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  1. I am leaving this weekend so will miss this tomorrow. I am bummed because I have been looking forward to retesting Amanda. Today I snatched and clean and jerked to max.


    Took 4 attempts at 265. Two of them were not that close, I threw one behind me, and locked one out but for some reason the bar was rotating a bit and I could not stand up.

    Clean and Jerk

    Hit 295 no problem. Stood up with 315 but missed the damn jerk. Two more attempts but could not stand up.

  2. After reading that article, I feel that there was a huge lack of “female booty” talk. Thanks for the one sided article Rudy.

    • Figured I would add a little comedy to today’s post as well…

      So here is me having no clue why I did two snatches in a row where I went forward to a knee yet still stood up 205. Pretty sure my hip flexors were smoked from yesterday, but I can’t say for sure.

      Needless to say I got a good rep at 205 and then shut it down instead of trying to go for more.



  3. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 185# (matched PR)
    2) 225# (10# PR)

    Based on 235#

    Amanda – 11:56 Rx

  4. Snatch – 215….def an off day 20#s below pr
    c&j – 300

    1&1/4 fs done off of 365


  5. Sn: …175, 185, 200f, f, f, 200! 5lb PR! Got it on 4th attempt, previous 3 atmpts close calls.

    C&J: up to 215, then hit 230 PR 5lb PR! Ugly clean & press out.

    FSqt w/ chains (15%/40lb var) 265 1RM. 5% higher at top, 10% lower at btm.

    Amanda: 10:45 1st time RX..with room to go faster if fresher, but that goes wthout saying.

    MFS: 222

  6. BBG
    1. 125# new pr by 10 very happy with shoulders
    2. 200# cleans, 95# jerks not a pr. Need more confidence getting under the bar.
    153,165,176,188 done
    No conditioning enough shoulders

  7. bbg
    1. nailed 275# and hit two decent attempts at 305# got under it both times, just need to be more patient so the bar drops right on top of my heels.
    2. 305#

    hit first 2 sets of 5 and then ran out of time.

    7:44 rx p.r. is 7:31. went with the plan of going 3-3-3, 2-2-3, 1-2-2 on muscle ups. failed on my final muscle up or i would have had a p.r. my fault for not focusing on technique and burning myself out on the set of 9 and 7 x( ah well, live and learn.

  8. BB Gymnastics
    1) 195 (previous pr 205) dropped under 205, 210 and 215 but couldn’t make the connection
    2) 235; cleaned 255 (previous pr 270) dropped under 245, 255, 265 and 275 but couldn’t make the connection again

    195, 210, 225, 240
    Best part of the day

    MU- 9, 7, 3/2
    Snatch- 3/3/3, 7 singles, 5 singles
    (failed one snatch on the 5)


    Lack of sleep and my oly showed. Not happy with today but oh well.

    Taking a nap then later today 20 min of swimming drills

  9. BBG

    1) got up to 195 hit it solid, missed 205 (would have been 5lb PR)
    2) Tied current PR @235

    195, 210, 225, 240


    6:43 – 1:17PR and First time as RX

  10. 29/m/5’11″/174
    1) 195(PR) tried 205 around 6 times, so close
    2) 245(PR since Outlaw) I think I got 250 a long time ago. Got 260 easy on clean, just couldn’t jerk it.


    10:45(squat snatches and no false grip) still better than last time I did this

  11. 1) 220
    2) 265
    Pulls felt really weak and slow.
    Strength: based off 275. Done
    No conditioning.


  12. BBG:
    1) Made it to 163 today, 5# below my PR
    2) Just missed 254 (would have been a 9# PR), got 240 today no problem

    off of 265

    First time RX, had some issues with the Snatch (missed about 10 reps), but 6 months ago, 135 was my PR
    16:55 RX

    2/4/4 –

  13. BBG:
    1. 215# (fail @ 225# and 240#)
    2. 275#

    Done based off 300# PR

    7:58 rx’d 1st time doing “Amanda”

  14. BB Gymnastics
    1) 115  (need to work of my snatch)
    2) 170

    135, 145, 155, 165
    First time doing 1 1/4. I might have been coming up two far before returning to the bottom.  

    Snatch @ 100#
    Flew threw the snatches.  My MU were not there today. It’a been a rough week.  I did Volkswagen on Thursday and haven’t really recovered yet.

  15. BBGym:
    1) 145
    2) 205 Clean(10lb PR)-no jerk

    140, 150, 160, 170

    10:42-Used 95# to keep the snatches UB, can’t string together MU’s where my rings are hung, so I had to do singles which took a long time. Pretty happy with that considering I did my first MU less than a month ago.


  16. BBG:
    Snatch 90kg, almost had 95, which would be a PR, but lost it while standing up
    C&J 115kg – not even close on 120 (what I did last week), low back is still wrecked from earlier this week.

    done based off 300lbs – dropped it down since I think I need to ease off my back a little.

    5:08 – def think I can go quite a bit faster when I am fresher.


  17. BBG
    1. 250 New PR!
    2. 320 (cleaned 330 but failed the jerk)



    Fucking pumped today! A 250 Snatch was something I thought i would get a year from now but just a month into Outlaw I hit 250 with ease for a New PR. Loving this programming, possibilities are endless, thanks Rudy.

  18. In our saturday morning Firebreather’s class we started with a snatch ladder following the same format as the games regionals but let people start at what ever weight they wanted and increment in what ever they wanted. Anyway, I got a PB squat snatch of 67.5kg which is a massive deal for me as my Pb is 70kg but always power snatch anything above 62.5kg, then get stuck! “Amanda” 8:39! Have been smiling all day! Unbroken muscle ups and no failed reps on the snatch! Sorry for filling your comments page! Much Love, from London!

  19. 280 Snatch (5# PR)
    315 C&J, Stopped there due to back issues
    Front Squats @260,280,300,320
    Amanda – 9:41, not even close to my PR.

  20. BBG
    1. 190

    Shoulder has been sore the last two weeks. This is the heaviest I’ve hit since I tweaked it.

    2. 275

    225, 245, 245, 260, 280

  21. no time to train today – my 2 year old’s b-day party and only half of the parents are competitive exercisers.
    but, thursday I snatched up to 83, but caught it on 1 knee, wtf – I hate snatching because I suck at it SOOOO bad.
    Then we did Amanda.

    Time: 8:43. That’s exactly 10:00 PR!
    I realize it’s near impossible to contemplate a 10:00 minute PR, but that’s because I was so fracking slow last time! Lulz

  22. Bbg –

    1) 225 (5 lb pr) Hellz Yeah! Been awhile.

    2) 265 failed at 280 twice, no problem catching it, just can’t stand up. My max absolute bottom front squat is 280.

    Str –

    Off 280

    Cnd –

    4:39 (pr) almost two minutes faster than last year right before regionals.

  23. Female/5’3″/120#

    Snatch 120 (10#pr)
    C&J 160 (10#pr)
    So excited that after 6 months of no PR’s that finally since starting outlaw I have made huge jumps!!! No conditioning have fresh ink I didn’t want to sweat into

  24. BBG:
    Snatch: horrible 185# (215# PB)

    Had to skip everything else

    5:09 Rx – 1:21 PR

  25. F/48/133lbs

    95lb split snatch (5lb PR)
    130lb C&J ( 10lb PR)
    FS 95lb, 105,110,120

    Participated in a local competition do did not do conditioning.

  26. BBG..
    Snatch – Skipped..
    Clean & Jerk – 120kg PR

    Done off 125kg 1RM

    Amanda – 00:08:15 Rx’d
    Good wod. First time doing this. Feel like I can shave a heap off. Went soft on snatches.

  27. BBG

    1) 85kg (5kg off PR) – Snatch technique is off lately and I’m whacking my pubic bone painfully..
    2) 115kg (Equals PR) – Wasn’t a great rep though. This should be much higher


    1 x 5 x 105kg, 2 x 5 x 115kg, 1 x 3 x 122.5kg, 1 x 3 x 130kg

    These suck

    No time for conditioning before dinner. After dinner I’ll do something but it won’t involve snatches due to the pubic area, ha

  28. 5’5″ 132# Masters Athlete.

    HIt my Snatch PR of 115#. No 120# today.

    No C&J PR today. Got up to 135#… no where near where it should be.

    Front Squats at 110, 120, 130, 135. Hard, but no problem.

    I did Amanda as Rxd. Not posting time. I still feel good about it. My muscle ups are very inefficient. I’m working on them….

  29. Local comp in the am and did 1rm Snatch with Oly comp judging. Hit 125#, 15# under PR. Hit135# but had a soft left elbow so called off.

    Clean and jerk- 175# ties old PR. Then hit 185# on Power Clean, officially power clean more than my front squat, something somewhere is wrong?

    Strength – done

    Conditioning, waited til Sunday as we did Muscle Ups in comp yesterday. Got only 10 muscle ups total then switched to bar MUs. Lost the aggressive pull, guess I’m not ready for two days in a row of muscle ups. Snatch felt great! 15:00, modified

  30. Snatch 135
    Clean & Jerk 185

    Been stuck at the same place since testing, can’t seem to get past this weight.

    strength – 180-195-195-210-220 All good

    Conditioning: Skipped gym closed as I was finishing last strength set.

  31. After one week and two days I have a pretty major PR to report. I feel, in spite of working a couple of 16 hour shifts and not getting too much sleep and taking my Rest Days on my Overtime Shift days I hit nearly a 10 min PR on Amanda (at 16:28)! This was my 3rd time on this workout.

    Some HUGE progress on my Oly lifts! Fatigue was a major factor on my thumbs from the hook grip all week.

    The Outlaw Way is definitely what I needed! Being able to complete a lot of work in a WOD is not the same as doing it quickly and efficiently.

    I was thinking a BW Snatch (I weight just under 200lbs) and a 225 C&J would be good for me but I really need to evaluate my goals!

    Anyway, thank you Outlaw Coach!


    PS, you must be physic to program every drill that are my worst!

  32. BBG
    1) 130# :(, having trouble committIng, pr is 140#

    2) 155, not good today, tired

    Cond: 8:46, all snatch UB, trouble w/ mu

  33. Oh, one more thing. What is a good general ramp for a max effort?

    I think I went wrong with this particularly in the Snatch. I just start at 95 lbs and go up by 20 lbs to 135 then my 10lbs…

    Thank you!


  34. Snatch: 225 (10# off PR)
    Clean: 255 (20# off PR – not motivated today)

    No strength work

    5:30 – PR, felt good. Going for sub 5 next time

  35. Snatch 165 (10# off PR)
    Clean and Jerk 205 (20# off pr)

    Strength based on 245#

    Amanda 10:03 rx’d

    not a great day as a whole but I only slept 4 hours last nigght so its was kindof expected. Got the work done atleast.

  36. Just started Outlaw at the beginning of this cycle and have seen vast improvement in my technique on both the snatch and clean and jerk, plus I’ve increased PRs in both, 10# on snatch, 15# on c&j. My form has a long way to go, but it’ll get there with time and repetition. Just wanted to say thanks for putting out great programming for anyone to use.

    1) 175#, pr on squat snatch
    2) 205#, couldn’t squat clean anything, well under my power c&j pr
    160#, 170#, 185#, 195# – wow those suck
    6:59 with muscle-up progressions

  37. Snatch- 95kg then had a few cracks at 100kg which would be a PR. So close just couldnt stabalise it to stand up..

    Clean and jerk- 120kg Equal PR. Done this 3 times now. Feel I could get more next time

    Strength- 100kg, 105kg, 105kg, 112kg, 120kg (these suck but are good)

    Amanda- 6.50 3minute PR.. Snatch was easy today it’s the muscle ups that I need to get better at but they where lots better from last time..

  38. Snatch- 185 PR for a full snatch by 20lbs! Almost equal to my power snatch now!

    C&J- 245 no PR by 20lbs. Moved up to 270 for a couple of fails felt weak and have major front rack mobility issues.

    Strength- Based on 340Lbs

    Amanda: 34:20. Took so long because I subbed muscle-ups for 1 negative MU, one smallest black band seated MU into 1 banded bar muscle up for one rep. WOW!!

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