You can be a good lifter and not be good at CrossFit. You cannot be good at CrossFit if you are not a good lifter.

Article about the Chicago Training Camp by Zack Strange from Atlas CrossFit.

Courtesy of Alex Tubbs.

I was going to comment on this article, but I thought I’d simply post it and let you guys comment instead.

Top 10 Moments of the Reebok CrossFit Games

WOD 121010:

BB Gymnastics

1) 7X2 Snatch from High Boxes (above knee) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2) 7X2 Clean from High Boxes (above knee) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


1a) 3X7 Seated DB Shoulder press – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.
1b) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – heavy, rest 30 sec.
1c) 3X20 BB Stepups 20″ (front rack)– heavy, rest 30 sec.
1d) 3X7 Weighted Muscle-Ups – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.

Notes: Stepups are 20 total alternating steps. Use a challenging weight, but do not use so much that you allow the trail leg to touch the box before the stepping leg is fully extended. Muscle-Ups are designed to be performed UB. If you cannot perform 7 UB without weight, try to get as large of a ME set as possible, but do not add load.

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  1. For those not wanting to give Shape magazine ad clicks, EA running the clean ladder is absent in favor of that crowd favorite, ‘Spectator Jump Rope Contest’.


    • They praise Lindsey Valenzuela for dominating the Clean Ladder….. they just fail to mention she came 2nd to EA.

      But I gotta say, Lindsay sure knows how to give the OUTLAW cry of ‘F**k Yeah!’ a warriors rendition.

  2. so. much. pink. hurts my brain

    Where were the “top 10 moments” looks like a bunch of random event descriptions, kids jumping ropes and gimmicky kb’s

  3. Froning’s uni-boob +1

    Having to click through a slideshow to to learn about a jump rope contest -1

  4. Obvious questions about Coaches subscription to Shape mag aside….

    Clean ladder winner?? Really? They were obviously listening to the live feed and not the redubbed Games specials on ESPN2. I remember listening live and thinking why are they crowning Venenzuala the winner before Elizabeth finishes….that was until she mopped the floor with everyone.

    But seriously…
    1. Best moment of Games was T out Franning Clever. I screamed so hard at my laptop I pooed myself a little…
    2. 2nd best was 6’+, 100kg Aussie Chad Mackay winning Pendleton. How did that gorilla do that?

    These are the two reasons I stopped fucking about reading Outlaw Way blog every day, grew a pair, and started doing Outlaw Way…..that and the Noobs FAQs is one of the the funniest thing I have read…you had me at “Go fist yourself”

    • I was just about to write the same two events as possible (lulz) top 10 moments.
      TF’s “out franning” (great use of the term) was the highlight.
      EA’s clean and then deadlifts…oh that’s right, she won.
      Mackay’s Pendleton, or WTF – how about the triathlon in general, or the marine O course….? Not sure who makes these lists….

  5. Sorry to spam about this one more time, but I’d hate for a spot at a sold out training camp to go to waste…

    Palm Desert, Fri-Sun, Oct 19-21

    Email john@crossfitgenesis.com if you’re interested in my spot.

    Re: Shape magazine article about.. what was it again? I got distracted by the 10-Minute Belly Blasting workout. Since I don’t have a Reverse Hyper, I was thinking I might do this tomorrow instead…

  6. Don’t have access to blocks, for both the High Box Snatch & Clean. What’s a good work around…working from Hang? Thanks!

  7. BBG)

    Snatch – 135 throughout. No misses. ATG Squat
    Clean – 185 same as above

    STR/Cond: Done.

    1a) 75lbs
    1b) Done
    1c) 135lbs
    1d) 15lb vest. First set UB. Then 5&2. Then 4&3. Should have dropped the vest after the first set.


  8. BBG-


    2-145#(+jerk because my legs were terrible yesterday)


    a) 60×5, 50×7,50×7, +50×8
    b) good mornings (no rh rig 🙁 )
    c) 85#—
    d) can’t do full mu’s so 7xoff feet with rings about 6″ overhead.


  9. BBG
    1) 135(4), 145(2), 150 (failed these for some reason)
    2) 200, 205(2). 210 (2), 215 (2)

    Like and idiot, I completely tore my finger open on our dumbbell rack, made the MU’s impossible with my fingers taped up and bleeding everywhere…
    a) 40#’s (heaviest we got, 52# KB too heavy)
    b) 140#
    c) 105#
    d) made some attempts


  10. bbg
    1) 185
    2) 135 went light to work on technique. anytime i go much heavier i just end up using my arms.
    1a) 55
    1b) sub glute ham raise 3×15
    1c) 45# was able to hold the front rack all 3 sets and go unbroken. much better than last wk
    1d) 2, 3, 2, then did an extra set at the end, got 3

    • PS. Just had a chance to watch Johnny’s video from yesterday. Thanks for posting it Rudy and keep doing what you’re doing Johnny. Your hard work will pay off in dividends. And because of you, more youngsters will find their way to a happy and productive life!

  11. BBG
    1) 120-125-125-125-130-135-135
    2) 165-170-170-170-180-185-190

    a) 45#
    b) 180#
    c) 90#
    d) BW, max 5 UB

    Really tried to keep rest intervals consistent. BB stepups were still hard but better this time.

  12. I swear these California bitches get all the accolades. Still chaps my ass that T is not on Team USA. I mean they are good but shit, you mention that EA won the damn event, why not have a picture of her doing it. Same with the Clean Ladder. And agreed that the T vs Clever Fran-off was the most exciting shit ever. I was tingling with excitement watching those two battle it off. And Annie T running through those snatches on the final day was no less impressive.

  13. BBG –

    1) 195
    2) 265

    STR / CND –

    1) 70lbs
    2) back extensions (35)
    3) 115
    4) roughly 16 lbs

  14. BBG:
    1) worked to 83kg, missed 86 like 3 times; no real excuse, but my 2 year old has pneumonia and was up three twice last night, once at midnight and again at about 3.30. Was tired as hell. That being said, 83 IS a pr for me off the blocks.

    2) apparently I worked through my tiredness and went to 130kg (PR), missed 133

    1) 50#, 50#, 50# (we have DBs that go from 50 then the next set starts at 70!
    2) banded on GHD Red + lil blue
    3) 50kg, 50kg, 50kg
    4) BW, one chain, 2 chains (Rambo style!) (PS: fuck you weighted muscle-up!)

  15. BBG
    All sets felt solid

    1a) 53#kb
    1b) 15#
    1c) 95#
    1d) Pec still doesnt feel 100% subbed strict ring pull-ups and worked depth on dips

    Anybody got any input on knee sleeves? I know Rehband are the top of the line, wanted to know if anybody uses/used any different or has any recommendations?

    • I have the Blue Rehband and love them. I use them for squating and my knees done ache as much as they used to. I know the newer ones (grey) are a little thinner just FYI. My training partner loves them though.

    • the rhebands are great and highly recommended at our place, some folks also use kono’s or some made by a local place called Quest nutrition. I’ve heard good things about those too and they are significantly cheaper.

    • I had asked the same question about TK’s vs Rehband and ended up buying the TK’s and a buddy bought the new Grey Rhebands. They shipped him the wrong size and he gave them to me because they fit me instead.

      Long story short:

      TK’s are much thicker and, in my opinion, are suited more towards heavy strength work/ME type stuff that don’t require a lot of reps. I say that because after a few reps they bunch up a little bit and tend to pull leg hair out (ouch).

      The Rhebands are great for metcons, in my opinion. They aren’t as rigid and provide a slight bit less support, but still make my knees feel great. They also don’t seem to bunch up as quickly, although if you are cycling box jumps or anything like that, they might just a little bit.

      Both are great, but depending on what you are using them for is how I’d make my decision.

      Hope it helps.

  16. bbg:

    75 dbs
    35 plate on back for hypers
    95lbs for step ups
    had to sub weighted pull ups no where to do mu’s so did 7 pull ups with 40 lb db between legs.

  17. BBG a)205
    B) 275
    15goodmornings green band
    95lb stepups shoulda went heavier today
    7 be mu all mu unbroken will go weighted next time

  18. BBG:
    1) 200
    2) 245

    1a) 53# kb
    1b) 14# medball
    1c) 140
    1d) 3 sets unbroken with no weight

  19. BBG:
    1) 200 – I fucking hate this movement. I’m completely retarded at it.
    2) 275x2x5, 280, 285

    1) 165 lb BB Press (no db’s)
    2) 255 x 5 Good AMs (no reverse hyper)
    3) 155 Step-ups (worst shit ever)
    4) 7 unbroken strict muscle-ups (no way to weight it)

    Wow. Just realized that was a lot of subs haha. I’ve come to fear Wednesdays. Probably the worst day of the week! 🙂 Great days of training over the last few days, but I’m really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

  20. BBGym:
    1) 125
    2) 3×150, 2×165, 170, 180

    1a) Seated BB Press: 95
    1b) Straight leg DL: 115
    1c) BB Step ups: 115
    1d) ME strict ring pull ups: 11,10,11


  21. BBG:
    1) 75/85×3/90/95×2#. The made 2×5@65# and 2×5@75# to work on getting as deep as possible.
    2) 115#. Felt weird, wasn’t heavy but I did not feel control at all.

    a) 25#/30#/30#
    b)15#/20#/25# could have gone higher.
    c) 98# (almost died)/78#/78#. The 20″ box never seemed so high.
    d) banded MU.

  22. BBG:

    1.) 150-155-155-160-165-165-170
    2.) 195-195-205-205-215-215-225


    1a.) #45 DB
    1b.) 225#
    1c.) 105#
    1d.) 7 UB Muscle Ups 2 sets, broke on 4 on 3rd set -No weight to add


  23. BBG
    1)120-120-125-125 (fail x 3)- 125 (1)- 125 (fail x3)- 125 (fail x3)
    2) 155

    a) 25-30-30
    b) no weight, 20# db
    c) 65-65-65
    d) 4/3, 1/3/3 (10# vest)

  24. BBG:
    1) 165lbs
    2) 225lbs

    a) 45lbs (broke 4-3 on last set)
    b) GHD hip ext with red bands
    c) 100lbs
    d) 5kg weight vest (had to take a 45s rest break leading into these though, the box step ups took a lot out of me).

    2/2/5 – back still tight, but slowly getting better

  25. Cleans off the Blocks: Awesome
    Returning the 225# laden bar back to the blocks only to miss the stack of bumper plates, hit the corner, and have the bar ricochet back at your shins at Mach 43 resulting in your legs being taken out from under you: Not awesome.
    Your buddy video taping the whole thing and posting to FB before you even recover from having your world shattered: Priceless Blue Falcon moment. Fuck him.

    1)95, 115, 135, 135, 135, 145 (garbage), 135
    2) 135, 155, 175, 185, 205, 205, 225 (ending in broken shins…not reallyy, but fucking felt like it.)

    a) 45, 45, 55
    b) done
    c) 135
    d) 7UB, 7UB +10#, 3/2/2 +25

  26. BBG:
    1) 65lbs. My balance is completely off on this movement. I just have to keep practicing to get my form straight. Taking a fundamentals course at Red Point, NC, Nov 12.
    2) 110lbs, 130lbs, 130lbs, 140lbs, 140lbs, 154lbs, 154lbs,

    a) 55lbs (Unbroken all sets)
    b) Just did bodyweight. First time trying this.
    c) 45lbs. Front Rack needs work. Really worked my wrists and forearms
    d) Still have not learned the muscle-up. Did 3-Kipping Pull-Ups + 3 Dips = 1 Rep. My kipping form is getting better. Going to be doing muscle-ups in no time.

  27. BBG:
    1) 175, 185, 195, 200, 205, 210, 210F
    2) 185, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 245

    1a) 65, 65(5), 55
    1b) 3×95
    1c) 3×95 (good mornings)
    1d) 3×7 (strict mu instead of weighted)

  28. BBG
    1) 115#, 135# for the rest
    2) 135#, 165# for the rest

    a) 55#
    b) RDL @ 185#
    c) 65# (smarter than the last time!)
    d) BW Dead hang PUs (still suck)


  29. BBG
    B ) up to 245
    2)on ghd with bands
    3)95 -115
    4)no weight so just did me ub

  30. Swim Practice from 2-3pm then at 4 I did the workout.

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 175 175 175 185 185 195( tried 2 times but couldn’t stick so I hit 185 once then failed 2nd) 185

    2) 235 235 235 245(failed first rep) 245(failed twice so I hit 235 once) 245(failed 2nd rep) 235

    1a)1.5 pood

    1b)blue band

    1c) 135

    1d) 20lb vest
    1- 4ub + 3ub
    2- 4ub + 2ub + 1
    3- 4ub + 3ub



  31. BBG:
    Snatch 95-95-95-95-95-95-95
    Clean 145F-145F-125-125-125-135-135


    Muscle ups were practice working on progression, did 7 reps each round working on getting into the dip phase.

  32. Snatch: 105/115/115/120/125/130(got 1st rep; failed next two) 125
    Clean: 145/150/155/160/165/170/175

    1a) 35’s
    1b) no hyper; sub ghr’s x 15
    1c) 80#
    1d) 3/1/1/2; 3/2/2; 3/1/2/1

    *had a hard time lockin out on the dip part of mu. I was also super slippery from sweat and was sliding around a bit on the rings. Tryin to kill these gymnastic movements!

  33. BBG:
    1.) 155, 155, 155, 165, 165. 175. 175
    2.) 205, 225, 225, 225, 225, 225, 225

    1a.) 24 kg for all sets
    1b.) GHR 35 lb plate for all sets
    1c.) 115, 115, 115, 115
    1d.) 20 lb weight vest for all sets

  34. BBG
    1. Snatch 195lb (felt solid)
    Clean 245lb hit a single at 250lb (knee felt like crap)

    2a 53lb KB
    2b sub goodmornings (no rev. Hyper)
    2c 95lb (vomit vomit vomit)
    2d did banded mu worked on technique

  35. BBG
    1) 115 worked on staying back so lighter then last week
    2) 135 worked on staying back so lighter then last week

    did off the ghd machine so no weight
    75 (I hate these)
    5/2, 4/3 4/3

  36. BBG:
    2)185×3/205×3/225×1 (1F)

    1A) 45#
    1B) 30#
    1C) 95#
    1D) 15# UB

  37. BBG:
    1) 145lbs (tried one at 155 and failed
    2) 225lbs

    a) 45lbs
    b) GHD hip ext with red bands
    c) 135lbs
    d) 5kg weight vest

  38. 1) 155-165-175-185-200-210-225
    2) 225-245-255-265-275-285-295

    I love front rack step ups about as much as I enjoy holding the barbell on my back for 6 minutes

  39. Soo I was sitting around the gym today after the workout and decided to deadlift and PRd by 40# since last month… 475#

  40. BBG:
    1) 155-155-155-155-155-175-175
    2) 185-185-205-205-205-205-215


    1a) 50#, 50#, 50#
    1b) Reverse Hyper/GHD mod with 15# DB
    1c) 105#, 105#, 105#
    1d) 7 UB, 6 UB +1, 5 UB +1 +1

    Hello, rest day

  41. Rudy,

    Do you want the Athlete to work the Eccentric Contraction of the box step ups or are you not worried about this?( e.g., L leg up and L leg down)


  42. Would you guys say the step ups are supposed to be unbroken? Or heavy and chipped away at in sets?

    Last week I went heavy with good form but needed to break them up in sets of 10 and then 5 towards the end. Under estimated the difficulty of this exercise.

    • that I would like to know as well, cause I went for 98# for first set, but just could not keep it unbroken, so lowered down weight to be able to do them without stopping.

  43. BBG
    1) 155×2, 175, 185×2, 195, 205
    2) Needed more than 14 reps to straighten these out. Worked for 20 min with 135 and 185

    1a)28 kg, 28 kg (4+3), 24 kg
    1b)subbed weight vest on feet, backwards on GHD
    1d)All no weight- 7, 5, 4, rest 1 minute then 5

  44. BBG:
    1. 75/80/85×2/90×3
    2. 105×2/110×2/115×2/120

    1a. 30#
    1b. 10#
    1c. 45#

  45. Made this up today.


    1) 185,185,205,205,225,225,225
    2) 225,225,245,245,275,275,275

    Then made up Conditioning from Saturday with the Push Jerks, Burpee Over the Box Jumps, and KBS

    13:26 Rx’d. My gas is lagging right now.

  46. BBG:
    1) 65 kg
    2) 80 kg

    1) 25 kg
    2) don’t have this thing in my gym
    3) 50 kg (broke each on each set once)
    4) did not have rings on me..what a lame excuse.

  47. BBG
    1) 125(2) 135(2) 145(2) 155(2)
    2) 165(2) 175(2) 185(3)

    1a) 45(5) 35 – wish I had 40s
    1b) banded reverse GH raise
    1c) 75#
    1d) no weight, UB first 2 sets, then to number 6

  48. BBG
    1. 155 felt good kept light
    2. 195 kept light
    1a. 50
    1b. 11, 11, 25 should have gone heavier earlier
    1c. 76, 87, 87
    1d. 10

  49. BB Gymnastics

    1) 95(hang)

    2) 145(hang)


    1a) 95 – 100 – 95.
    Seated barbell press

    1b) 115 – 120- 120

    1c) 85

    1d) no weight
    1- 4ub + 2ub + 1
    2- 4ub + 1 + 1 + 1
    3- 3ub + 1 + 1 + 1 +1

  50. BB Gymnastics

    1) 95(hang)

    2) 145(hang)


    1a) 95 – 100 – 95.
    Seated barbell press

    1b) 115 – 120- 120

    1c) 85

    1d) no weight
    1- 4ub + 2ub + 1
    2- 4ub + 1 + 1 + 1
    3- 3ub + 1 + 1 + 1 +1

  51. bbg
    1/ up to 80kg
    2/ up to 100kg

    1a/ 45lb (too light but no heavier db, should’ve used 24kg kb)
    1b/ goodmornings 65kg
    1c/ 55kg (broke on last set, so did 12+12)
    1b/ 7,7,5+2 (unweighted but done in neutral grip, i normally use false grip)

  52. BBG
    42.5kg tried 45 on the 3rd set and failed the 2nd attempt so went back to 42.5 all felt good
    70kg all good

    2x16kg Kb 7,7,5+2
    no reverse hyper machine so used some industrial racking with an abmat, lets me swing my legs under and then bring them back upwards, 8 kg db between ankles UB
    40kg UB, no fun there boi.
    no added weight ( do lifting shoes count?) 5,6,3

  53. BBG-
    138 lbs all sets.(Form was off as I was catching the weight just above parallel. Thought I had fixed this but maybe just a little to much weight or that it was from boxes?)

    275 lbs- Did high clean pulls from knee as wrist are still jacked. Brought it to chest each set without abusing my wrists.

    1a) 75 lbs (these felt heavy?)
    1b) 95 lbs (used barbell behind neck as I find it more challenging. Had to drop to a set of 10.
    1c) 185 lb front squats as wrist are jacked and did 10 reps. Probably had more in me but pussed out.
    1d) MU banded by 7 (green band each round)

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