleans felt good


    A) Done but couldn’t hit them all unbroken, time for more GHD work
    B) 1 pood

    Good day in the gym, spent the whole workday just wanting to get in and do this work.

  36. BBG:
    1.) 165
    2.) 205

    13:13 Rx

    1a.) All unbroken
    1b.) 24kg KB

    Need to work on my running. I was really slow. Lower body was tight during the runs. Runs got really slow at the end. Need to work on that big time.

  37. Have to share that I did Nancy back in March a few weeks before starting Outlaw in 19 mins because I couldn’t overhead squat at all. I did them in sets of maybe 3 and then singles and they weren’t even to depth, as I am a recovering marathon runner. Tonight, I did Nancy in 10:50, all OHS were unbroken. Nice reminder of how far I’ve come !! Thanks Rudy!!

  38. BBG
    1) 115
    2) 135

    (12:45 is my all time PR set on 3/29/2010. I got sick on 4/3/2010, had heart surgery 5/11/2010, and re-tested Nancy on 7/23/2010 and did it in 19:01. Today is a “patched heart” PR.)

    Not done
    Might work it in at the Oly Cert tomorrow.

  39. 1) 70kg – Accidentally did 11 reps. 3 fails on the hang snatches Groin felt much better today (way less banging)
    2) 85kg – Tough but good.

    I love these timed complexes!

    A few hours lately (after building some more of my deck)

    Nancy with 60kg Back Squats instead of OHS (as my wrist was playing up quite badly – OHS get very painful in higher reps). Runs more like 430m

    14:58. Every run after the first one was a slow plod.. Everything unbroken though.

  40. 1) 115 no missed reps
    2) 175 no missed reps

    no nancy today

    GHD’s unbroken
    20k for the windmills

  41. Fun Outlaw day, just started following about two weeks ago.

    1) 130#
    2) 165#

    Nancy: Sub 16, cheap a$$ stopwatch stopped just after starting it, but had an idea of the time based on looking at the clock beforehand, and looking afterwards, due to said failure. Gymboss Max will be keeping me honest from now on, incredible little timer for Outlaw. At least a 49sec PR.

    OMG, windmills suck.
    1a) 25#/35#/55# (did palm touches with 25#, then rest were with finger tip touches).
    1b) All sets UB.

  42. BBG:

    2 fails on each. On the snatch, it was the squat snatch and with the clean and press, I failed on the press.

    Nancy Rx’d:12:09
    Jackie RX’d: 6:20

    No Midline

  43. BBG
    1. 180
    2. 205 had to drop down couldn’t push press 215 after 2min rest
    12:37 runs too slow
    1a. Done
    1b. 44, 53, 53

  44. PR’d Nancy by 2:33 with a 16:24. I know it isn’t uber fast, but I’m not a small guy and I run like a one legged dog. Stoked!

  45. BBG:
    1) 60kg
    2) 80kg

    “Nancy” 15:49; def not a PR, legs are ruined

    1a) UB
    1b) 16kg

  46. BBG

    1) @115#
    2) can’t clean, so I deadlifted 2 reps and squatted 1 and pressed 1 all at 185# but had to stop the press after 4 reps as I couldn’t lower it safely without catching in the rack postion.

    “Nancy” as rx’d 14:46 a PR

    a) done ub
    b) 26#,35#,35#

    Dealing with a wrist/hand injury which wont let me get into the front rack position, probably be at least a month before I can. Making due.

  47. WOD 121012:

    BB Gymnastics:

    1) 110# – Found myself falling a bit forward on my toes for a few of the hang snatches.

    2) 142# – Was pretty straight forward. Legs were toasted from Crossfit Amped’s work out on 10/17/2012

    15:47 RX – Felt slow as fuck. I should of been able to get in the 13’s on this. My legs were a bit toasted from Wednesdays work out at Amped. I did PR on this… haven’t done this one since April of 2011 with a time of 19:20. PR by 3:33… I still think I can be faster… Might try again when legs aren’t burnt out.

    Skipped. Went to watch Thursday night football.

  48. bbg
    1/ 65kg
    2/ 85kg

    3 rounds only. it was fucking hot and started to get dizzy.

    1/ med ball sit up and throw with 9kg (sort of like the games but against a wall) no ghd
    2/ 20kg kb

  49. Just started program. Followed CFFB for a while and out of shape now.

    Snatch: 115
    Clean&J: 135

    Conditioning: 21:34- first time every trying Nancy. Got a lot of improvement to go. Last set unbroken.

  50. BBG- Used 135 did first few sets but pubic bone started killing and moved to 3-5 second pause overhead squats in the bottom to finish out.

    Cleans & Press- Used 215lbs. Brought bar to chest but dropped at end to save wrists that are still banged up.

    Combined conditioning and midline kinda.

    1a) Front squat 185 x 10 reps (2 rounds)
    1b) Behind neck GHD Back extensions (95lbs x 10) (2 rounds)
    1c) Back squat 225lbs x 5 reps with pause at bottom (2 rounds)
    1d) Windmill 50lb KB x 7 reps (2 rounds)
    Plus bar MU
    out of time had to go.

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