Alex Nettey and Alex Tubbs – matching 300# PRs:

Day one Chicago Training Camp – ridiculous. The amount of huge lifts tonight, per capita, was completely unexpected. To see 5 or 6 women on a bar making attempts at a 185+ Clean and Jerk, or 5 or 6 men on a bar making attempts at a 300+ Clean and Jerk, is something I never could have imagined would become a fairly normal occurrence. Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

WOD 121006:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.

Notes: Treat this like a meet. Warmup well, then stick to only 3 attempts. Plan out your lifts beforehand, and rest 2-4 minutes.


Take 7 minutes to establish a 1rm Front Squat, then:

2 reps every 30 seconds for 7 minutes @ 75% of above.


5 Push Jerks 135/95#
10 Burpee Over the Box Jumps 20″
15 KBS 24/16kg
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
20 Burpee Over the Box Jumps 20″
30 KBS 24/16kg
15 Push Jerks 135/95#
30 Burpee Over the Box Jumps 20″
45 KBS 24/16kg

For time.

Notes: A touch on the top of the box is not required, but it is allowed.

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  1. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch 60kg PR
    C&J 95kg
    Front squat 1RM 132kg PR

    7min of Front Squats @100kg


  2. Snatch 101kg, missed 107.5 twice
    Clean and jerk 132.5kg

    Front squat 160kg =PB, missed 170kg
    Reps @ 120kg. Missed the second rep of sets 13 and 14 so made up another double at the end

    MFS – 363

  3. What is a good general warm-up for a max effort lift? I always seem to burn myself out on my warm-ups…

  4. Sn to 165, 175, 185, (190lb, 195f, f)
    C&J to 205, 215, 235lb (5lb PR)

    FS: forgot to 1RM: based off of 265 1RM. I added chains (15%/40lb var) and worked up to 85% at top (225lb) and 70% at btm (185lb).

    cond: 17:10

    MFS 234

  5. snatch 84kg
    clean and jerk 113 kg

    skipped front squat(did yesterday)

    added 400 meter runs before each push jerk( trying to get get better at running)

    17:10 rx

  6. BB Gymnastics (#’s):
    1) 175, 185 (current PR), 195 (fail)
    2) 225, 235 ( 10# PR), 235 (fail)

    275# (40# PR)

    13:46 Rx


  7. BBG:

    worked up to 315 on front squat
    as rx’d on 7 min work at 235

    17:44 had to use 55 lb db. didnt have kbs today.

    • HELP!!! i watched the video of my last snatch today adn last clean and i need help. the one thing i notice is i stay on my toes and dont go back to my heels. THis doesnt allow me to get under the bar in the snatch and it doesnt allow me to stablize the clean. How can i work on this? heres the videos for other problems people notice.

      • Just focus on lift offs from the ground to the pocket position. increase the weight only if form is awesome. focus on pushing the knees back hard and activating the lats to pull the bar back into the thigh. keep your chest up and make sure your hips dont rise before your chest.

  8. coach et al., question: today was shit. Last night I woke up twice having nightmares (WTF am I 8 years old?) and just felt crap today – sore joints, the works. Anything heavy overhead was just killing me. So I backed off. Is it advisable to re-do the 1RM test on Monday; i.e. are we going to be using those numbers to work from later in this cycle? Thanks in advance.

    Conditioning: this felt ok. wasn’t blazing fast, but kept moving. the coach running the main wod at our gym shut off the clock about midway because his class was done so I have no time. probably about 8-10 minutes tho. No way to tell really.

  9. 1) 145-155-165, 5# PR
    2) 200-210-220(f) no PR

    1RM FS @ 245, a TWENTY FIVE POUND PR. Think this high bar work is getting it done? Fuck yeah. Now I really should be cleaning 225…

    7min done at 185#

    Cond 14:35 Rx

    For the first time in my life, I’m beginning to feel what it’s like to be physically strong. And it feels fucking awesome.

  10. BBG:
    1. 90#
    2. Did not do

    1 RM FS 160# (PR)
    7 min done at 120

    Did not do. Menopause is hitting me hard.

  11. Clean and jerk – 135kg, 5 kg PR….just missed lock out at 140kg.

    Front Squat – 165kg…done at 122.5kg

    Conditioning: 14:46rx

  12. BBG
    Snatch: 165-175-185 (10# PR)
    C&J: 215-225-235 (10# PR)

    FS: 300 (35# PR)

    My second week following Outlaw and I’m already hitting new PR’s!

  13. bbg:
    1) 225, 275 (miss), 305 (miss)
    2) 300, 315 (miss), 315 nailed it. i’ve hit 315 before with a press out, today’s lift felt smooth and solid in the clean and jerk.

    400# 35# p.r.

    was able to hit 2 reps with 300# every 30 seconds for the first 3 sets, then i had to go to singles to finish out.

    13:37 rx the nerd in me had a good chuckle at that time

  14. bbg)
    snatch) worked up to 225 and failed 235 x3
    clean and jerk) got 265 easily and can’t stand up the fucking 280# clean. I get under it fine and then it crushes me.

    strength) kept failing 300# my squats are getting weaker
    used 225 for the emom which wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be

    conditioning- 11:40

    last day in this hot shitty florida weather. I’m real excited to get back to my air-conditioned gym at school.

  15. Just hit 315 on a front squat! BOOM!
    285 clean
    Shoulder is wrecked so did my own variation of the METCON

  16. Snatch – 155|165|175f
    C&J – 185|205|215
    Front squat – 245 pr
    Front squats done
    Cond- 18:58

  17. BBGym:
    1) 150, 160(f), 160(f)-both were very close
    2) 195, 210(5lb PR), 215(f)

    1) 235 (20lb PR)
    -7min complete at 175#



  18. 1) 210 220 230
    Made all attempts. 230 is 5lb PR

    Not sure how I stuck this as its slow as shit.

    2) 265 275 280
    Made 265. Failed jerk on 275. Failed clean on 280. 275 is current PR

    Squat: 300 PR +25lbs. Fuck yeah!
    EMOM . Done

    No conditioning

    Felt slow and beat up this whole week. Happy to see a PR still.

  19. Snatch-180#<== technique sucks, still working hard on it
    FS- 360 (45# PR) from a month ago

    Conditioning- 14:03

  20. SNATCH:
    165/175/185F 175, 5#PR
    185/205/215F 205, no PR

    225, 15#PR
    75%@ 170#

    Hopefully with the FS PR, my clean will go up next Saturday.

  21. BBG:
    Snatch: 88lbs, 108lbs, 108lbs-toughest movement for me. It is not the weight but my technique just have to keep working at it. I signed up for a Crossfit Boot Camp at Red Point for specialized coaching on it.
    Clean and Jerk: 108lbs, 128lbs, 133lbs. Still not good with my hand and wrist placement. Need to work flexibility.

    128lbs-1RM-7 mins
    88lbs-1 Rep-7 mins

    20:20 – had to use a 24″ box because the gym did not have a 20″ box.

    “It is you vs. you everday. Who is going to win?”

  22. BBG
    1) 75kg best hit
    2) 109 kg best hit

    280#, 25# PR
    215# for 7 minutes



  23. a) 185-195x-200x still getting under it but cant stand up! been stuck here for a month!!!! pissing me off.

    b) 225-235 miss jerk- 250- clean PR, missed jerk! argh!!! had it too when will the PR’s start coming????

    c) back was tired–only hit 245

    strength- 185×30 seconds for 7 minutes

    con: 11:47 rx

  24. female/5’3″/120#

    Hellen meets Grace partner competition with my outlaw trainning partner, we won by 5min!

    Front squated after— 200# (40#pr!!)

  25. BBG:
    Snatch 90kg, 95fail, 95gail
    C&J 115kg, 120fail, 120fail

    FS – 140kg
    14×2 @ 105kg

    13:20 using 20kg KB – back still sore


  26. BBG
    Snatch: 205(f)-205(f)-205 (225 PR) WTF? These felt horrible today.
    C&J: 245-265-275(f)

    FS: 285 fail at 300


  27. BBG

    No snatch, PR’d earlier this week



    Front Squat up to 315, felt heavy. maxed out back squat yesterday

    reps @ 255, completed



  28. BBG:
    1) snatch went up to 105#, which is far from PR, but better still not worst day, especially when I could not at the beginning snatch 95# for warm up. Calmed myself down and just snatched to have at least sty.
    2) did not do. Made instead open wod of 7mins. of 1-2-3-4-…ladder of hang cleans@100# and T2B.

    186#, PR by 41# since 20/08/12. That’s crazy that I am much stronger, but my Oly lifts do not progress. It drives me crazy….

    15:10mins. RX.

  29. BBG

    1) 175, 185(f), 195

    2) 245, 265, 280(f jerk)



    Done @ 260



  30. Sooo… I had an actual meet today and was hoping to qualifying for the American Open in the 85kg class. This requires a 260kg (572) total. So warming up I stuck my PR of 120kg (264) on the first try so I decided that would be my opener as it would give me a chance on the clean and jerk. And of course, I missed all three attempts coming very close on two of them. Bombed out! I am going to try again later this month I think. I know I can fucking do it damn it.

  31. My Oly lifts weren’t on point today. Didn’t get close to my previous 1rm for both lifts.
    Snatch: 135# (failed at 145# x 3) PR = 155#
    Clean & jerk: 175 (failed 185# x 2-ended up doin high pulls, I wouldn’t drop and just stopped after doin that twice)

    1rm front squat: 240# (5# PR) FINALLY A PR
    Completed the strength conditioning @ 180#

    Conditioning: 11:48.
    Burpees felt slow. Kept movin the whole time.

  32. BBG: Snatch: 265
    Clean/Jerk: 315

    Strength: 1RM front squat: 375
    : 285lb for the 7 mins

    Conditioning: 17:58 Rx

  33. 1) After making 80kg really easily, I failed 85kg closely 3 times. My PR is 90kg so I’m gutted
    2) 110kg. Failed 117.5kg twice. I’m slow as shit.


    Sets done at 120kg – Completed but it got spicy

    Conditioning – 15:20

    Burpee box jumps suck.

  34. BB Gymnastics
    Technique day for me – up to 90%

    285 then reps @ 215


  35. Thank you Outlaw.. Yet still no excuses, Yesterday I took 5th place in the Fitober event in Branson MO. I’m pretty proud of that considering the caliber of ladies in the north central region. In the last event I was keeping up with the first place leader until we hit overhead squats. It was light and I should have had no problem, something was off. Any way I’m not letting that ever happen again. Starting a once a week buy out doing 20 ohs
    adding 5 lbs every week.

  36. BBG:

    1. 145, 155 (f), 155 (f)
    2. 185, 200 (f), 200 (f) — cleaned 200 but couldn’t get under it on the jerk



    Conditioning: Gave myself 12 minute time cap. Got through 2 rounds plus 20 burpee box jumps.

  37. BBG:

    1) 205#, 215, 220 (f)
    2) 245#, 255, 265 (f)


    1RM Front Squat: 285#
    Reps @ 215#



  38. Snatch
    – Just focusing on fixing my crappy technique with a coach.

    Clean and Jerk – 335
    -Ties PR but felt much better this time around.

    Front Squat – 395
    -10 lb PR. I wanted 400 so bad though!!


  39. 29/m/5’11″/175
    1) 3 failed attempts at 185-185-195
    2) 3 failed attempts at 245-245-250

    300 then 235(little above 75%, wow these sucked)

    22:39(cramping, dehydrated)

  40. BBG:
    Turned into a shit storm pretty quick. Snatched 195 (15 Under PR)
    Managed to Clean 305 (5 Pound pr) No jerk

    Strength: 405 Pound front squat, got a pr (20 pounds) and a nosebleed.

    Conditioning: 10:05 RX’d Feel good about that. Everything but burpees was unbroken and that was one or two breaths here and there.

  41. snatch-235 old pr, missed240
    c&j-290, 305 fail

    2 every 30 sec at 290

    conditioning -12:04

  42. Snatch: Failed all 3 attempts. Started at 200 and missed but went up, like I would have in a meet, because I knew I had it just was a little forward. Ended up missing the other 2 at 205. I guess going up was not a good choice. Not a happy about this.

    C&J: No time.

    FS: 300- Huge PR for me. My last 1RM was 250 back in April.

    Conditioning: Did Fridays: 17:57.

  43. BBG:
    1) 75kg
    2) 95kg

    STR: 115kg, tick.

    Ran out of time for conditioning…

    MFS 2/5/3

  44. BB Gymnastics

    1) 130#.

    2) 165#

    1rm Front Squat= 200# (not a pr)

    2 reps every 30 seconds for 7 minutes @ 75% of above. @ 155#

    Conditioning= 8:56 Rx

  45. BBG
    snatch – 205
    C&J – 265

    FS – 285
    Reps completed @ 215


  46. BBG
    Snatch- 100kg PB then 2×102.5 failed..
    Clean and Jerk- 122.5kg PB then 2x125kg just failed. Will have next time for sure

    Based of 150kg front squat so 112.5kg was weight used

    10.59 rxd….

  47. bbg
    snatch 90kg
    c&j 120kg (5kg pb)

    140kg (6kg pb)

    12.58 rxd

  48. Had a bright idea to do a class wod to get warm of Handstand Pushups & 225 deadlifts AMRAP of 7 min. Did 132 reps (66reps each exercise pretty happy with that)

    BBG- This is where that was not so smart. Hit 30lb under PR of 185lbs. BBG wrist messed up did Deadlift high clean pulls up to 315. Form was pretty good up to 285. Jerks 45 lbs under PR of 295.

    Strength- This was a pleasant surprise. Hit a PR of 365lbs pretty easy! Did sets at 270lbs. Fell off after 3 sets and did 2 reps EMOTM rest way at 270 lbs.

    Cond: skipped because I did wod earlier.

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