Here we go, kids—finally—the details for The Outlaw Open…

Date: December 1st & 2nd (Joint event with the USAW American Open.)

Location: Palm Springs, California – The Palm Springs Convention Center

Competition Format: All competitors will start the event with an Olympic Weightlifting Total. Those who have qualified for the USAW American Open will use their Total from that event. Those who have not qualified for the USAW American Open will Total, using USAW standards, as the first event of The Outlaw Open on Saturday morning. The CrossFit style portion of the event will begin after all Totals are complete. There will be no less than five workouts featuring no less than eight data points.

Workouts: All workouts will be announced right here on The Outlaw Way, Monday, October 29nd. All workouts will be written as a collaboration between me, and CJ Martin from CrossFit Invictus. We believe that announcing the workouts 5 weeks in advance will give every competitor a chance to prepare, even if there are movements they are unfamiliar with. We also believe that collaborating on the workouts is the best possible way to avoid any part of the competition favoring one athlete over another.

Prize: $10,000 – winner take all

Competitors: This will be an invitation only event. We would love to make it an open qualification process, but at least for this year’s event we simply do not have the means to accommodate such an undertaking. If you would like to be considered for invitation, please email: Rudy@TheOutlawWay.com.

Scheduled to Compete: Here’s just a few… Pat Barber, Talayna Fortunato, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, Caleb Williams, Aja Barto, more to be announced soon.

Spectators: Your ticket to the USAW American Open will get you in to both events. For more info, click here.

Sponsors: For any information on sponsorship, please email: Gary@OutlawCrossFit.com.

Questions: More details will be announced soon.

WOD 121011:

Rest Day.

25 thoughts on “121011

  1. Logistical question about Totals: will they be gauged by BW? from the sounds of the competitors already scheduled you have a wide array of BW – maybe rank by Sinclair going into the CF portion of the comp? That certainly should level the playing field right?

    • Undecided. There are arguments on both sides. The snatch ladder at regionals wasn’t scored with a Sinclair, neither was the clean ladder at the games. Besides, is there any doubt who will win it? 😉

      • Why would you need to “level the playing field” for the lifting portion? The larger athlete has an advantage on the lifts and a disadvantage in other areas. Should we level the field on MUs too? Or make the entire competition by weight class?

      • EA, you took the words right out of my mouth. The Sinclair method has ZERO business in a crossfit comp. If we have to deal with lifting our large bodies, then the little peeps have to deal with lifting the big weight.

        Nerd time: Sinclair is only effective in a pure weightlifting comp with divisional splits due to the parabolic nature of lifting performance vs bodyweight.

      • How come its never a large athlete asking for a break.

        Ok, I’ll do it. Can I have a 30% multiplier on all metcons since I’m large and strong?

    • EA, my thinking was that since this is going be at a USAW meet… it might make sense.

      RE: leveling the playing field, i wrote that late at night and probably used the wrong words. sorry. what I was thinking was that it might be a way of tightening up the scores a bit. BW movements like MUs are a moot point – at this level your BW work should be something everyone can do. But I guess where that dumb statement of mine comes in is when we talk about loading in other WODs, which we would never do. I tried to post a comment to coach saying “point taken” but my computer failed me.

  2. Congrats on the Open.. Hope there is video to see, for those of us that can’t make it to spectate and cheer!

  3. Im heading to Tampa for work next week and would like to know of an outlaw friendly box down there. Thanks.

    • Devon,

      Not too sure about an Outlaw friendly box but I go down there about once a year for a medical conference and always go to a place called Crossfit Malicious. The dude who owns it is a super West Side Barbell fanatic and was very open to letting me come in and do my own thing. Some of the others I tried around the area were not that way.

      Also, I just bought a shirt from him and he let me do my own thing for 3 workouts that week.

      Hope it helps.

    • I read on sexyasfuck that crossfit813 is outlaw friendly. I’ve never been, just read it.

    • Hi Devon,,
      BNI is a very Outlaw friendly box. We have 5500sf of space, regular daily wods for our 250 members, and a good group of us who follow daily Outlaw programming as well. Would love to have you join us while you’re in town. We’re located right off the expressway so should be a quick drive from wherever you’re staying.

      Hope to see ya,
      Beth and Mike Caldwell

  4. It’s not an ‘Open’ if it’s by invitation only. So it’s the ‘Outlaw Invitational.’

  5. I believe its the ‘Outllaw Open… To Those We Think Suck The Least And Then We Will Extend An Invitation For You To Open’

  6. I am trying to get a spot in the San Rafael Training camp in February. If anyone has a spot and wants to get rid of it, I’ll pick it up.


  7. Change the f-ing name to outlaw invitational sense it is no longer an open! Some things really grind my gears!

      • Haha, did not realize this was being graded. Till next time! Go fist yourself and good day! Maybe think bout changing the name or keep it the same, really don’t care. Just saying!

  8. The BW element for wods gets me pretty wild. I say, if people want to make BW a factor, for ex, someone having to move their BW for a wod, then all the lil burpee bitches (coined that phrase bc of the open) have to wear weighted vests for gymnastics and running, just bc I got 15-20# on u, doesn’t give me an advantage, try doin pull-ups and running at 158#, whole new world.

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