Jessica Rodriguez @ 53kg, Russell Aldredge @ 85kg, who will be the first Outlaw to win a national championship (no, Caleb doesn’t count)?

Russell @ 300#:

Jessica @ 185#:

WOD 120926:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Snatch off Blocks (at knee) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2) 5X2 Clean off Blocks (at knee) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


1a) 3X10 Seated DB Shoulder press – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.
1b) 3X10 Strict Weighted Chest to Bar Pullupsx – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.
1c) 3X20 BB Stepups 20″ (front rack)– heavy, rest 30 sec.
1d) 3X10 Strict Weighted GH Raises – heavy, rest 30 sec.

Notes: Stepups are 20 total alternating steps. Use a challenging weight, but do not use so much that you allow the trail leg to touch the box before the stepping leg is fully extended.

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  1. Feel free to critique my clean if you’d like. This is a huge pr for me but I know I have a lot more.

    • Don’t jump your feet too wide when transitioning from pull position to squat . It looks like you know to push knees out, but its hard when the feet exceed the distance your knees can bend. That’s a start!

  2. Hey guys, just started Outlaw and want to introduce myself… 6 weeks into my first year of law school at UCLA, and wasn’t sure what to do after leaving Ute Crossfit and Tommy Hackenbruck’s programming (which speaks for itself). It probably goes without saying that Jason Hoggan was an inspiration for me, and I have loved the last couple weeks of Outlaw programming!

    I am following 3 days behind since my off days are Wed and Sun, and this is probably frowned upon, but I’m gonna post my results from the 60 min “comp prep” wod that I did today!

    Wod 1: 1:40, 1:43

    Wod 2: 250 DUs

    Wod 3: 245

    Wod 4: 11:12

    Wod 5: 5, 5, 5 (first one was a shock, second felt good, third sucked)

    Wod 6: 20, 20, 16

    Wod 7: 2 rds, 200m

    The hardest part is carving out enough time to do these workouts… Jason, if you read this, feel free to give any tips you got!

  3. I have a quick question. I own a crossfit box in Los Gatos and have following your program for a while. I love it. I missed regionals by like 5 places last year. I know you are programming for games athletes, but will you be vamping up conditioning for sectionals. I love the conditioning now, but I messed up those stupid burpees!

  4. BBG:
    1. 170#
    2. 225#

    1a. 24kg (KB, no DBs)
    1b. Body Weight
    1c. 95#
    1d. Body Weight

    Legs are pretty sore from yesterday.

  5. BBG-

    1a:) 135 (best form work I’ve done in awhile)
    1b:) 185

    1a:) 55
    1b:) 45
    1c:) 135
    1d:) Too sore to add any weight

    20 minutes on the road bike. Recovery Pace


  6. I’m fucking obliterated from the last few workouts..

    1) 135 across
    2) 195 across

    1) 40#
    2) done
    3) 95#
    4) worked on these, had a lot of trouble today


  7. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 155, 155, 155, 160, 165
    2) 225 all sets

    1a) 53# KBs
    1b) 18#, 15#, BW
    1c) 105#
    1d) BW
    TT – 16:58

  8. Samesies Doug. Samesies.

    1) 185#
    2) 235#

    str/cond or. “exploring my pain cave”
    1) 70#, 70#, 55# barely made it through second and third set.
    2) 240# of bodyweight+increasingly sweaty clothing, difficult, haha
    3) 75#, 45#, 45# these were Murderface Johnson, had to take weight down to stick with 30 sec rest time
    4) bodyweight was all i needed again here.

  9. BBGym:
    1) 2×115, 125, 130, 130
    2) 2×155, 3×160

    1a) 45#
    1b) BW
    1c) 115#-these were brutal! loved it though
    1d) 45# plate


  10. Momma said there’d be days like this…..

    1.155-155-185f-185f-155 (couldn’t seem to get warmed up)

    1A. 65-65-65
    1B. BW-15lbs-BW
    1C. 105-105-95
    1D. BW

    Been following Outlaw for about a month now and been messing around with different training times of the day, wanted to see if anybody had any input as to what works best for them (morning,afternoon, night, morning/night sessions.) It was evident today that training right out of bed following this program wasn’t the best fit for me, I was bombing lifts left and right on wt I normally hit with ease.

    • I personally work out in the morning right out of bed, but that being said I think you just have to find a time of day that you can consistently workout. The more times you workout at a consistent time of day the better your body will respond.

    • I aim for late morning/mid day, works best with my schedule but also the morning takes me too long to get warmed up, and late afternoon I feel like I have no gas after work/class.

  11. BBG:

    1.) 155, 160 X 2, 165 X 2
    2.) 190 X 2, 200 X 2, 205

    Strength & Cond:

    1a.) 45#
    1b.) 35#
    1c.) 95#
    1d.) 15#

    Legs feeling pretty smoked after yesterday, but felt good once I got going.


  12. BBG –

    1) 195/205
    2) 275

    STR + CND

    1a) 53# KB’s
    1b) 20#
    1c) 115#, made myself go unbroken, i suck at holding on to the bar for a long period of time.

  13. BBG
    1. 75,95,100,105,110×1
    STR & cond
    1a. sp 65,70,75
    b. bw only
    c. 95#
    d. 5#
    Feeling more confident with going overhead. First ctb pull ups since surgery. Now have to get back strength and flexibility.

  14. rough day at the office.

    got through the first three sets of snatches and my hand ripped, nice…
    i got 115, 120, and 125 before it happened.

    after being pissed off and doing a little bit of primal scream therapy, I patched my hand up, put some gloves on and decided to switch it up a bit and do some knee jumps. here’s how that went

    knee snatches with 15# bar – finished the last 2 sets of 2

    knee cleans with 15# bar – 2×2, then 3×2 with an added 20#
    *tried a knee clean with a regular 45# bar, holy shit. extremely tough but doable

    1a) 40, 40, 40
    1b) 10, 10, 10
    1c) 95#, 95#, 95#
    1d) bw, bw, bw

    fuck. today was an ass kicker.

  15. BBG
    1)155×2, 175×2, 195×2 (2;1,f,f)
    2)8-10×2 @135. Having a hard finding the feel for these since I usually bang the bar mid-thigh, but that’s the point I suppose.
    1a) 24kg KBs
    1b) strict regular pullups
    1c) 95
    1d) bodyweight

  16. BBG
    1) 85-85-85-90-90#
    2) 135-135-140-140-140#

    1a) 35-35-35#
    1b) bodyweight
    1c) 65-65-65#
    1d) 10-10-10#

  17. BBG:
    1) 175-185
    2) 245

    1a) 50,60,70
    1b) 10,bw,bw
    1c) 95,65,45
    1d) 10,bw,bw

    I’m a “dumbass noob” but I love this programming, the rest intervals kill me…

  18. BBG
    Snatch from knee blocks 80, 80, 85, 85, 90kg
    Clean from knee blocks 110, 115, 115, 115, 120kg

    No accessory work
    Prowler conditioning
    10 rounds, 10kg per horn
    Sprint 10m, rest 10 seconds
    Sprint 10m, rest 30 seconds

    MFS – 374

  19. BBG

    Snatch technique work with coach.
    Cleans 285. Felt terrible today.

    Strength (Conditioning..?)

    1a) No DBs so strict bb press. 155, 155 f on last rep, 135
    1b) Couldn’t attach weights. Held a strict “L” sit. Tough.
    1c) 155 – Holy shit. I couldn’t believe how much holding the front rack fatigued my arms.

  20. 1) 125# I need a lot of work on my Snatch
    2) 165->

    1a) Barbell 65-75-85
    1b) BW ->
    1c) Used plate 25-45->
    1d) BW supers

  21. BBG
    1) 165
    Skill/ cond
    I almost hate those bb stepups more than kb snatches

  22. NO BBG

    1a) 40# all UB
    1b) 20# not UB
    1c)95# all UB
    1d) BW,10#,20 for 5 then 10 x5

    I’m not sure if i have the setting on the GHD right. When i’m at the bottom the pad sits a couple inches above my knee, but as I raise my body rolls down the pad so its like 1/2 way to my hip. Is this incorrect? Should I set the GHD so its shorter?

  23. it’s good to hear all the other “this week was brutal” and “couldn’t seem to get warmed-up today” – our whole gym was sort of feeling that way as well. Tight, tough to get loose and generally beaten down. Mission accomplished, coach! However, after today’s work I actually feel better than when I went in today; funny how strict movement can work like therapy… my numbers still blow.

    Sn: 70, 70, 75, 70, 70kg – the last set felt the best and I decided rather than push I’d stop on a solid work set.
    Cl: 90, 100, 105, 100, 100kg – no reason to back off the 105 except that I just felt I need to work the speed with weight I could work the speed.. if that makes sense.

    1a: 55, 55, 55 (pretty much the only DB we have, after that we go to 80, HAHAH!)
    1b: 12 kg across all 3 sets. FML
    1c: 50, 55, 60kg (front rack, really?)
    1d: 10kg across.

    the push-pull combination of these movements supersetted, or whatever competitive exercisers call it, was amazing. The step-ups to GHR – holy moly!

  24. BBG
    1) 165, 165, 170, 174, 174x
    2) 5×226

    a) 3×10 Bench Press (weakness) @ 185#
    b) BW
    c) 135# but only did 10 (5,5) it was hard and I should of done the 20 but I liked the 135 and the pain
    d) 25#

    Doing “Helen” tomorrow for shittz n giggles…whose with me?!!

  25. BBG:
    1. 115# for all sets
    2. elbow bothering me on C&Js, so did a second set of 5×2 snatches at 115#

    Str & Cond:
    1a. 40# dbs
    1b. BW
    1c. 95#
    1d. 20#

  26. 1) 195
    2) 235
    Both fast and feeling.

    1a) 45
    1b) none 10 10( 7-3)
    1c) 95, holy front rack
    1d) on floor feet anchored.


  27. Taking the day off today to rest my wrists. Will make this up tomorrow and figure something out for Friday as I will miss Saturday as well.

  28. BBG

    1) 85-85-95-95-95
    2) 125-125-135-135-145 excited!! My clean and jerk 1rm is only 150! I must be getting stronger!!


    1a) 25# db
    1b) bw (so bad at c2b..)
    1c) 65#
    1d) 15#


  29. BBG:
    Snatch: 95-95-95-95-95
    Clean: 155-155-155-155-155

    A) 40/40/40
    B) BW/BW/BW
    C) 95/75/75 couldn’t do the first set without breaking them up heavily so lowered weight
    D) 25/25/25

  30. This entire workout blowed….still it was worth it

    MFS 2/5/6
    I haven’t been this sore in a while…Front squat workout fried my legs yesterday.


    No dumb bells (just opened new box and still waiting on some equipment)

    1) 115 straight bar/1.5pd KB each arm/1.5 pd KB each arm
    2) 10lb med ball/10 lb med ball/body weight
    3) 115/95/95
    4) 1 pd KB for all 3 sets

  31. hey gang, need some help. over the past week or two, i have somehow gotten into the the terrible habit of jumping forward like the damn easter bunny when transitioning to my catch on the clean. not only is it frustrating as shit mentally, but my lifts are suffering pretty bad. only worked up to 225# today on clean off the boxes when i should be more in the 245# range. i thought off the obvious stuff but wanted to see if yall had any suggestions as to wtf is causing this? would like to fix it quick so it doesn’t become permanent. can post a vid if itd help.

  32. 29/m/5’11″/174
    BBG- none, still nursing hand

    1a) 35-45-45 wuss
    1b) 20
    1c) 135
    1d) no weight, mostly negative with push off the floor until pull back up; feet pinned under bar

  33. 1) 185,205,205,205,&205
    2) didn’t have time choose the one that needs work… snatch.

    1a 45’s DBS all I got shoulder killed anyway
    1b 35 kb chest to bar where weak today.
    1c 95lb legs killed but probable shoulda coulda woulda but I didn’t do more
    1d body weight is as good as it gets on these for me. Def need work.

  34. BBG
    1) 145-150-155-160-165
    2) 205-215-225-235-240

    1a) 45#
    1b) BW (6+4, 7+3, 7+3)
    1c) 95#
    1d) BE assisted. These were shit and I hate them.

  35. 5×2 snatch from blocks 185/195/195/205/215f
    5×2 cleans from blocks 275/285/285/300/300

    rest tonight on my mb

  36. 1) 135# the whole way
    2) 185# so stoked, i was able to get all the way under it in full squat instead of power cleaning it

    1a) 45#
    1b) BW
    1c) 135#, 115#, 95# holy fuck this one ate my ego’s ass!
    1d) BW negatives on the ground w/ feet hoked under bar


  37. BBG:
    1) 1×145, 2×155, 2x165lbs
    2) 235lbs

    a) 45, 45 (failed), 40 (failed again)
    b) 20lbs
    c) 95lbs – holy balls
    d) 20lbs

    Like others are noting, pretty wrecked from yesterday, and those step ups were the devil!


  38. BBG
    1) 95,115,145,150,155f1
    2) 155,185,200,200,185 (trying to not jump out)

    1a) 35,35,35
    1b) 9lb,bw,bw un-broken on 1 and 3
    1c) 95,95,95
    1d) 10lbs,bw,bw

  39. Here we go! All numbers are in kilos.

    1) 50, 52.5, 55, 55, 55
    2) 80, 82,5, 85, 85, 85

    1a) 20 kilos dumbbells, 22,5 kilo dumbbells for the last one
    1b) no weight
    1c) 55 kg (I found it just as challenging for the shoulders as for the legs)
    1d) no weight, didn’t go far down

    This was a fun workout, felt good.

  40. BBG:
    1) 155#, 155, 165, 165, 165
    2) 185#, 185, 205, 205, 205

    1a) 50, 50, 50
    1b) BW (usually failed to get strict C2B on last couple reps of each set, had to do a mini-kip)
    1c) 95# 1 set broken, 2 UB
    1d) 15# plate

  41. BBG

    1) 70kg all sets
    2) 90kg all sets

    Kept the weight light on paper, even though it felt bloody heavy


    Modified it for my own needs

    1a) Strict Pullups
    1b) Strict HSPU
    1c) Good mornings

    Completed some good volume here.
    Can’t wait for a rest day tomorrow

  42. Been slacking on posting.



    Snatch is beginning to feel more fluid.



    1c)115# Unbroken. Fucking sucked. Hated that. Thanks for the asskicking rudy. Need to remember to embrace the suck.
    1d)15# Ouch

  43. First time post: I have been doing parts of the outlaw programming for about a month but wouldn’t allow myself to commit until I turned 40. This is my third day and I’m beat so I decided it was time to post. Looking forward to the awesome programming, and wanted to say thank you for making this available.
    BBG –

    1) 135 all sets
    2) 185×4 205×1

    STR + CND

    1a) 53# KB’s
    1b) body weight
    1c) 95#, 105# round 3
    1d) body weight

  44. BBG:
    1)155, 155, 165, 165, 170
    2)195, 225, 235, 245, 255
    -Feeling strong.

    1b) Body Weight (Still had to kip and negative down)
    1c) 135 -shit was brutal
    1d) 225 Romanian Dead Lift

  45. BBG
    1) 165
    2) 195

    1a) 50
    1b) BW (last set had to break up into 2 sets)
    1c) 135 (I’m a dumbass and put the bar on my back instead of the front rack position)
    1d) 10

  46. BBG:
    1. 65#, 65#, 75#, 75#, 85#
    2. 5 x 135# (Failed on second rep of set 4)

    1a. 30#
    1b. Body Weight
    1c. 45#
    1d. Body Weight

  47. BBG:
    Snatch: 135-155-175-185-185
    Clean: 225-245-245-265-275

    A) 50lbs
    B) 10 Pounds
    C) 135lbs
    D) no weight

  48. Made up the box work BBG today.

    Snatch 185,205×4
    Clean 225,225,245,245,275

  49. snatches off boxes so a little higher than knee
    5×2 at 185

    same for cleans
    5×2 at 215

    DB seated press 50×10, 40×10, 40×8, rest 30sec

    Front Rack step ups 20inches at 75lbs. wow, shoulders shot.

    GHD raise: 25lbs x8+2BW, 10, 10 at BW.

  50. BBG
    1) 115 worked on form
    2) 135 worked on form

    25lbs, body weight, 75lbs (these hurt due to yesterday’s conditioning), 5 lbs

  51. BBG
    1) 95,95,115,115,125
    2) 125,135,135,135,145

    DB@ 40LBS
    C2B@ 10KG,6.8KG,5KG
    BB Stepups@95lbs

  52. BBG
    1) 135, 145, 155, 165, 185
    2) 185, 205, 225, 235, 245

    a) Sub’d BB @ 115#
    b) 10#
    c) 135# (Brutal)
    d) 10#

  53. BBG
    1- 80kg (last week done singles at 82.5 so was happy)
    2- 110kg (last week was singles at this weight)

    1a- 20kg KBs
    1b- BW
    1c- 60kg
    1d- 5kg (starting to get stronger at this movement)

  54. BBG-
    1) Worked up to 165. Not great numbers but feeling better on these finally.
    2) Worked up to 205. These still suck on wrist because of front rack position.

    Did some heavy push jerk holds to work on lockout due to yesterday light Jerks relative to my hip clean weight. (Up to 295)

    1a) 70 lbs x 8 reps all rounds
    1b) 20lb
    1c) 45lbs (again front rack sucks and why no more weight but these still sucked)
    1d) 20lb, BW, 20lb, BW-20lb

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